House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 10/3/2006

Jastatos, Day 3, in the Year 5106

Meeting started at 10:10 pm Est in attendance were myself, Graffy, Barquentine, Alcov, Bernadette, Shirkon, Cryheart

First piece of business was the financial report,which is standing at156692980,endowment is capped,The dancefloor in the annex is a fixed thing in the annex noww since the party,

We would like to do a event next spring,so please everyone start thinking on a event to do.

nominations for Co-secretary is on hold for 2 more weeks,till all partys who are intrested in the postion can apply to it,

Der only 1 candidate fer Co-Treasurah so shirkon as Chairman decleared dat Mourdeyan is hereby elected.

the raffle for this month was for a a round woven straw bag with a soft leather shoulder strap,wich had verious items in it,which was won by Bernadette.

the meeting ended at 10:40 PM est

Phoenix Secretary
Adyr Dreae