Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the purpose behind the House of the Rising Phoenix?
  2. The House of the Rising Phoenix is dedicated to combating the forces of the Unlife and protecting Elanthia.

    The House's goals and duties are to maintain honor within the lands by setting a good example, keeping the records of time and maintaining knowledge of the facts that others use to decieve and then relate these records throughout the lands for the further edification of the many, and to protect the lands against the threats of Unlife.

  3. How old is the House of the Rising Phoenix?
  4. The House of the Rising Phoenix was formed in 5090 (1990) and officially received its Charter in 5091 (1991), making it the first Great House. Two other noble houses, House of Argent Aspis and House Arcane were founded shortly thereafter and their physical structures built before ours. We celebrated our tenth anniversary in 5101 (2001), our twentieth anniversary in 5111 (2011) and look forward to another decade with the CHE (Cooperative Houses of Elanthia).

  5. What services and amenities are offered by the House of the Rising Phoenix?
  6. The House currently offers the following amenities:

    • Being part of a noble organization, a House with a Purpose
    • Activities and camaraderie for members and their guests
    • No monthly dues
    • Private latchable guest rooms
    • A noded library
    • 3 bars with food and drink
    • The Phoenix Loan Plan
    • A workshop for enchanting wizards
    • A private temple for weddings and quiet meditation
    • A donation room
    • Five tables for privacy
    • 80+ item lockers with multiple locker entrances

  7. What are the House colors?
  8. The House colors are gold, black and crimson or red to signify the value of knowledge, strength through honor, and continuous rebirth.

  9. Does the House have an insignia or crest?
  10. Yes. The House of the Rising Phoenix is represented by a triumphant Phoenix rising from its own death to screech into the heavens as its tail blazes and its life is renewed once more.

  11. What are the membership requirements?
    • Pass a two-interview membership approval process.
    • Be of sufficient trainings to hold vultite weapons (10th training).
    • Possess the forty thousand (40,000) silver one-time induction fee for lifetime membership.
    • Hold no membership in a secret society with possible roots in the Unlife.

  12. What is the membership approval process?
  13. Due to the House's requirements, prospective members must first be interviewed to ensure that they meet the requirements and to determine whether the House of the Rising Phoenix is suited to the individual, and vice versa.

    This is accomplished by the prospective Member successfully completing a two-interview process over a period of at least two weeks. Interviews are conducted by a combination of house officers and members, forming an Interview Committee.

    Interviews are conducted on Wednesdays at 10 PM EST and Saturdays at 11 AM EST.

    Prospective members need to speak with a House Officer at the House at one of the appointed times to recieve complete information on joining and the Membership Interview Process.

    After having met the joining requirements and receiving an appointment for induction, the next step is to attend your appointment after verification, with your 40,000 silver fee available to you in the Wehnimer's Landing bank and be inducted into the House.

  14. Do I need to bring the silvers with me?
  15. No, the induction process will include a stop at the bank, during which you will withdraw 40,000 silvers in coin. The Clerk of Houses does not accept notes.

  16. Can I use a note instead of silvers?
  17. Yes, the clerk now accepts notes

  18. What are the times for inductions and for making appointments?
  19. Officers and members of the Interview Committees are available at the House for the purpose of conducting new member interviews, answering questions, meeting new and/or old members, making appointments and in general carrying out various business every Wednesday evening at 10 pm EST, and on every Saturday morning at 11 AM EST.

    The times for inductions only are specifically as follows:

    • Tuesday Evenings - The first Tuesday of every month at 10 PM EST during the course of the monthly House Meeting.
    • Wednesday Evenings - The first Wednesday of every month at 10 PM EST.
    • Saturday Mornings - The first Saturday of every month at 11 AM EST.

  20. What is the Oath of the House of the Rising Phoenix?
  21. As written in the Charter the Oath is as thus:

    Members of the House of the Rising Phoenix may not join any cult, organization or society which seeks to further the goals of the Unlife, nor may a House member knowingly assist a member of such an entity advance in rank or restore them when they trade their life force for power.

    This means that a Phoenix member may not be of the Council of Light nor may they knowingly skin animals, collect tribute or assist such members in answering questions for their dark masters. The final statement concerns knowingly sending spirit to a member of the Council when they have used a sign for their Organization and drained themselves.

  22. Are there other House Rules?
  23. Yes.

    1. Members of the House of the Rising Phoenix may not engage in violence against another member of the House. This includes physical attack, slander and robbery.
    2. Non-roleplaying racial, gender or minority discrimination shall not be tolerated in any way whatsoever.
    3. Do not leave non-member guests you bring into the House unescorted during their visit. Courteously bring them back out, once your visit is completed.
    4. Private tables and all other areas within the House and its grounds are not intended as dumping grounds for unwanted objects such as boxes or other items. A trash barrel is located in the library and should be used for that purpose.

    Are members required to be members of the Order of Voln?

    No, they are not. As a point of historical significance, the House of the Rising Phoenix was founded and established long before the Order of Voln was rediscovered and established in Wehnimer's Landing.

  24. Where can I find out more?
  25. The House of the Rising Phoenix website is a vast resource for all information pertaining to the House, as well as an extensive collection of guides, histories, creative works, membership rosters and much more.