House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 6/6/2006

Dio! The Devils Horns! Lumnea, Day 6, in the Year 5106

Meeting started at 10:05 Pm in Attendance were Rhamor, Murgin, Mirandabliss, Rosamor, Lord Jaialias who is sitting, Graffy, Stearpike, Cryheart, Sylviana who is sitting, Shirkon,and myself Lord Adyr.

First Piece of business was choosing what we would vote on for the CHE emblem, SHirkon went over the Choices for all,the house vote was for number 4 A open hand balancing a flaming candle.

the evening raffal was for a ruby-hilted black rolaren longsword,and a gold-threaded forest green pouch which was won by Mirandabliss.

Phoenix Co-Secretary
Grand Lord
Adyr Dreae