House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 12/2/2008

Meeting on Tilamaires, the 5th day of Phoenatos, in the year 5108:

Shirkon calls meeting to order!

In attendance: Shirkon(Chairman), Cosannie(Secretary), Tebon(Treasurer), Denissa, Dimwitt.

Treasury report:
Tebon says, "General funds stand at 158,985,741 silvers, endowment at 100,000,000, no loans out, 2025 members, an' 31 influence points."

House event for frontier days, our scavenger hunt / great silver quest:
Sacks are ready and passed on to Tebon.
Talk of needing folks to step up and assist. Missives were sent to the House List.

House improvements: updating our house to new age times.

New benches placed outside our entryway, for all to sit upon and visit with each other, and / or possibly leave items for anyone to stop by and partake of. (example: items made in alchemy)

New chairs placed in Library, for people to sit upon during house meetings, instead of standing or sitting on the floor.

All house improvements will be submitted next quarter, so come on by next month and help plan them out!

Respectfully Submitted by:
Cosannie Whemigor - House Secretary