House of the Rising Phoenix - Great Library - Lore

Interview with Giott Arromus by Geijon - 2/29/2000

[Phoenix Annex, Workshop]
A faint trace of residual magic tingles your fingertips as you cross the threshold of this workshop. A domed window in the ceiling lets in bright sunlight that shines directly upon a well-worn and slightly charred desk strewn with various parchments and notes. The walls are lined with shelves and cabinets which contain beakers, flasks, and decanters of multi-colored liquids that sparkle in the light. You also see a sparkling black mein door with a small peephole on it and a wood cabinet with a wooden matchbox on it.
Also in the room: Lord Giott
Obvious exits: none.

You see Lord Giott Arromus the Dark Elf Wizard.
He appears to be in his 110's, has shoulder length, wavy black hair, dark eyes, and pale skin.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a flagon of fine beaujolais in his left hand.
He is wearing a gold ring, a crystal amulet, some enruned emerald-green mage's leathers emblazoned with the image of a dark elf guided by a blazing phoenix, a rune-trimmed wizard's cloak, a small daisy, an emerald green mein key suspended from a fine gold chain, a mithril juggernaut pin, a veniom-plated Ilyan Cloud charm, a imflass-bound silvery rolaren heater, some fringed doeskin gloves, a ruby amulet, a veniom-worked black silk gem pouch, a forest green glaes spider charm, a golden phoenix pin, some supple white leather boots, an obsidian spider cloak clasp, and a gold ring.

You say, " afternoon to you, Giott. This is th' first time we've had a Mage join us. It's an honor you're taking the time to speak."

You smile.

Giott smiles.

Giott bows to you.

You bow to Giott.

Giott says, "Not a problem at all"

You say, "feel free to take a seat.

Giott sits down.

You ask, "care to introduce yerself afore we begin?"

Giott says, "Alright"

Giott smiles.

Giott says, "My name is Giott Arromus, named after my step father who was Dwarven"

You shake hands with Giott.

You smile.

Giott smiles.

Giott says, "Rather odd name for an elf, I realize"

You say, "Mmm..lets begin by askin what you do by profession aside from th' fact that I gave it away already"

Giott says, "I am a mage, manipulator of the flows of essence"

You say, "a difficult trade by far"

You nod.

Giott nods.

You say, "Travelin a bit common fer mages tis why I ask"

Giott says, "I currently reside in Icemule, but that isn't where I am from"

Giott says, "I was raised by Dwarves since I was an infant, so I'm not sure exactly where I am from"

You nod.

You ask, "a bit aside from th' norm there. Since you say your step-father was dwarven care to tell us abit 'bout'm and how you were raised, and what attracted you to th' art? Giott says, "He was a warrior, and wanted me to become one also, but I was never as strong as he hoped"

Giott says, "I was smart however, and seemed naturally tuned in with the elements"

Giott says, "He brought me here to become a warrior, but then he was killed. I never learned how"

Giott says, "I think it was in a battle while defending this town from invaders, but I'll never know for sure"

Giott says, "Anyway, it was after he died that I realized that becoming a warrior would be futile"

You say, "to each his own"

You nod.

You smile.

Giott says, "And if I did, I would be wasting the gift that I posessed"

You say, "Mmm..indeed"

You nod to Giott.

Giott says, "But he did teach me the honor of a warrior, which I will never forget"

Giott smiles.

You smile.

You bow to Giott.

You ask, "How many season have ye spent in between Wehnimers n' Icemule as well as th' lands in general?"

Giott says, "I've lived in this area a good portion of my life. Longer than most I suppose"

You ask, "Did you know your callin afore your fathers passing?

Giott says, "I knew about my gift before my father died, and had even learned a few spells before I came to Wehnimers for the first time, but only decided to become a true wizard after his death"

You ask, "When you were young had you set goals fer yerself n' how do they relate to your goals now?

