Welcome to the House of the Rising Phoenix

The House of the Rising Phoenix is dedicated to combating the forces of the Unlife in Elanthia, standing steadfast against the agents of Chaos, releasing the tortured spirits of the Undead from their eternal torment, and dedicating ourselves to the protectection of Elanthia and its citizenry. We strive to maintain honor within the lands, leading by good example. Keeping the records of time and knowledge, we share our libraries of lore and history for the further edification of all who seek knowledge.

“ ...and the coming of the Unlife may take many forms. Some may garb themselves in shapes of terror and evil and dwell in the forgotten places of the world and in the realm of the dead. Others may come among you with secret words of power and mystic symbols to lure even those who would fight hardest against them. ”

Clothing and Toy Drive for the Wellington Home (12/12/2015 Event)

There will be a Clothing and Toy Drive for the children of Wellington Home on December 12 at 7pm eastern in the Landing. Several different organizations are sponsoring it and we will gladly accept unwanted clothing and toys (good time to clear out those lockers) for the orphans. Please no weapons, there will be hot cocoa and some treats and the children will be there. Come join us and meet the children. They are so much fun!

There will be several raffles set up for items around Town Square and on the grounds of Wellington Home itself. The proceeds will go to buy food, bedding and firewood for the winter as well help with the upkeep of the home.

Raffles include:
Town Square, SW: a black alloy full shield. It is a five-times enchanted, medium shield made from black alloy. Donated by the Silver Gryphons. Tickets are 25,000 silver.

Town Square, NW: a leather-bound tome. Invoking the tome will grant knowledge of a special way to prepare spells. (First person: a swirling cloud of shadow forms around your right hand as you prepare (spell name)). Donated by Twilight House. Proceeds to go the Wellington Home. Tickets are 30,000 silver.

Town Square, NE: an oily sewer rat in a coarse burlap sack. Win him and make him your new best friend! Donated by the Silver Gryphons. The tickets are 25000 silvers each.

Town Square, SE: 100 count bundle of crystalline arrows. These arrows are known as "Trueshot" or "Assassin's" arrows. They are good for only one use but increase your attack strength (+50 AS) and the target cannot evade, block or parry the arrow. Great for invasions! Donated by House Arcane. Tickets are 10,000 silver.

Rally! Defend! Protect! The Shadow Extended!

On the evening of Feastday on the 9th day of Lormesta (Friday, January 9th) we are faced with a grave challenge to rise up and defend the city of our home in Wehnimer's Landing, the western half of Elanith and perhaps the world by combating the shadow known as Althedeus, the enemy of the empire Elithian Cross, his daughter Madelyne and their arrayed forces against us.

Only a few times in the history of our House has an enemy so powerful been aligned squarely against us that permeates an evil so foul that can tie together opposing views and creeds that this danger presents to all of us.

Preparations have begun in supplies and battle readiness. Defensive maneuvers and trainings are commencing throughout the city. Our allies across the lands have amassed to stand with us. We will need everyone to do the same.

We call all of the House of the Rising Phoenix to answer and stand in defiance of the darkness. We will stand together in order protect our home and our world from being awash in blood and death. This power must be stopped and all will be needed to do so.