House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 5/13/2008

Ivastaen, Day 13, in the Year 5108

Event Planning Meeting was called to order on Tilamaires, the 13th day of Ivastaen, in the year 5108, at 10 Pm Elven, by Shirkon, Chairman.

First event brought up was the Scavenger Hunt, which Tebon is working very hard upon. Though after some feed back from others there, has changed the idea over to a quest.

Tebon exclaims, "1st Annual House Phoenix Great Silver Quest!"

Still some work to do on it, and NEEDS our house members to step up and donate some time to support our house, and volunteer to help with the event. We have one more planning meeting before we must turn it over to the GMs for approval. Prizes for the event were brought up

House weekly hunts needs some volunteers to help get it started back up, and running smoothly. We need days and times that work for YOU. The house needs members who are willing to help out, and lead hunting groups to the undead areas. Sign up and help your house, waiting to hear from YOU.

Cosannie is collecting items for the auction the house will be hosting for the Soltrice time of year. Last minute shopping will be the theme of it.

Officers in attendance were:

Shirkon - Chairman

Cosannie - Secretary

Rosamor - Co- Secretary

Members in attendance were:

Lord Armundia

High Lord Moswell

Lord Springwell



Visitors in attendance were:


Total in attendance were: 9

It was so wonderful to see everyone who was there! Hope to see more of you next meeting, next month.

Respectfully submitted:
Cosannie Whemigor, House Secretary