House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 8/2/2005

Phoenatos, Day 2, in the Year 5105

the house meeting started at 10:05 pm elven. In attendence this evening were Mourdeyan who is sitting, Cryheart, Lord Balantine who is sitting, Lady Mirandabliss who is sitting, Domas who is sitting, Shirkon,and Lord adyr

Up dirst on the agenda was no change in the house fiances we still have more then all of elanthia combines ::chuckle::

Shirkon then spoke about the Reviers have been Quiet lately and he wonders where the altar hagga use's might be.

Still waiting on a reply about the event we planned but no word as of yet.

Ilstram the prophet of lormanstria is due to show up soon,so keep a eye out for him shirkon reminded all.

Any ideas fer a event aftah da big one we gots planned? Iffin ya thinks o' anythin, sends a scroll ta da rest o' da House.

time for the event before the next one is the end of next month or first part of the month after.

Mourdeyan propsed to hosting a siegery tournament,which is a elanthia chess type tourneyment.Ahe will research it further and let us know what she finds out on it more.

This months Raffle was for a bouched invar jousting shield and a satin longcoat,the winner of these fine items was Cryheart,Congrats Cryheart,hope to see you all next month for the house meeting.

House Phoenix Co-Secretary
~Lord Adyr Dreae~