House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 3/10/2009

Charlatos, Day 3, in the Year 5109

Meeting was called to order by: Shirkon.

Treasure report given by: Tebon:

Tebon says, "House Phoenix has 41 influence points, general funds of 157,815,741 silvers, endowment still at 100 million, no loan out an' 2031 members."

Officiers in attendance:

Leader: Shirkon

Secretary: Cosannie

Treasure: Tebon

Co-Secretary: Denissa

Members in attendance:


Great Lord Springwell

Great Lord Armundia

High Lord Moswell



Meeting notes:

It has been brought to the attention of Shirkon that we have a major security leak in our house. House stewart has been asked to repair it.

Check out news item 4 34:

The House of Rising Phoenix will be hosting a Game Night on the 28th of Charlatos at the 19th hour after midnight as the elves tell time.

Everyone is welcome to join in the fun. Prizes to be won. See you all on the 28th of Charlatos at 19:00 elven.

A house crier has been submitted for the night, and will be as follows:

Shirkon deeply says, "A footman from the House of Rising Phoenix strides in and announces in a clear voice "The House of Rising Phoenix Game Night is about to begin. Trivia, darts and diving! Prizes and food!" With a bow he then turns and marches down the street."

Shirkon and Morgiest hosting trivia, Tebon hosting darts, Cosannie and Sagelyn hosting diving

Soulstice season is just around the corner and will be upon us in no time. Please be thinking of ideas for our house item to be hung on the tree. Designer of item will have the honors of hanging it upon the tree.

A suggestion was:

"Inside a crystal globe a phoenix bursts from an exploding star."

Bring your ideas to next month's meeting, or send them in via scroll.


We will be hosting a summer formal ball. Items will be made for both ladies and gents. We would like you to vote on items to be created, or send in your own ideas via scroll.

For the Men:

1: A golden commemorative medallion suspended from a crimson ribbon.

2: a crimson dagger pin engraved with a golden phoenix.

For the ladies:

1: A crimson rose wrist corsage adorned with golden ribbons and baby's breath.

2: A golden orchid wrist corsage intertwined with crimson ribbons and baby's breath.

Please send in your votes ASAP, we have to have them turned in by end of THIS month.

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted by:
Cosannie Whemigor, house secretary