Welcome to the House of the Rising Phoenix

The House of the Rising Phoenix is dedicated to combating the forces of the Unlife in Elanthia, standing steadfast against the agents of Chaos, releasing the tortured spirits of the Undead from their eternal torment, and dedicating ourselves to the protectection of Elanthia and its citizenry. We strive to maintain honor within the lands, leading by good example. Keeping the records of time and knowledge, we share our libraries of lore and history for the further edification of all who seek knowledge.

“ ...and the coming of the Unlife may take many forms. Some may garb themselves in shapes of terror and evil and dwell in the forgotten places of the world and in the realm of the dead. Others may come among you with secret words of power and mystic symbols to lure even those who would fight hardest against them. ”

Website Updates - December 2010

I don't generally post updates on the Main News page, but I'd like everyone to know I've been hard at work updating the site section by section. I do have a Monthly post in the Forums that describes what I do as I do it, but some key sections have been updated significantly. The Location section now includes Tebon's Map of the House, Evialla's artistic rendering, and the House Annexes in various Elanthian Cities. It's a work in progress, but it's beginning to take shape.

I've also worked on the Officer page, it's current, many of the previous Officers have their full credentials listed and I have some other ideas as well to flesh out the area, including Biographies and Stories, but those may end up in different locations.

The Member Shop Section has also been updated. You can find them by City, and I'll eventually include a Krakii Shops link to each of them and general goods they specialize in. Those listed currently are Shannivar, Adyr, Cosannie, Silverphenix, Clunk, and Myharl. If you don't already frequent them please support your House brethren or if you don't have a shop listed and would like it there, my contact info is below.

I plan to change the links off the mainpage to include more of the commonly used and vital GSIV websites. We have some of them, but not all of them. Lich, Nilandia, and the Player's Corner are some I have in mind. Those should be fixed soon.

I still haven't figured out an easy way to fix Forum registration. I like having them because the messages are not autopruned like on play.net and they encourage discussion more than the Mailing List. In the meantime if you'd like to be added simply email me at hvaimor@gmail.com and I will have you added within about 24 hours.

I always encourage feedback and submissions. We have a lot of events in the works this year also with the idea of focusing on our House goals and each other so keep in touch and if you've become a bit of a loner or drifted away, now is the time to pull yourself back in

-Geijon Khyree.

Winter Solstice is Coming!

The Winter Solstice is upon us. On Volnes, day 21 of the month Eorgaen (December 21st) in the year 5110 at 9pm EST the Summer Solstice will take place marking the true beginning of Winter. We wish you all to join us for merriment, drinking, and to honor the many traditions of this season. Our tent is open on the North Ring road outside the Warrior Guild with cookies and snowglobes available. We'll be having a tree ceremony and this years Phoenix Ornament will be available. More surprises await!

[Wehnimer's, North Ring Rd.]
Here along the main north road, the roughhewn logs of the modwir wood palisade echo passing footsteps on the bumpy cobbled path. The cold, briny night breeze from the nearby bay fills the air in spite of the sturdy barricade. You also see a large embroidered tent with a House Phoenix banner on it and a crenellated stone fortress. Obvious paths: east, south, west

>go tent

[House Phoenix Tent]
This roomy tent has been decorated with richly hued tapestries, many depicting a majestic phoenix in flight. Long wooden benches with padded cushions have been set up along the soft walls, allowing ample room for people to wander through or converse in small groups. You also see a small paper-lined basket. Obvious exits: east, out

>look in bask
In the paper-lined basket you see a spun sugar flying phoenix confection.

>get conf
You help yourself to a spun sugar flying phoenix confection.

>eat my conf
You take a bite of your flying phoenix confection. A faint, delicate sweetness shivers over your tongue.
That was the last of it!


[House Phoenix Tent]
Flickering light emanating from stamped silver lanterns provides both illumination and warmth from the outside elements. A bountiful table has been laid out, providing an ideal reason to sit and rest a while. You also see a deep orange pinewood chest. Obvious exits: west

>look in chest
In the pinewood chest you see a House Phoenix snowglobe.

