House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 5/3/2005

Ivastaen, Day 3, in the Year 5105

Started at 10:00 PM EST

House members in attendence this everning were Rosamor, Eahlstan, Lord Jaialias, Cryheart, Lady Mirandabliss, Shirkon, and myself{Adyr}.

Monthly Treasure report was as fellows
Shirkon deeply says, "Finances is as follows General Funds 139929947, Endowment 85000000, Loans Owed 0, Monthly Expenses 69500, Monthly Cash Flow 4180500 and Members 1999."

I want to thank everyone who Voted for me in this recent election as the new Co-secretary of the house.

We still needs ta comes ups wids a event fer dis summah. Also send in your food Idea's for the event also.

Rosamor announced that is anyone wanted to post anything,on the house website to send it to

The raffle was done. Eahlstan won a fur-handled grooved vaalorn khopesh, and a spiral-linked black vultite hauberk.

Congrats Eahlstan!

The meeting ended aprox 11:00 pm EST.

Co-secretary of the House of the Rising Phoenix
~Grand Lord Adyr Dreae~