House of the Rising Phoenix - The Arkati Volumes

The Mandis Crystal Threat

The following is the meeting that took place in the Phoenix Library on february 12th, 5099. Lady Titaniia of the Order of the Silver Gryphons and her squire Lord Pyranth were the guest speakers and informed us of the threat of the Baron Hochstib, The empress Mynal'Lyanna, the mandis crystal and what we can do to prepare for the upcoming assault. More will be available with time as we learn more and become better immobolized for war. Please realize the dire consequences we face and the upcoming trials that will soon follow as we fight for our lives against the Baron Hochstib of Jantalar and for our very souls from the Vvrael. Stay strong of heart and look to the gods above for protections and Guidence.

This would also be the catalyst behind the formation of the Protectors of the Citadel who went on to distinquish themselves in the Janatalian invasions surrounding the Mandis Crystal, the Bregandian invasions, The 2nd Griffin War, and numerous other battles in Wehnimers and Icemule.

~Geijon Khyree

[House Phoenix, Library]
The library of the House is a largish room, with the walls completely hidden by bookcases. A wide selection of reading material can be seen from a cursory glance at the shelves. Treatises on science and history stand next to ancient volumes on forest lore and magic. One rather extensive section seems devoted to arms and armor and the many subjects dealing with the arts of war. Locked glass-fronted cabinets hold rare tomes and fragile scrolls and even the odd clay tablet. You also see a scented blue candle, a carved red sandstone pedestal with an ancient volume on it, a trash barrel, a plain wooden table with a gold-trimmed modwir plaque on it and a spiral staircase.
Also in the room: Lord Kriztian who is seated, Lady Gailiana who is seated, Lord Kindi who is seated, Olafil who is seated, Lady Titaniia, Trendon, Kivsha who is seated, Kuellar who is seated, Nekkro who is seated, Lord Waldo2, Lord Tzigfried who is seated, Lady Hyssopp who is seated, Lord Alandil who is seated, Lady Elanea who is seated, Lord Zion who is seated, Nenwavriana who is seated, Lord Ourac who is seated, Brianus who is seated, Lord Hercule who is seated, Lady Woundhealer
Obvious exits: north.

You say, "thank you all for attending"

Titaniia asks, "We abouts ready ta get started?"

You say, "all up to you Tani"

Titaniia says, "oh..okee."

Titaniia coughs.

Titaniia says, "I'd like ta thank ya all fer having me here this eve. I know ye are very busy."

Waldo2 bows to Titaniia.

Titaniia says, "I have a short speech, after which, we will be taking questions."

You bow to Titaniia.

Titaniia curtsies to Waldo2.

Hercule says, "Tis we who should thank you"

You smile.

Waldo2 says, "it is always a pleasure to have fellow warriors and silver Gryphon members in our house"

Titaniia smiles at Waldo2.

Waldo2 taps a black enameled bracer with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle.

You smile.

You nod to Waldo2.

Titaniia says, "Then I will get started.."

Titaniia recites:

"Members of House Phoenix, I would like to thank you for coming to listen about a subject that is a direct threat to you and your town of Wehnimer's Landing, an' a threat to th' freedom we all hold dear to our hearts."

Titaniia recites:

"Come first thaw, this town faces th' greatest forces that have e're attempted to invade it. Th' armies of th' Baron Hochstib of Jantalar are in position an will strike as soon as th' pathways are clear, a force of hundreds of thousands of soldiers will descend upon th' Landing, seeking to take th' town an' its port for Hochstib."

Titaniia recites:

"Those of us here speaking to you this eve are representatives of a group known as th' Order of th' Silver Gryphon. "

Titaniia recites:

"We are an order that was created some time ago by Sir Maldon. "

Titaniia recites:

"Maldon is from Jantalar himself. Before coming to th' Landing he was Hochstib's First Knight, an Hochstib sent him to Wehnimer's to prepare th' town for an easy occupation by Hochstib's forces."

(Titaniia paces across the floor.)

