House of the Rising Phoenix - The Arkati Volumes

The Voln Unification Meeting

A gathering of the members of the Order of Voln was held on Saturday afternoon, March 28, 1998. This meeting was organized by Lady Kismia to discuss concerns that some have lost sight of the teachings of Voln, or have become discouraged in their efforts. Lady Evia Aramathia attended this meeting, in the company of Lord Geijon Khyree.

The following is a transcript of that meeting, with some superfluous motions and remarks edited for the sake of your eyesight.

"The first half of the meeting was touched by some sore subjects and some of the information that came out was very disheartening at first, but after things quieted down and we later began to discuss the business at hand, we managed to make concrete advancements."
~Geijon Khyree

A well maintained and healthy garden occupies the entirety of the courtyard. The air here is cool and crisp, though the sun's strong rays beat back any feelings of cold. In the center of the garden is a natural spring bubbling up several inches above the surface of the encircling pool of crystal clear water. A large stone and iron gate blocks the entrance to the monastery flanked by a set of statues. You also see a guard, a large fel tree, a polished marble bench and a statue of a woman carrying a staff of crystal in her left hand and a set of crystalline keys in her right, facing the other of a young man kneeling, bedecked in battle-worn black chain armor.
Also here: Lord Hercule, Andoral, Lord Ruffelin, Lord Trizo, Lord Thorbor, Xanrel, Lord Borren, Hildar, Darkdelon, Volnasa, Lady Dafnie, Lord Zusta, Lady Galadril, Lord Vermis who is lying down, Lady Kythyn, Lord Soulmaster, Lady Liranne, Lady Melindeth, Kylandeshan, Mychayla, Lord Thomasl, Lord Meguas, Lord Vult, Lord Donteric, Lord Kliest, Lord Toecutter, Lady Cenandra, Lord Rollocks, Lord Bakor, Lord Darksclice, Lady Viandra, Lord Geijon, Lord Ahira, Lord Aonghus, Lord Turgen, Zarclove, Ikalja who is lying down, Tarmonus who is kneeling, Lord Humongor, Lady Vickylynn, Lord Shirkon, Lord Cryheart, Lady Darra, Lady Jecquelynn, Gnarledlimb who is seated, Lady Ravynne, Lord Painbandit, Lady Shadowkatt, Theoderick, Lady Wyanthia, Lord Huris, Syntaur who is seated, Lord Narog, Lord Thorin, Lord Thrudh, Zoto, Draked, Lord Jarleth, Lord Celebnar, Lemurial, Lord Omenowl, Lord Songnoir, Lady Dusky, Lady Tymbir, Lord Draxmor, Olafil, Ealra, Lord Jareal, Lord Bahktaiini, Rentis, Lord Gyrant, Sylvarana, Lord Zizzle, Vintral, Lady Kismia, Kelov who is seated, Dharnyth
Obvious paths: west.

Meguas asks, "Burn the bath house down, where will I bathe?"

Kismia says, "inside we go"

Meguas says, "Not that I do..."

Thorin points at a bubbling spring.

Zusta points at a bubbling spring.

Rollocks makes a horrendously wet and sticky ordeal of clearing his throat and spits straight up into the air!

Rollocks catches the blob with his face! Moron!

Meguas chuckles.

Songnoir points at a bubbling spring.

Meguas ducks his head.

Draxmor sniffs at Meguas.

Wyanthia just tickled Rollocks.

Tymbir points at a bubbling spring.

Draxmor's face turns slightly pale.

Songnoir says, "bathe there"

The Symbol of Thought begins to burn in your mind and you hear Exttior thinking, "dat room ring a bell? "Caw caw caw!" Ya cant have a meetin in da courtyard for Voln members only...Outsiders could be present there"

Meguas's face turns slightly pale.

Meguas says, "Oh yea"

Darksclice makes a horrendously wet and sticky ordeal of clearing his throat and spits straight up into the air!

Darksclice catches the gelatinous spit-blob with his right eye! Probably blinded for life!

The Symbol of Thought begins to burn in your mind and you hear Mxenna thinking, "Exi - you consorting with the enemy?"

Kismia says, "be standing"

Meguas says, "ok, we can burn it down"

Kismia grins.

Kismia groans.

Aonghus says, "Their leadership be scum. Th' members themsel's aire chust disillusioned fools. There be nae need t' demean oursels' t' petty insults, Rollocks."

Meguas chuckles.

Darra says, "Bathe in the pool here, not the bath house."

The Symbol of Thought begins to burn in your mind and you hear Allequerie thinking,"Ah, zealotry. Alle's seen this road before."

Galadril smiles as she this group would kick my butt if I fogged em to the gate.

Lady Kismia's group went through a large steel gate.

[Entry Hall]
A massive arched ceiling lifts up from a circular floor splitting from four arches to eight as they curve into the wide dome. Each section is dominated by a spectacular stained glass depiction of a Lord of Liabo. At the ceiling's apex a huge transparent crystal forms the capstone. Along with windows of transparent crystal encircling the room, it emits a soft relaxing light which seems to caress everything with a holy peace. You also see a large steel gate and a guard.
Also in the room: Lord Draxmor, Olafil, Lady Tymbir, Zoto, Lord Thomasl, Rentis, Lord Huris, Lord Donteric, Lord Meguas, Lady Viandra, Lady Cenandra, Lord Jareal, Lord Songnoir, Lord Zusta, Lord Turgen, Ealra, Lady Galadril, Lord Bakor, Lord Cryheart, Dharnyth, Lord Shirkon, Zarclove, Xanrel, Lord Toecutter, Lord Humongor, Mychayla, Lord Soulmaster, Lord Aonghus, Lord Darksclice, Lady Liranne, Lord Narog, Lord Rollocks, Lord Ruffelin, Lord Kliest, Lord Borren, Lord Omenowl, Lord Trizo, Lady Melindeth, Hildar, Draked, Lord Ahira, Lady Shadowkatt, Lady Jecquelynn, Lord Painbandit, Darkdelon, Lord Hercule, Andoral, Lord Thrudh, Lord Celebnar, Lord Bahktaiini, Lord Gyrant, Lord Thorin, Lord Zizzle, Tarmonus, Syntaur, Lemurial, Volnasa, Lady Kismia
Obvious exits: east.

Jecquelynn says, "der jus power-hungry.."

Kismia nods.

Meguas chuckles.

Aonghus says, "Aye, power hungry..."

Kismia asks, "this is as good a place as any, don't you think?"

Lady Kismia's group just went east.

[Hall of Brotherhood]
Members of the order walk along the stone floor under the graceful arch of the ceiling in hushed conversation, their footsteps echoing as they pass by. Tapestries depicting key events in the order cover the walls extending eastward. You also see an ornate arch, the east hall, a white door and a plain wooden door.
Also in the room: Lord Draxmor, Olafil, Lady Tymbir, Zoto, Lord Thomasl, Rentis, Lord Huris, Lord Donteric, Lord Meguas, Lady Viandra, Lady Cenandra, Lord Jareal, Lord Songnoir, Lord Zusta, Lord Turgen, Ealra, Lady Galadril, Lord Bakor, Lord Cryheart, Dharnyth, Zarclove, Xanrel, Lord Toecutter, Lord Humongor, Mychayla, Lord Soulmaster, Lord Aonghus, Lord Darksclice, Lady Liranne, Lord Narog, Lord Rollocks, Lord Kliest, Lord Borren, Lord Omenowl, Lady Melindeth, Hildar, Draked, Lord Ahira, Lady Shadowkatt, Lady Jecquelynn, Lord Painbandit, Darkdelon, Lord Hercule, Andoral, Lord Thrudh, Lord Celebnar, Lord Bahktaiini, Lord Gyrant, Lord Thorin, Lord Zizzle, Tarmonus, Syntaur, Lemurial, Volnasa, Lord Geijon, Lady Kythyn, Lord Shirkon, Lady Vickylynn, Lady Dusky, Lady Wyanthia, Lady Darra, Lord Phyro, Lady Dafnie, Vintral, Lady Kismia
Obvious exits: south, west.

Meguas says, "Lets walk through the path of elightenment and see who we have left"

Meguas chuckles.

Geijon asks, "ton lot people aye Thrudh?"

Geijon grins.

Kismia points at a plain wooden door.

Jecquelynn says, "head fer gransmaster"

Kismia asks, "in there?"

Thrudh nods to Geijon.

Meguas giggles.

Jecquelynn says, "grandmaster"

The Symbol of Thought begins to burn in your mind and you hear Exttior thinking, "if dere is to be a meeting why not hold it where the Grandmasta be located? after all we all had to see him at one point or annudder...come show ya respect"

Galadril says, "Grandmaster wanted to pimp slap Exttior for cawing"

Omenowl says, "white door so we dont get all the other junk"

Kismia says, "can we talk in the Grand Master's room is all I'm concerned about"

Galadril says, "you can't talk in there.."

Galadril says, "choes"

Kismia says, "white door it is then"

Geijon asks, "Pimp slapped, eh galadril?"

Geijon says, "hrm"

The Symbol of Thought begins to burn in your mind and you hear Dergoatean thinking, "What 'zactly is the meeting about?"

Galadril nods to Geijon.

Geijon asks, "Ye got a pimp or something?"

Geijon chuckles.

Geijon says, "what the 'Ell is a pimp anyways"

Geijon asks, "like a madam or something?"

The Symbol of Thought begins to burn in your mind and you hear Vickylynn thinking, "if you come to the meeting you will find out"

Zarclove says, "kind of bread i thought"

Shadowkatt asks, "Do we wanna know?"

Shadowkatt glances at Geijon.

Geijon says, "not really"

Omenowl says, "lets go to the medical room"

Galadril says, "not me..was the Grandmasters old calling afore he saw the light."

Phyro begins chuckling at Shadowkatt.

Shadowkatt pokes Geijon in the ribs.

Aonghus says, "Aye, Geijon, bu' worse."

Geijon nods to Aonghus.

Shirkon says, "Ya moves the arm up and down and water comes out the spout Geijon"

Aonghus says, "Th' pimp hae nae respect frae th'poor women tha' be sold."

Geijon says, "hate to be near, be one or know either"

The Symbol of Thought begins to burn in your mind and you hear Zizzle thinking, "The meeting is about the State of our Order, and how we can improve its standing"

Huris asks, "Kismia, ye want to call it?"

The Symbol of Thought begins to burn in your mind and you hear Kismia thinking, "We're inside the gates..think we'll go to the white door"

Darra says, "Yeah Grand Master became a wimp when the vrael came."

Lady Kismia's group went through a white door.

[Healing Chamber]
Simple but comfortable cots line the walls. At one end is a medical station with a cabinet containing herbs, potions and other medical supplies. Low windows which are cracked open to allow a cool breeze to pass through the room, give the place a fresh aroma of flowers and plants. Birds can be heard chirping in nearby trees. You also see a medical cabinet and a white door.
Also in the room: Lord Draxmor, Olafil, Lady Tymbir, Zoto, Lord Thomasl, Rentis, Lord Huris, Lord Donteric, Lord Meguas, Lady Viandra, Lady Cenandra, Lord Jareal, Lord Songnoir, Lord Turgen, Ealra, Lady Galadril, Lord Bakor, Lord Cryheart, Dharnyth, Zarclove, Xanrel, Lord Toecutter, Lord Humongor, Mychayla, Lord Soulmaster, Lord Aonghus, Lord Darksclice, Lady Liranne, Lord Narog, Lord Rollocks, Lord Kliest, Lord Borren, Lord Omenowl, Lady Melindeth, Hildar, Draked, Lord Ahira, Lady Shadowkatt, Lady Jecquelynn, Lord Painbandit, Darkdelon, Lord Hercule, Andoral, Lord Celebnar, Lord Bahktaiini, Lord Gyrant, Lord Zizzle, Tarmonus, Syntaur, Lemurial, Volnasa, Lord Geijon, Lady Kythyn, Lord Shirkon, Lady Vickylynn, Lady Dusky, Lady Wyanthia, Lady Darra, Lord Phyro, Lady Dafnie, Vintral, Lord Trizo, Theoderick, Lord Brianus, Lord Vult, Kelov, Lady Kismia
Obvious exits: none.