Giott says, "When I was young, I was weak as most are"

Giott says, "For some reason, people liked to pick on me. Luckily I had strong friends to protect me"

Giott says, "But I didn't like relying on others for protection, and I realized that they wouldn't always be around"

Giott says, "I tried to learn as much about wizardry as I possibly could, in order to defend myself if I needed to"

Giott says, "Funny, how once I had gained to power I looked for, all my enemies either left or became my friends"

You chuckle.

Giott says, "I also vowed to never use the power I obtained in the same way as people used their strength against me when I was young."

Giott says, "I have never killed anyone... on purpose anyway."

Giott says, "Mage spells being as unpredictable as they are, sometimes these things happen"

You nod to Giott.

You say, "Agreed"

Giott says, "Many of the friends that protected me when I was young were members of the order of Voln"

Giott says, "I didn't know much about Liabo or Lornon at this time, but I wanted to be like them so I joined also. Luckily for me it was a good choice"

Giott says, "I learned a lot during my path to enlightenment"

You say, "Tis not fer all. Many make naive choices"

Giott says, "Voln was a Naive choice for me actually. Luckily I didn't choose the alternative"

Giott says, "After I became a master, I did my own reasearch, talked to other people, and then came to the conclusion that I was right to join Voln"

Giott says, "Some of my friends had mentioned to me about another society. I had never heard of it, but from their descriptions I figured it was very powerful"

Giott says, "I wanted to join it also, but became suspicous when I learned that I had to leave Voln in order to do it"

Giott says, "Apparently, many mages join with this group, because some of my collegues have mistaken me for a member and accidently told me some of their secrets"

Giott says, "They were severely reprimanded for it. I figured that the price payed by joining this group was more than the benefeits, so I decided against it"

You ask, "Did this lead to more investigation on your part?"

Giott says, "Not as much investigation as stumbling across information"

Giott says, "I had pretty much given up on joining this other group at this point"

You say, "a wise choice"

You ask, "What lead you to joinin our House, that being Phoenix?"

Giott says, "But when I learning about enchanting, I was still very young at about 35 years of age, I noticed that Voln members had a considerably harder time"

Giott says, "While watching some people enchant, I saw one of them get drained suddenly, and then mysteriously they had mana"

Giott says, "And when I asked this person about it, he got mad at me for some reason."

Giott says, "As if I had done something wrong just by being in the room"

Giott says, "I asked a bunch of other people about this, and most of them either knew nothing, or were unwilling to talk"

Giott says, "A few people dawning a blazing Phoenix on their shields, however, were willing to talk to me"

Giott says, "They told me about the council, and how their powers drained the life force of its members"

You nod to Giott.

You say, "tis normally what we strive tae do as members. Even our members do not always do it in th' appropriete way tho"

Giott says, "Some had even been members themselves at one point. When they learned the true intent of the council, they formed an organization to stand against it"

Giott says, "That organization, or course, being our house. The House of the Rising Phoenix"

You nod to Giott.

You smile.

You say, "One who knows our past well"

You smile.

Giott says, "I later researched much about our House and our advisary, much written by you yourself"

Giott smiles.

You say, "Those being Lythe an' those who were past membahs o' th' council"

Giott nods.

You say, "Being inform'd is probably th' best battle against what they do..trick members"

You say, "It was my intention and th' Houses to provide information of what they do. I think its always been available, but perhaps not always openly an' in document'd form as it is now."

Giott nods.

Giott says, "The tome in our library really says it all"

You say, "Much of what is known' council I'm sure still has many secrets"

Giott says, "About our purpose I mean"

You nod to Giott.

You say, "our purpose an' their intent, yes"

Giott takes a drink from his fine beaujolais.

You ask, "speakin o' yer friends. Do ye haf memories you'd like to share?"

You say, "bout them n' yer life"

Giott rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Giott says, "Well, once I joined the Phoenix, I proceeded to educate my friends. Many of whom later joined us as well"

You say, "tis good to hear from members who understand our goals an' intentions and strive to further them as you've done.

You nod to Giott.

You smile. Giott says, "I've also made many friends just by being a member of this house, yourself included"

Giott smiles.

Giott nods.

Giott asks, "I remember th house hunts in Darkstone and such... Do they still go on?"