Titaniia recites:

"As many of ye know, th' city of Jantalar is a part of th' human empire to th' south. Tis ruled by th' empress, an other races are often used as slave labor. In Jantalar itself, those who are nae of "pure human blood" are put in prison, or sent to th' mines for slave labor. As ye kin imagine, tis th' Baron himself who would determine what is "pure" blood, an whom will serve him in th' mines."

Titaniia recites:

"A while back, th' dwarves in th' mines of Talador revolted. Sir Maldon's own son was sent to lead th' army with instructions to put down th' revolt."

Titaniia recites:

"Th' battle did nae go as th' Baron planned, an he ordered th' mines sealed, trapping both th' dwarves an th' humans inside. Twas th' last Sir Maldon saw of his son."

Titaniia recites:

"When Hochstib sent Maldon to take th' Landing, was th' opportunity he had been awaiting to make a stand. Thus, th' Gryphons were born, an we have a chance to save ourselves from slavery or worse."

Titaniia recites:

"Amoungst th' tools th' Baron will use in his quest to aquire th' Landing, is a device known as th' Mandis Crystal. "

Titaniia recites:

"It is a terrible device which has th' effect of making magic useless. Tis impossible to cast a spell when th' Mandis Crystal is anywhere near a field of battle. Th' combination of th' Crystal, an th' huge standing army which th' Baron commands..put th' Landing in grave danger once th' spring thaw is near."

Titaniia recites:

"We do know a few things about th' Mandis Crystal.."

Titaniia recites:

"Th' Crystal is massive It must be carted around on a wagon."

Titaniia recites:

"Th' Crystal is a very dark color, probably black It looks like an uncut gem."

Titaniia recites:

"Th' Crystal literally sucks th' mana out of th' very air. When it is in use, it gets very hot."

Titaniia recites:

"When th' Baron brings th' Mandis Crystal into battle, he generally brings it within at least a couple of miles of th' front. "

Titaniia frowns.

Titaniia recites:

"When th' Baron has th' Crystal on th' field of battle, it is generally very heavily guarded."

Titaniia recites:

"Our best hope for survival as free people is to destroy th' Crystal afore th' battle starts. Failing that, we will have to fite our way to it, an destroy as we can. That is where you, th' good free folk of this house come in. "

Titaniia recites:

"Th' Baron expects to easily take th' Landing easily, and then Vornavis.. What he does nae expect is an organized an' well prepared defense. You have pledged as a house to join our militia... th' Phoenix contingent will be an important weapon against Hochstib, perhaps th' very weapon to turn th' battle."

Titaniia says, "What you as a house need to decide is whether ye prefer to join th' general ranks of th' militia.."

Titaniia says, "Or if ye prefer to remain together during th' battle."

Titaniia says, "If anyone has questions..please raise yer hand an' I will answer in turn."

Kivsha raises his hand.

Brianus raises his hand.

Hyssopp raises her hand.

Kindi raises his hand.

Ourac raises his hand.

Kriztian raises his hand.

Titaniia asks, "Kivsha?"

Hercule raises his hand.

Kivsha asks, " you said that the crystal get's very hot when in use. It can be turned on and off? also would it be possible to overheat it?"

Titaniia says, "Well, from what we know of th' crystal..any time there is mana sucks it in."

Zion raises his hand.

Titaniia says, "I doan know if tis possible fer it to get too much mana..but, as they have used it to capture towns so large that they make ours look like th' kobold village..I doubt we have enough here ta do it."

Titaniia asks, "Brianus?"

Brianus asks, "Since da crystal be guarded, there must be a weakness. How might it be destroyed, if such in known?"

Carist raises his hand.

Titaniia says, "Well, th' Gryphons hope to destroy it. We have been researching that issue fer a very long time, an' we believe we will be able ta...or we hope so."

Titaniia says, "I canna go into exact details for security reasons, but th' means will be non magical."

Titaniia asks, "Hyssopp?"

Hyssopp asks, "If we use our house as single would be able to serve the cause most ye need scouts or spies..have you been to Jantalar?"

Titaniia says, "Not personally, but there are some who have."

