House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 10/9/1999

Jastatos, Day 9, in the Year 5099

[House Phoenix, Library]
The library of the House is a largish room, with the walls completely hidden by bookcases. A wide selection of reading material can be seen from a cursory glance at the shelves. Treatises on science and history stand next to ancient volumes on forest lore and magic. One rather extensive section seems devoted to arms and armor and the many subjects dealing with the arts of war. Locked glass-fronted cabinets hold rare tomes and fragile scrolls and even the odd clay tablet. You also see a spiral staircase, a carved red sandstone pedestal with an ancient volume on it, a trash barrel and a plain wooden table with a gold-trimmed modwir plaque on it.
Also in the room: (Lady Evialla who is scribing), Cryheart, Lord Karamozov, Lord Tegaron, Lord Bartson, Jeditn, Ceolmhor, Brennan, Furnivall, Lord Thunderlion, Lady Hyssopp, Lord Shirkon, Kissendyl, Waldo2 and Lord Cryheart, all of whom are seated.
Obvious exits: north

Hyssopp recites:

"Thank you all for coming to the meeting.”

Hyssopp says, "Well since this meeting is small..I will let Evialla first give us an update on her group. Then allow Cryheart to speak about the guard. And we shall have an informal meeting with everyone’s imput"

You say,"alright, my group as it was called is in fact called “The Spirit of Phoenix Crew"

You say, "we have a few of the crew here this eve, which I will point out to you"

Thunderlion flings himself against you, bounces off you, and giggles madly!

Ceolmhor beams happily at you!

You grin and point at Cryheart as you say,"The handsome and eligible Cryheart"

Cryheart ducks his head and flails his arms about as he says, "suppose to keep dat a secret"

You point at Thunderlion as you say,"and the cuddly Thunderlion"

Thunderlion says, "Purrrrrrrrrrrr"

(Thunderlion thumps his heavy tail playfully)

Thunderlion rolls to the right, then springs to his feet, ready again for action!

You say,"myself, Evialla"

"and our newest member..Ceo"

You point at Ceolmhor and beam happily at her.

Ceolmhor nods and smiles.

Thunderlion beams happily at Ceolmhor!

Bartson smiles at Ceolmhor.

Ceolmhor beams happily at you!

Cryheart and Hyssopp applaud.

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Ceolmhor stands up, curtsies and returns to her seat.

You say,"we have been less active than we would like to be, but the fall season has been very busy for all"

Cryheart and Thunderlion nod to you, as Cryheart says, "amen to that sister"

Thunderlion says, "Praise peas..", as he whistles tunelessly to himself.

You say,"Our purpose is to strengthen the House in all ways possible.

Evialla says, “mostly with elbow grease and some brainwork"

Evialla giggles and adds, “we leave the brainwork to Cryheart"

You duck slightly and cover your head with your arms as Cryheart gives you a good pinch!

Thunderlion falls over, as Jeditn says, "we in trouble."

Cryheart nods to Jeditn and Ceolmhor grins as Thunderlion coughs and Cryheart gazes heavenward.

You say,"If you would like more information, please feel free to send me a scroll

You say, "You can whisper me if you would like to know where to send the scroll"

You say, "and I think thats it for moment…..Unless you want me to keep talking!"

Thunderlion applauds and exclaims, "what a report!"

Ceolmhor and Bartson smiles at you.

Ceolmhor applauds.

Bartson chuckles as he turns towards you and renders you a sharp salute with his fine beaujolais.

Ceolmhor giggles and you grin as Cryheart tickles you.

Thunderlion points at you and says, "eesh tired just watchin that"

Hyssopp says, "Pull his tail Evialla."

Hyssopp just tried to pull Thunderlion towards her!

Thunderlion bounces around happily.

Thunderlion says, "Oh don't pull the tail I ate some bad warhorse before", as he blushes a nice shade of off-pink. Hyssopp asks, "How is the planning to start the hunts coming along Evialla?"

You say,"Oh! Germinal has graciously agreed to restart the Hunts Committee. If you would like to help him, please do let me or him know, as it is a large job. His plans are well underway right now tho so look for the Hunts to resume very soon"

Ceolmhor beams happily at you!

Jeditn grins and says, "im willing to lead a deathsquad around..only hunt I lead. I guarantee nobody will survive."

