House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 12/7/2004

Eorgaen, Day 7, in the Year 5104

At meeting time we took our newest member to be inducted, Balantine.

n attendance were Lord Balantine Cryheart, Clunk, Shirkon and Mirandabliss

Cryheart reported that our balance in General Funds : 130188479

The CHE Faire is still ON - Will be held the 18th and 19th of December. That is Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th. Two-room tents will be furnished to those who request one.

Clunk had an announcement,

Folks of Logoth is offerin half-millin coins to the person who come up with best plans fer a bridge. They gots to do survey, figger how much mateerals we needs, and be ready to present to some engineer judges on the 16th day of Lormesta in Logoth.

So Ifn ye gots some engineer in ya, and ye wants some coin, go survey Wileys Isle, and make plans and bring em to the compitition."

Trubble we gots is, not payin fer the plans, but payin fer the bridge So we is goin about to all the HOuses of the Lands And askin if they'd be willin to pledge to help."

Houses were asked to pledge funds to aid the bridge building, officers agreed to donate 5 million We had 2 raffles this month:
Cryheart won a sinister ora spiked vultite buckler
Balantine won a 4x to 5x enchant

Mirandabliss, house secretary