Welcome to the House of the Rising Phoenix

The House of the Rising Phoenix is dedicated to combating the forces of the Unlife in Elanthia, standing steadfast against the agents of Chaos, releasing the tortured spirits of the Undead from their eternal torment, and dedicating ourselves to the protectection of Elanthia and its citizenry. We strive to maintain honor within the lands, leading by good example. Keeping the records of time and knowledge, we share our libraries of lore and history for the further edification of all who seek knowledge.

“ ...and the coming of the Unlife may take many forms. Some may garb themselves in shapes of terror and evil and dwell in the forgotten places of the world and in the realm of the dead. Others may come among you with secret words of power and mystic symbols to lure even those who would fight hardest against them. ”

2011 Winter Solstice Ornament Contest!

Deadline! Tuesday, November 15th by midnight.

Winner recieves an alteration normally. I'll confirm this as soon as able otherwise an alternate prize will be awarded.. We'll collect everyones submissions and decide on a winner to be submitted to GM-Alyias and last years winner, House Sylvanfair. Once our design is submitted they go into another contest for overall best ornament!

Rules are generally a long description, you can also include a show, but it's optional.

Please send submissions to Geijon at hvaimor@gmail.com, post on the official forums, or through the Official Mailing list.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!


Masquerade Macabre

Join the House of the Rising Phoenix in reveling as Autumn approaches Elanthia! The Masquerade Macabre will include a costume contest, storytelling, music and various games for prizes! The event begins on Leyan, the 19th of Jastatos (Wednesday, October 19th) at 8:00 P.M. elven in our Great Hall.

October House Meeting

Date: Tuesday October 4th
Where: House Phoenix Library, Wehnimer's Landing
Meeting at 10PM EST, 9PM CST, 8PM MST and 7PM PST
Notes: Monthly House Meeting for the House of Rising Phoenix.

Feel free to use your House Pins to teleport from anywhere in Elanthia!

Agenda will be some discussion on our Masquerade Macabre (Prize needs), our treasury report, introduction of any new members in attendance, and general housecleaning.

If you'd like to add to this agenda please feel free to email Geijon (hvaimor@gmail.com)

See you there!

Phoenix Summer Picnic and Camp Out Adventure, Frontier Days!

News 4 35


The House of the Rising Phoenix cordially invites one and all to join us in an exhuberant celebration of summertime fun on Restday, the 21st day of Phoenatos, in the year 5111 (Sunday, August 21, 2011) at 6:00 P.M., elven standard time. Bring along a big appetite for a fabulous picnic feast, your fishing gear for a fishing fun tournament, a steady hand and sharp eye for some rounds of darts, some skimpy attire for a moonlight swim, your enthusiasm for great fun and games, some space in your bags in case you win some wonderful prizes, and a hand to hold or your favorite stuffed toy in case you're scared of ghost stories! We hope to see you all there!

August Event Planning Meeting!

Date: Tuesday August 9th, 2011
Where: House Phoenix Library, Wehnimer's Landing
Meeting at 10PM EST, 9PM CST, 8PM MST and 7PM PST
Notes: Monthly Event Planning Meeting for the House of Rising Phoenix.

We'll be discussing Frontier Days Planning with the Camp Out on August 21st, our next Undead Lore Series, Thrakmas, and some remaining events or openings in this years months ahead. Bring your ideas!

As always, if you haven't tried it before, tap your House pin twice allows teleportation once monthly!

July Event Planning Meeting!

Date: Tuesday July 12th, 2011
Where: House Phoenix Library, Wehnimer's Landing
Meeting at 10PM EST, 9PM CST, 8PM MST and 7PM PST
Notes: Monthly Event Planning Meeting for the House of Rising Phoenix.

We'll be discussing Frontier Days Planning, the Camp Out on August 27th, the upcoming Undead Lore Series, and future events. Bring your ideas!

July House Meeting

Date: Tuesday July 5th, 2011 Where: House Phoenix Library, Wehnimer's Landing Meeting at 10PM EST, 9PM CST, 8PM MST and 7PM PST Notes: Monthly House Meeting for the House of Rising Phoenix.

Feel free to use your House Pins to teleport from anywhere in Elanthia!

Agenda will be a mix of last months Agenda with a recap of the Chosen event and our upcoming events. We also look forward to having you for next Tuesdays Event Planning meeting on July 12th.

See you then!