Titaniia says, "We do need scouts, we need infantry..healers...message runners...e'vn magikers to patrol th' edges of th' crystal's influence." You say "Welan the commander of the Militia as well as a Gryphons knight is working on organizing scouts and a battle plan, but that is seperate from house and Gryphons operations, but all working for the same goul

You say, "Welan the commander of the Militia as well as a Gryphons knight is working on organizing scouts and a battle plan, but that is seperate from house and Gryphons operations, but all working for the same goal"

Titaniia says, "If we were to use you as a House, would prolly be to run some type of maneuver..perhaps to 'elp box th' enemy forces into an area or some such."

Hercule raises his hand.

Titaniia says, "Tis possible you could fite on yer' join yer house at th' appointed place at th' appointed time..nothing is set yet."

Titaniia asks, "Kindi?"

Kindi asks, "Who will coordinate the defense of the landing and lead the defensive forces?"

Kindi says, "that may have been just answered..."

Titaniia says, "Sir Welan."

Kindi nods.

Brianus raises his hand.

Titaniia says, "He leads a group of Gryphons who have been studying th' battle for some time."

Titaniia says, "Ourac."

Ourac asks, "when can we expect them ta be coming?"

Titaniia says, "First thaw."

Titaniia says, "Pray fer a long winter."

Titaniia asks, "Kritzian?"

Carist raises his hand.

Kriztian says, "Do Voln symbols work around dat blamin thing? Do we know? And is it known what their "fire power is? Asin AS?"

Titaniia says, "We do believe soceital symbols will work..although we are nae positive. As to th' size of their behinds.."

Titaniia says, "Their skill is that of a veteran military force that has taken several large cities."

Titaniia says, "Dunna expect an easy fite."

Titaniia asks, "Hercule?"

Kivsha raises his hand.

Olafil raises his hand.

Hyssopp raises her hand.

Hercule asks, "What about those of us in the House who have already begun training with the milita?"

Titaniia says, "Ye have th' option of staying with your appointed group an' joining with th' house for any special maneuvers." Trend on raises his hand.

You say, "ye can plan both house defense as well as serve in the militia.

Both are really one in the same"

Titaniia asks, "Zion?"

Titaniia nods to you.

Zion says, " got several questions"

Drakenlord asks, "How do ye join da militia?"

Zion says, " okies"

Zion says, " first is"

Zion says, " do magical itmes work"

Zion says, " wands, amulets, rings and such"

Titaniia says, "Doan feel bad..lotta people said that about me acause I canna read."

Carist says, "armor..."

Brianus says, "Umm, methinks Zion weren't finished..."

You say, "Militia has meetings every teusday at 8pm elven time in the barracks armory"

Titaniia says, "Your enchanted armor an' weapons should long as they are nae special weapons that require mana."

Zion asks, " what about wands and such ?"

Titaniia asks, "Sorry, Zion?" Zion says, " things of that nature"

Zion says, " imbedded items"

Titaniia says, "Imbedibles contain mana that was put there with th' original you could prolly rub' then th' magiks would be sucked right away from ya."

Titaniia says, "So, they would do ya no good."

Alandil says, "two questions"

Hercule raises his hand.

Alandil asks, "one. spells will be sucked away? like massies?"

Alandil asks, "two. have you sent to Icemule for aid?"

Titaniia smiles.

Titaniia says, "Aye, we have."

Titaniia says, "an' River's Rest, an' next week we travel to Teras."

Drakenlord says, "Er Pinefar even."

Alandil nods.

Alandil says, "good"

Titaniia says, "Sorry, I think Carist has more.."

Carist says, "just one..."

You say, "We have sent emisaries to icemule, rivers rest. all the houses and next week we'll visit teras as well as other informative groups that can aid us"

Carist says, "if we manage to gain control of this wagon... "

You say, "We are the first house to pledge its full allegience though"

Carist says, "how long or how do you propose to maintain control"

Alandil nods to you.

Zion says, " until they blow it up"

Titaniia says, "We donna intend to take control of it. We mean to destroy it."

Titaniia says, "It canna be controlled by any means we know."

Carist asks, "will blowing it up destroy it or make a bunch of little ones?"

Brianus raises his hand.

Titaniia says, "Well, we believe it will be destroyed. Others have, in th' past. Not by us..but we have heard tales."