Hyssopp beams happily at Jeditn!

Hyssopp asks, "When is he having a meeting of the hunt committee?"

You say, "dunno yet, he is firming up times and leaders tho"

Hyssopp says, "Okay..that sounds very good. Thankye so much Evialla."

You exclaim, "welcome!"

Hyssopp asks, " from the militia or guardians?"

Cryheart says,"Well, if for those that do not know, Wehnimer Guard is being restructured. Lady Titaniia has taken a long vacation...permanently"

Shirkon chuckles and asks, "Again?"

Thunderlion grins as he waves and says, "Bye bye T"

Jeditn says, "no loss with the attide shes shown me"

Shirkon nods to Jeditn.

Cryheart says,"Draegar is the new Field Marshall..I am in charge of command operations and help with recruiting."

Cryheart says, “Haephestus is sergaent major, who trains the recruits, and we are now in process of recruiting. "We will have a new town board soon for Wehnimer Guard."

Cryheart says, “We are also helping Solhaven and Icemule form their own militia"Cryheart says, "and soon will be having a joint meeting with everyone in Elanthia about defending their homes"

"We are looking for those to committ to the new Wehnimer Guard."

Hyssopp says, "Hmm..I thought Solhaven was still busy holding off the Baron."

Jeditn says, "ive heard solhavens been having more problems with the dhe'nar than the baron."

Brenann asks, "recruiting for what?"

Hyssopp asks, "What is your role in the Guard..Cryheart, and how do you get on that board?"

Cryheart says,"I am in charge of command operations and overall see about recruiting. We are in process of moving in that way Hyssopp"

"Icemule now has a militia forming"

Jeditn says, "spread word about titan leaving, that would get people to come. She was not a popular leader by many I know."

Hyssopp smiles and polishes her boots..knowing that she will soon get a draft scroll. Hyssopp rubs some gold-laced sapphire blue boots.

Cryheart coughs and says, "well...."

You raise your hand and Cryheart nods to you.

You ask, "along with explaining the Guard, would you mind making mention of Phoenix Defense as well, please Sir?"

Cryheart says,"We will use other methods to recruit. I hope to get recruit posters up...and will direct those to our soon to be new town board for Guard"

Cryheart says, "The Wehnimer Guard wants YOU!""So keep your eyes and ears open in future...we are trying to recruit a new militia"

Shirkon chuckles and says, "Yeah, dat old You, you and you, yer drafted"

Cryheart grins and Bartson cowers as Thunderlion exclaims, "hee black Jack, whack you a guard!"

Hyssopp says, "Well..this sounds good..With Draegar, Haephestus and Cryheart leading the way..should be great"

Cryheart says, "and will have different military exercises..hopefully some that will be fun"

Shirkon says, "I hope wid less er..friction den da old one"

Jeditn asks, "Cryheart mind if i make a few comments?"

Cryheart smiles and asks, "About what, Jeditn?"

Jeditn says, "bout the milita in part and things along those lines."

Cryheart smiles and says, "if Lady Hyssopp will this is a House meeting. I am done in general..Lady Hyssopp"

Hyssopp says, "This is a good time as any Cryheart, if the group nae minds"

Cryheart says, "ok Jeditn"

Jeditn says, "Well I aint much of a speaker, and im about as subtile as a sledgehammer to the face, so im gona say it straight"

Cryheart grins and says, "try to be tactful. I personally will accept any ideas or suggestions"

Jeditn says, "There is a lot of people not to knowlageable about the milita or they know it exist's and thats it, same with other groups and orginsations in the houses,

Jeditn says, “Prehaps it would be best to have a bard or scribe someone good with words, end up writing up a small thing about what the milita is, what it does, how its run, all that fun junk people need to know, so everyoens got the record flat and straight."

Jeditn says, "and try to make sure you get people in that actualy gona do something not like titan was letn in every joke off the street. Get every recruiter to memorise it to. Some like me cant read, so if we aint hearing it verbally, we dont know it. Im strong, Im good in a fight but I aint to bright, if i dont get told it, I dont know it. Im willing ta when i learn whats what for thing saround the house, as well as the milita prehaps start up a bunch to fill in a need or help out but gona need things explained simple like to me first."

