House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 12/1/2009

Tilamaires, Day 2 of Eorgaen, in the year 5109

In attendance: Shirkon, Tebon, Cosannie, Evialla

Status report from Tebon:

Influence Points - 26
General Funds - 154,006,719
Endowment - 100 million silvers
Loans owed - 0
Members - 2026

Shirkon on Influence Points:

Shirkon deeply says, "Ya will notice dat IP is way down from last month.
Tebon says, "Was 41 I think."

Shirkon deeply says, "Xynwen deducted 15 IP fer da Officah's Vault which is still in QC and 6 fer da fishin hole."

Shirkon deeply says, "An since she fergot ta gives us last month's IP's she combined dis an last months in one package."

About the new fishing area:

Shirkon deeply says, "Now, der a problem wids da fishin hole."
Shirkon deeply says, "Since it alsa da swimmin hole da commands conflict."
Shirkon deeply says, "I werkin wids Xynwen ta solve it."
Shirkon deeply says, "Probably have ta make da dock dat der now a separate room fer fishin."
Shirkon deeply says, "Unfortunately canna fish properly."
Shirkon deeply says, "Kin cast yer line fine."
Shirkon deeply says, "But pullin it in causes a problem."
Shirkon deeply says, "Since der is a pull command fer da swimmin an dis was a swimmin hole first it is seen before da pull rod command fer fishin."
Shirkon deeply says, "Probably easiest way ta fix it is ta make da dock separate from da swimmin hole and make it a new room."

About the new officers vault:

Shirkon deeply says, "Xynwen says da vault should be out of QC an installed by da end o' da month."

About our shining new entrance doorbell, which announces throughout the house:

[House Phoenix, Entry Court]
Between Wisraith Lane and the house, a quiet courtyard is situated. Several gold and wrought iron benches are nestled amid the roses and ivy of the courtyard, and a garden swing sits just off a gated modwir archway. You also see a massive entryway with a gold phoenix-carved bell on it, a bronze plaque, a heavy slate blackboard and the House Phoenix doorkeeper.
Also here: Tebon, Cosannie, Shirkon
Obvious paths: west

Shirkon points at a gold phoenix-carved bell on a massive entryway.

You reach out and give a gold bell a hearty turn.
There is a clanging from a gold bell at the gate.

You hear the voice of a footman from nearby call out: "Mistress Evialla is at the gate and desires entrance."

About Upcoming Winter Solstice activities:

Shirkon deeply says, "Each house will has a tent along North Ring Road."
Shirkon deeply says, "In dem tents will be confections, some refreshments and a snowglobe representing each house."

Shirkon deeply says, "In da CHE tent here will be presents fer everyone."
Shirkon deeply says, "Alsa mistletoe and wintahroses."

Shirkon deeply says, "An da Solstice Tree will be here as well. On da night it put up, da ornaments will be hung by da designahs and da winner o' da Ornament contest awarded." [Errethe won]

Shirkon deeply says, "I thinks em will win a alteration, na sures."
Shirkon deeply says, "But da house dat wins is da one dat collects entries fer da next year."

Meeting adjourned.
Evialla Violetskye, Co-Secretary