Titaniia asks, "Brianus?"

Kindi raises his hand.

Kriztian raises his hand.

Hyssopp raises her hand.

Olafil raises his hand.

Brianus asks, "Then it affects both sides equally? No magic available to Baron's troops?"

Titaniia says, "Correct."

Titaniia asks, "Kivsha?"

Alandil raises his hand.

Titaniia asks, "There anything ta drink in this house?"

Brianus pulls his toy myklian.

A fiery scarlet toy myklian growls. The sound causes the hair on the back of your neck to stand up.

Kivsha asks, "I have heard rumors that the army of Jantalar is more than just human. Is there any substance to this?"

You say, "aye tani. we have 3 bars"

Alandil offers Titaniia a tankard of dark dwarven ale

Brianus says, "I fetch ye somethin."

You wink at Titaniia.

Titaniia grins.

Titaniia accepts Alandil's dark dwarven ale.

Titaniia curtsies to Alandil.

Titaniia takes a drink from her dark dwarven ale.

Titaniia says, "Much better."

Alandil bows to Titaniia.

Brianus offers Titaniia a chaya of warm sake

Brianus sits down.

Titaniia accepts Brianus's warm sake.

Kivsha asks, "I have heard rumors that the army of Jantalar is more than just human. Is there any substance to this?"

Kivsha says, "to be specific , undead"

Alandil snarls menacingly!

Titaniia says, "We know they are mainly human. No undead that I know of."

Titaniia says, "They do have a few other creatures amoungst them."

Olafil raises his hand.

Kivsha asks, "such as?"

Titaniia says, "Well, frankly ..I dunno."

Titaniia fidgets.

Titaniia says, "Just that they has a few others."

Titaniia asks, "Hyssopp?"

Trendon raises his hand.

Titaniia says, "Oh..let me add to that..that other races then human are generally kilt, thrown in jail or used in th' any others fiting with them in battle..would be formidable."

Titaniia says, "Also..sorry Hyssop.."

Titaniia says, "What ye may be referring th' rumors of an alliance with Luukos."

Alandil growls ferociously!

Hercule scowls.

Titaniia says, "An' th' answer to that is..yes. Hochstib is allied with Luukos."

Kivsha nods to Titaniia.

Alandil scowls.

Elanea blinks.

Alandil frowns.

A pained expression crosses Kivsha's face.

Ourac scowls.

Germinal raises his hand.

Titaniia says, "However, he has no undead that we know of amoungst his troops."

Alandil's face turns slightly pale.

Alandil says, "And Lorminstra is weak..."

Kivsha cringes.

Titaniia says, "Sorry, back to Hyssopp.."

Hyssopp asks, "I will vote that our house act as unit..but what bout Terate?"

Hyssopp says, "looks like we got two mana killers to face now"

Hyssopp says, "Terate from the North and Baron from south"

Hyssopp asks, "How can Clerics best serve?"

Hyssopp says, "Me last question"

Titaniia says, " scared me."

Hyssopp says, "Bad weather"

Hyssopp says, "How can Clerics best serve"

Brianus says, "Aye, hit me all at once too..."

You say, "House will actively prepare as a unit"

Titaniia says, "Well, tis a totally different threat. I believe that we will have either defeated th' vvreal by then..or we will frankly all be dead."

You say, "Terate and the Vvrael have to be delt with my the chosen"

Ourac raises his hand.

Titaniia says, "As to clerics, they are organizing with th' empaths..I believe our medical troops allready number well above a hundred."

Hyssopp curtsies to Titaniia.

Hyssopp sits down.

Titaniia says, "Lady Tygerclaws is organizing them."

Titaniia asks, "Kindi?"

Kindi asks, "Do we know anything other than numbers of the opposing forces. Like how they may compare to our younger warriors, how many training they may have etc?"

Kriztian fidgets.

Titaniia says, "We only know they are veteran warriors who have won many battles."

Hercule raises his hand.

Titaniia asks, "Kriztian?"

Kindi says, "my thanks..."

Titaniia takes a drink from her warm sake.

Kriztian asks, "Aye, kin we have the procedure fer tonight? We gonna vote er sumptin? Or join a list?"

