House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 3/2/2004

Charlatos, Day 3, in the Year 5104

Meeting opened at 9 pm elven

Attending: Barjin , Triiste, Errethe, Matti, Tebon, Shirkon

Shirkon chaired and opened reporting new members was up from the end of last year.

Funds for the house were also up.

He also announced that we will be having a refreshment cart provided that we will have to determine the quisine for, each house will have a pantry, it was discussed that we might use the old enchanting workshop for this. a missive will be sent out asking for foodstuffs for the pantry and carts

Next was brought up the idea that the interview commitee will be requiring applicants to send in a letter asking for an interview and setting up interview times, hopefully close to the same times they were done, but with room to accomodate odd schedules. This will free up those few people who were required to be here for interviews twice a week a chance to do a little more traveling. [This didn't happen]

We had our weekly raffle and chose a cast roll so all members could participate,

Triiste won a horse-blanket satchel, a steed-etched vultite breastplate, a horse-tail plumed cavalry helm, a stallion engraved orase buckler and a long-handled horseman's axe.

Meeting ajorned at 10 pm elven

Mirandabliss Van'Cur, House Phoenix Secretary