House of the Rising Phoenix - Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes - 3/1/2011

House of the Rising Phoenix Monthly House Meeting for Charlatos 1, 5111 (1 March 2011)

In Attendance:
Evialla, Shirkon, Geijon, Denissa, Godefroy, Brandain, Goldstr, Cosannie, Tebon, Ryski, Aterik, Bonespirit

Influence Points: 55
General Funds 251,774,802
Members 637


1. Camp Out event with House Onior, which was held on Fashanos 26, 5111 (26 Feb 2011)

2. Shirkon - Second Quarter requests are needed ASAP (things we want for an event or for the House)

3. Shirkon - Has already requested what our telescope should point towards (North Gate, West Gate). Alternatives for a third location were discussed (bay entrance, docks).

4. Events for second quarter (April, May, June) and beyond. Godefroy suggested "Perhaps a Great Purge of the Graveyard".

5.The remainder of the meetings discussions focused on prize ideas for the prize closet, which Geijon has expanded upon.