Kismia says, "healing chamber"

Meguas asks, "What are we hear for?"

Kismia babbles something unintelligible.

Meguas ducks his head.

Galadril leans against a medical cabinet.

Geijon says, "Hmm..bunch of volnahs insulting our grandmastah..nice."

Songnoir says, "grand master and monks are old and afraid"

Kismia says, "couldn't think what it was called"

Shadowkatt smirks.

Jecquelynn nods to Geijon.

Kismia says, "alright"

Brianus nods to Geijon.

The Symbol of Thought begins to burn in your mind and you hear Exttior thinking, "aww now you change it to da white door on me...."

Kismia says, "this will do"

Brianus snarls menacingly!

Kliest narrows his eyes.

Geijon says, "I'm a Monk, Songnoir"

Shadowkatt touches one finger to her lips.

Shadowkatt sits down.

Kismia sits down.

Geijon says, "I'm neither of those."

Zarclove peers quizzically at Songnoir.

Rollocks says, "well ye old and afraid then Geijon"

Rollocks cackles!

Vickylynn says, "Tis a sad day when Volns insulate the Grandmaster"

Tarmonus nods to Vickylynn.

Brianus begins chuckling at Rollocks.

Songnoir says, "Ya look rather old to me"

Galadril begins chuckling at Rollocks.

Shadowkatt sniffs.

Exttior gibbers incoherently.

Exttior grumbles.

Omenowl says, "the grandmaster doesnt want us all in his office"

Rollocks babbles something unintelligible.

Geijon works his way out of some jet black brigandine armor trimmed with gold and engraved with the image of a fiery phoenix rising from a mystical graveyard.

The Symbol of Thought begins to burn in your mind and you hear Kismia thinking, "So sorry, Exttior. Just was some confusion about what we could do in the Grand Master's chamber"

Omenowl says, "we will mess up the paper work"

Exttior scowls.

Geijon says, "I'm still limber though"

Kismia recites:

"Let's come to order now, please."

Exttior says, "How can ya not remember da grandmasta"

Narog says, "Ok keep all talking to a minimum."

Geijon tightly flexes his muscles and displays a rising phoenix tattoo on his chest.

Phyro grins.

Aonghus raises an eyebrow.

Geijon grins.

Geijon works his way into some jet black brigandine armor trimmed with gold and engraved with the image of a fiery phoenix rising from a mystical graveyard.

Brianus smiles at Geijon.

Songnoir says, "you however are not the monks I was refering too"

Vickylynn recites:

"Will all be still please so that Lady Kismia can talk"

Brianus says, "Show dem colors, m'Lord."

Narog says, "The floor is yours Kismia."

Kismia recites:

"Mostly this rally has been called to bring renewal to our order."

Kismia recites:

"Let us speak one at a time when called on after raising hands please...momentarily"

Kismia recites:

"I have walked the path of Voln since my 8th training. I have never faltered, nor considered taking any other path."

Rollocks says, "selling ye soul can be tempting at times"

(Meguas checks for his soul...finds it and breaths a sigh of relif..)

Kismia recites:

"In the past weeks while living on the isle, I've heard much discouragement among our own"

Rollocks exclaims, "let the bickering begin!"

Geijon says, "Show Respect. Its simple."

Shadowkatt asks, "What is that about discouragement?"

Shadowkatt smirks.

Kismia recites:

"All while the 'secret' society grows in number daily and adds our own to their numbers"

Kismia recites:

"My greatest concern is the rampant and casual trade in souls"

Starletsong asks, "Is that what this meeting is about?"

Kismia recites:

"I seek no more power personally. I seek that our order and others like it be strengthened"

Dafnie asks, "Others like it? What others?"

Cenandra says, "shhh let her finish then we ask questions in orderly fashion"

Rollocks asks, "others like it?"

Meguas says, "The problem be that we have to act more like a society of brotherhood and help one another, not bring them down"

Rollocks peers quizzically at Kismia.

Narog says, "Questins an answers will come after she done speaking,let her do so first."

Kismia recites:

"I know that many believe that their only alternative for a viable life in the Lands is to accept the easily gotten power of the Bathhouse"

Brianus frowns.

Shirkon shudders.

Thorin sighs.

Rollocks mutters filthy_skinners.

Vickylynn shivers.

Darra asks, "Bath house? thought that was for baths?"

Meguas mutters col.

Vickylynn's face turns slightly pale.

Galadril says, "masters with 5 trainings.."

Wyanthia says, "I hated the king of bathhouse"

Kismia recites:

"It is no secret"

Kismia recites:

"We must encourage one another and stand strong in our convictions"

Rollocks says, "i say skin ye brother next time ye see him"

Meguas says, "Aye, not any secret at all, I could go yell col in TSC and nobody cares"

Kismia recites:

"I seek no punative measures nor call for attack on anyone"

Rollocks asks, "can ex-volner fight fer his soul and then rejoin voln?"

Narog says, "No"

Kismia recites:

"I seek only justice and the respect in these lands for what I consider the most sacred of all creations - the soul of the individual"

Bahktaiini looks over at Rollocks and shakes his head.

Ranthur looks over at Rollocks and shakes his head.

Brianus shakes his head.

Starletsong says, "one yer out, yer out"

Cenandra says, "once ye leave ye are banned"

Omenowl asks, "Kismia what is your plan?"

Wyanthia whispers to the group, "before quittin CoL I asked a GH if I could rejoin and she said that I would never know until I try and that the answer might surprise you, and I thought I had a second chance but that GH misled me so I told Banthis about this and he let me rejoin because I already quit CoL. I will NEVER ever quit Voln in the whole world."

Wyanthia shrugs.

Meguas says, "Ye sell yer soul to the pobah, and he owns ya"

Aurec says, "The difficulty is that there are no direct consquences for losing one's soul. Only power and other quick rewards."

Rollocks says, "good -- I don't want any turncoats sharing these sacred halls"

Omenowl says, "please lets focus on voln"

Kismia recites:

"Most of us have strong opinions on our order and our lives here."

Rollocks says, "yes there is Aurec"

Galadril nods to Omenowl.

Omenowl says, "if we wish to focus on societies as a whole then we should tweak them both down"

Kismia recites:

"I want all of us to be heard"

Rollocks gasps.

Galadril looks over at Omenowl and shakes her head.

Rollocks glances at Omenowl.

Turgen says, "People I hate to add to this confusion, but could you please, please, please show a lil respect for m'lady Kismia and the rest of us that are intrested in what she has to say and keep your comments and questions untill she is finished"

Czarra asks, "M'Lady Kismia..are ye a GM god?"

Kismia recites:

"Please, be patient and raise your hand when you wish to speak..then recite that all may hear you"

Kismia says, "Scarlip speaks"

Scarlip recites:

"The major downfall with our society VS. the other is that is is soo much easier to master the other"

Cenandra nods to Scarlip.

Kismia nods to Scarlip.

Kismia says, "Trueblessing speaks"

Trueblessing recites:

"Thankee muchs"

Exttior recites:

"I dont belive there is an Us vs. Them issue at hand...after all we do not go out to fight each other..."

Aonghus says, "If this is gannae be an initiate t' try t'bring bloodshed where reform is wha' be needed, I am leavin'. I will nae be shamed by such attitudes o' barbarism, when Voln's purpose hae naught t'do wi' CoL.

Scarlip says, "simply comparing the two not pickin fights"

Kismia says, "Trueblessing has the floor"

Rollocks says, "I killed 3 skinners last week"

Trueblessing recites:

"Well one of the things I miss is Volners helpin Volners outs the ways dey used tos...and dat something we can all do something abouts....."

Scarlip pokes Rollocks in the ribs.

Kismia says, "aye, True"

Cenandra nods to Trueblessing.

Humongor nods to Trueblessing.

Bakor nods.

Kismia says, "agreed"

Rollocks nods to Trueblessing.

Aonghus nods.

Zizzle nods to Trueblessing.

Wyanthia says, "I help young volners sometimes."

Volnasa nods to Trueblessing.

Kismia says, "Galadril speaks"

Eldon says, "here here, I second that"

(Brianus taps his Unofficial VOln Step Assistant pin)

Brianus whistles tunelessly to himself.

(Wyanthia shuts up after she realizes that she used her big mouth.)

Galadril says, "if this is an attack I am also out..we need to strengthen ourselves..and ffer brotherhood.."

Allyria nods to Galadril.

Humongor nods.

Jaggery nods.

Galadril says, "we are only as strong as our members"

Trueblessing recites:

"If I sellin something I give a better deal to a Volner..I dont walk past a Volner in need.... and I sure am much quicker to spell up one of me Brothers or Sisters in Voln then I am to spell up one of dem dmanable Skinners"

Zizzle says, "this is not an attack"

Kismia says, "Aoghus speaks"

Narog says, "Who said anything about an attack."

Galadril says, "I think all societies serve their members.."

Aonghus sighs.

Wyanthia frowns at Trueblessing.

Aonghus raises his hand.

Cenandra nods to Trueblessing.

Narog rolls his eyes.

Meguas shrugs.

Rollocks says, "i leave dead skinners to rot and always fog volners"

Thorin coughs.

Soulmaster narrows his eyes.

Thrudh raises an eyebrow.

Tiaral smirks.

Galadril says, "I skin"

Vult says, "Gah. Sick..."

Shadowkatt shakes her head.

Starletsong says, "I didn't think it was true...."

Galadril asks, "do I rot?"

Dergoatean raises an eyebrow.

Trueblessing recites:

"Dat about all I gots to says.... that we can helps one anothers mores dat ways..."

Kismia recites:

"Please, again...hold your thoughts to avoid chaos"

Trueblessing bows.

Trueblessing sits down.

Starletsong says, "I can't believe this...."

Kismia nods to Trueblessing.

Zarclove says, "tis awful"

Czarra smiles because tis easier ta take thee evil route than thee good and true route.

Starletsong says, "I always heard from them that they were left to die"

Starletsong says, "that they were treated unfairly..."

Zoto says, "I agree wif Lord Trueblessing. I was told i wouldn't get healed in da courtyard today just cuz i can't say emp..empa..empuff."

Starletsong says, "I told them naw"

Starletsong says, "We's brothers"

Thorin sighs.

Kismia asks, "Aohngus you wish to speak?"

Starletsong says, "....."

Starletsong asks, "Do you people really hate them?"

Kismia says, "patience folk"

(Wyanthia looks fervent.)

Hildar nods to Rollocks.

Rollocks nods to Starletsong.

Starletsong frowns.

Czarra asks, "hate who?"

Trueblessing says, "I pities ems"

Starletsong says, "Hate is of evil"

Thrudh sighs.

Tarmonus sighs.

Aonghus recites:

"I feel shamed tae be a member of such barbarism tha' woul' leave a man or woman...any man or rot. It is an action worthy o' ae member o' th' CoL, nae o'ae Noble group o' servants o' th' Gods."

Cenandra nods to Starletsong.

Kismia says, "hush now"

Starletsong says, "it's spawned from the very evil you hate"

Wyanthia nods to Aonghus.

Starletsong shakes his head.

Shadowkatt nods to Phyro.

Kismia says, "we are agreed there"

Thorin nods to Aonghus.

Czarra nods to Aonghus.

Clunk nods to Aonghus.

Eldarissa says, "hmm I thought this meeting was about our order.. everyone seems to be talking about another one though"

Kismia asks, "Vickylynn, you wish to speak?"

Rollocks says, "well aonghous it be my personal conviction not one of the order"

Ruffelin sighs.

Aonghus says, "Then keep it out o' ae conversation o' th' Order."

Starletsong frowns.

Kismia recites:

"No discussion at this point please"

Aonghus says, "An' spak' it privily t' those who would do such shameful things."