>get snow
A sales clerk steps over to you and says, "Ah, a fine choice sir. The House Phoenix snowglobe sells for 10000 silvers. You can BUY the House Phoenix snowglobe if you like."

>look at my snow
The clear bubble contains a detailed scene in miniature. A house stands solemnly on a less-trafficked town lane, a quiet courtyard in front of it. A gated modwir archway leads into the house and on the roof is a large glass-like crystal observatory. Peering in through the clear roof, a tiny brass telescope and a clockwork model mounted on a wood platform can be seen. Miniscule people enter and leave by the gate.

>shake my snow
You shake your House Phoenix snowglobe hard, causing the flecks of snow inside to swirl in a wild frenzy, creating a small blizzard.

Phoenix Pond - Fishing Opener 2010!

The Pool is officially open in the Natural springs area of the House Courtyard. I'll post the map later, but for now a room by room tour to help you get there. It's one of Shirkon's favorite spots and as he's the best fisherman perhaps in Wehnimers, argueably. I'll have him give us a few tips to catch some fish out of it.

...and for those of you who don't know a thing, like me, here is how Krakiipedia has it. [Fishing How-To-Guide]

[House Phoenix, Entry Court]
Between Wisraith Lane and the house, a quiet courtyard is situated. Several gold and wrought iron benches are nestled amid the roses and ivy of the courtyard, and a garden swing sits just off a gated modwir archway. You also see a cobweb-draped gold and crimson tent, a massive entryway with a gold phoenix-carved bell on it, the House Phoenix doorkeeper, a heavy slate blackboard and a bronze plaque.
Obvious paths: west

>go arc
The doorman opens the archway and waves you inside.

[Phoenix Annex, Courtyard]
This serene courtyard contains an abundant variety of young trees and small flowering bushes. A dirt path lined with stepping stones leads from the archway to the main building. Off to one side of the path, you see some polished wooden benches placed near a grassy bank leading down to a small bubbling spring. A polished cherry dart board inlaid with a rising phoenix hangs from a willow tree. You also see an oaken door and a willow tree.
Obvious paths: up

>climb bank
You climb down a grassy bank.

[Phoenix Annex, Natural Springs]
The small spring is lined with a brilliant array of colorful stones. Exotic plants, carefully arranged to provide privacy, grow in profusion along the bank. A tall willow tree leans gracefully over the spring, as if granting its blessing on the swimmers. The bottom of the spring is lined with fine sand, oddly warm to the feet. Air bubbles rush up from below, tickling the bare parts of your skin. A small waterfall trickles musically down a jumble of rocks, and a small wooden fishing dock juts out from a sandy bank.
Obvious paths: none

>go dock
[Phoenix Annex, Fishing Dock]
The natural springs surrounding this dock start off shallow, but quickly turn deep at its very center. All around the edges of this small dock are spots to stick a fishing pole, and a weatherbeaten driftwood bench rests at the far end, closest to the deepest part of the spring. Protected from the elements, a small fire burns, remnants of previous fish fries evident all around it.
Obvious paths: out

Return of the Huntmasters

Word has begun to get around town as Phoenix members discuss ways to encourage more comraderie. We have a lot of exciting ideas going on to generate buzz and momentum. In respect to that we've not had consistant hunts since Grobinal left us as Huntmaster several years ago. Details will emerge in the official forums, via the newsletter, and here at the Portal. When you see our Footman in Wehnimers be sure to come to the House Entry and depending on group composition and trainings we'll favor hunt undead in areas of their choosing. This is what he looks like and what to expect during these nights.

A footman in the livery of the House of Rising Phoenix stride in. In a loud voice he announces, "The House of Rising Phoenix Weekly Favor Hunt is now forming at the entrance to the House. House Phoenix is to the east of the temple." He then strides off with a smile on his face.

If you find this interesting and would like to lead hunts in Wehnimers or Solhaven as a caravan can reach it in a timely period please be sure to signup on the forums or contact an Officer and we'll establish a night for you.