House of the Rising Phoenix - The Arkati Volumes

The Water and Ice Spirits - Aquayl & Iquaine

Many of us know of the tales and history surrounding Meyno and her sons. Less of us know the tales and such of Cingh the Fire elemental spirit. This is an attempt to pen scrolls that I read in passing when I visited the Great Library in Biblia. These are general, but I feel quite detailed. This is not an entire history, nor should it be considered one. I am sure there are many tales and interactions with these spirits...

The Water and Ice spirits:

Yes, there are two, but are quite you shall see.

Aeons ago when the Drakes were scared into hiding, and after the Great Ur-Daemon war, the Arkati began to nurture the land and take certain spheres of power. As is known, Charl controls the seas. His malevolence is well known though he is under the Pantheon of the Liabo moon. The tale begins with him and his daughter Niima.

One day when Charl was speaking with Niima she seemed sad and lonely. He offered to create a being so intelligent and so beautiful that Niima would never feel lonely or want of anything again. She naturally declined this offer and went on her way. However, it has been said that Charl liked this idea so much that he continued thinking about it, not for Niima any longer, but for himself. He would not mind having a helper in the seas to take certain chores and leadership responsibilities. He searched far and wide and gathered a large number of his sea mammals and animals to him. He then took the strongest traits of each and placed them into an orb. For a few examples, he took the intelligence of a dolphin, the strength of a whale, the patience of a terrapin, the instinct of a shark and so on. When all of these traits were in the orb he placed it into a large oyster under the sea to nurture and grow much like an egg.

A millenia passed before he went back to check upon his creation. As he opened the oyster, out stepped the most beautiful sight he had ever laid eyes upon. A humanoid of unbelieving strength, prowess, intelligence and beauty. An entity so perfect that Charl was impressed with himself. He immediately started setting it to tasks and teaching it the ways he knew. He taught it all of the sea and of the history of the lands to that point. It reveled in this knowledge and sought more and more. Eventually after having learned all of what Charl told it, it asked the simple question, "What of the land dwellers father?"

Charl was reluctant to tell his creation about what lay beyond the shores, so he lied to it. He said that it was a place of desolation and destruction. All that it contained was charred and blackened land upon which the blood of the Ur-Daemons kept it infertile. He never spoke of it again.

It seems that his creation did however, and would ask the dolphins and the whales of the sights they say, of the tales they have heard from other animals in the lands. These tales furthered its curiosity till one day it decided to try and walk the lands. As it cleared itself of the water, it felt such intense and excruciating pain that it could but catch a glimpse of the shore. What it saw was enough to warrant the pain. It saw hills and valleys and forests of such life and beauty. It could not stop thinking of what lay beyond the water.

Charl of course knew of what had transpired and felt such great rage that his perfect creation could feel nothing but wanton for something other than the realm he controlled that he decided to take drastic action.

He went to his creation and with a heavy heart spoke these words, "My creation, let it be known that if my sphere is not what you seek than may that part of you that wants for more have it." He then took his great trident and split his creation into two pieces.

One piece contained all of the previous strengths, but lacked the desire to seek other forms of life. The other was still bound by the dictates of water, yet could not stay in the salty water as if the water was like acid to its form. Thus the spirits were born.

Aquayl: The Water Spirit

After Charl split his creation into two pieces he noticed a subtle change in his Water Spirit. It began to form more and more into the shape resembling a male. This creature still kept the allegiance and loyalty to its Father, yet began to devlop skills in manipulating the water itself. It could form tidal waves and power typhoons from its Air cousin. With this growing power came more responsibilty. Charl granted the Spirit these powerful abilities, but the Spirit was constrained to the water. It could take form in either fresh or salt water, but it could never directly touch the rays of the sun. In its stead, it began to manipulate the water to do its bidding. The most powerful of its creations was the Water elemental. This elemental could walk the lands and manipulate its contents, but only for a short period of time. These elementals are said to be quite rare and quite strong. They have the ability to form into a puddle and thus dodge attack, or draw upon any other source of water they can to heal or strengthen themselves. All in all a legendary creature.

Aquayl has not been seen often, but it is said that the Sea Elves of auld have powerful artifacts and scrolls dealing with Aquayl and his legends. Perhaps when we are able to travel to Ruin Creek we will learn more of his powers and legends. There was an artifact recovered by an old empath by the name of Acantha during the battle with Despana long ago that a dying sea elf gave to her. This artifact was a medallion made of pure golden coral. On it was a picture of Charl sitting on his thrown, a male figure on his right and a femlae figure on his left. Under the figure on the right was etched "Aquayl", under the left figure was etched "Iquaine".

by Truekillr Strickulus