House of the Rising Phoenix - Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes - 2/1/2011

Tilimaires(Teus.), 1st day of Fashanos, 5011

Denissa, Brandain, Errethe, Cosannie, Shirkon, Geijon, and a late joining Evialla.

Shirkon called the meeting to order and informed us of numerous CHE additions.

House Pin, Located in the Grand Hall near our tables:
Effective immediately, CHE house pins have been updated to have the ability to teleport a member to the location of their House from any place within town limits, even from far off realms! In order to do so, simply TAP your pin to be whisked back home. Upon using such magics, however, the pin will not be able to teleport you again until 30 days have passed.

Please note that this teleportation is one-way only! Those teleporting to their houses for events, meetings, or just plain old companionship will have to travel back from whence they came via normal means.

The Tap command does need to be confirmed by Tapping again within 30 seconds.

30 Day Join Rule:
The rule that prohibits someone from being inducted into a house within 30 days of leaving another is dumb. Please consider it hereby revoked, as per Alyias and APM Sirina.

CHE Guru:
Xywen has stepped down and GM Alyias has filled her role since 1/17.

House Pantry:
The House Pantry was completed. It's in the kitchen, but only Officers can fill and move the cart.

Prize Closet:
A prize closet, behind a banner, is somewhere in the House now. [Officer only]

House Additions:
Brandain offered to taste test any wine should we choose to add a wine celler. That is not such a bad idea considering we have Gaq's Dungeon and a very cool temperature basement area. We also, more seriously, recommended ottomans for the Library chairs, and a mirror you can peer in to see your appearance in Lady Catrissa's room in the annex.

20th Anniversary Festival:
One more day to get your CHE Pin, mithril signet ring, 20th anniversary horn, crest, phoenix toy, and earrings.

Events Group:
Denissa is trying to form an event planning group built of members only. She is looking for collaboration on ideas and to implement ideas that the House puts forward to work out details and specifics, for instance the prize closet ideas for designs, the pantry food items, etc. She can be reached at, and you can also come to our monthly events planning meeting the 2nd tuesday of each month. Our next one is February 8th.

Bounty Nights:
Shirkon gave his blessing to Denissa to add us to the Monthly Bounty help days. They are the 1st saturday of each month at 10pm, and the 3rd saturday of each month at 10am. They are sponsored by Onoir, Willow Hall, Clan Snar, House Twilight, and House Phoenix. They offer spells, healing, and bounty assitance.

Siegery Tournament:
We are working on a siegery tournament. We have two full sets and Denissa recommended a tournament prize of the House (as a castle piece), and some of the officers, such as Shirkon as a balding dwarf with a miner axe, after he corrected her first idea.

House Raffle:
Our Raffle for the 4x Perfect Maul will be soon. Aurla is just finished the enchants currently and then we'll request the table for it. Tickets will be 100,000 silver for a item valued at around 5,000, 000. This will probably be followed by a 6-8x medium shield raffle. I am taking submissions for what you would like to see raffled as well. (

We continue to look for a Huntsmaster. They would be in charge of leading hunts, and scheduling our Hunt leaders. We'd prefer a primary and backup leader for each time/day for the area they'd like to hunt.

Geijon will be leading some Missions, which are a bit more advanced hunts, to places like the Rift, with a particular target in mind, but details are pending.

Zul Caravan:
Our Caravans to Zul Logoth will begin next week, february 7-13th, some will have a tour of Zul Logoth by Clunk, others will be escorts to and from with travelers and pilgrims seeking admission into the Guardians of the Sunfist.

Our Discussion on the Unlife has been opened for viewing along with Mayor May Not in the Grand Library section of the House Portal along with the other CoL files.

The Summoners:
In conjunction with this. Demons and Undead have been at the call of the so called Summoners. We are calling all of Phoenix to oppose this new (or old) enemy together. Shirkon has given his guidence on this matter.

Geijon says, "Th' Summoners are an enemy of th' Landing. They bear th' traits of th' Unlife and we should stand as a House against their nefarious plans."

GM-Kenstrom's Summary:\ 10

Until next meeting!
-Geijon Khyree (Fill in scribe)