House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 7/1/2008

Day 1, of the Year 5108

House monthly meeting report:

The house meeting was called to order on Tilamaires, the 1st day of Koaratos, in the year 5108, at 22:00 elven was called to order by Shirkon: Shirkon deeply says, "Okies, we come ta ordah an I donna means ordahin fries anna shake."

Treasure Report:

Treasure report was given by Tebon and is as follows: Tebon says, "General funds is 158,944,741.....Endowment...100,000, loans, House has 2025 members."

Tebon says, "30 Influence points "

Of the 2025 members on Hall clerk's roster, house roster holds 599 members that has walked through our doors since the system has been in effect.

Frontier Days

We are hosting an event for Frontier Days on 23rd of Phoenatos at 17:00 elven.

The Great Silver Quest

It is a scavenger hunt base, and will need at least 9 people to step up and help.

Tebon has all the rooms with their clues done, and ready to go.

Cosannie has made the items to be passed out in each room.

Shirkon has requested 20 golden sacks with a Phoenix on them.

Medals for the top three winners are to be made.

First place prize will be one million silver note to first person to bring all items in. There also will be a second and third place prize.

Our tent will be outside the warrior's guild, and will have a dance floor with music, and we'll be having a food cart as well.

Please contact one of the following to sign up to help out: Shirkon, Cosannie, Tebon, or send in a scroll to us

Time to Reinvigorate Phoenix:

Tebon says, "I remember when folks came ta these meetins....Phoenix needs ta reinvigorate it's cause of creation."

Shirkon deeply says, "I been tryin fer 4 years ta does dat."

Tebon says, "Perhaps it's time for a purge."

What does Phoenix mean to you? Is it just a locker and a place to store your muddy boots, or is it a home to be proud of? Is it's purposes a part of your life, or can you even recall what they are? It's time to stand up and be a part of the house. If you nae like what is going on, stand up and make a suggestion. If you can't make the monthly meeting, let us know. There was a time when folks would gather on the doorsteps and hang out, have you even visited the house lately? Did you even know there is a blackboard out there now to help keep ya upon things? Come on by and make a difference. Show your house spirit!


Sir Morgiest suggested that we host a contest, and his words on it were: Morgiest deeply says, "A contest where we got several groups together....."

Morgiest deeply says, "Hunted fer an hour. Whatever group came up with the most silvers, got all tha silvers collected by all the groups durin the hour."

Lots of different groups as well as other CHE's that we can extend an invite to.

Can the house of the rising Phoenix count on you to help with this? Sounds like a lot of fun. Let us hear about your thoughts and ideas this coming Tilamaires, at 10 elven, at our house event planning session meeting.

House Weekly Hunt:

Day of the Huntress, at 21:00 elven we will be staring up our house Undead weekly hunts. These hunts will reflect aids to everyone that needs help setting souls free. The places of the hunt will focus upon the training skills of those present. There will be some spells available for those who need them.

News item has been submitted and waiting for it to be approved, and once it is, we will begin. Watch the news!

Protectors are coming back alive:

The house of Phoenix's Protector group will be starting back up. Contact Tebon if you would like to sign up.


If you know a house member that is not receiving their house escrolls, please contact Shirkon, and he will get it resolved ASAP.

In attendance:


Shirkon - Chairman

Cosannie - Secretay

Tebon - Treasure






Respectfully submitted:
Cosannie Whemigor - House Secretary