House of the Rising Phoenix - Profiles

Landrag Myriss - 2000

It begins as many do, a tale of woe forging a youth into a tool of vengeance. Here is mine.

Born to adventuresome souls, life began in a homestead made with the hands of my parents. Home was located east of Wehnimer’s Landing, far from any large settlements. Father was Narwell Myriss, a ranger of minor accomplishment. Shannow Elanerath was an elven priestess dedicated to Lumnis. It seemed a secure haven within civilized lands. Strong will and faith in the Arkati provided strength and bounty. My father’s woodland skills and my mother’s smile and serene demeanor, both are memories I cherish in the quiet reserves of my heart. Brought up in such an environment, I often wonder if the direction I have followed would meet with their approval. I pray it is so.

The quiet of childhood ended far too early. The attack was not unprecedented, but I can only assume the sheer number of the assaulting undead were more then they both could defend against. I had been out setting my traps two full days hike from home. Upon my return, I found some evidence of battle. Though the remains suggested an attack from walking corpses. I found little damage to the homestead, but one of the most horrific experiences I shall ever experience waited. As I entered the small house that had always seemed so large, I saw my parents sitting at the table. I figured that whatever had done the damage to the homestead had been defeated as they had been before. Then I saw their faces. To this day, I hope they understand why I had to destroy their bodies. I couldn’t bear the thought of them as ghouls.

Far from resolving my dilemna, this merely changed it. Without direction in the world, I stayed in front of the pyre I had built until hunger woke me from my reverie. Mechanically, I went into the woods and retrieved the results of the traps I had placed. Though never a match for my father, my skills are more than enough to survive. After cleaning the pelts and starting my meal, I began to ponder the cause of such disaster. I soon resolved to discover the being responsible and learn why. I had little in the way of equipment, merely the bits and pieces from the days when my parents had adventured together. I still keep father’s chain hauberk and mother’s falchion. I hope they think I am worthy to carry them.

Walking in the direction of Wehnimer’s Landing, I reviewed all I had learned of my destination. I was woefully ignorant in many things. I began my education after hitching a ride with a trapper headed to town. He gave me some basic information and helped me not seem a total buffoon in the largest town I had ever been too. I learned quickly, starting by honing my skills in forest trolls. I soon became aware of an organization devoted to a cause dear to me, the releasing of undead. I entered as soon as the Order of Voln would except me and devoted myself from then onward to releasing undead. I also entered the House of the Rising Phoenix, looking for allies to aid me. Soon I learned that I needed to expand my experience, going to Icemule Trace, River’s Rest, and even Pinefar, though that journey nearly cost me my life. I now am becoming a Wolverine, a member of the Protectors of the Citadel. I will heed the call of those who have helped me keep my focus. And woe to whomever threatens my House, for I am among many of the greatest heroes of the land. I now know my way through the lands, and have grown confident in many areas. I have battled undead from shadow mares to zombies to wraiths. I know their strengths, and how to release the souls held in such a wretched state. I learned all the secrets of the society of Voln and even converted some from a wayward path. My skills, though similar to a common thief, are oriented to make me into one of the strongest crusaders. I now choose to benefit those around me, seeking strength not only in myself, but in those who I may give solace in my poorly inadequate ways. I have found friends in abundance, and would go far out of my way to help them. For someday, I have a boon to ask of them. When I feel I am ready, we will find who killed my family. When found, whomever they are, they will be mine alone.

I have continued to grow, and to my surprise, met someone I now consider the cornerstone of my life. I was resting in TSSW, a rarity for me. I heard a small voice asking for help on the route to Icemule Trace. On a whim, I decided to take the owner of that voice, Sorshalyn Darkmass. The gods must have truly deemed me worthy of a gift that day, for at the time I only saw someone in need of help, I soon found that she was also someone who could help me. As I led her over the glacier and on to Icemule Trace, I found myself on my back often as not thanks to the ice patches on the way. And everytime I looked up, I saw a fiery mane framing a delicate face with emerald eyes gleaming with surpressed mirth. Somehow in the next week, we learned much of each other and I quickly fell in love. I taught her as her parents had wanted of her in the Order of Voln, and helped her to grow in strength. She has grown confident in herself, and is now a worthy comrade and a great friend. She will be my wife, and the mother of my children.