Cryheart says,"Good idea Jeditn..we have already thought of providing information on recruiting posters and our new town board. You can guarantee...we will get carefully scrutinizing applicants"

Cryheart ponders, "One thing I may add...I know people will have feelings they want to express about a certain person..but personally I would rather focus on the positive possibilities "

Cryheart says, "as soon as our new town board is up..hopefully we can get the word out to everyone"

Jeditn says, "those were her postive atrubtes cryheart."

Hyssopp asks, "Will Germinal lend the militia the use of Tzigfried's field manual? I know Tzigfried is gone..but I do hope they give the manual his name."

Hyssopp asks, "Will they use Tzigfried's field manual Cryheart?"

Cryheart says, "Draegar is working on it now. Nae sure Hyssopp...but would like to talk to Tzigman about that. Draegar has his own ideas as well and the well as


Hyssopp says, "I will tell him..Germinal has it now. Tzigfried but him in charge of it. Send Draegar and Haephestus copies may help them."

Cryheart nods to Hyssopp and says, "my last messenger died..and I have lost all references to Guard and other things"

You raise your hand.

Thunderlion points at you.

(Thunderlion clasps his paws and says silent prayer)

Cryheart ducks his head.

You lightly tap Cryheart on the shoulder.

Cryheart asks, "what?"

You say, "Protectors"

Cryheart glances at you.

Cryheart smiles and says, "no more questions about Guard, then I am done"

You wring your hands as you say, "please tell about Protectors of the Citadel, too if you would be so kind"

Cryheart leans on you and asks, "you mean the House defenders?"

You smile and say, "yes"

Cryheart scratches his head and says,"Well..there is a House militia..defenders sorta of to speak…and they use to have exercises on a regular basis…they were the best in Landing in my opinion, as far as organization and training"

Cryheart says, "I think as the threat of Baron Hochstib lessened. But the threat is still there. So...hopefully it can be started up again"

Karamozov raises his hand and asks, "what happened to dem?"

Thunderlion raises his hand.

Thunderlion says, "Um.."

Jeditn says, "hes been waiting to attack what, 2, 3 years now?"

Thunderlion asks, "May I add a little som'n?"

Waldo2 says, "threats seem to fade and get stronger but they still remain in the background"

Cryheart nods and replies, "aye..they do"

Jeditn says, "nice suprise attack now to catch everyone off guard would be best."

Cryheart says, "well..I hope we are prepared first"

You say, "I may as well mention that the Crew has been asked for ideas as to how to restart recruitement for the Protectors, which is our House"

Cryheart says, "if I may make a suggestion, use the town board on the tree branch of Phoenix to announce...use it for recruitment maybe"

You nod and say, "we tend to be more pro-active within the lands. But we will do that also."

Karamozov raises his hand.

Hyssopp says, "Have two words of advise for Draegar, Lord Cryheart. One..keep is simple. Two..dont be brought into any cat pun intended. Draegar must never allow folks to bring him into the power fights. Okay..that's all from me. I can spot she-devils..if he needs a good scout."

Cryheart chuckles and says, "I would not worry about that Hyssopp"

Thunderlion says, "Um on a side note.. may I add that I um aquired a bathhouse log of their meeting, and booy those guys taste good, but anyway... they were relly rallying to come and attack phoenix..."

Bartson and Tegaraon raise an eyebrow in Thunderlion's direction, as Bartson chuckles and Tegaron asks, "were they?"

Thunderlion nods and "Yup."

Thunderlion says, "Im not just interms of keepin the malitia aware. I wouldn't say it if I didn't read it fer myself.. I not like that sort a thing. Im a peaceful Kitty"

Cryheart says, "we will screen carefully throught the application process"

Bartson asks, "Was that what was behind the whole Hahnz thing?"

Jeditn says, "hahnz thought all the changes to bathhouse laws were to get them to fight us"

You roll your eyes.

Hyssopp asks, "Huh?"

Bartson frowns.

Hyssopp says, "I missed sumptin."

Thunderlion says, "Well it sure did get them riled me."

Jeditn says, "by the way cryheart that was probally one of my biggest complaints about how the milita's turned out, mostly as backing for power arguments and such. but that another debate."

Cryheart nods to Jeditn.