Undead Lore Series: Wehnimer's Graveyard

The House of the Rising Phoenix would like to invite you to the first presentation of it's new undead lore series. The undead lore series will focus on a locations history, mystique, and denizens along with a tour of key historical areas and exploration of the surrounding area. The first will be held at the House Phoenix Library in Wehnimer's Landing and will focus on the Wehnimer's Graveyard, but we have others planned in different regions. This story details the lives of the brothers Kestrel and Bandur Etrevion, their place in Wehnimer's Lore, the rumored cult that Bandur controlled, and the powerful sorcery used to shape the Graveyard itself. The tale will be followed by exploration of the Family Crypts, the Ice Tomb, and into the Shadow Valley. Join us on the Day of the Huntress, the 15th day of Koaratos at 8p.m. elven standard time (Friday, July 15th, 2011) within the House Phoenix Library.

Honoring the Chosen & The Vvrael Saga

What began as a spark that formed into a larger idea during our 20th Anniversary celebration in January concluded Sunday night with the Honoring the Chosen Commemoration with House Daingneach Onoir and the Order of the Silver Gryphon on hand to assist us in the dangerous mission in leading everyone on a pilgrimage to the Drakes Shrine itself.

In further recognition of the sacrifice and hope that the Chosen along with all those who fell and fought in this period from 1997-1998 the House of the Rising Phoenix has opened up it's libraries to those recollections of events made available and most poignant. They include the main ceremony of the Chosen Commemoration and for those seeking the entire saga tales pertinent to its telling are also available. They are as follows:

•Honoring the Chosen Commemoration - 2011
•The Coming of the Vvrael
•A Troubled Lord Truekillr
•The Search for the Stones of Virtue
•The War against the Vvrael
•A Night of Horror
•The Ice Shrine - Final Encounter with the VVrael
•A Mass of Rememberance
•Castle Anwyn
•The Vvrael Saga Archives

You may reach them at the House of the Rising Phoenix web portal under the Enlightenment section within the Great Library labeled the Vvrael Saga. We hope that this helps to both remind people of our past and to cherish the rich history of our realm.

June Event Planning Meeting!

Date: Tuesday June 14th, 2011
Where: House Phoenix Library, Wehnimer's Landing
Meeting at 10PM EST, 9PM CST, 8PM MST and 7PM PST
Notes: Monthly Event Planning Meeting for the House of Rising Phoenix.

Feel free to use your House Pins to teleport from anywhere in Elanthia!

Planning for our upcoming and future events. We need you there!

June House Meeting!

Date: Tuesday June 7th, 2011
Where: House Phoenix Library, Wehnimer's Landing
Meeting at 10PM EST, 9PM CST, 8PM MST and 7PM PST
Notes: Monthly House Meeting for the House of Rising Phoenix.

Feel free to use your House Pins to teleport from anywhere in Elanthia!

Agenda items include our House Prize Closet items and how they will be managed, a discussion of the structure for our Teras Annex, the Honoring the Chosen event, and general House business.

Honoring the Chosen Commemoration

The House of the Rising Phoenix, the Order of the Silver Gryphon, and House Daingneach Onoir cordially invite one and all to join us in commemorating those persons known to history as "The Chosen", whose brave deeds and actions played a vital role during the Vvrael Saga of 5098, leading to the opening of the Drake's Shrine at Mount Aenatumgana at the Top of the World. The courageous deeds of these and many other individuals culminated in the sealing of the Rift, through which the vvrael entered our world. Ultimately, the rift was sealed, the vvrael were vanquished, the world was saved from annihilation, and chaos was thwarted. The ceremonies will begin on Restday, the 19th day of Lumnea, in the year 5111 (Sunday, June 19, 2011) at 6:00 P.M., elven standard time. Beginning with ceremonies at the House of the Rising Phoenix, we will hold a pilgrimage to various sites of historic significance to the saga, culminating at the Drake's Shrine at Mount Aenatumgana.

Origination of the Order of Voln

Scribes posted this excellent piece of work towards the end of 2009.

Phoenix is closely associated with Voln, but really only in the sense that we shared an aspect of goals in that Phoenix seeks to eliminate the Unlife that created the Undead and Voln gives a lot of power against the Undead. As to my character Geijon individually its deeper than that. Voln has always been a defining trait for him, namely Fu and the ideals the Order, atleast in Wehnimer's, believes in. I may have played him as a swashbuckler or a bit of a rogue in his early years and an all out offensive soldier until he evolved, but Voln always was the foundation for him both in compassion and to fight darkness wherever it may be.