Vickylynn says, "I believe our order was set up not only to free the undead but to help and assist others"

Songnoir says, "His opinion is as valid as yours"

Sylvarana applauds.

Cryheart nods to Vickylynn.

Shirkon nods to Vickylynn.

Kismia recites:

"Let those who wish to be heard state their thoughts, ideas..discussion can come later"

Vickylynn says, "Something worth having is worth working for"

Syntaur applauds.

Aonghus says, "Voln is nae created t' fight CoL. In fact, Voln hae naught t'do wi' COL. Ask th' grandmaster hisself. Ask th' monks."

Kismia says, "Vickylynn"

Aonghus says, "Our purpose is o' freein' th' Undead."

Bdelin recites:

"It seems that you all forgot what was said to you when joining Voln: Voln goal is freeing soul from Luukos, and is not againt those who use them to animate undeads"

Ruffelin nods to Aonghus.

Aonghus says, "House Phoenix be aginst th' CoL."

Galadril recites:

"All societies better their members. To hate because one is not of one's society is tatimount to hating cause one isn't a dwarf like you or a rogue like you. I dispise all prejudice and bigotry whatever the name it goes under"

Shadowkatt rubs her eyes.

Cenandra sighs.

Aonghus says, "But this is nae ae meetin' o' me House."

Wyanthia rubs Galadril gently.

Jyrek asks, "what tha?"

Songnoir says, "Voln was created to fight evil"

Aonghus says, "Our purpose is nae t'compete wi' CoL. It is t'free Undead."

Kismia recites:

"Please please please..this is getting out of hand"

Veilgart says, "me have had it wiff childish nature of dis ting..shame be on our Order..we cannot even show niceness to each other"

Veilgart says, "bah"

Aonghus says, "Undead, Songnoir."

Kismia recites:

"One at a time please"

Tralox says, "Voln was created to free the souls of the undead."

Veilgart shakes his head.

Exttior says, "Undead"

Galadril nods to Aonghus.

Aonghus says, "T'fight Undead."

Tarmonus nods to Veilgart.

Songnoir shakes his head.

Aonghus says, "T'free them."

Galadril says, "to free undead"

Kismia nods to Wyanthia.

Songnoir says, "No that is incorrect"

Shadowkatt says, "C'mon, Kismia organized this, show her a lil respect."

Tarmonus sighs.

Galadril says, "to hear the sigh of releif"

Kismia says, "Speak Wyanthia"

Geijon says, "People are speaking out of turn. This is questions. Not open discussion."

Krisenfest says, "I like to say House Phoenix does not fight CoL, we are opposed to it"

Tralox asks, "MAy I quote the grandmaster?"

Kismia says, "not now Tralox"

Aonghus says, "Correct."

Clunk nods to Krisenfest.

Wyanthia recites:

"I don't believe in leaving the others in need because they're aren't Volners. I believe it is prejudice and that it only teaches other volners to be crude to col and that it doesnt help them at all,"

Aonghus says, "We aire nae fightin' aught. We try t' convert them."

Thorin nods to Wyanthia.

Kismia nods to Wyanthia.

Kismia says, "that's agreed"

Krisenfest nods to Aonghus.

Cenandra nods to Wyanthia.

Starletsong leans on Wyanthia.

Kismia says, "'Aschren speaks"

Wyanthia says, "and we should help Everyone, not leavin people there to die"

Wyanthia says, "only because they're CoL."

Aschren recites:

"Seems to me most forget our purpose in our Order. Best remeber da oath ya gave to the Grandmaster. Our purpose lies in freeing the unlife, not in battling the others. Leave that battle for another day an renew yer faith....and...."

Kismia says, "after Wyanthia"

Kismia ducks her head.

Wyanthia says, "I done"

(Rollocks points at the skinner who is trying to hide in the corner)

Tralox asks, "Now may I quote him?"

Aschren says, "seek within how we help each other"

Galadril says, "today in the courtyard someone named Annastatia told me Phoenix was built to hate CoL and her husband was right to point at one when he tried to wrack so he could spell up a group of Volners"

Aschren says, "seems few elders give good upringing to the new initiates anymore"

Kismia says, "wait and listen more than you speak"

Galadril frowns.

Thorin furrows his brow.

Jecquelynn furrows her brow.

Clunk nods to Galadril.

Darra sighs.

Kismia says, "Vult speaks"

Vult smiles.

Aschren says, "twould go a long way toward our community if we all showed the new followers more respect"

Vult recites:

"The way I see it, is if they wish to leave, let them. The other way has always been easier. The path of enlightment is the fire that tests those who are fit for are order."

Kismia nods to Aschren.

Geijon says, "We were not formed to hate CoL, Galadril. We were built to oppose those who supported the unlife. We belive CoL is evil. We do not discriminate against the individuals."

Aonghus says, "Galadril. Phoenix is nae sworn t' hate CoL...but those who lead it. Th' demon who calls himsel' th 'Poobah.'"

Tarmonus nods to Vult.

Aschren nods to Vult.

Cenandra nods to Vult.

Viandra applauds.

Shadowkatt grins.

Wyanthia says, "It's self discrimitation Geijon"

Vult recites:

"But... we should help the youngs one here."

Brianus nods to Geijon.

Thrudh nods to Vult.

Vult recites:

"And I do not beleive CoL is evil."

Painbandit says, "there is an inavoidable battle we will one day have with CoL... I was a Master once, the Poobah told me that I was beyond the reach of "his enemy" and I would have to fight for him in the final battle... but not yet... it will come, so we must convert as many CoLers as possible before that happens"

Exttior sighs.

Vult bows to Kismia.

Vult sits down.

Tralox nods to Painbandit.

Exttior shakes his head.

Aschren chuckles.

Kismia smiles at Vult.

Aschren says, "that battles come and gone Pain, ask Krisenfest"

Tarmonus nods.

Galadril sighs.

Huris asks, "What battle is that?"

Jecquelynn asks, "can we stick with ourselves and forget that bathouse place for jus a minute?"

Tarmonus nods to Jecquelynn.

Turgen says, "My good people, I love you all but this meeting saddens me so I cannot stay and partcipate further, the idea that this has anything to do with the other society is silly, its about ourselves and OUR beliefs, and I was always under the impression we were there to serve and help others, I see I was wrong."

Darra flails her arms about.

Galadril nods to Jecquelynn.

Vickylynn nods to Jecquelynn.

Exttior recites:

"Again this is not a damnable meeting agaist Col...this is a meeting about Voln and Voln issues...along the path of enlightenment never did i see anything from the monks about Col"

Exttior shakes his head.

Czarra nods to Exttior.

Lemurial applauds.

Zhaen nods to Exttior.

Wyanthia nods to Exttior.

Shirkon nods to Exttior.

Bahktaiini nods to Exttior.

Wyanthia says, "Well said."

Kismia says, "wait wait wait"

Eldon recites:

"Here is and issue then. I am a wizard of the Order, and it is my opinion the order treates magic users very unfairly, though I would nerver leave, I would like to have the gods show more kindness to magic users. The symbol of mana is used at great cost and does not even fully restore mana. I can't kick, throw or punch and am offered no compensation for this either. All I ask is to be treated fairly by the gods I serve."

Aonghus says, "Eldon. There be ae simple answer."

Dafnie exclaims, "Amen, Eldon!"

Dafnie applauds.

Tralox peers quizzically at Aonghus.

Wyanthia says, "I'm a member of the order and a empath, and I don't care because there is happiness in the order"

Allyria peers quizzically at Aonghus.

Tarmonus shakes his head.

Shirkon sighs.

Maleis nods to Eldon.

Vult says, "Except, the hatred of the others I think contermens our society,"

Rhank nods to Eldon.

Tralox beams happily at Wyanthia!

Tarmonus nods to Wyanthia.

Wyanthia says, "mana doesnt matter to me"

Trueblessing stands up.

Trueblessing raises his hand.

Kismia recites:

"We will gather afterwards to do much discussing for sure. Please at this time speak one at a time when called on"

Wyanthia says, "I only care about helping people and teaching them."

The Symbol of Thought begins to burn in your mind and you hear Galadril thinking, "by walking out we canna get done our true's the way of meetings hedge at first..come back and let's work together to strengthen the society."

Starletsong says, "Yer no wizard"

Kamul grumbles.

Starletsong just tickled Wyanthia.

Starletsong grins.

Hildar nods.

Kismia says, "Jarleth speaks"

Jarleth recites:

Ive but three things to say"

Aonghus recites:

"Th' Council is made t' go for "What can it gies me." We aire nae. We aire made t' fight th' spooks. Ae spiritual group, we. Annae "powers" or abilities we get aire bonuses. We should nae join frae them. We should nae be workin' t'get them, rather get them an' be grateful tha' we got them...Because they aire nae expected."

Jarleth recites:

"Give us elder undead to junt"

Exttior applauds.

Exttior nods to Jareal.

Aschren says, "here here Jarleth"

Wyanthia asks, "elder undeads?"

Aschren exclaims, "way elder!"

Wyanthia raises an eyebrow.

Wyanthia says, "I not gettin this"

Aschren exclaims, "and more of em!"

Thrudh peers quizzically at Jarleth.

Exttior nods to Jarleth.

Wyanthia peers quizzically at Jarleth.

Jarleth recites:

"Do not reduce our symbols unilaterally with balancing this land"

Kismia grins.

Darra exclaims, "GIve us Vrael!"

Rentis says, "they mean undead between Banshees and Greater Vruul prolly"

Aonghus sighs.

Exttior nods to Jarleth.

Exttior applauds.

Ydare glances at Darra.

Aschren scoffs at Darra.

Thrudh asks, "Voln God Friend 'bout Stop Dead Folk, Now Voln Folk Say Want Be More Dead Folk?"

Thrudh snorts.

Zoto says, "give us more fishermen"

Zoto chuckles.

Thrudh says, "Ton Lot Silly Bunch Folk"

Thrudh sighs.

Kismia chuckles.

Exttior nods to Thrudh.

Viandra nods to Thrudh.

Jecquelynn nods to Thrudh.

Tarmonus nods to Thrudh.

Aonghus says, "There aire things comin' frae' we stop worryin' about th' "Wha' can it get me."

Kismia snorts.

Shirkon nods to Thrudh.

Galadril says, "the reason I joined Voln is for the camarderie..which I found..and I love to hear the sweet sigh as the undead go to their peace.."

Dafnie just tickled Thrudh.

Clunk nods to Thrudh.

Zhaen nods to Thrudh.

Jarleth recites:

"And bring back the old ways of spirit draining and the price paid for joining the dark ones"

Aonghus recites:

"ASK not wha' yer Order can do frae ye, Rather ask wha' YE can do frae yer order."

Zhaen nods to Aonghus.

Dharnyth says, "Thrudh's right.. da Order's 'bout releasin' da undead.. nae havin' older undead ta release."

Shadowkatt gazes heavenward.

Kismia says, "Bahk speaks"

Scarlip rolls his eyes.

Jarleth recites:

"It is unfair to have to live as peasants in this land"

Jarleth recites:

"Thank you"

Jarleth bows.

Jarleth sits down.

Darra asks, "Peasants?"

Wyanthia asks, "Peasants?"

Bahktaiini recites:

"I believe Jarleth has stated the largest problems -- THat the gods have turned their back on our order ... in some ways "

Wyanthia says, "I prefer to think meself rich in humor and my personality"

Cenandra nods to Bahktaiini.

Galadril nods to Bahktaiini.

Exttior nods to Bahktaiini.

Bahktaiini recites:

"And has made it appear more appealing to join the other order"

Aschren says, "from rumor, there's new orders to come"

Aschren whistles tunelessly to himself.

Kismia nods to Aschren.

Wyanthia glances at Aschren.

Wyanthia asks, "new orders?"

Starletsong says, "Heh new orders"

Bahktaiini recites:

"But... this isnt to say that this is a reason to leave this order -- please dont misunderstand me"

Starletsong says, "They ain even got other guilds yet"

Starletsong says, "Last thing they need is new orders"

Wyanthia nods to Starletsong.