Giott says, "I used to join them sometimes just to be with the people there"

Giott says, "And make sure they lived as well"

Giott smiles.

You say, "I still lead them actually, from time to time."

You chuckle.

You say, "enjoy them"

You smile.

Giott says, "I remember the first time I saw a banshee."

Giott smiles.

Giott says, "I was scared out of my wits. Their scream is horrible."

Giott says, "It was before I was even a lord. A group of undead tried to break through the north gate"

You say, "still oft is. They are not to be challenged by those who are not experienced in battle against them."

You shudder.

(Geijon thinks back remembering..)

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Giott asks, "Remember when that prophit came and forsaw the invasion of the undead?"

Giott says, "A wandering soothsayer I believe is what she called herself"

You say, "Ahh, yes. Th' Griffon Wars"

Giott says, "Anyway, I had been hunting wraiths at the time, so when the wraiths invaded I was ready"

Giott says, "then wights appeared. I was amazed on how well I did against them"

Giott says, "But once the more anceint undead started coming, I had no chance. I couldn't even touch them with my magic"

You say, "bein mix'd with th' Lornonian Arkati's minions was no easy task either"

Giott nods to you.

Giott says, "The gods of pain and suffering..."

Giott says, "Wasn't much I could do really, except hold the inside of the gate"

Giott says, "Taking care of some of the lesser undead"

Giott says, "At least there were others that were strong enough to combat them"

You nod to Giott.

Giott says, "I expect I'd be much more effective now... although the invaders seem to have gotten stronger also"

You say, "Definatly.."

You say, "but so have th' residants in that area. Invaders are often very powerful now days"

Giott nods.

You say, "We've grown out of our trading post confines"

Giott says, "I remember the Vvrael getting more and more powerful each time they invaded"

Giott says, "Before they had total control over their anti-mana powers in this realm that is"

You say, "ahm sicken'd wit fear ovah what th' True Vvrael would be..their minions cin slay th' greatest o' our heroes oft"

Giott nods to you.

Giott says, "True Vvrael are rival to the gods themselves... though Koar watches over the gateway between the dimentions"

You nod to Giott.

You say, "I fear that th' Vvrael may be th' return of th' Ur-Daemons..the similarities are startlin"

Giott says, "Possibly"

Giott says, "I don't remember anti-mana being in the ur-daemon's arsenal though, although they may have just learned it"

You nod to Giott.

You say, "Perhaps, or that information was lost to time"

You say, "there is still much we aren't aware of"

Giott says, "As long as Koar guards the gate, I believe we are safe"

Giott says, "Of course Vvrael minions did get through... I remember the exact moment they became immune to mana"

You nod to Giott.

Giott says, "I was on Teras Isle and about the only one left alive save the few healers and clerics that stayed in Lorministra's sanctuary"

Giott says, "I knew better than to take on the Vvrael head on, so I waited for them to come to me so I could take them one at a time"

Giott says, "Was in the middle of fighting a warlock... One lightning bolt to it's leg and it was stunned, then the next bolt was just absorbed and he started cackling madly"

Giott says, "I ran"

Giott grins.

You chuckle.

You say, "perhaps wise"

You grin.

Giott says, "I really don't know how we survived that. I heared that Wehnimers would have been doomed has Spike not showed up"

Giott says, "Considering that Kharam Dzu was almost decimated, I believe it"

You say, "Mmm..I agree"

You nod to Giott.

You say, "I was killed a good half dozen times in th' final battle..lucky Lorminstra smiled upon me"

Giott nods.

Giott says, "That was the first time I had ever seen meteors rain from the sky, even though I had known the spell for a good 30 years at that time."

You say, "they were devastating."

You ask, "Since you have come far since then cin ye explain some things 'bout th' Rift?"

Giott says, "Well, the rift is basically a land that is an unstable mixture of mana and anti-mana"

Giott says, "It is the gateway between Elanith and the world of the Vvrael"

Giott says, "Our magic is weakened in there. We can only hold our own spell on us"

Giott says, "And many spells don't work, or don't work right"

You say, "th' Wild magic within"

You nod.

