House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 12/5/2006

Eorgaen, Day 5, in the Year 5106

This month's meeting started at 10 Pm in attendance were Lord Adyr, Rhamor, Cryheart, Graffy, Barquentine, Renowned Lady Kadesha, Rosamor, and Shirkon

The house ornement this year will be a crimson-ribboned gold sphere ta red-ribboned gold sphere. our tent will be set up next week on north ring road.

Next agenda was the monthly funding report which stands at:
General Funds : 155123216

next up was the induction the the new house co-secretary Rosamor,lets all send her hugs and congrats.

Next on the agenda was the monthly Raffel which was for a lovely a pale crystal lyre pin,that casts a spectral lyre instrument when rubbed,it was won by myself.

the meeting ended at 10:30 Pm Hope you al have a wonderful holiday and new year and see you in the new year all.

House secretary
Adyr Dreae