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Hall of Arms and Armor - Phoenix Relics and Artifacts

Holy Broadsword

Owned by the Legendary Waldo2 Ptolomy, former Chairman of the House of the Rising Phoenix. This relic was bestowed upon Lord Waldo2 by Kerl Bloodguard, the first chairman of House Paupers, upon his leaving. The item is a +25 Permablessed standard Broadsword.

Helm of Might

The loot off of a Kral Slavemaster, this mighty helm was found in a chest along with other various items - a set of cursed armor and a jacket that Lady Gremlynn may still wear to this day. The group of Waldo2, Geoff, Gremlynn and Sagan were hijacked; but later escaped with the box and threw dice to see who would recieve the items. Geoff rolled snake eyes; while Sagan enjoyed taking the well..cursed armor. Who's luck was worse?. The rest is history. This item is a +30 DB Item.

Jet Black Brigandine

This armor is trimmed in gold and engraved with the image of a fiery phoenix rising from a mystical graveyard. This armor was originally given to Metaboculous upon the completion of a Quest many years ago; but being as he was a bit on the darker side, he passed the armor on to several warriors more aligned with the light. Roughly 50 years ago, young master Geion came across the armor and wore it until he was tragically slain by a tribe of vicious trolls. Fortunately, the armor was retrieved by his brother Gaq Azan, who then bestowed it upon his own son Geijon, named in remembrance of his dearly departed brother. The armor is 8x standard brigandine.

An Enruned Imflass Mattock

Crafted by an unknown mage, this enruned imflass mattock, when sung to by a skilled bard, reveals a vague and twisted tale of said mage's death. The mattock was imbued with various powers, its main one being that it casts a type of guard around anyone holding it who then raises it above their head, bestowing upon the holder some minor defenses similiar to the silvery luminesence of minor elemental guards, while draining a small amount of mana from the recipient. The item is a +12 two-hander that casts Elemental Defense 1(401) when raised into the air.

Black Fringed Wight Skin Jacket

A known Kai worshipper and a rogue of some repute who went by the moniker "The Wolf", or as we knew - Erokose, often would pray to Kai in times of need. Due to his dedication, while fighting against Wraiths he called upon the powers of Kai. Kai answered by assisting him and marking his jacket. When shown it bears the marking of Lord Kai's hand.

"The high-collared jacket is sewn of strips of wight skin, their shadows darkened further by a dye of midnight black. The sleeves and waist are fringed with rows of polished wight talons, and an image of Kai in battle with a ferocious undead beast is embossed on the back."

The jacket is a large container that can be worn over anything. It has no other special properties besides how it was granted.

Dark Veil Iron Battle Armor

This armor is enameled with a golden phoenix on the breast-plate. Its history is largely unknown, but believed to have belonged to Thursk himself, the originator of Voln Fu. The Phoenix crest was a later embellishment. Since it was crafted of Veil iron it is believed that it was crafted directly by Lord Eonake and bestowed upon Thursk as a gift from Voln. It has been in the possession of Gaq Azan for decades. The item is +45 Exceptionally crit padded Full Plate.

White Laen Broadsword

This Broadsword was first created in Wehnimers Landing then sent to Teras Isle as a gift to the dwarves, where they reforged it. During an invasion lost to memory, Gaq Azan came to wield it. It largely came to fame as Geijon Khyree's weapon and was wielded at times by Cryheart Thaxin in defense of his close friend. When in command of the Protectors of Citadel, Guarrin Rackinhelm was also known to have held it in his possession. The item was a 10x Laen broadsword of the rare metal.