Lemurial says, "like new guilds..heh.."

Accombo says, "From rumor, theres more guilds to come. But they arent here yet."

Wyanthia raises her fist defiantly.

Galadril says, "the only creatures who teach me are living.."

Kismia nods to Galadril.

Galadril sighs.

Kismia says, "so true"

Bahktaiini recites:

"Im trying to explain why we are losing so many folks -- especially at higher levels"

Kismia rubs Galadril gently.

Kismia nods to Bahktaiini.

Kismia says, "amen"

Geijon says, "freeing undead is its own reward. This meeting is not about learning from undead."

Darra asks, "Critters teach? Thought they just died?"

Exttior says, "yep I very well have seen my descion of"

Darra blinks.

Eldon exclaims, "the young are easly drawen to the other order, because of the power they offer!"

Zizzle recites:

"I'll try to make this short . . . We need to help cultivate our young Voln members in their hour of greatest need. We need to work together to help those that are having difficulties achieving the final step of mastwerhood "

Galadril says, "ohhh wake up Geij"

Kismia says, "amen"

Galadril says, "smell the rolton stew"

Aschren nods to Zizzle.

Kismia nods to Zizzle.

Jaggery nods to Geijon.

Thrudh raises an eyebrow in Galadril's direction.

Geijon says, "thats twice you insulted me"

Darra says, "Finally step? I never made it past step 5?"

Bahktaiini recites:

"Thats all I have to say-- because as long as so many folks are out for personal advancement -- we gonna keep losing member -- vols symbols are for group help - NOt personal advancement"

Darra flails her arms about.

Kismia nods to Bahktaiini.

Aonghus says, "Galadril. Geijon be right."

Cenandra nods to Bahktaiini.

Kismia says, "so true"

Brianus nods to Bahktaiini.

Kamul applauds.

Zizzle recites:

"We do not need to argue over that other society and its advantages"

Kamul says, "well said"

Volnasa recites:

"I move that we petition the gods to help improve our society"

Zoto says, "da reason for joining voln shouldn't be to get da symbols. not havin older undead critters is probably a good ting 'cuz it makes you work harder to get your steps at an older age. it's not about gettin an instant reward"

Kismia says, "wait your turn"

Wyanthia says, "our society's fine as it is, the problem is US Volnasa.."

Galadril asks, "so why aren't you all out there killing skeletons?"

Kamul says, "we are the ones who need ta improve our society"

Aonghus says, "Voln is nae about gainin' powers or experience. It is aboon' freein' undead. An' ye wanted t' be all powerful, ye'd hae joined th' Soulless ones."

Kismia pokes Galadril in the ribs.

Kismia says, "wait your turn"

Viandra nods to Aonghus.

Ruffelin shakes his head.

Ruffelin sighs.

Kamul grumbles.

Rollocks says, "lets go chop some trees"

Kismia asks, "Geijon?"

Kismia asks, "you done?"

Aonghus says, "There be naught maire I can say. An' if this is wha' th' meetin' is t'' ains who believe in wha' Voln stands frae bickerin' wi' th' ains who just joined frae th' powers...I cannae remain."

(Aonghus turns for the door.)

Zizzle recites:

"I am not talkin about powers gained, but completing the training the monks have for us"

Lord Aonghus went through a white door.

Zizzle recites:

"Oks me shut up now"

Exttior recites:

"Our voices could possibly be heard in a commun if a Cleric be willin to hold one"

Kismia pokes Exttior in the ribs.

Wyanthia frowns at Exttior.

Aschren smiles at Exttior.

Rhank shakes his head.

Aschren coughs.

Kismia says, "hush up..not your turn"

Kismia says, "Jaggery is up"

Exttior gibbers incoherently.

Hercule says, "Not a good idea. Bad things ALWAYS happen when a commune occurs"

Jaggery recites:

"People, I have something that may be jes a suggestion, but please bear with me, plus one quick statement at the end."

Wyanthia says, "and the Veil's weakened."

Wyanthia shrugs.

Aschren says, "hardly Hercule"

Geijon recites:

"Voln is not an order to "Learn" Whatever that means. Learning is through reading books and gaining knowledge and wisdom. Being a member of voln is under morality, faith and devotion to your cause. If you devote yourself to something you do not lose sight of what your goal is. In voln that goal is the freeing of undead. Not matter how powerful or not so. They are tortured souls all the same."

Dafnie says, "I think even Koar himself would be afraid of meeting this bunch..."

Ydare says, "Might be something great behind that veil."

Jaggery recites:

"CoL makes themselves strong by being good at young ages"

Syntaur applauds.

Jaggery recites:

"But we must not worry about them"

Jaggery recites:

"We gotta make ourselves rise up and be strong."

Brianus nods to Geijon.

Syntaur nods to Geijon.

Kismia nods to Jaggery.

Exttior says, "what you consider bad..I consider good...because at least we know our voices are being heard..."

Jaggery recites:

"I was thinking."

Jaggery recites:

"If we must become strong, maybe we have to hold sessions that make us believe"

Jaggery recites:

"In what this order was made for."

Dharnyth nods to Jaggery.

Kismia nods to Jaggery.

Cenandra nods to Jaggery.

Darra says, "Oh good grief"

Brianus says, "Dat is Kismia's purpose here."

Thrudh nods.

Kismia chuckles.

Huris asks, "Make us believe?"

Kismia just hugged Brianus.

Jaggery recites:

"Most people don't even understand the gods. I think we gotta continue these sessions."

Ydare asks, "Isn't that fanaticism?"

Kismia nods to Jaggery.

Rentis says, "I am reminded of what this order means when I visit the Monk"

Brianus raises an eyebrow in Ydare's direction.

Rentis says, "he always tells me"

Soulmaster says, "he's trying to get a point across so at least be quiet"

Jaggery says, "perhaps through a way of church maybe"

Jaggery says, "that we could benefit from"

Darra flails her arms about.

Meguas nods to Jaggery.

Jaggery says, "I do not know how to start this if I could"

Clunk says, "temple mebbe be good place"

Jaggery says, "but I've wanted to. I've wanted to believe in it as much as I would outside the lands"

Galadril says, "over the last weak I've been spelling up our younguns and hunting with them in the gy..I haven't seen others who live just to free undead and not learn in mummies with me..or phantoms.."

Jaggery says, "I'd be most happy if people would follow through with this idea"

Jaggery says, "it could perhaps raise our strength in the order"

Jaggery says, "jes a suggestion..but maybe we could take it into consideration."

Brianus nods to Jaggery.

Jaggery says, "also, one last thing. As a member of Phoenix, I never hated CoL members"

Kismia recites:

"The beauty is that we care! We've come together to say just that and we are not all alike and will never see thing exactly alike. But I am thrilled to hear this dialogue. Though let's not repeat each other nor go off into tirades"

Jaggery says, "just in initiations a few minutes ago...we said that we do not target individuals"

Huris asks, "May I say something about that last idea?"

Jaggery says, "but the order itself"

Kismia says, "wait now"

Thorin nods to Jaggery.

Jaggery says, "and I believe as one that Phoenix is to support Voln, nae hate CoL"

Jaggery says, "I'm done"

Geijon nods to Jaggery.

Jecquelynn nods to Jaggery.

Rollocks makes a horrendously wet and sticky ordeal of clearing his throat and spits straight up into the air!

Rollocks catches the gelatinous spit-blob with his left eye! Probably blinded for life!

Scarlip exclaims, "nothin wrong if ya wanna hate CoL!"

Jaggery says, "I didn't say that either"

Starletsong says, "I don know bout the rest of you folks but I joined for the abilities. And solely the abilities. I was young and didn't care one bit about pleasin the Gods for anything. I didn't give a dern about you, or anyone else. It was me against the world. Where this truth is not a noble one, it is a common one. As far as brotherhood goes, I made my way through the order to where I am, seldomely asking for advice and always finishing alone. You say it's easier to go the other road? I stepped 4 times in the last 3 days and just recieved throw 2 last night. I don look for brotherhood from the order, brotherhood should be not of what affiliations you hold but because yer here, in the world. Help should not come or go because of what you do, but because of who you are."

Rollocks nods to Scarlip.

Wyanthia mutters discrimation.

Starletsong says, "tis my word"

Phyro's face turns slightly pale.

Starletsong winks.

Viandra coughs.

Kismia recites:

"There are many many good ideas. You all have them. Keep them alive and work to bring them to fruition"

Kismia nods to Donteric.

Kismia says, "Donteric speaks"

Donteric stands up.

Galadril says, "and how about the fights on the Voln net..does that inspire confidence to new members..take it private..the net is to boast comradeship..not better yer chances of being heard yelling at others."

Donteric recites:

"Two things."

Jaggery nods to Galadril.

Donteric recites:

"First, so alot of you understand about undead comment earlier. If you go to the Isle and age past 60, there becomes little in the way of undead to hunt to keep up favor...."

Kismia says, "Donteric has the floor"

Darra says, "Then come back here and hunt undead."

Kismia recites:

"We will need more meetings obviously"

Thorin says, "Let's jes' leaves dat one whar it lies fer now, m'Lord."

Darra shrugs.

Donteric recites:

"How would you like all the older Volners coming back to the mainland and hunting the area's like the ledge and killing everything in site?"

Bahktaiini says, "exactly"

Wyanthia asks, "like trees?"

Donteric recites:

"That takes away the favor for the younger of our group."

Omenowl says, "This is why I hated voln a year ago and I havent seen a change since. For a roleplaying society all I see is people want more and more power. If you want power go join CoL, nothing currently stops you from hunting undead without volns powers. Many of the powers duplicate or are superior to clerics, many are intended purely for warriors, but others be used effectively by many members because it uses cleric spell training. We dont need grandstanding, we dont need hatred or comparisons of other societies. What we need is to focus on the symbols and the problems with them. How do you make the society both attractive and useful to all professions without alienating others. Right now voln has little to offer to anyone that doesnt brawl because I can get or use most of those powers now with my own spells or items."

Phyro says, "Takes away the favor? Please listen to yourself... As if the favour of your gods were but a simple posession."

Phyro rolls his eyes.

Geijon nods to Phyro.

Donteric recites:

"The second statement I have is a question..."

Narog says, "Forgive me,but seems to me theres to many self centerd people in Voln."

Wyanthia says, "favors is a great honor to have."

Kismia says, "Let Donteric finish"

Exttior recites:

"Brawling aint what its cracked up to be..."

Huris says, "Omenowl, getting favors is not seeking power... it is being a productive member of the order."

Dafnie says, "Favor represents the work of our order... if we do not gain it, we are not doing that work"

Cenandra says, "amen"

Donteric recites:

"I know there are many changes that everyone would love to see, such as sharing favor to other members of our order. How should we approach any issue to try and get change done?"

Donteric recites:

"One voice in the dark does little."

Starletsong says, "Brawling ain't what it's cracked up to be? Ask a wizard who group hunts with brawlers how cracked up it seems when they run outta mana on a few creatures whil kickers jelly brain every third one"

Vickylynn says, "We use to share favors"

Thorin says, "Goo' question."

Thorin nods to Donteric.

Kismia recites:

"Yes, there are many wonderful ideas. We need to organize and get things done"

Galadril sighs.

Jaggery recites:

"If you have any ideas about getting the whole church idea started, please e-scroll with them"

Donteric recites:

"And that is what this meeting is about folks."

Galadril says, "as we can see many joined for many reasons...what we need to focus on is how we can help Voln to progress."

Starletsong says, "Actually, I have yet to hear exactly what this meeting is about."

Kismia says, "though spoken out of turn again it's the truth"

Starletsong says, "I've heard at least 3 different topics"

Donteric recites:

"Oh, one more thing. Why do the Isle folks not use thought much to comunicate?"

Galadril says, "we are all here for our own reasons..none bad..all good.."