Bartson says, "Hahnz was running around the other night..attacking voln master and generally badmouthing voln"

Jeditn says, "Hahnz was a bathhouse member, running around killing all not joined to the bathhouse. he slew several empaths and clerics that were just sitting in town, that were in voln. He killed me while i was asleep, well the bleeding did and someone took him out before he finished it"

Thunderlion says, "Not tryin to get us to atack or anything, just want us to be aware."

Thunderlion flinches as Hyssopp shivers, Bartson frowns and Waldo2 shakes his head and Waldo2 sighs.

You ask, "how would he know which were Voln or not?"

Thunderlion sniffs and shakes his head as he says, "Sad"

Jeditn says, "watching voln or dark signs who knows. he was killed many times. manaroo kept raising him"

Hyssopp says, "Nothing like the slaughter of Clerics and Empaths to make things interesting around here."

Jeditn says, "worst part was hyssopp, volnite empaths and clerics were defending him. I was bound by a priestess in voln, and he hit me with a twohanded sword. She cast at me again after i was raised, and no offence i didnt let her live long enough to do that again. She mighta been a priestess and in voln, but NOBODY attacks me."

Cryheart just touched a dark crimson Kai symbol as he gazed heavenward.

Karamozov's face turns slightly pale.

Bartson chuckles as he shakes his head and says, "And still he kept getting raised..."

Hyssopp rubs Jeditn gently as she nods to him and says, "Aye..nae blame ya."

Thunderlion shakes his head and says, "tis a strange line that place..."

Bartson frowns and says, "Then he won"

Hyssopp says, "This is good stuff. What I like to see, is one event a week that brings us all together."

Jeditn says, "last time she bound me he killed me, second time i avoided the cast and killed her after she preped again. Phootie, who i know is a member o the bathhouse was agaist hahnz."

Hyssopp says, "Perhapes have hit on the very thing we need."

Bartson frowns and says, "If that's what he can do to us, have us fighting... killing one another..he won"

Jeditn says, "killed hahnz after hahnz got me"

Thunderlion says, "'Yes there were many on the scroll that were against violence"

Jeditn says, "well bart when the cleric was on his side, i wonder about em"

Bartson smiles at Jeditn and says, "I'm not blaming you, Jeditn... I'd probably have done the same...Tis just sad"

Hyssopp says, "Rather it be a hunt/militia night, Couldnt we ..Combine the hunt nights with militia manuevers? Just a crazy idea I guess. Say..every Wed or maybe thursday night"

Karamozov says, "gud ider"

Thunderlion says, "Nice idea Hyssopp"

Tegaron says, "not a good idea", as he looks over at Hyssopp and shakes his head.

Jeditn says, "that wouldnt be good you should keep milita hunts to milita people only. If you want a well trained group you should keep that group working togeather, the hunts can become mobish"

Hyssopp nods.

Cryheart says, "I would keep them separate, both can serve the purpose of bringing people together"

Ceolmhor says, "Good point."

Bartson says, "I agree with Cryheart"

Hyssopp says, "Karamozov had a comment"

Bartson says, "You won't get any turn out for the hunts if they assume a committment..."

You say, "I should mention that Germinal's Wolverine's is currently still very active, as far as training on a regular basis"

Karamozov raises an eyebrow.

Jeditn says, "id also if someone can find room, be intrested in starting up a younger age group for the milita, although a rather speclaised group as well, if they can make the milita sound good to me tat is"

Hyssopp grins and says, "Just know folks time is money. Just trying to pull all the fun together."

Karamozov asks, "I was just wunderin many people are in the house?"

Jeditn says, "1700+, but many of them have retired since joining, although are still added to the count, kara a lot of that membership, id say preahps 3-500 people are still in the lands"

Waldo2 says, "1734 or so"

Thunderlion says, "wow..."

Karamozov says, "I suggest we should make mandatory involvement or just start purging the members. Just a suggestion. For instance, ther's only 15 er so here"

Waldo2 says, "on a practical basis we have no way of purging folks. To expel them they have to be in the lands, and we don't know if they are on sabatical or always come on at midnight"

Thunderlion giggles and says, "Maybe take an escroll census, hee just not to my house"

Jeditn says, "when members of my family have been involved in the house theyve always promoted bi yearly or yearly dues."

You say, "an e-scroll census has been suggested before, and not impossible but..we do have roughtly 500-600 "active" members at the least, as in not retired"

Bartson says, "To exclude folks who can't be here on a regular basis would seem extreme."

