House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 7/6/2004

Koaratos, Day 6, in the Year 5104

Shirkon opened the meeting with a funds report,

"General Funds 130345479, Endowment 85000000, Loans Owed 0, Monthly Expenses 69500, Monthly Cash Flow 4180500 an Members 1989."

1st order of business was the open officer position

Bludgen was nominated and we opened nominations for 2 more weeks. Nominations are to be sent to the house through this list. All candidates must send a scroll to the house with a small biography.

2nd order, house ball
2 letters have been written to house controller and not answered so we still arent sure of a date.

3rd order, much discussion was had about ambassadors to other towns, no one agreed, it was tabled

Jadedragan won a nice scripter 4x blessable axe in the monthly raffle.

We did one induction of Teylona and the meeting ended.

Mirandabliss, secretary House of the Rising Phoenix