House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 9/9/2000

Imaerasta, Day 9, in the year 5100

[House Phoenix, Library]
The library of the House is a largish room, with the walls completely hidden by bookcases. A wide selection of reading material can be seen from a cursory glance at the shelves. Treatises on science and history stand next to ancient volumes on forest lore and magic. One rather extensive section seems devoted to arms and armor and the many subjects dealing with the arts of war. Locked glass-fronted cabinets hold rare tomes and fragile scrolls and even the odd clay tablet. You also see a spiral staircase, a carved red sandstone pedestal with an ancient volume on it, a trash barrel and a plain wooden tabl with a gold-trimmed modwir plaque on it.
Also in the room: (Lady Evialla who is scribing), Journeyman Ronyo, Arimantis, Guarrin, Hyssopp, Aurach, Lord Shirkon, Moriah, Falicor, Kaliri, Lord Cynric, Lord Kahlmulandr, Lady Elidan, Hierona, Lord Eahlstan, Cryheart, Lord Geijon, Lord Waldo2.

You lightly tap Geijon on the shoulder.

Geijon asks, "yeees?"

You say, "err well, you know I have some things that are yours here"

You break out in a sweat.

You say, "hold out your hands"

(Geijon holds up his hands)

Geijon asks, "heavy things?"

You say, "yes, because they're your size"

You remove a pair of polished black boots from in your spidersilk cloak.

You offer your worn leather boots to Geijon

Geijon taps some veniom-worked boots.

Geijon says, "got sum"

You say, "these magical boots, and they don't stink yet"

Kahlmulandr chuckles.

Kahlmulandr points at a pair of leather riding boots.

Geijon asks, "hokay, whut they do?"

Geijon and Cryheart bash their forearms in greeting.

Geijon grins.

Cryheart rubs his eyes.

Kahlmulandr asks, "teleport?"

Cryheart smiles.

You say, "pop you out of the ground"

Cryheart and Geijon bash their forearms in greeting.

You nod to Kahlmulandr.

Kahlmulandr nods.

Geijon exclaims, "teleportin boots!"

You say, "aye"

You smile at Geijon.

Kahlmulandr says, "are great."

Geijon says, "jah, but confusin"

Cryheart says, "evening all"

You hug Cryheart.

Cryheart bows to Waldo2.

Cryheart hugs you.

Cryheart says, "hmmm..fog in the House"

Cryheart gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Cryheart chuckles.

Cryheart whistles tunelessly to himself.

Cryheart mutters weather.

(Evialla juggles all four boots simultaneously)

Cryheart nods warily to Brianus.

You stare at nothing in particular.

Brianus takes a charcoal grey tartan tam o'shanter with an ivory puma fur pom off his head.

Brianus bows.

You wave your polished black boots around.

Cryheart chuckles.

You wave your worn leather boots around.

Brianus says, "Evenin folks."

Brianus just kissed you on the hand.

Brianus puts a charcoal grey tartan tam o'shanter with an ivory puma fur pom on his head.

You hug Brianus.

Kahlmulandr says, "Evening Brianus"

You exclaim, "h'llo, Brian!"

You wave to Elidan.

Elidan says, "hi there"

Elidan beams!

Cynric smiles.

Herry smiles at Elidan.

Elidan waves.

Hierona nods to Cryheart.

Hierona smiles.

Cynric says, "Hyssopp mentioned that she would be officiating the meeting tonight."

Brianus says, "Jes bout on me way back up North. We gon' vigil up dere till dis mess comes clear."

Cryheart coughs.

Kahlmulandr takes a drink from his amber lager.

Cynric asks, "Anyone know if that changed?"

Cryheart shakes his head.

Elidan smirks.

Cryheart says, "foggy brain"

Cryheart nods to Hierona.

You ask, "have ye's already gone once or twic't?"

Cryheart nods to Hierona.

You peer quizzically at Brianus.

Cryheart asks, "vigil?"

Waldo2 nods to Geijon.

Brianus says, "Been up dere several times last few days. Offered our helps as backup fer Northern Fury awaitin Thurfel goin inta action."

Cryheart nods to Brianus.

Brianus chuckles.