Exttior says, "Cause Doneteric it wastes favor"

Bahktaiini says, "Why should they Donteric? Its simpler to use the net"

Galadril says, "because we are one family on the isle..we save favor and use the net"

Shadowkatt says, "Cause the net innit cluddered up with people selling stuff and is useable."

Kismia says, "Maleis has been patiently waiting"

Tiaral says, "Because the amulet is far more useful over there, since people actually use it for reasonable things."

Jecquelynn says, "we can use the amulets der.."

Guldann says, "Not as hectic over there"

Galadril says, "there is no yer CoL I'm voln"

Exttior says, "People dont sell crap on the amulet at Teras."

Huris asks, "Is it true that volners are killed on Teras while they are in dreaming?"

Galadril says, "all work together to rid the lands of danger."

Jecquelynn glances at Huris.

Exttior scowls.

Jecquelynn says, "nope"

Galadril exclaims, "untrue!"

Kismia says, "one at a time folk"

Exttior asks, "Where you hear such a thing?"

Galadril says, "Coler's favor us with their spells"

Exttior peers quizzically at Huris.

Huris says, "Just a rumor that has been going around."

Kismia says, "it's true, I believe"

Exttior gibbers incoherently.

Galadril says, "without them we would lose power."

Kismia nods to Huris.

Cenandra nods.

Cenandra says, "Starsnuffer does"

Darra says, "Its true"

Wyanthia blinks.

Shirkon sighs.

Donteric says, "It has happened...the killing of dreamers."

Wyanthia says, "Some empaths are in CoL jaggery.."

Kismia says, "I've heard of Starsnuffer doing it"

Bahktaiini says, "starsnuffers not a person"

Wyanthia says, "some are in here"

Exttior says, "Snuffy neva killed me"

Bahktaiini says, "hes a fool"

Maleis says, "I am happy to be a part of this group, but I to see that they are leaving the magic users in the dark... I would like to see the Gods give our group some new favors to use in our fight... and as far as the other group goes... my beloved wife is a member as was I, I hope to turn her to us, but until that day, I will love her and hate the group she is in"

Rollocks says, "i'd rather rot than be rezzed by a skinner"

Kismia says, "true, Bahk"

Exttior shrugs.

Exttior says, "IT prob goes a bit deeper den jst a simple dream"

Rollocks says, "and I'd rather depart 6 times than be rezzed by quavvy"

Starletsong says, "I apologize, I've3 only been around a year. I find that I have no idea what you people are talking about. You say their been a decline in brotherhood? I never known anything other than recieving help from friends."

Kismia says, "Zoto speaks"

Zoto recites:

I wanna say something about "stealing favor"

Wyanthia asks, "Quavvy? why?"

Wyanthia peers quizzically at Rollocks.

Shadowkatt rolls her eyes.

Scarlip exclaims, "he's a phop!"

Rollocks asks, "stealing favor?"

Galadril says, "I am sorry to say but I do not hate the other group..if this makes you unhappy with me..then I am sorry..I canna hate those who do not do harm to me."v

Wyanthia furrows her brow.

Vickylynn says, "Starletsong, This meet was to help bring Voln people back to the belief in the Lord of Liabo, our Gods, not to just think of ones self wants"

Sylvarana applauds.

Starletsong just hugged Galadril.

Cenandra nods to Galadril.

Omenowl nods to Galadril.

Ahira nods to Galadril.

Exttior nods to Galadril.

Kelov says, "Until we are at open war with COL, there is no need to concern ourselves with there lost souls. We are united in a common goal to free those that are cursed with the inability to carry on to the afterlife. To promote our order, we need to show those that are new to these lands the benefits of our order. We need to offer the help they require in earning those benefits. I serve Voln because Voln serves me..perhaps if the undead were more of a threat to Elanthia, then there would be more interest. As it is now, with the exception of the occasional invasion, the undead stay quite happy living their unlives in the confines of the GY and a few remote locations..."

Kismia flails her arms about.

Kismia exclaims, "stop that!"

Scarlip blinks.

Wyanthia blinks.

(Meguas bops kelov with the not yer turn stick!)

Zoto recites:

"I'm year 6 and i usually hunt werebears and such, but if i happen to be walkin in the GY and i see a skeleton i will kill it because the reason i join this order is to free undead."

Songnoir says, "No all you are concerned with is yourself, who cares how many souls are lost"

Zoto recites:

"It wasn't to see how fast i could become a master."

Galadril says, "how many here are Masters? of hands please"

Wyanthia says, "Tis better hidin to live for future than be killed by vvraels."

Zoto says, "k, i'm done"

Exttior says, "Ya can die Darra...Ill be da one killin da Vrael"

Kismia recites:

"Alright now listen..these details and complaints can't all be dealt with here. We must organize to address these. "

Rollocks says, "I fear that soon the Vreal will invade this temple"

Rollocks says, "and the skinners will be there assisting them"

Galadril asks, "how many here have spend even 10 minutes at the gate this week ..blessing for younguns and..or ..taking then to complete a task?"

Scarlip chuckles.

Kismia recites:

"Listen up. I must bring this to an end for today."

Aurec says, "One thing I do find disturbing is that our Order stands against Luukos and his minions, yet we have members and Masters who openly profess to worship our Order's deific enemies. I do not see how this can be possible, much less accepted. Perhaps is it merely ignorance, but it creates a significant moral dilemma for those who understand how the Order is to function."

Kismia says, "Meguas speaks"

Auratwo says, "Galadril, I would love to address precisely the issue you just raised,"

Donteric says, "Galadril, some of use cannot keep favor high enough to bless anymore."

Galadril says, "so do I..and I dun have much favor"

Scarlip says, "speakin as a young one I have never had a problem getting help on a step nor getting a bless when I need onw"

Kismia nods to Jecquelynn.

Meguas recites:

"Gonna throw some points out.."

Meguas recites:

"Ok, just wanted to point out, everything has its faults...but look, does col have people fogging to them to save there bloody life? We do all the fogging..."

Meguas recites:

"The other thing was, we have to act more as a brotherhood, not bashing on others you disagree with, just tell em that you disagree and give them a chance to explain"

Darkdelon recites:

"What use our patience with COL? COL Lords have, of late, singled out our trainees and helped the COL trainees steal from them."

Rollocks exclaims, "well I'm off to spit on the poohbah!"

Galadril says, "no one is stealable if they are happy"

Kismia exclaims, "ah hush for crying out loud!"

Meguas recites:

"And, be glad that you DO have another cositety besides cool"

Meguas recites:


Wyanthia nods to Galadril.

Meguas recites:

"At least we help eath other"

Galadril says, "if their bellies are full and their swords blessed this is so much more fun to belong to."

Meguas recites:

"Me done"

Kismia recites:

"Folk we do not want this to deteriorate into bringing us down. This meeting was called to bring us together!"

Galadril says, "but if they have to beggggg to get a blessing..and can only hunt living..they lose the calling and leave.."

Kismia recites:

"We must work persistently and tenaciously"

Starletsong says, "Actually, when I got sym of holiness I favored up to the brink where I was about to step, then sat in TSC and blessed as many weapons as people would hand me."

Exttior says, "If dere be no commue to hear our voices i must be off"

Galadril says, "or so I was told by many younguns"

Cenandra nods to Galadril.

Maleis says, "M'Lady Kismia, please tell us what you think we can do to bring our group back to where it once was"

Geijon says, "Also this is a meeting about what "We" can do. Not about what "I" or "Me" has done."

Wyanthia nods to Geijon.

Meguas recites:

"And, there age gonna be disagreements, not matter what, arguments over voln is one way to solve em if everyone stays calm and dun call names"

Kismia recites:

"I'm glad all have come today. I pray this has been helpful."

Galadril says, "how many remember when Simmer would spend daysssss at the gate blessing"

Starletsong says, "I'm proud of what I personally have done"

Starletsong says, "I I I"

Galadril says, "I thought he was the only one who could"

Galadril laughs!

Starletsong says, "I don live anyone else's life"

Starletsong says, "me me me"

Kismia asks, "let's break up into small groups?"

Starletsong says, "Seriously,I've made a great life for myself"

Darkdelon recites:

"COL Lords be leading poaching partied in the dirges of late"

Brianus sighs.

Starletsong says, "I may not be powerful or well dressed, but I'm happy"

Kismia says, "speak Brianus"

Galadril peers quizzically at Darkdelon.

Kismia beams happily at Aonghus!

Galadril asks, "who?"

Wyanthia asks, "how do you know Darkdelon?"

Wyanthia peers quizzically at Darkdelon.

Wyanthia glances at Darkdelon.

Brianus recites:

"Kismia's purpose it seems been lost somewhat in da personal attacks an' opinions....If I may...."

Songnoir says, "what a waste"

Cenandra says, "its only a waste if you allow it to be"

Brianus recites:

"This Order is NAE bout yer personal power, nae about fightin other folk, no matter their religion. I hate CoL as much as any, but....."

Bahktaiini says, "wasnt a waste -- if even 10 people are reminded that Voln stands for community over individual -- the honorable Scarletsong not withstanding"

Geijon nods to Bahktaiini.

Brianus recites:

"I care so much more about Voln dat is isnt my focus or goal. Help each other, that is my ideal..."

Galadril says, "time to practice as I preach"

Galadril nods to Brianus.

Kliest recites:

"Help each other, however you can. Remember that, and we succeed as a society. Forget it, and it 's a personal measure of power, and that is the way to frustration"

Songnoir recites:

"The grandmaster is not Voln. The monks are not Voln. We are Voln. We decide what is right for Voln. To fight undead is a noble cause. To ignore the causes of the lands plight is folly. To do so makes us pointless fanatics. I do not advicate attacking the poor deluded fools who join COL. But our keeping silent about it is a disgrace."

Darkdelon recites:

"Me nephew joined Voln and two day ago a COL Lord brought youngins in and stole scrapings. Laughed at our younguns and tol them COL will take what they want with or without Volner's leave"

Songnoir recites:

"We should be an order that stands for all that is right and noble and against all that is wrong and foul. I shall not stay silent another moment while the young are lead astray and I end up releasing their poor souls from the undead form that their decision ultimately leads them too."

Shadowkatt says, "Evil is defined by the actions of the individul, nae of an entire group or society."

Kamul nods to Shadowkatt.

Omenowl nods to Shadowkatt.

Terista nods to Shadowkatt.

Songnoir says, "A group can have an evil purpose"

Starletsong says, "I don want someone to help me cause I'm in voln, I want people to help me because I'm their friend and that's how I act towards other too. If I don like how they act then I don do a thing for'em. If someone asks me a question I'll answer it to the best of my ability including voln quests"

Shadowkatt says, "Yes, but no society is pure. Remember that."

Bahktaiini rolls his eyes.

Songnoir says, "Yes we have seen that here"

Bahktaiini nods.

Songnoir says, "We have few who stand for anything other then there own personal power"

Starletsong says, "I ain seen a bit of true wisdom today. I came here begrudgingly figurin this would be exactly like it is. Tons of self righteous folks. And if ya offended by that then ya must be one of'em"

Songnoir says, "I am as flawed as the next man. But I choose to no longer bury my head in the sand."

Starletsong says, "Now stead of yakin, I'm gonna go free some souls, anyone needs a hand from me, just ask, but don expect just cause I'm in voln and so are you. Ask people as your friends"

Starletsong says, "Ask meas a friend if you want something"

Shadowkatt says, "She makes alot of sense."

Phyro says, "Well, that was productive."

Shadowkatt snickers.

Tiaral says, "That wouldn't have been my choice of adjectives..."

Tiaral smirks.

Shadowkatt says, "Nothing will ever change as long as people point fingers at others."

At this point, the main meeting broke up into smaller groups or some merely chose to leave. Kismia's group continued the discussions at Ronan's Shrine.