Titaniia says, "Well, I will leave that to your House leaders."

Kriztian says, "Thankee."

Titaniia says, "Th' Gryphons are just 'appy to have you as allies."

Kindi glances at you.

You say, "We'll probably have more information on that next week"

Titaniia says, "If you wish to participate separate from th' house as are welcome to come to th' next Militia Tuesday eve."

You say, "So far we'll plan as a house, but you can also be part of the militia"

Kriztian nods to you.

You wink at Titaniia.

You smile.

Titaniia asks, "Hyssopp..did ye has another question?"

Titaniia takes a drink from her warm sake.

Hyssopp says, "Just thinking how to serve best my house and this cause"

Hyssopp says, "Thank ye M'Lady"

(Alandil traces the letters I-D-F on the floor)

You nod to Titaniia.

Titaniia asks, "Alandil?"

Kivsha glances at Alandil.

(Alandil nods to himself)

Titaniia asks, "Of th' Gryphons?"

Alandil says, "aye"

Titaniia says, "Th' Gryphons are warriors with over twenty five trainings who are noticed an' apprenticed by other members of th' Order."

Titaniia says, "Tis very difficult to take more we have a rule about only one apprentice per month."

Alandil asks, " only warriors?

Titaniia says, "So, we often have to wait months, or even years to apprentice someone."

Titaniia says, "Tis why tis such a small order."

Titaniia asks, "Germinal?"

Germinal asks, "The cult of Luukos is strong within the Landing...particularly amongst 'those-who-dwell-in-the-bathhouse'. Do you have intelligence of their intentions when this invasion occurs...and what plans do you have to counter them if they interfere with the defense of the Landing?"

Titaniia says, "No one in th' Landing would be spared because of their religious affiliations."

Titaniia says, "To think so is pure folly. "

Germinal says, "But some in the landing may seek to curry favor with the invadors"

Titaniia says, "We are naught but a port town on th' way to Vornavis."

Titaniia says, "They may."

Germinal says, "And undermine our efforts from within"

You say, "then they will be treated as enemies and threats to us "

Titaniia says, "An' we will rely on honest, faithfull citizens to 'elp counter that."

Germinal nods to you.

You say, "if they are found"

Germinal says, "Just wanted to clarify that"

Woundhealer asks, "did you mention that the Baron is a xenophobe, and wishes to enslave or destroy all that are not humans?"

Woundhealer peers quizzically at Titaniia.

Titaniia nods to Woundhealer.

Kindi says "Big word.

Woundhealer says, "ok good"

Titaniia winks.

Woundhealer says, "yep but thrudh is not here"

Kindi nods to you.

You grin.

You nod to Woundhealer.

Germinal asks, "xeno-whatnow?"

Titaniia says, "Even those who worship ..darker gods have children, wives..husbands..that they would watch die if we lost."

Kindi raises his hand.

Titaniia asks, "Ourac?"

Titaniia takes a drink from her warm sake.

Titaniia chuckles.

Titaniia says, "I doubt he will travel with his troops..but, ye never know."

Titaniia asks, "Kivsha?"

Ourac says, "me hope he does"

A fiery scarlet toy myklian growls. The sound causes the hair on the back of your neck to stand up.

Woundhealer peers quizzically at Brianus.

Titaniia shivers.

Titaniia says, "Oh..was a toy"

Titaniia mutters under her breath.

Brianus says, "Sparky."

Titaniia takes a drink from her warm sake.

Titaniia says, "Hrmm, we'll come back ta Kivsha."

Titaniia asks, "Hercule?"

Titaniia says, "Hrmm..I think I have a new power."

Hercule says, "Ugh. Was waiting so long I forgot my question"

Titaniia says, "Anyone whose name I say instantly turns ta ice"

Titaniia grins.

Titaniia asks, "Kivsha? You remember yer question?"

Titaniia taps a babbling truffle-fed toy titan.

Titaniia winks at Brianus.

Kivsha asks, "yes, where do we expect to confront the Baron's forces? right outside town or in th field to the south?"

Titaniia says, "Well, Sir Welan is workin on that."

