House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 5/14/2002

Tonight, Tilamaires, the 14th day of Ivastaen, in the Year 5102 we held the monthly House meeting for the House of Rising Phoenix.

In attendance were Jaialias, Heathyranne, Cryheart, Lauraellen, Elidan, Caranorn, Rosamor, Prydwhen, Marex, Kerridwnn as a guest, representing Cerridween, Aeillien, and myself. A few others of the house did stop by for hellos.

Items of business:
1) Waldo2 has requested that we replace him as an officer for the time being. This is not a permanent departure, as I understand, but a reflection of his current schedule. We of House Phoenix are agreed that should his schedule permit, we will gladly restore him to his position. We are asking that volunteers for the opening make their interest know within the next week.

2) Jaialias & Heathyranne discussed the idea of creating a statue & plaque in honor of Waldo2's longstanding service to the house, and the creation of the titles Chainman and Officer Emeritus for officers who served 2 years or more, and chairmen who served 2 years as officers and at least 6 months as Chairman, leaving in good standing. Further qualifications were discussed. The statue and plaque are pending the approval of Kristing, and the Emeritus positions will be examined and fleshed out over the coming months.

3) Cryheart discussed the current threat to Temple and Griffin Sword. Our Protectors are asked to patrol the Graveyard and Potters Field, and all are asked to help as they are able. For more info, stop by the temple.

4) Cryheart also updated the current House funds.

5) Prydwehn updated us, with help from Rosamor and Heathyranne, on the events Committee. This weekend, We'll have Tease and Ales starting at 6PM in the courtyard. Arkati Trivia will follow.The Events Committee meeting followed the house meeting.

6) Heathyranne followed with the final bit of news, and update on the house lockers. Premium members will now have a seperate locker in each town with an Annex. Lockers will be switchable via the moving companies.

The meeting then adjourned. Anyone with an item for next month's meeting, please contact me via e-mail. I hope to have next month's meeting organized with an eye toward efficiency. Thanks, all!