This was always intended as a simutronics document I believe, but its yet to be posted to my knowledge so I took the liberty to place them in our Library along with the CoL files and the Guardians of Sunfist formation. These help people to understand the overall goals and aspirations of Phoenix and to differentiate between non-CoL as society choices as we pre-date Voln itself.

Having known Warden's player character well over the years it's unsurprising he'd be involved in some way along with Xynwen and an excellent job of writing by GM Scribes.

Thank you again for writing such a rich background.

May Website Updates and Additions

The Histories of the Order of Voln and the Guardians of the Sunfist will be up shortly in the Library and The Vvrael section is being revamped and additional tomes from the archives are being transcribed and dusted off now in preparation for our Honoring the Chosen Commemoration.

I have also decided to move the Minutes out of the Events & Gathering sections into the Society Section entitled Meeting Minutes. You will find new headers for each year of the archives and the Minutes have been taken up to date through the most recent meeting on 5/3/2011.

Enjoy! More to come!

May House Meeting!

Date: Tuesday May 3rd, 2011
Where: House Phoenix Library, Wehnimer's Landing
Meeting at 10PM EST, 9PM CST, 8PM MST and 7PM PST
Notes: Monthly House Meeting for the House of Rising Phoenix.

Feel free to use your House Pins to teleport from anywhere in Elanthia! Agenda is ready.

If you'd like to add anything post here, or email Evialla (clmccrea@tampabay.rr.com)

Celebrate Arcane Brilliance!

Join the House of the Rising Phoenix in celebrating elemental magic and arcane knowledge at our Arcane Brilliance festivities. The festivities will be held in the Great Library at the House proper in Wehnimer's Landing.

Lectures will be held on topics such as loresinging, orb gems, scroll infusion, enchanting, and weapon forging. Services including charging and scroll infusion will be ongoing, along with a weapon raffle, a major enchant slot auction, and gift bags filled with imbeddables. Festivities will begin at 9:00p.m. elven standard time on Feastday the 30th day of Olaesta (April 30th) and the raffle will finish at 11:00p.m. elven standard time.

Everyone is welcome!

What Profession are you? Poll

You may vote by using Vote House which will show your options then selecting from the House proper or any of our Annex locations.

Your House is currently voting on: What is your Profession?

Option 1: Warrior
Option 2: Rogue
Option 3: Paladin
Option 4: Empath
Option 5: Cleric
Option 6: Sorcerer
Option 7: Wizard
Option 8: Ranger
Option 9: Bard

Discussion Event: Lord Voln and the Order of Voln!

Please join the House of Argent Aspis and the House of the Rising Phoenix on FRIDAY, April 15 at 9:00 p.m. EST as Lady Seomanthe of House Aspis and Sir Tebon of Phoenix hold a discussion on Lord Voln, and the Order of Voln, to be held at House Aspis.

Event Planning Committee Tonight (4/12)

Please join us tonight (4/12) for the Events Planning meeting tonight at 10 elven (EST) in the House Library in Wehnimers. Remember, if you are anywhere in the lands you may tap your pin twice once per month to immediatly bring you to the House to attend. We'll be discussing some ideas and implementation of this months Arcane Brilliance and our next event in May/June.

Favorite Imbeded Spells Poll

We have created a poll entitled Favorite Imbeded Spells. We'd like you to help us decide on some imbed gift bags for our Arcane Brilliance Event on April 30th. In order to vote be on House grounds or any of our Annex and say the magic words "Vote House" then make your selection. If you use other please respond to the missive list string or on the Official forums for this vote. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

You will then see the following options for this poll:

Your House is currently voting on: Favorite Imbeded Spells

Option 1: Strength
Option 2: Haste
Option 3: Blues
Option 4: Elementals
Option 5: E-Wave
Option 6: Other

Expect more polls in the future in conjunction with the excellent House Message of the Day (MOD) addition.

April House Meeting Tonight (4/5)

Date: Tuesday April 5th, 2011
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Where: House Phoenix Library, Wehnimers Landing
Notes: Monthly House Meeting for the House of Rising Phoenix.

*Meeting at 10PM EST, 9PM CST, 8PM MST and 7PM PST*

March House Meeting Tonight (3/1)

Date: Tuesday March 1, 2011
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Where: House Phoenix Library, Wehnimers Landing
Notes: Monthly House Meeting for the House of Rising Phoenix.