Cryheart says, "saw him the other night with Valicar"

Cryheart says, "err..while I was with Valicar"

Waldo2 says, "hyssopp is still interviewing folks she will be here momentarily"

Geijon asks, "In icemule?"

Herry shudders.

Elidan says, "Ive been busy with mundane matters this past week but I also am curious to see what events unfold around Icemule"

Cryheart nods to Geijon.

You say, "its a complex situation"

Brianus says, "Anywho, dinna wish ta disturb nothin, jes wishin ta say howdy ta me sis."

Elidan rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Brianus just touched a charcoal grey tartan tam o'shanter with an ivory puma fur pom.

Cryheart says, "he was in process of getting background on potential applicants from what I could tell"

Brianus says, "Fair eve all."

Brianus nods to Cryheart.

Cryheart waves to Brianus.

Waldo2 says, "as you know we are implementing the new house interview process, and therefore it may change but so far we are interviewing folks in 3 sessions"

Phoenix holds interview sessions twice a week. We have a process with 3 interviews to be accepted as a member first interviews are held at the following times: Wednesday at 8:00pm Central time and Saturday at 10:00am Central time. To be initiated you must be approved by the interview process, have 40,00 silver for the initiation fee, be at least 10th level and be pure of heart"

Kahlmulandr says, "err 40,00 silver"

Cryheart says, "whew...catch your breath"

Cryheart chuckles.

Waldo2 says, "the age limits have been uped to 10th level and 40K silver oops I will fix that"

Cryheart says, "dinnae pass out"

Geijon asks, "Kristing update th' clerk on those changes?"

Cynric says, "I'm not sure."

Geijon says, "Doubt it."

Elidan asks, "how bout the minimum age?"

Cynric says, "Jaialias was talking with her last I heard."

Waldo2 says, "initially we will have to use what they say as the minimum age until the mechanics are updated"

Elidan says, "ok"

Geijon says, "So th' clerk will accept 5th and 20K, we'll have to invest people who are 10th then manually deposit th' othah 20K til she fixes it, or if she doesn't."

Elidan says, "sounds good"

You smile at Geijon.

You kiss Geijon on the nose.

Waldo2 asks, "ok so your running the meeting cynric?"

You say, "thats the cutest nose"

Eahlstan glances at you.

Eahlstan gags.

Kahlmulandr chuckles.

Elidan starts chuckling at you!

Cryheart says, "if ye like giant noses"

You give Eahlstan a good pinch!

Cynric says, "I can go over the things that Heathyranne was planning on announcing."

Elidan says, "I do"

Waldo2 says, "ok great cynric go for it"

Eahlstan asks, "it's been broked least 1000 times, how can it be cute?"

Eahlstan leans on you.

You laugh out loud!

You say, "Its cute because its on his face, and I love his face, and I love him too, but more than his nose, or his face.

Cynric says, "Ok, bear with me a sec. All this short notice stuff."

Cynric grins.

Elidan smiles as she recalls her beloved Jaqen's big nose

Cryheart smiles.

You say, "its ruggedly handsome, too."

Eahlstan nods to you.

(Evialla points at the crooked part near the bridge)

Elidan flashes a wide grin.

Cryheart asks, "is that where ye bit him?"

Cryheart leans on you.

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

You say, "might have once maybe"

Kahlmulandr starts chortling.

You say, "that's how I came to lose that tooth"

Herry gazes heavenward.

Cynric says, "First thing is the House Tease and Ales..."

Cryheart rubs you gently.

Elidan nods.

Cynric says, "Tease and Ales: will be held this Saturday in Maruko's chambers. I'm not sure who she has for a guest though, she failed to mention that part."

Talsh leans on Cynric.

Herry just hugged Talsh.

You give Talsh a good pinch!

Cryheart smiles at Talsh.

Talsh just gave you a smooch.

You ask, "was it your turn yet?"

Talsh just gave Cryheart a smooch.

Talsh just gave Cynric a smooch.

You glance at Eahlstan.

Elidan says, "I have some delicious food saved up from various merchants and events"

Waldo2 says, "I belive it is Krisenfest"

Cryheart just gave Talsh a smooch.

Cryheart nods to Waldo2.