"This was much more productive and controlled. I believe this is what Kismia intended as you noticed some of the first meeting was touched with various opinions or ideas about various positions Voln should take."
~ Geijon Khyree

[The Shrine of Dreams]
Stars surround you, twinkling brightly as far as the eye can see. Or so it seems, until you look more closely, and realize that the walls and ceiling of this room are made of rocks pieced together in such a way that bits of light flicker through the crevices, giving the illusion of being beneath a starlit sky. Pinpoints of light reflect off of the polished black marble floor, adding to the sensation that you have entered the heavens themselves. You also see a graceful marble altar with a shallow font on it.
Also in the room: Lord Kamul, Lord Geijon, Lady Kismia who is kneeling, Lord Jareal who is seated, Ealra who is seated, Lord Meguas who is seated, Gartt who is seated, Lord Narog who is seated, Lady Tymbir who is seated, Lord Bakor who is seated, Lord Draxmor who is seated, Lady Cenandra who is seated, Lady Dresdena who is seated, Lord Turgen who is kneeling, Lord Rollocks who is kneeling, Lord Inkin who is kneeling, Lord Aonghus who is seated
Obvious exits: out.

Aonghus says, "I alsae ken tha' th' others will nae think tha' wa'."

Aonghus says, "There will always be those who think "me first."

Aonghus says, "An' forget tha' th' purpose hae naught t'do wi' "me."

Aonghus says, "Wha' we must remember is tha' as lang as ONE person serves th' real' purpose o' freein' undead..."

Aonghus says, "We hae won."

Aonghus says, "Ae war is won in small battles, nae in large groups."

Aonghus says, "An' in th' small battles...showin' th' real purpose, servin' th'real goal...teachin' our young by word an' deed..."

Aonghus says, "We will win."

Aonghus says, "I, for one, will ne'er betray me purpose."

Aonghus says, "I, frae one, will ne'er think "Me first."

Aonghus says, "So we hae won."

Aonghus says, "An' I hae been workin' tha' purpose frae mannae, mannae years."

Aonghus says, "I hae heard "rumors."

Aonghus says, "Frae th'gods who assigned me th' quest I serve."

Aonghus says, "An' it lends hope t' Voln."

Aonghus says, "I am sworn nae t'reveal it yet."

Aonghus says, "But there be hope. Nae in "more powers."

Aonghus says, "But there be hope comin'. If we hold faith."

Kismia says, "ah Aonghus, we need encouragement now"

Aonghus says, "It dinnae matter an' Voln shrivels t' ae small group."

Aonghus says, "As lang as our small group is Quality. Serves th' real purpose without thought o' self-gain or taint o' hatred."

Aonghus says, "I hae said me piece. 'tis yer turn, Kismia."

Kismia says, "thank you, Aonghus"

Aonghus nods.

Tymbir says, "thank you Aonghus, you are an inspiration"

Aonghus blushes a nice shade of off-pink.

Aonghus says, "I chust say wha' I must."

Kismia says, "I must admit that personally my only concern, my only real worry is the loss of souls to the Bathhouse. Now, wait...I know many will be upset by that. As I've stated repeatedly I do not wish violence on it's members. But it grieves me to watch so so many give their souls away and then speak as if nothing was done of consequense"

Geijon nods to Aonghus.

Kismia says, "er consequence"

Meguas nods.

Kismia says, "I couln't care less about more powers except that so many are so tempted by them"

Kamul says, "honor is the way of life, is all ya have when ya come into it, is all yer gonna have when ya leave it"

Kismia says, "wait now"

(Aonghus puts his finger on his lip, and looks at Kamul.)

Aonghus grins.

Kismia asks, "Am I the only one troubled simply by this old fashioned value of soul?"

Kamul shakes his head.

Meguas shakes his head.

Dresdena shakes her head.

Aonghus says, "Nae fair, askin' when we cannae answer fully."

Aonghus grins.

Kismia grins.

Kismia says, "I suppose that's all I have to say. Kamul speak next."

Turgen says, "No dear lady, but the idea of voln being aginst the other other troubles me as well, my goal has always been release of undead"

Aonghus says, "Turgen, yer turn."

Turgen says, "Well it seems to me my idea of what I was about was the relese of undead and to help others in the lands see the virtue of that pursuit"

Aonghus says, "Kamul, after Meguas...since ye "said yer piece."

Turgen says, "But"

Aonghus ducks his head.

Turgen says, "Lately it seems to me, I've seen more of an Us against them attitude, Voln vs Col"

Meguas nods to Turgen.

Meguas nods to Turgen.

Cenandra nods to Turgen.

Aonghus says, "E'eryone will hae ae turn. Chust be patient."

Turgen says, "and frankly I always thought it was us aginst the the gods the have put the poor tourtured souls in the state they are in"

Turgen says, "Not so much the gods themslves"

Turgen says, "but at least to relive the souls from thier torment"

Turgen says, "But somewhere we have lost that purpose in so many of our members in the desire to have someone tangible to hate"

Turgen says, "Mainly Col"

Turgen says, "I guess I would just like us see us striving more for the betterment of the lands and others"

Meguas nods.

Cenandra nods.

Kismia nods to Turgen.

Kismia says, "true enough"

Turgen says, "And not putting ourselves first all the time"

Evia says, "exactly so Turgen"

Turgen says, "I'll shut up now"

Aonghus points at Meguas.

Meguas says, "ok, I just first wanna say, look at the thoughts of voln recently, tell me if you see somthing wrong.."

Meguas says, "ok, I too am guilty of wanting power and more undead"

Jareal asks, "ye wouldnt happen to mean all da bickerin would ye?"

Narog says, "Its become another amunet."

Meguas says, "Now I have been reminded of what we stand for"

Meguas says, "I think when I say more power now...I mean more help releasing undead"

Meguas says, "Not for ME"

Meguas says, "For voln"

Meguas sighs.

Aonghus says, "Rollocks, Narog, e'eryone gets ae turn. Chust wait."

Meguas says, "I just wanna see it as more of a brotherhood"

Rollocks nods to Meguas.

Meguas says, "And less of hurting each other, and power hungery people"

Meguas says, "Me done"

Aonghus points at Kamul.

Aonghus says, "Yer turn."

Kamul says, "not much fer words, but here goes"

Kamul says, "When I was fresh off the turnip farm, a kind master and lord of the realms took time ta explain ta me the difference between the orders. One being of noble nature and the other self-indulgent. I have chosen to walk the noble path. I have nuttin against COL. Tis the path they have chosen ta walk, as is anyone's right."

Meguas nods.

Kamul says, "We need to be like that kind master"

Kamul says, "and present the choices to the youngins"

Kamul says, "and explain what each is about"

Meguas nods.

Kismia nods.

Kamul says, "then they will understand the meaning of each"

Kamul says, "not the benefits ta be reaped"

Kamul says, "ok, mouth zipped"

Aonghus points at Dresdena.

Aonghus blushes a nice shade of off-pink.

Aonghus says, "Dresdena, yer turn."

Dresdena says, "thank you Aonghus"

Dresdena says, "well, as Kamul, I too had a kind person tell me of VOln, my Daddy Gwalmachei, when I was very young, and I do not believe CoL is the enemy, but a group of misguided souls, and we can only help them by showing through our actions of kindness, fraternity, and helpfulness the true error of the path that they have chosen."

Dresdena says, "we can do no other way than by example"

Dresdena says, "the issue of bigger undead is moot"

Dresdena says, "the powers that we have are limited, to fight undead effectively, we must band together in groups or hunt down"

Dresdena says, "Group hunting with everyone helps all, and promots the fraternity"

Dresdena says, "the hunting down is because we do not have the extra oomph the gods gave the other organization...... we grow slower, but we grow better"

Dresdena says, "And I think that if anyone is in this organization for their own benefit, they should reconsider their commitment"

Kamul nods to Dresdena.

Kamul applauds.

Dresdena says, "So, go get your mastership, remember all those who helped you to get there, and treat others with the guidance you were treated to"

Dresdena says, "Bless for everyone if you have the favor"

Kismia nods to Dresdena.

Dresdena says, "help those in need, and show that we are different in spirit from the other organization"

Kismia nods to Dresdena.

Kismia says, "well put"

Dresdena says, "and yes, I sound like a ranger scout, but I am"

Dresdena says, "so that's the end of it"

Kismia applauds.

Aonghus points at Rollocks.

Aonghus says, "Yer turn."

Rollocks says, "well I could talk fer days about my views of the voln and the bathouse, but I won't."

Rollocks says, "I'd like to hear from ye all -- cause many of ye think my views are wrong"

Rollocks says, "what I am mst interested in is, how do you think we should treat the misguided filth."

Meguas rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Kamul says, "like people"

Rollocks says, "that leaves our order"

Kamul says, "as they are"

Meguas says, "Not like filth, as misguded souls."

Aonghus says, "With kindness an' compassion, in th'hopes tha' we can redirect them t' th'more enlightened path...t'guide them awa' frae th' horrors they hae succombed tae."

Rollocks says, "after many years of service of freeing undead"

Gartt says, "These individuals are not our foes."

Kamul nods to Gartt.

Rollocks says, "in order to trade in their soul for power"

Turgen nods to Gartt.

Kismia says, "but most folk carry on as though nothing happened except their attack and mana supply increased"

Rollocks says, "bear in mind that that know our ways nad they gave them up"

Kismia shrugs.

Aonghus says, "Bu' tha' hae naught t'do wi' Voln. I'd rather see them in nae group than i'CoL. But ye cannae force '' insultin' 'em will chust mak' 'em maire determined t'remain."

Rollocks says, "and they can never, never, never return"

Aonghus says, "But they can leave, an' be freelance."

Aonghus says, "An' thus, regain their souls. E'en if they dinnae join us."

Rollocks asks, "but how is compassion gonna help them?"

Narog gazes heavenward.

Meguas says, "well, they do pay a price for there quick power.."

Dresdena says, "but I think Rollocks is talking about the unredeemable"

Aonghus says, "Through compassion do others learn."

Aonghus says, "An' if they be nae redeemable..."

Rollocks says, "i have been tempted many times to flush my soul away"

Aonghus says, "They hae chosen their path."

Dresdena says, "Those who knew our ways and turned away and can never return"

Meguas says, "They lose spirit...and can die"

Aonghus says, "We can mourn their souls."

Kamul says, "lack of compassion is what is driving them away"

Meguas says, "by the hands of col"

Gartt asks, "Ye can only lead by example. If ye show callousness and rudeness to them, then why would they ever desire to be in a brotherhood with ye?"

Rollocks says, "but the thought of being scorned by this brotherhood prevents me from doing so"

Meguas asks, "What is cols, full name?"

Kismia says, "no, lack of power is what takes folk and fear they will run out of ability"

Kismia sighs.

Jareal says, "Council of Light"

Kamul says, "council of light"

Meguas asks, "And volns?"

Meguas rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Meguas says, "Oh wait..voln is ours"

Dresdena says, "the Order of Voln"

Meguas chuckles.

Geijon says, "I think that over some time you have mended some of your beliefs for the better. I hope you continue to do so Rollocks and we do not think you views are wrong. Just often times extreme."

Geijon bows to Rollocks.

Aonghus says, "Excuse me."

Meguas says, "Council of light kinda...makes it sound...good.."

Aonghus says, "Le' us bring this back t'th' true topic."

Meguas nods.

Rollocks says, "well I have been called barbaric at times"

Aonghus says, "We aire nae here t' fight th' Council o' Lies."

Rollocks makes a horrendously wet and sticky ordeal of clearing his throat and spits straight up into the air!

Rollocks puffs out his armor and catches the sticky missile! Weirdo!

Turgen nods to Aonghus.

Aonghus says, "We aire here t' discuss how t' improve Voln."

Kismia nods to Aonghus.

Aonghus says, "Now, Rollocks, please tak' it back t' th' topic a' hand, an' spak' yer piece."

Kamul says, "guidance is they way ta improve our order"

Rollocks says, "well that was what I ws interested in -- I'l pass the chair to someone who is hopefully wiser"

Aonghus says, "Nae wiser. Mebbe less extreme."

Aonghus grins.

Narog coughs.

Meguas says, "Roll, wizdom comes in many diff ways"

Aonghus points at Narog.