*Meeting at 10PM EST, 9PM CST, 8PM MST and 7PM PST*

House Camp Out! Sponsored by Daingneach Onoir

Greetings Everyone!

I would like to draw your attention to news item 4 91


Come join House of Daingneach Onoir as they camp out on the doorstep of the House of the Rising Phoenix on Feastday, the 26th day of Fashanos, in the year 5111, starting at 20:00 as the elves tells time.

It will be a time of learning about Phoenix, what they are, what they do, what they represent, how to go about joining them if you so desired to, and receive a tour of their home. After the tour of the house, members and officers of Daingneach Onoir will be casting free spells, and offering what other service skills there may offer. In conclusion to this, there will be a spinning for a door prize. Please come out and learn about this greater house, and have a chance at a really nice door prize. Everyone is invited.

Respectfully yours,
Cosannie Hawggweiler Co-Chair of Phoenix/Lady Paladin of Onoir

The First Griffin Sword War & History Part 2

Special thanks to Kerl to allow me to post the First Griffin Sword. I will have to ask him to re-tell it someday. It can be found in the Grand Library to fill out the final sections of the Discussion of the Unlife supporting material save Lacheis, which should open in a week or so.

Now that we have finished moving into 5011 we'll continue to discuss events, happenstance, and demonic occurences as they pertain to Phoenix. In this line of thought I have branched out the Phoenix in History section to begin Part 2. You can already see some of the documentation that will make up that section.

The CoL Files II & More Released!

Just in time for the opening of Stone's Baths! Phoenix brings you the Col Files II! Read the minutes for the current House news and upcoming events. We're going to keep busy for a long time. More to come in Arts with more books and some humor. Plus the Library with the Griffin War by Kerl & Solhaven's destruction as I complete editing. January was also added to the archives. Hello February!

Be sure to be vigilant against the Summoners!

Great Library:
-Discussion on the Unlife - 2011
-Mayor May Not
-Cavernhold, Part 1 & 2

Hall of Arts:
-Evia Armathia profile
-Da Turnip Farmer quick fry challenge
-Old Member portraits

Events and Gatherings:
-2/1/2011 House Meeting Minutes

Final 20th Anniversary Festivities Finale!

Today is the final day of the 20th anniversary of the cooperative Houses of Elanthia. Be sure to get in on the last raffles and merchant work for this week. I'd list all the merchants, but it has been too many to count, a few of the highlights were Geltrude's tattoos, Whuid's enchanting raffle, Spituio's padding/weighting, and our Discussion on the Unlife!

Mixed in here was the Wehnimers Landing OOC meeting, shop alteration shops, tons and tons of House celebrations and festivities and a great level of excitement in Elanthia.

February - House of Rising Phoenix Monthly Meeting

Date: Tuesday February 1, 2011
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Where: House Phoenix Library
Repeats: This event repeats every month on the first Tuesday.
Notes: Monthly House Meeting for the House of Rising Phoenix.
Meeting at 10PM EST, 9PM CST, 8PM MST and 7PM PST

The CoL Files Released!

Your heard us! The Council of Light Files are being opened! Our purpose is to educate and teach. These files are being released through exhaustive research in the House Library and follows criminal theory, fact, investigation, and eyewitness accounts to tell the complete story of the Council and it's devious behavior.

More files to come, but the first case files are open at the House Website along with other reference material to support the Discussion on the Unlife event during our 20th Anniversary.

Highlights in the Great Library section include:
-Dark Assassin at the Waysides Inn
-The Unlife Troll Invasion
-CoL Decoded!
-Mentors Storytelling Nights 1999 - The Council of Light

Highlights in the Quiet Library section include:
-Fash'lo'nae and Ur-Daemon Marlu
-The Luukos Servants Handbook
-On the Balance of Life and Unlife
-Treaties on the Undead

More files to be released, tomorrow!
-Geijon Khyree

Discussion on the Unlife References

In preparing for the Discussion on the Unlife it took an incredibly amount of hours of work through research, interviews, past recollections, and numerous, numerous trips to the Way Back Machine. I plan to share all of it with everyone who was unable to attend and for future reference and will begin unlocking these sections once the Discussion itself takes place.

You can find the CoL Reports in the Grand Library along with several works in progress and a Storytelling event I held in 1999. You will also find a few more in the Quiet Library on Religeous Theory, they do have an evil twist to each of them, but I felt they should be included as they tell important sides of the coin of Unlife and how some of the followers of Lornon think.