Herry smacks his lips.

Talsh just gave Waldo2 a smooch.

Cynric says, "Next month Krisenfest will be the guest speaker."

Cryheart says, "I think so too"

Cynric asks, "Oh, he is this month?"

Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Eahlstan says, "I belive I was scheduled for this month."

Eahlstan grins.

Cynric says, "Her letter was confusing."

Eahlstan says, "unless things have changed,"

Elidan says, "hmm she said who it was in her last scroll"

You work your fingers under your silver circlet and scratch your head.

Cynric just hugged Talsh.

Herry says, "the scroll said Krisenfest is next month"

You idly pick at an ancient scroll.

Elidan nods.

Waldo2 says, "hmm perhaps i am confused then"

You ask, "so its Eahlstan?"

Elidan says, "where heathyranne is concerned, Im nae suprised"

Eahlstan says, "I thought so."

Eahlstan nods to you.

Elidan chuckles.

Cynric says, "Then silver that was brought in via the house hunts are as follows.."

Cynric recites:

Azmoden: 24,900
Protectors: 13,616, 57,207 & 4,609
Herry: 14,349
Caranorn: 28,246
endowed; Borrk donated 50K to the endowment.

Cynric says, "Heathyranne asks that the hunt leaders please send her a letter concerning the hunt totals. She hasn't heard from some of the leaders in a while. She does have a new scroll address, if anyone needs it let me know."

Geijon says, "Germinal probably nae heard from a few in a while eithah."

Geijon says, "Got a 8x sword, which ah calculat'd intae a 2 million silvah donation from Arnov alsae."

You say, "the hunt schedule is almost at its completion again, and he will be redrafting soon"

Kahlmulandr says, "to few people showed i went on Caranorm's hunt and was only three people"

Elidan says, "we need a better way to advertise out Hunts"

Geijon says, "Hunt schedule goes through October."

Cynric says, "She also mentioned that those on the interview committee to respond to her so she at least knows your all still alive."

Geijon says, "Ah kin send them through th' missives if ye want Elidan. 3 days prior?"

Elidan says, "thats an idea"

Geijon says, "ah'll advertise th' hunts a bit mere fer ye then. Will talk with Germinal bout it."

Geijon smiles.

Elidan says, "Ive been calllin on the amulet net for 30 minutes prior"

Cynric asks, "Is there anyone here that has something to discuss?"

Cynric says, "I shall open the floor for discussion since that was really all Heathyranne had on the table."

Elidan says, "heh I had a crazy idea for an event"

Elidan chuckles.

Cynric nods to Falicor.

Cynric asks, "Falicor?"

Falicor says, "I have an announcement to make"

Falicor says, "I just got enagaged to the wonderful Moriah here"

Falicor points at Moriah.

Falicor smiles.

Herry lets out a cheer!

Cryheart smiles.

Moriah blushes a delicate shade of pink.

Elidan exclaims, "woohoo!"

Cryheart says, "congrats"

Cynric turns to Falicor and cheers!

Hierona smiles at Falicor.

Falicor grins.

Elidan applauds Falicor.

Cynric says, "Congrats."

Elidan leans on Moriah.

Falicor says, "Thank you all"

Falicor says, "Well that was all I had to say"

Elidan says, "ye stole the show"

Geijon chuckles.

Elidan chuckles.

Geijon says, "well..we culd maybe git Waldo to dance.."

Falicor laughs!

Elidan snickers.

Kahlmulandr chuckles.

Moriah giggles.

Herry says, "I think Elidan had something to say..."

Geijon nods to Elidan.

Geijon asks, "Whuts yer idear?"

Elidan says, "Ill send it to committee"

Elidan asks, "ye wanna hear?"

Waldo2 stands up.

Waldo2 dances around the room to music only he can hear.

Waldo2 sits down.

Elidan says, "its silly, but different"

Cryheart begins chuckling at Waldo2.

Cryheart says, "too quick"

Cynric smiles.

Elidan says, "I was thinkin of an opera night, with a play an all, an we can sell opera glasses..any volunteers?"

You say, "thats not a silly idea at all Elidan, I had a similar one ages ago, but it never got planned"

Falicor asks, "Who gonna sing in the opera?"