Aonghus says, "Yer turn, Narog."

Narog says, "Ok"

Narog says, "First of all, I have sat a watched everything an listend to whats been said. I would like to comend Kismia for the works she put into this."

Kismia says, "bah...didn't do much"

Narog says, "Ok now to more important things. First thing id like to say is on this "more undead" topic. Ive looked at most all of you an even thoes in monestary, an very few of you face the challenges that myself or Kismia face. Releasing undead is what we do,Ill agre there."

Narog says, "But...imagine the land with masters which have no favor."

Jareal nods.

Daegot nods.

Narog says, "Why..because we can no longer gain from the eldest thing there is."

(Aonghus massages his brow, shaking his head.)

Rollocks says, "well if there be no undead -- I'll hvae no need of favor"

Narog says, "Which at this point si soul golems."

Aonghus says, "Rollocks...shhhh."

Aonghus says, "I agree, bu' shhh."

Aonghus grins.

Rollocks hangs his head.

Narog says, "Ok now on to something different."

Narog says, "An this does have to do with CoL."

Narog says, "Ive spent many a night an day hunting undead,an I've seen more of them there than any of us."

Narog says, "Gaining from what we should be doing."

Narog says, "Ive also seen many of us blessing weapons for them."

Kismia says, "yes, why do they release the undead? that's never made any sense to me..."

Rollocks squints at Kismia.

(Aonghus puts his finger to his lips, and smiles to Kismia.)

Rollocks gasps.

Narog says, "To gain silver."

Narog says, "material thing."

Kismia says, "but...."

Kismia touches one finger to her lips.

Jareal begins chuckling at Kismia.

Narog says, "It was a sad day when I heard that clerics with more than so many spells could bless magic weapons."

Narog says, "When to me that was one of our key pourposes."

(Aonghus massages the bridge of his nose again.)

Narog says, "Ok now on to another topic."

Narog coughs.

Rollocks nods to Narog.

Narog says, "Ive seem to have lots my train of thought."

Narog glances at Dresdena.

Aonghus laughs!

Kismia giggles.

Aonghus rubs Narog gently.

Kismia rubs Narog gently.

Dresdena giggles.

Dresdena blushes a nice shade of off-pink.

Kismia raises an eyebrow in Dresdena's direction.

Kismia grins.

Narog says, "But I will coment on that."

Narog says, "I do not chase them off when I see them,I mind my buisness an they theirs,but.."

Kismia asks, "Dresdena, are you distracting Narog?"

Kismia just nudged Dresdena.

Dresdena asks, "do I distract anyone?"

Dresdena gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

Aonghus says, "Dresdena...stop bein' beautiful frae ae moment, an' let th'boy think."

Rollocks nods to Dresdena.

Aonghus winks at Dresdena.

Narog says, "I will not bless weapons for them under any circumstances."

Daegot nods to Narog.

Narog says, "On that point let them find a monk."

Kismia raises her hand.

Aonghus looks over at Kismia and shakes his head.

Kismia bites her lip.

A pained expression crosses Kismia's face.

Aonghus asks, "Aire ye done, Narog?"

Narog says, "No,but id like to hear what she has to say,since we started this whole thing."

A pained expression crosses Rollocks's face.

Aonghus says, "Aye, she'll hae her piece again, I assure ye."

Aonghus says, "Bu' by Ronan, an' I can bite me tongue..."

Aonghus winks.

Aonghus winks at Kismia.

Kismia nods to Aonghus.

Aonghus says, "An' wait me next turn..."

Aonghus chuckles.

Kismia says, "as can I"

Aonghus says, "Finish yer piece...we'll get back t'her."

Narog says, "Ok then ill continue with my last topic."

Narog rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Narog says, "Hmm seems ive forgotten what I was gonna say,old age I guess."

Narog says, "Ill pass the floor."

Aonghus points at Kismia.

Kismia exclaims, "'alrigh!"

Kismia says, "er alright"

Kismia clears her throat.

Kismia asks, "why? can someone please tell me why do I see a wra..well you know...sorcerer standing all afternoon in wraiths?"

Kismia says, "in wind wraiths that is"

Aonghus says, "I will when 'tis me turn, Kismia."

Aonghus smiles.

Kismia says, "where there is no coin"

Thorin says, "Dat's easy."

Thorin removes a small glowing vial from inside his grey backpack.

Narog taps a small glowing vial.

Thorin shows Kismia his glowing vial.

Thorin chuckles.

Kismia says, "but he doesn't use vials"

Thorin put a small glowing vial inside his grey backpack.

Kismia asks, "a sorcerer?"

Kismia says, "he's no need of vials"

Thorin says, "'E ken sells 'em on dis side. Ye'd be amazed."

Kamul mutters something about powerhunters.

Kismia says, "ah"

Kismia rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Kismia says, "maybe"

Narog taps a pure potion.

Narog taps a small glowing vial.

Rollocks says, "skinners are vial"

Meguas asks, "If we ever serve our purpose...does voln vanish?"

Aonghus nods.

Meguas asks, "Then we join col?"

Kismia asks, "and why can the distribution of mana be so slanted that another sorcerer can stand and GARDEN for pete's sake in pyros?"

Aonghus says, "Nae."

Kismia grumbles.

(Aonghus puts the finger to his lips.)

Narog says, "May I add something Kismia"

Aonghus says, "Let Kismia finish askin' her questions."

Kismia says, "these I swear are my personal peeves"

Meguas says, "I though we were just going out of order, sorry"

Aonghus stands up.

Kismia says, "I want no more but that is repulsive..."

Kismia says, "alright I'm done"

Gartt asks, "If evil had naught to offer, how would it tempt?"

Aonghus says, "All right."

Aonghus asks, "I've got another big piece t'say, then I'll pass it t'th'next...

Aonghus says, "Th' answers an' comments I hae aire mannae."

Aonghus says, "First o' all, Kismia..."

Kismia nods.

Aonghus says, "An' Narog..."

Aonghus says, "I ken, ye aire high trainin's, ae blessin' nae Warrior gets half as easily as annae other profession..."

Aonghus says, "Nor do I try annaemaire."

Aonghus says, "This be ae blessin' an' ae curse a' th'same time."

Aonghus says, "Aye, ye aye aire gannae hae trouble findin' aught o' th' undead t'learn frae."

Narog nods.

Aonghus says, "But learnin' be nae th' reason ye shoul' hunt undead."

Aonghus says, "An' aye, others get favors, an' ye dinnae."

Aonghus says, "But then...spellcasters rilly dinnae *need* th' favor, an' favor be nae th' purpose o' fitin' undead."

Aonghus says, "Gettin' rid o' them is."

Turgen nods to Aonghus.

Aonghus says, "An' I, frae one, dinnae care if th' CoL be killin' 'em or me."

Aonghus says, "As long as th' spooks get released."

Kismia says, "true enough but still makes no sense that they would"

Aonghus says, "'tis why I would help annae destroy th' undead."

Aonghus says, "It dinnae need tae mak' sense t'me."

Aonghus says, "If th' spooks aire freed...'tis wha' matters."

Turgen nods.

Kismia nods.

Aonghus says, "I will nae now, nor e'er aid them by skinnin' or by aidin' in their tasks."

Thorin nods to Aonghus.

Aonghus says, "An' I will ne'er let ae CoL member use dark mana t' help me."

Kismia says, "suppose you're right"

Kismia nods.

Aonghus says, "An' they wrack, they dinnae spell me up."

Aonghus says, "An' this be ae well-kent thing."

Kismia nods.

Kismia says, "absolutely"

Aonghus says, "I will nae be tainted by the corruption...but I will do wha' I can...e'en if it means blessin' their swords...t' serve th' purpose I swore tae." Aonghus says, "I did nae swear tha' I would single-handedly free all undead."

Aonghus says, "I swore tha' I would aid in th' goal o' doin' so."

Kismia nods to Aonghus.

Aonghus says, "An' th' wa' I see't...helpin' annae...e'en CoL' tha' task is doin' me Vow."

Thorin nods to Aonghus.

Aonghus says, "I am nae in competition wi' CoL."

Kismia says, "yes true enough"

Aonghus says, "I dinnae need t' race 'em in how mannae spooks I free, versus how mannae they free."

Aonghus says, "Me grief frae th' loss o' their souls is personal."

Jarleth says, "you have not had to endure life on Starsnuffer's Isle' recently, me brother"

Aonghus says, "An' ye can ask Lady Taamlyn how adamant I am on't."

Kismia nods.

Jarleth bows to Aonghus.

Aonghus asks, "Jarleth?"

Aonghus says, "I will ne'er go back t' Snob Isle."

Aonghus says, "Frae mannae reasons."

Aonghus says, "One bein' me fear o' drownin'."

Kamul chuckles.

Kismia says, "we've made inroads there"

Thorin grins.

Aonghus says, "Another bein' me capture by th' Krolvin Pirates."

Jarleth nods to Aonghus.

Aonghus says, "An' th' greatest reason bein' th' sheer snobbery o' tha' foul place."

Turgen nods to Aonghus.

Aonghus says, "But again. I see nae reason t' put mesel' in ae race."

Aonghus says, "Perhaps tha' be why, after sae lang, I watched Simmer go frae bein' ae newborn t' bein' three or so times as auld as I were, in a few months."

Aonghus says, "Perhaps tha' be why I still struggle t' be 35...when those who came after me return hae gotten twenty trainin's."

Aonghus says, "But it dinnae matter."

Aonghus says, "Life be nae aboon power."

Jarleth says, "i refuse to be a bullied peasant in any world"

Aonghus says, "It be aboon' bein' th' best YE can be."

Geijon nods to Aonghus.

Kismia says, "You speak wisdom, Aonghus"

Aonghus says, "It be nae aboon' worryin' aboon' if th' other person is misled...bu' tryin' t'help them see th' right path."

Aonghus says, "There is redemption frae all."

Aonghus says, "E'en those who hae left Voln frae CoL CAN be redeemed."

Aonghus says, "Mebbe nae back intae Voln..."

Toren asks, "i would like to speak, perhaps i can help with your question Kismia?"

Aonghus says, "But Voln might nae be their path."

Aonghus says, "But they can choose *neither.*"

Aonghus says, "An' in tha' choice o'er CoL, hae they found redemption."

Aonghus says, "An' when ye nae langer get favors..."

Aonghus says, "Ye can aid th' Purpose in other wa's."

Jareal asks, "excuse me please milord Aonghus, but ye did say we would each get to say a piece?"

Aonghus says, "Ye can teach."

Aonghus asks, "What nobler purpose than tha'?"

Aonghus nods to Jarleth.

Aonghus says, "Ye hae spells? Use THEM."

Aonghus says, "What matters be nae th' competition."

Aonghus says, "Wha' matters is tha' YE aire th' best YE can be."

Kismia says, "I agree"

Caerwich asks, "competition?"

Aonghus says, "Aye, I grieve th' loss o' souls."

Caerwich rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Aonghus says, "I grieve each one who leaves th' Order frae tha' foul organization."

Aonghus says, "Bu' I will nae fight 'em. I will try me darndest t'teach..."

Jareal asks, "MIlord Aonghus ye started this meeting out wonerfully it moved quickly, many got to say their piece what has happened?"

Aonghus says, "Bu' they hae t'want t'listen."

Aonghus says, "So it tak's time."

Caerwich asks, "I never knew there was a competition. could somone enlighten me please?"

Aonghus says, "Aye, ye'll get yer turn, Jareal. Trust me."

Toren says, "id like a turn to Aonghus; to directly address Kismia's concern.

Meguas says, "There isn't"

Aonghus sighs.

Aonghus says, "Or not."

Aonghus says, "Aye, Toren. E'eryone will get ae turn."

Aonghus says, "An' th' competition I spak' o' is "They free mairen' I. They learn fastern' I."

Aonghus says, "Now, I've said tha' piece."

Aonghus says, "'tis Toren's turn, since Jar did nae hae th' patience t'wait."