I look forward to having you all at tonights Discussion to celebrate our 20th Anniversary! For those who don't make it I will have the Discussion contained in here with all of the reference material.

Geijon Khyree

Final Reminder - Discussion on the Unlife Tonight! (1/29)

Join the House of the Rising Phoenix on Saturday, January 29th at 8 EST for a Discussion on the Unlife. The battle against the Unlife has been a struggle since the dawn of mortals and perhaps beyond, but it began in Wehnimers when a group of people united against it formed the House of the Rising Phoenix to combat it in our frontier town.

The Discussion will be held in the Library. The House will be Open at this time. Please stow all of your weapons and be respectful of the presenter and during question and answer sessions. We look forward to having you in attendance to join us in this enlightening topic and hope that you in turn visit all of the other wonderful festivities during the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia 20th Anniversary Celebrations!

20th Anniversary Festivity Items!

So, there are 3 sorts of souvenirs:
1. The ones for each individual house that you designed (or I designed for you). These are fluff and located in the first room past your gate. They are for sale really, really cheaply (under 10 silvers) and anyone who gets through your gate can buy them. Look for the polished haon chests.

look my diamond pin
Tapering gold leaflets flecked with chips of ruby and diamond resemble a ring of flames as the setting for a brilliant-cut white diamond. A finely faceted crimson crystal phoenix with gold-etched wings raised in flight and diamond inset eyes rests triumphantly at the center. Within its gold-tipped talons is an engraved oval medallion.
There appears to be something written on it.

tap my diamond pin
You tap a white diamond phoenix pin that you are wearing.

read my pin
In the Common language, it reads:
~-~-~ House of the Rising Phoenix, Twentieth Anniversary ~-~-~
Fear not the night, for it is in darkness that hope is born.

2. The enhancives that are restricted to House members and are being given away in your Solstice tents. The tents will be open tonight or tomorrow. Tents are members only for the duration of the event (and will be put away after the event and reverted back to normal!). Look for the velvet-lined polished modwir box.

It is important to note that you cannot see the item in the box. I have included the instructions below and the changeable so it can be altered.

get box
You select a phoenix-inset mithril signet ring from a velvet-lined polished modwir box.

look mithril ring
A faceted ruby and orange topaz phoenix is inlaid in to the flat mithril surface of this signet ring. The gemstone phoenix is backed by a black mithril shield. A border of braided bronze surrounds the circular crest of the signet.

tap mithril ring
You tap a phoenix-inset mithril signet ring, which is in your right hand.

rub mithril ring
As you run your fingers over a phoenix-inset mithril signet ring, a magical haze shimmers briefly around the ring. When the haze dissipates, a silvery mithril ring is revealed.

tap mithril ring
You tap a silvery mithril ring, which is in your right hand.

look mithril ring
You see nothing unusual.

As you sing, you feel a faint resonating vibration from the mithril signet ring in your hand...

The ring resonates with your voice, indicating that it enhances its owner in the following ways:
It provides a bonus of 1 to Mana Recovery.
It provides a bonus of 1 to Health Recovery.
It provides a bonus of 1 to Stamina Recovery.
This enhancive item is limited to members of the House of the Rising Phoenix.
This item is restricted to use by an adventurer you can't quite determine.
The ring looks to have more than your average giantman could count charges remaining.

You sense that the mithril ring will persist after its last enhancive charge has been expended.

3. The scripted and loresonged souvenir that is for sale in the Festival Grounds in the main CHE party tent. This came from House Paupers' submission, btw. Kudos for the great submissions, gang! It's for anyone who wishes to buy it. Has 4 verb traps and a loresong. It's meant to represent all the CHE and this anniversary celebration.

The CHE Festival Grounds are 2 rooms east of Dakris the Furrier's shop and down the pathway. The Booth has jewelry in the main room and Toys in the east room. The Horns are in the tent. The Horn has 3 scripted verbs with raise, kiss, and smooch. (Thanks Shirkon)

tap horn
You tap a silver party horn with multi-colored silk streamers, which is in your right hand.

look horn
The party horn has an ivory mouthpiece, and a dazzling display of silk streamers in various shades of reds, blues, greens, and purples, along with silver and gold, hangs from the end. Each streamer has been embroidered with the name of one of the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia in elegant script. The streamers for House of the Rising Phoenix, House of the Argent Aspis, House of the Arcane Masters, House of Paupers, and House Brigatta also bear the number 20. Gold leaf engraving along the body of the horn carries a message.

raise horn
Taking a full, deep breath, you raise your party horn to your lips, and succeed in doing nothing but blowing raspberries.

kiss horn
You raise your party horn to your lips and exhale just enough to cause the silk streamers to flare out in a soft rustling sound.

smooch horn
You raise your party horn to your lips and blow! It emits a shrill blast of noise and the silk streamers flail wildly in front of you. Enjoy the 20th Anniversary and be sure to visit all of the other Elanthian Houses during their celebrations!

