House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

The Great Silver Quest

Phoentos, Day 23, in the Year 5108

Hail all!

Frontier Days Phoenix event.

In game news 4 27....Frontier Days is coming up! FEASTDAY, 23rd of Phoenatos. (Saturday, August 23rd) 18. House Phoenix hosts "The Great Silver Quest" at 5pm elven outside the Warrior's Guild in a brilliant crimson canvas tent with a rising phoenix over the entrance. A scavenger relay race that requires contestants to arrive at certain locations, receive a token, be given a new clue, and away they go!

In a nut shell....there will be up to but no more than 20 players in this game. What we need for the House is volunteers! We need some folks to step up, and contribute a couple of hours of their time. What you will be doing is standing in one room, holding a sack of a certain stick. When someone comes into your room, and asks if you have the next clue, react how you wish, give them the stick and their next clue to lead them to their next room. During this entire event, you will need either a house pin, or a supply of crystal amulets, so you can THINK to me, when someone gets a stick from you. I will have the name of everyone participating in the event, and will keep track of them through thoughts.

For those of you who do volunteer, I will need you to show up AT LEAST thirty minutes prior to the event starting so I can escort you to the room you will be in, and give you the clue that you will be giving out, as well as the sack of sticks. Some of these rooms ARE in hunting type areas, so make sure you can defend yourself if need be. All of the rooms are in the general landing area. Each volunteer will only know of their room that they are in, and the clue they are to give to the next room.

Honor always,
~Tebon Hawggweiler
House Phoenix Treasurer

The Results

Hail all! went off with almost no problems today. After a wee bit of a delay in getting started, folks dragging in to participate....we held the Quest.

I would like to personally thank Moswell, Springwell, Mourdeyan, Sargien, Adyr, Dimwitt, Cosannie, Denissa, Morgiest, Armundia, and Shirkon for volunteering their time and effort today.

Drugal was the winner, though at the end it was close, for he barely beat Plur back to the tent. Lylleyn placed third.