Giott says, "The only way to survive is to be fast and to be smart"

Giott says, "And to be lucky"

Giott grins.

You chuckle.

Giott says, "Without all 3 simultaneously, you are dead"

You say, "some believe luck is but skill"

You grin.

Giott says, "Nah, when you are rifted in front of a Vvrael warlock, and then pinned by anti-mana before you can move, that is bad luck"

Giott says, "Rifting is one of the features of the rift. Because of it's unstable reality, sometimes you get instantly moved through space and to another point on the rift"

You nod to Giott.

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

You say, "sounds like a nightmarish place"

Giott says, "Then there are the tears in space..."

Giott sh

udders. Giott says, "The rift has at least 6 that wander around, sucking anything around into its nothingness"

Giott says, "We know them as voids"

You say, "I've heard much of th' Rift, aye"

You nod to Giott.

Giott smiles.

You say, "often been intriqued by things I havn't witnessed."

Giott asks, "Intrigued? Or stunned?"

Giott smirks.

You say, "Mmm..intriqued by what is unknown..sometimes stunnedd by what is found"

You nod

Giott says, "Both literally and figuratively"

You nod to Giott.

Giott says, "Wizardry is a morphing of the flows of essence to do your bidding"

Giott says, "In reality, wizards only deal with basic spells"

Giott says, "Elemental magic has the potential to create any object"

Giott says, "But as of yet, we have only mastered the creation of the elements"

Giott says, "Other objects are often too complex. With something to start with however, we can make a duplicatation"

You say, "As wizardry is an ever ongoing quest for more magic is always wrought and discovered as well."

Giott nods.

You nod to Giott.

Giott says, "Elemental magic doesn't solely deal with creation however"

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Giott says, "It also deals with manipulating magic itself"

Giott says, "As in putting magic into items"

Giott says, "In the form of spells, or in its raw form by enchanting"

You ask, "thus much Mages bend n' shape th' elements?"

Giott nods.

Giott says, "Enchanting takes a lot of mana. This mana is difficult to get"

Giott says, "My morals and Phoenix law prevent me from using outside help from people in the council"

Giott takes a drink from his fine beaujolais.

You nod to Giott.

Giott says, "Therefore I am at a disadvantage in that aspect"

You ask, "Much seems to be in th' future as some mages research new ways to get more effecient results?"

Giott says, "However, this house provides us with this workshop to enchant in, which has helped me considerably"

You nod to Giott.

You smile.

You ask, "How exactly does th' workshops work in essence?"

Giott says, "Well, no one knows for sure"

Giott says, "We do know that there are mana pools all around us"

Giott says, "And we draw the mana to enchant from there"

Giott says, "But how much mana is it? I suppose we will never really know"

You ask, "Hmm..but it is known to help ye in th' process?"

You say, "perhaps in being a better conduit fer th' magical shapin"

Giott says, "Every mana pool refills itself linearly. Most pools are constanly being used, so others are forced to infuse to compensate"

Giott says, "We regulate this mana pool, so it fills itself to the level we want, and then we are able to do strong enchants"

Giott says, "This way, we don't have to infuse"

Giott says, "Some also say that the concentration of mana in these workshops gives you a better chance to succeed when you enchant"

You nod to Giott.

Giott says, "All I know is, without the Phoenix, this leather I'm wearing wouldn't be what it currently is"

Giott taps some enruned emerald-green mage's leathers emblazoned with the image of a dark elf guided by a blazing phoenix.

Giott nods to you.

You say, "tis fine armor indeed"

Giott says, "It symbolizes the guidance that this House has provided for me"

Giott says, "As well as the protection"

Giott smiles.

You ask, "have anything else you'd like to add for our othah members to see?"

Giott says, "Well, thats pretty much it"

You say, "thankee for comin an' sitting with me then, hope ye enjoy'd it also"

Giott nods to you.

You bow to Giott.

Giott smiles.

You say, "Was a pleasure sitting down with you"

Giott bows to you.

Giott gets an odd twinkle in his eyes as they start to glow a bright blue momentarily.