Titaniia says, "But, we know they will come from th' east...south easterly."

Titaniia says, "I doan know where we hope to stage th' battle as of yet."

You ask, "Tzigfried would ye like tae help form some of the Phoenix's contingent battle plans?"

Titaniia asks, "Kindi?"

Kindi asks, "any estimate on how many days we may have before the thaw?"

Titaniia says, "No idea."

Tzigfried blinks.

Titaniia says, "hopefully, alot."

Titaniia says, "Pray if ye kin..fer cold weather."

Tzigfried says, "Yes it would my honor to accept and perform that function Lord Geijon"

Titaniia asks, "Is that e'ryone? No more questions?"

Titaniia asks, "Alandil?"

Alandil asks, "does the baron have a fleet as well?"

You say, "Yes.."

Titaniia says, "Aye, tis why he wants our port."

Alandil says, "he may make an amphibious assault then"

Kivsha raises his hand.

Titaniia says, "He may.."

Titaniia says, "As you may or may not know..Solhaven is also a port town."

Alandil says, "i wonder where the Krolvin stand in all this...."

Hercule raises his hand.

Titaniia says, "An' they are currently under seige by th' barony of Jantalar."

Titaniia says, "So..a port along th' way would be VERY valuable.."

Germinal says, "The Krolvin are stupid brutes...I doubt if they'd realize an advantage in allying with the Baron."

You say, "more easily persuaded then"

Titaniia says, "I am distracted a moment there."

Alandil says, "still,they build decent ships"

Lord Truekillr just arrived.

Titaniia says, "I should also mention..Solhaven is our ally."

You smile at Truekillr.

Truekillr says, "Sorry for my tardiness"

Truekillr smiles.

Titaniia says, "We canna expect their support in this..they are under seige..but, we have many friends there."

Titaniia says, "They are a part of th' Barony of Vornavis..which is ruled by Baron Malwind."

Alandil says, "i need a new map of the lands"

Titaniia says, "Many of th' merchants who visit th' Landing are from Solhaven."

Kivsha says, "Hortinger"

Truekillr says, "Girvahk."

Titaniia smiles.

You say, "Korm, the steel arm"

Truekillr says, "i remember when he frist told me of the Baron hochstib."

Titaniia says, "An' I am told th' shopping there is wonderous."

Titaniia says, "We donna have th' kind of manpower that would be neccesary..we are a tiny frontier town compared to them."

Titaniia says, "However, they do need some things there..armor, weapons an' such."

Truekillr says, "indeed, but some of the strongest fighters in the lands reside here."

Truekillr asks, "How can we help?"

Titaniia says, "Although, I doan believe we have any idea how to get them to them at this time."

You say, "If ye wish to be able to find some othah information or need to reach me just ask me quietly"

Titaniia says, "I promise you..if we find a way..or they tell us one..I will share it."

You say, "We've went through that, bro"

Truekillr nods.

Titaniia asks, "Any more questions?"

Truekillr says, "I promised Girvahk I would visit his new shop...if they survive"

Truekillr sighs.

You ask, "Tani at a latah date would ye like to come back mayhaps?"

Thomasl says, "hmm so if the Baron does not end the seige one way or another before he attacks the landing we may only face a fraction of his forces"

You say, "they will my brothah"

Kivsha asks, "what will become of the order if we defeat the Baron?"

Titaniia takes a drink from her warm sake.

You say, "We'll continue to protect the town from further threat as we have from the baron and even if we win, the baron may come back "

Kivsha says, "not if we kill him"

Titaniia says, "I would be 'appy too, or another member of th' PR group."

You say, "his predecessors may try as well"

Titaniia says, "Well, th' forces we know lie in wait number in th' hundreds of thousands."

Titaniia says, "That is by no means th' full number of Hochstib's armies."

Truekillr says, "Our only hope is to strike at the Mandis crystal."

Titaniia says, "We plan ta do that."

Titaniia nods to Truekillr.

Titaniia says, "Or to die trying."

Truekillr says, "An elite group of stealthy fighters sneaking in to destroy it"

Brianus says, "Which will require breachin several layers of enemy it seems."