Discussion on the Unlife - 1/29/2011

Time: 8:00 P.M. Eastern on Saturday, 1/29/2011
Location: House of the Rising Phoenix
General Info: Come celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Cooperative Houses of Elanthia as the House of the Rising Phoenix hosts a discussion on the unlife, a dark source of power that cloaks itself in many names: murder, undeath, beings of perverse magic, and all forms of warped life.

To be held in the House Library. The Entryway on Wisraith Lane will be open for this evening. Upon entry head to the Great Hall then south to the Library.

We'll be discussing the origins of Unlife. People have said for many years that the Unlife doesn't exist. Examples are numerous to the contrary. The Unlife is a powerful force behind the creation of undead. The Lords of Lornon and the Dark Alliance employed various beings of dark intent that Phoenix fought valiantly against. A society built upon secrecy, enslaved thralls, and murder to keep those secrets intact has been active since our founding and is active right now.

I'll be giving a discussion provided with examples and events that support that while the Unlife might cloak itself in different names it's very much alive and thriving.

I encourage all of you to come and add your insight or questions as we celebrate our 20th Anniversary and re-dedicate ourselves to combating Chaos and the Unlife in any form it takes.

-Geijon Khyree.

Meeting Minutes Archive Complete!

All of the meeting minutes that I could locate have been placed in the Events and Gathering Section. This gobbled up a lot more hours than I had anticipated, but I don't think there is a similar collection of Meetings over the years in Elanthia than is presented here. You will also find a huge amount of event recollections or details of them in this section, so enjoy!

A clarification on sections:
Great Library: contains historical information, member accounts, and profiles.

Quiet Temple: accounts, tales, and meetings dedicated to the Lords of Liabo and religious events.

Hall of Arts: artistic and gaming events such as plays, dances, songs,

Events and Gatherings: moved from Society to Enlightenment for simplicy of viewing.

I will continue to adjust these sections until I feel they flow from one to another correctly and that they are properly sorted by section, type, and content. You may see some additional changes in the Great Library section as I continue to refine how this looks and feels.

I've also added the Members Mailing List to Society if you are not part of the House Mailing List and all new right navigation links for the most popular Gemstone IV websites. If you want me to add anymore feel free to suggest them by contacting me.


Events and Gathering Section - Overhaul

I've corrected various locations of files. The Gladiator Game and Meeting Minutes have been moved. As this is a large change and a lot of files moved I wanted to put it in the main news. Those files are located here:

Society Section : Events and Gatherings

All of the recorded Meeting Minutes from 1999-2010 have also been added to the website. I'd recommend reading anything from Evialla from 1999-2001 for nostaliga as they are actual event logs. I have about 45 old meetings to post still. You will also see the Mandis Crystal Threat has moved to history, we have new Arts submissions including a great puppet show from Ceolmhor back in 2001, and formatting fixes throughout.

Forum registration is open again as we've updated to phpbb version 3.0.8 as well! Thanks to Evialla for that tedious job. As usual I am still plugging away at Meeting Minutes and other additions. My coding is getting better for it.


Enlightment Additions - Website Additions

I've been focusing on the site section titled Enlightenment. It contains the Quiet Temple, the Great Library, and The Hall of Arts. A few of these are old files, some of them are new.

If you have logs, personal accounts of events, or pretty much anything House related please send it over. Comments and feedback is always appreciated.

Great Library
-Accounts from the 2nd Griffin War by Guarrin from Teras when Siwas recovered the hilt.

-Interviews with Gaq, Giott, and Yeesiouler.

-Zul Logoth's Ancient Shrine pilgrimage from Shirkon

-Pair of profiles from Landrag and Truekillr

-Solhaven's Destruction. I'm about 60% through the 600 pages of the log for this.

Quiet Temple
-5001 Gladiator Champions.

-10th and 15th Anniversary event details.

-1999-2011 Meeting Minutes

Hall of Arts
-5010 Frontier Days Dance Contest

-5109 Games Night Winners