Cryheart asks, "dont ask me?"

Cryheart gazes heavenward.

Elidan flashes a wide grin.

Elidan beams happily at you!

Elidan says, "i think the officers should perform"

Cryheart says, "I can only carry a weapon..nary a tune"

Falicor says, "I can sing....oh wait no I cant"

Cynric asks, "Anyone else have anything of interest tonight?"

Shirkon says, "I has sumthin"

Cynric asks, "Shirkon?"

Shirkon says, "Has ta da wid an organization what has started what da house mights needs be aware o'. Der a new group what started in Mule in da last few weeks. Be a group o' Dark Elves what been attackin and killin all udder elves"

Cryheart asks, "group?"

You frown.

Geijon asks, "Armaxis leadin them?"

Cryheart says, "oh...attacking..I heard about that"

Shirkon says, "Nae, leader be Scarletfalcon Tempraler"

Cryheart says, "bet ye can't say that holding your tongue"

Herry asks, "only in the Mule, or everywhere?"

Cryheart blinks.

Shirkon says, "She were attackin youngin's in kob village down here da udder night"

Herry just nudged Falicor.

Eahlstan asks, "anything been done about it as of yet?"

Cryheart asks, "hmm...Dhe'nar?"

Shirkon says, "Well, she reports sumthin what be nae goods"

Cryheart asks, "or a different faction?"

Geijon says, "Will be short liv'd, ahm sure. Godlings arenae fans o' conflict."

Cryheart nods to Geijon.

Shirkon says, "She claims dat Once she gets 50 nobles, 25 legends an ' 200 commoners...she will get God support"

Cryheart chuckles.

Kaliri says, "Coward."

Shirkon says, "Dat I nae believes doh"

Geijon chuckles.

You ask, "support for what?"

Cryheart says, "for her actions"

Shirkon says, "Nae know dat"

Cryheart nods to you.

Cynric says, "Next time you see her, send her my way."

Elidan says, "not bloody likely"

Shirkon says, "Gots me info from Guarrin o' da Protectors"

Geijon says, "275 folks would git squash'd by any organiz'd defensive force."

You ask, "she can get 275 people to agree to something?"

Cryheart laughs!

You laugh out loud!

Cryheart leans on you.

Geijon grins.

Shirkon says, "I saws her arounds town dis aftahnoons"

Eahlstan says, "could just send one Drizzsdt after them... That'd put an end to it."

Cryheart nods to Eahlstan.

Geijon chuckles.

Falicor says, "I doubt he would though"

Geijon says, "Drizzsdt would enjoy that ahm sure."

Elidan asks, "whats her reason behind this insurrection?"

Cryheart says, "aye..sic Drizzsdt on em..tell him they made fun of his name or something"

Geijon says, "He'd run around an' tackle them all"

Shirkon asks, "Dat all on dat. Dids ya wants a report on da maneuvers we helds wid Northern Fury in Ice Mule las nights?"

Cryheart nods to Geijon.

Geijon nods to Shirkon.

Shirkon says, "I tooks 5 Protectors ta Mule las nights ta meets and does manuevers wid Northern Fury"

Herry asks, "what is Northern Fury?"

Cryheart says, "Mule militia"

Shirkon says, "Trainin wents real well and I thin's we kin mesh well wid em. Valicar be da leader. Alsa gots some ideas ter gives ter Germinal on how ta does some things and alsa how nots ta. Some o' der ideas be goods and some nae sa goods"

Kahlmulandr says, "mainly the handling of the dead i think is one"

Geijon says, "Valicar psuedo leads the remnants of the Wehnimer's Guard and parts of the RR and Solhaven groups."

Falicor asks, "What were his ideas, do you know?"

Hyssopp says, "There is a difference between undead and unlife"

Elidan says, "hmm that is bad"

Shirkon says, "One thin what boddered all o' us was dey leaves bodies an nae takes care o' em. I donna agrees wid dat"

Hyssopp peers quizzically at Shirkon.

Shirkon says, "I means leaves our dead and continue fightin"

Geijon asks, "Handling of our own casulties?"

Geijon nods to Shirkon.

