House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 11/4/2004

Eoantos, Day 4, in the Year 5104

Monthly House Meeting for the House of Rising Phoenix.

Matti, Shirkon, Eahlstan, Mourdeyan, Kylinarr, Yviara and Mirandabliss attended Monthly Funds Report:
General Funds 125927979, Endowment 85000000, Loans Owed 0, Monthly Expenses 69500, Monthly Cash Flow 4180500 and Members 1993.

Lotta membahs, but only 430 evah in da lands.

Soraya gots da party details an ain't saids anythin abouts it yets sa it looks goods. Looks likes it gonna be in da second weekend o' Eorgaen but she ain't saids anything.

Shirkon, Mourdeyan an Cryheart passed out trinkets for ebons eve

Getting the doorman to stand more was discussed. Drawing was held:
Shirkon won some curvaceous supple leather armor.

Meeting closed

Mirandabliss, House Phoenix Secretary