Kamul says, "heh, a whole pie methinks"

Kamul just tickled Aonghus.

Aonghus smiles at Kamul.

Jarleth nods to Aonghus.

Aonghus says, "Aye, ae pie."

Aonghus smiles.

Kamul grins.

Aonghus says, "But there were ae lot o' slivers t' answer."

Aonghus winks.

Ealra says, "but what slivers did ye answer but preach"

Ealra says, "sorry"

Narog says, "An I shall again wait my turn to comment on what you said."

Kismia asks, "so who's up?"

Kismia asks, "Jareal?"

Kismia smiles at Aonghus.

Turgen says, "I'm very sorry fair brothers and sisters, but alas I must depart from this meet, I thank you M'lady Kismia and Lords Aonghus and Narog for your words, please all of you stay well."

Kamul says, "Toren is"

Aonghus says, "Toren is. Jareal ra...ah, he be back. He'll get his turn after Toren, then."

Toren says, "i am not a good speaker, but here are my thoughts.."

Caerwich asks, "please forgive me for this, but I came late. what is the subject of conversation here?"

Toren says, "i agree with Kismia, there IS a competition"

Jareal asks, "does anyone know?"

Kismia says, "Voln mostly"

Kismia smiles at Caerwich.

Toren says, "and it is unbalanced that the unlife powers gives so much more power to those in the bathclub than those who are not"

Toren says, "which i believe to be the dark gods aiding the bathclub albeit clandestinely or not"

Kismia asks, "unlife give power?"

Kismia babbles something unintelligible.

Narog says, "He's right."

Kismia says, "oooooo...reminds me...."

Toren says, "well, for Voln"

Kismia bites her lip.

Caerwich says, "I disagree"

Kismia fidgets.

Kismia asks, "what happened?"

Toren says, "when the order first came about, the gods specifically said the order of Voln was not to combat the bathclub. its unfortunate that the Lords of Liabo did not truely give us help with an order to directly resist the bathclub"

Narog peers quizzically at Toren.

Caerwich says, "people who serve themselves will allways appear more powerful, but those who work together are a power untothemselves. we aren't loners but a group dedicated to releasin the undead. if you wanted power then you are in the wrong order"

Kismia says, "got awfully quiet"

(Aonghus places a finger up and smiles at Caerwich.)

Kismia says, "ah"

Toren says, "your point makes sense to me Caerwich"

Jareal says, "please Caerwich we are nae doin a roundtable but individual soapboxes"

Caerwich says, "sorry. told ye I came late"

Caerwich blushes a nice shade of off-pink.

Toren says, "but Voln just came for help on his own mission to release the undead"

Toren says, "its unfortunate thats all the help he would give us and the bathclub is still more powerful"

Kamul says, "thus we build in spirit and faith for what we lack in power"

Kamul whistles tunelessly to himself.

Kamul says, "sorry"

Toren says, "till the day the Lords of Liabo directly intervene and help the lands against the bathclub, Voln will not be in direct competition with it"

Kismia says, "where are our Gods anyway...." Toren says, "here are my thoughts on the isle"

Kismia whistles tunelessly to herself.

(Aonghus murmurs "thank Ronan frae tha'.")

Kismia examines her fingernails.

Kamul points up.

Toren says, "i suggest that Voln and bathclub powers not work on isle at all"

Toren says, "it is too far away from the central points of power here"

Jarleth says, "a damn good idea"

Toren says, "and sides, the dwarves smithen gods should have influence there"

Thorin rubs a mithril Eonak symbol.

Toren smiles.

Kismia nods to Toren.

Kismia says, "oh my"

Kismia rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Aonghus says, "Woul' be funnae an' one o' them tried t' return usin' their dark power...on th'' ended up in th' Bathhouse...HERE."

Aonghus ducks his head.

Aonghus grins.

Jareal says, "no the elven smythes"

Toren says, "or, we can all petition and plead to Voln to give us more 'power' to help the undead..say we are too weak against all the undead, voln fu doesnt work, sym of courage is funky etc etc"

(Aonghus tries to smother the impish look in his eyes.)

Kismia says, "no need to smother it among us"

Krisenfest says, "I think Voln has subtle advantages, but I see what Toren says about power" Krisenfest smiles at Toren. Toren says, "im sorry, i am just looking from the 'power' standpoint...being a wiz dependent on mana like Kismia...i try to help steer corruption away from the bathhouse too in league with my house"

Aonghus blushes a nice shade of off-pink.

Krisenfest nods to Toren.

Dresdena smiles at Toren.

Toren says, "thats it from me.."

Aonghus points at Jareal.

Jarleth bows to Toren.

(Toren bows to all of you)

Jareal says, "thank ye milord Aounghus"

Kismia says, "and there is a competition ...for pools etc...though I wish it wasn't so..."

Toren says, "thank you all from hearing me"

Kismia bites her lip.

Kismia whistles tunelessly to herself.

Kismia just hugged Toren.

Kismia says, "good thoughts, Toren"

Jareal says, "I am most likely the youngest one here today"

Jareal says, "as I have been in the lands but a few months"

Aonghus says, "Um. Gartt...Ealra, Jareal."

Jareal says, "I joined Voln for three reasons"

Kismia smiles at Jareal.

Aonghus exclaims, "An' yer ae laird already!"

Aonghus flails his arms about.

Jareal says, "aye Ealra be younger"

Gartt smiles at Aonghus.

Jareal says, "I nae know of gartt"

Kismia chuckles.

Aonghus says, "Sheesh. Took me ae year or so t'mak' Laird. Ye cannae be ae fiter."

Jareal says, "besides da point"

Aonghus winks at Jarleth.

Jareal says, "I joined Voln for three reasons"

Jareal says, "Family, Goodness and rewards"

Jarleth just hugged Aonghus.

Jarleth laughs!

Caerwich asks, "rewards?"

Kismia says, "least you're honest"

Jareal says, "I do nae feel there is anything wrong with Power"

Jareal says, "but how the power is obtained and how it is used"

Jareal says, "as many of ye i believe"

Kismia nods to Jarleth.

Kismia says, "er"

Jareal says, "that goodness should be rewarded and evil punished"

Kismia nods to Jareal.

Dresdena nods to Jarleth.

Geijon nods to Thorin.

Jareal says, "but the gods of this land evidently nae see it that way"

Daegot chuckles.

Aonghus says, "(in a brief whisper) Evil reformed."

Jareal says, "and so i have nae recourse to that"

Jareal says, "therefore i will talk nae of the other"

Jareal says, "but of Voln"

Aonghus nods.

Kismia says, "true...that's troubling"

Jareal says, "I have heard that voln has troubles"

Jareal says, "being young i nae know exactly what those are"

Toren nods to Jareal.

Jareal says, "i have nae really heard from ye elders yet what is truly wrong"

Jareal says, "some say that the wrong is that the others are too powerful..."

Jareal says, "we can nae go by others"

Jareal says, "some say that as elders ye can nae get favor"

Jareal says, "what i have seen as a problem as a youth"

Jareal says, "in this age of overcrowding"

Jareal says, "is nae one to help the young voln member"

Jareal says, "many is the time i have tried to get blesses"

Kismia hangs her head.

Kismia says, "that is shameful"

Gartt nods to Jareal.

Jareal says, "and no one will relinquish any favor that i may learn"

Thorin nods to Jarleth.

Daegot coughs.

Daegot just nudged Jareal.

Jareal asks, "do i wish power?"

Jareal says, "aye"

Jareal asks, "why?"

Jareal says, "there are many things in this land i wish to do"

Jareal says, "that only as an elder i can do"

Jareal says, "enchant, etc"

Toren nods to Jarleth.

Jareal says, "i learn through experience"

Toren nods to Jareal.

Toren blushes a nice shade of off-pink.

Jareal says, "i get experience throught hunting"

Jareal says, "through the goodness shown by Lord Voln"

Jareal says, "i have chosen to hunt undead" Kismia smiles at Jareal.

Daegot nods to Jareal.

Jareal says, "and he gives me rewards"

Jareal says, "as long as those rewards alow me to hunt and to learn"

Jareal says, "i care nae bout others"

Jareal asks, "but do they?"

Jareal says, "that i invite the elders to tell me"

Jareal says, "thank ye"

Kismia frowns.

Caerwich says, "I'd like to reply a lil please"

Geijon smiles.

Jareal says, "i am finished"

Jarleth says, "ill speak next, if I may"

Caerwich asks, "is it somone elses turn?"

Kismia says, "no wait"

Kismia asks, "who was to go after Jareal?"

Thorin says, "Now dere goes a man wot be a legend fer suren, nae matt'r wot da books says."

Thorin grins.

Jareal nods to Thorin.

Kismia nods to Thorin.

Kismia says, "so very true"

Jareal says, "legend is nae just age"

Narog scoffs.

Dresdena nods to Thorin.

Caerwich says, "nae, sure, either me or jarleth. I'll bow down to me elder"

Caerwich sits down.

Thorin nods to Jareal.

Kismia asks, "Gartt, did you have something?"

Jarleth bows to Caerwich.

Daegot rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Gartt smiles.

Jarleth says, "me time grows short again"

Kismia says, "sh"

Kismia says, "er ah"

Kismia ducks her head.

Gartt says, "I fear that what I say will not aid ye today, m'lady. I will hold it for a later time."

Gartt smiles at Kismia.

Kismia says, "go Jarl"

Kismia just hugged Gartt.

Jarleth says, "first ill adress jar's concern"

Narog gazes heavenward.

Jarleth says, "all you need to to get spelling and blesses is use sym rec and be patient"

Jarleth says, "ill give ye a bless afore ye leave here that will last for days"

Kismia smiles at Jarleth.

Jarleth winks.

Gartt says, "I've been chastised twice by aged priests, in Voln's very courtyard, Lord Jarleth."

Jareal says, "aye Gartt the same here"

Jarleth says, "ask master"

Daegot nods to Gartt.

Jareal says, "by masters"

Jarleth says, "use the symbol and whisper to them"

Gartt nods to Jareal.

Jareal says, "aye and be called a begger milord"

Jarleth says, "if they cant, ask another"

Jareal says, "and a bother for whispering"

Jarleth says, "dont ask clerics...they are busy saving people"

Inkin says, "The members like that are a reason we are a weak "brotherhood"

Jarleth says, "the best bets are ranger, bard and sorc masters"

Jareal nods.

Caerwich chuckles.

Jarleth says, "ive given hundres, maybe thousands of blesses"

Jareal says, "aye milord and Ye son takes after ye"

Caerwich says, "the griffen sword. I've used it many a times"

Jarleth says, "the old way was to use the symbol and whisper, especially in the town"

Thorin says, "I'll admits ta bein' stingy wi' blesses, speshully jes' aff'r I became a Mast'r an' I were scroungin' fer favor fer thoughts."

Thorin ducks his head.

Thorin says, "I likes ta t'inks I's gott'n bett'r, tho."

Jarleth says, "that sword was put there for young col to poach our hunting grounds"

(Jarleth spits)

Gartt smiles at Thorin.

Toren nods to Jarleth.

Jarleth says, "as any with sense know"

Geijon stands up.

Geijon says, "I must take my leave for a special meeting and I have to represent our home"

"After this some things were put into action that would help to further the teachings and ways of Voln. Due to the fact that many of the strongest supporters in the lands as a whole are the members of the House of the Rising Phoenix some of our members came up with some of the following ideas. Currently the Voln Church is being formed. Contained within it it will be clergy and/or masters of the Order of Voln and members of Phoenix as well as three officers much as a House has. It will be run in a joint effort along with Phoenix and will further spread the teachings of the Lords of Liabo to the main populace of the world of Elanthia so that people may have a greater understanding of the lands as well as morality, honor and knowledge. We hope this will be a boom of common good and friendship within the lands. Classes to teach and tours by Masters will also be provided in the future. We hope that everyone can partake even in some small way on spreading the good faith and the ways of the Lords of Liabo."
~Geijon Khyree~