Shirkon says, "Nae makes pickup and gits em outs a der"

Herry says, "Should designate ahead of time who's responsible for looking after the fallen"

Geijon says, "We don't leave our dead."

Shirkon says, "Kin nae agree wid dat part"

Geijon asks, "Is that a point o' contention?"

Cryheart says, "they dinnae make medical contingencies..hmm"

Falicor asks, "So they just leave them there and no one takes care of them, what happens to them?"

Shirkon says, "Der methods a clearin areas o' invaders be real goods doh"

Cynric asks, "Do they need clerics in this militia to just hang around and help when needed?"

Kahlmulandr says, "cept for in the swap"

Elidan says, "I could never leave a fellow Phoenix fighter dead in the field"

You ask, "I'm confused, which group leaves their dead?"

You furrow your brow, probably adding a wrinkle or two in the process.

Shirkon says, "I will reports dat in detail ta Germinal"

Eahlstan says, "the mulers."

Eahlstan nods to you.

Cynric says, "Oh, Mulers."

Elidan says, "tis not good for morale"

Shirkon says, "Well, say we fightin and someone falls, ya donna LK, drag er fog em, ya jist keeps fightin. Dat I canna agrees wid"

Geijon says, "Protectors is a bit too regiment'd actually, we've been workin on makin it more field effecient."

You say, "me eithah"

Kaliri asks, "Shouldn't they just have a medical corps to deal with the dead and injured?"

Shirkon says, "Well, las night was troopers from all 3 units and we dids real well"

Geijon says, "We do, Landing Guard did alsae."

Kaliri says, "But the Fury doesn't."

Kahlmulandr says, "they keep a medic in each group for field heal but not raise just a quick heal to keep fighting"

Geijon says, "Valicar prefers to blast through opposition, pro's and con's."

Shirkon says, "Dey nae even calls out dat someone has dropped"

Elidan says, "every fighting unit should have one healer and one field cleric if possible"

You say, "if I had to ignore a wounded or dead person, I guess I would just have to get fir'd or hung, or whatever it would be"

Geijon says, "My meetin remindah nevah went through, bleh."

Shirkon says, "Guarrin kin tells ya more o' dat group o' Dark Elves, him me source on it. If anyone gots questions on what we dids las nights kin asks aftah da meetin. I gaves em a brief outline, Guarrin, jist her name and her aim.

Shirkon says, "Would likes ta agin commend dem what wents up ta Mule las nights too"

Cynric asks, "Does anyone else have anything they wish to discuss?"

Elidan says, "we need more ideas for events"

You snuggle up to Geijon and rest your head on his shoulder.

Elidan says, "everythink I come up with has been done already"

Elidan flails her arms about.

Geijon says, "used to run the annual wintahfestival around this time, donnae have much fer prizes though."

Cynric nods.

Cynric says, "It is hard to do."

Shirkon says, "Oh, House Onoir also wents wid us"

Elidan says, "I had a great carnival idea but Aspitis already had a carnival"

Guarrin says, "An' willow hall has one comin' up"

Elidan says, "I say that we can have one too, if it be different"

Geijon says, "One can only differ on festival ideas so much. Party is a party is a party, as long as you reach your goals for said party."

Elidan says, "I also thought of a riddle quest"

Cynric says, "I would think that the events would have the house in mind first."

Geijon says, "Seasonal events were always a huge undertaking."

Falicor says, "I got an idea, but if I say it I get whacked"

Elidan says, "spit it out fella"

You say, "Geijon wants to do another famous Trivia Marathon, is what I heard"

Falicor chuckles.

You cough.

Geijon says, "uhm"

Falicor says, "I DO think we should have sime type of riddle thing. Like a riddle to find the location of the next riddle to find a prize. Sumpin like that"

You say, "that was actually verra fun, 'cept for carrying it out was a bit..trying"

Geijon says, "Haephestus suggested a rather unique Pun Contest a few months ago. It's similar to Aspis Bardfest catagory"

Cynric says, "If no one has any pressing matters that wish to be discussed then I shall call the meeting closed until next month on the 4th at 10pm elven."

Cynric says, "Thank you all for coming and stay safe."