Karamozov says, "not saying they have to attend every function, I was meaning that they need to be involved in one house commitment a month perhaps"

Waldo2 says, "hmm as a practical matter do you want to sit around and collect dues from 1700 folks"

You chuckle and say, "it is hard enough organizing two folks at times"

Jeditn says, "yea but he hates me beacuse im willing to do it myself if nobody else will, hell you give me a shovel and id dig us that passage to voln weve been waiting almost 2 years for."

Thunderlion says, "Now that Id help with, the digging that is"

Hyssopp says, "I am for that Jeditn."

Waldo2 says, "I agree folks should be here but even collecting dues might get a list of those who don't pay but we have no mechanisms for purging those that are gone without their presence"

Jeditn says, "I find that very unfortunate waldo, its honestly not that hard for the great mages to pull off eather"

Karamozov says, "those who aren't here dont know we don't have a way to purge...just tell em we will"

Waldo2 nods to Jeditn.

Bartson asks, "What is the actual reason to purge in active members, though? They don't cost us anything,do they?"

Karamozov says, "my initial point was that we need to increase involvement...and I know there's a lot of people out there in the house that don't do squat"

Waldo2 says, "above a certain level they don't"

Thunderlion giggless and says, "We can prop their bodies up around the house incase of an invasion"

Hyssopp recites:

"Okay Evialla tell Germinal we need those hunt dates next week if he has em..Wed or Thursdays good nights for me to help. Just one hunt for a different age group is a good start for now.

Hyssopp says, "I think the problem last time too many age groups and too many hunts"

You say, "yes ma'am"

Karamozov says, "I'd rather have 20 active members than 10,000 inactive members"

Tegaron nods and says, "Ill be in touch with Germinal to aide in the house hunts"

Jeditn asks, "people got burned out your saying hyssopp?"

Cryheart smiles and says, "there were many hunts for sure"

Cryheart smiles.

Hyssopp nods to Jeditn and says, "Just keep it the four age groups"

You say,"I nominate Geijon to lead Darkstone hunts again, those were the most fun I ever had"

You duck slightly and cover your head with your arms.

Cryheart leans on you as he nods to you and says, "I thought they were excellent however"

You grin and say, "actually that would be Geijon AND Cryheart"

Karamozov asks, "are we allowed to bring non-house members along?"

Brenann asks, "why dont you have a leader for each age group and have them set up their own hunts with help from house leaders?"

Hyssopp recites:"When things get too grand in the land

Things will not go as yer plan."

Bartson begins chuckling at Hyssopp.

You say, "good one", as you laugh out loud!

You mutter dinner.

Thunderlion says, "Hyssopp... that was.. beautiful.", as he suddenly bursts into tears!

You grin and nod to Thunderlion.

Bartson grins.

Hyssopp examines her fingernails.

Ceolmhor asks, "Did anyone hear Brenann's suggestion?"

Hyssopp says, "I will clean it up a bit. Good motto"

Bartson says, "Aye, that's more or less how it used to be done"

You say, "I heard it. Germinal is organizing and you should speak to him of it

Brenann says, "then why change it? just change hunt leaders if they cant cut it"

Jeditn recites:"Honor before Disgrace.

Truth before Dishonesty.

Justice before Vengeance.

Faith before Failure.

Hope before Despair.

Family and Friends before All Else."

Hyssopp says, "Aye..and remember to always cut the fat.", as she ducks her head.

Thunderlion says, "Ya beat me too it"

Thunderlion applauds as he flings himself against Hyssopp, bounces off of her, and giggles madly!

Ceolmhor begins chuckling at Hyssopp as Cryheart grins.

Waldo2 nods to Jeditn.

You say, "we lost some leaders thru things that could not be helped by anyone."

Brenann says, "ah"

Bartson says, "Biggest problem we ever had was getting the word out about the hunts... nothing is worse than setting up a hunt date, sometimes moving heaven and earth to get there, and getting two people..."

Jeditn says, "prehpas announcing over the houses newsletter, or over the voln net as well since most of us are in voln. im willing to host empath nights"

Karamozov asks, "I'd be willing to take younger folks on undead hunts?"

You say, "once things are set, it is part of the job of the Crew to broadcast such things. Loudly"

Bartson nods and smiles at you.

Hyssopp smiles and is really looking forward to the first hunt.

Jeditn says, "i go out hunting with about 6, 7 empaths im entirely unspelled they stand in defensive and keep me alive as things wail at me, and we see if a horde o wights can out race an empath"

Cryheart says, "I would love to host ladies night, as he ducks his head.

Hyssopp begins chuckling at Cryheart.

You beam at Cryheart.

Bartson snaps his fingers and says, "I will certainly help out again. Doing spell-ups at the very least...Actually, I rather thought I'd do ladies night..."

Hyssopp says, "Okay..ladies give Cryheart yer scrolling address."

Cryheart grins and nods to Bartson as he chuckles at him.

Bartson asks, "Oh, you mean a hunt...?", as he blushes a nice shade of off-pink.

Cryheart says, "actually..they hunt us", as he gazes heavenward.

Bartson grins and smiles at Cryheart.

Hyssopp says, "Ahh..ladies night is when..the ladies hunt Cryheart."

You say, "les tug o'war him Lady H"

You try to pull Cryheart towards you.

Cryheart blinks.

Hyssopp just tried to pull Cryheart towards her!

Cryheart grins.

You try to pull Cryheart towards you.

You ask, "so who wants to have a Party?", as you throw your head back and howl!

Thunderlion cackles and says, "Ahh.. levity.. like fructose in moonpies"

You say, "I nominate Cryheart"

(Evialla raises Cryheart's hand)

Cryheart blinks as he glances at you and and asks, "what?", muttering under his breath.

Hyssopp says,"We will need lot's of good folks"

"So..all of you give Evialla yer names and e-scroll"

"This group all has been just volunteered for Germinal."

You say, "raise your hands please..", as you whistle tunelessly to yourself, remembering days past.

Cryheart slings a Voln crested tower shield off from over his shoulder and ducks behind his crested tower shield.

You notice Bartson slip into a hiding place.

You laugh out loud!

Ceolmhor raises her hand.

You exclaim, "yay!", as you beam at Ceolmhor and say, "Ceo volunteers. Ceo by the way is a very excellent songstress"

Karamozov raises his hand.

Cryheart says, "you can't see me, I am not here, good idea"

Hyssopp asks,"Well then..any more business to discuss? Hyssopp says, “So in conclusion. Germinal will be forming hunts very soon. Cryheart is helping restructure the militia. That sounds like we are going to be busy"

You say, "Cryheart has volunteered to throw a party"

Cryheart glances at you and gives you a good pinch!

Hyssopp nods and says, "Oh..and ladies night will be run by Cryheart."

You beam at Cryheart as you throw your head back and howl!

You glance at Cryheart and ask, "ye going to be dancing?"

Cryheart winks and says, "bah..I dance every night hiding from the ladies"

Hyssopp says," more thing"

Hyssopp says, "I am conducting a class this month..through the Lore Keepers, everyone is invited. It is on conducting ceremonies, Planning and conducting them for Elanthia. It will be October 17th at 4pm elven."

Hyssopp says, “Anyway..for those interested..there it is. More details on the event will be next week"

You recite:

"Beware of False Death Messages"

You say, "wrong thing", as you grin as you wink and lean on Waldo2.

Waldo2 chuckles.

Cryheart glances at you.

Tegaron raises an eyebrow and asks, "false?"

(Karamozov * Karamozov is dead drunk!)

Karamozov hiccups!

You ask, "how many events and party type things we allowed to have Lady H?"

Hyssopp says, "Evialla to answer your guestion..Kristing will allow us about one per month so far..but my class is sponsered by the Lore Keepers"

You say, "Oh, thats good to know, we can have more than we currently have then", as you rub your chin thoughtfully.

You say, "not all need to be enormous, just fun..for us to be together here"

Hyssopp says, "I think so"

Bartson says, "Something I've noticed since returning to the lands is that there is almost never anybody here. Time was, there were some nights I never left this library, surrounded all the while by good folks."

Hyssopp says, "Bartson..the only thing that is certain in stays the same and ye make the lands as ye want it. Ye take the tiger byt the tail to pun intended

Hyssopp says, "So..if no more business ..our next meeting will be the first Wednesday in November at 10 pm elven"

Hyssopp ends with, "I would like to thankye all most graciously for has been an excellent meeting."