House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Summer Splash - 2004

A great time was hads by everyone what attended. Only snag was da dance tent nevah gots erected sa da final event was a Best Dressed contest. Lotta food, drink and most especially cookies.


The Event Listings was as follows:

The House of the Rising Phoenix announces a Summer Splash house party to be held on Saturday August 28th, 2004 at 12 noon elven. On the schedule are games, a trivia contest, and many door prizes. Please join us in the fun: eat, drink, dance and play games for prizes! Smaller door prizes will be awarded as well.

Here is a tentative schedule of events with all times elven (eastern)

12:00 noon Welcome speech by our new chairman, Shirkon
12:30 pm - Prayer of thanksgiving in the house temple
1:00 pm Diving Contest - Poolside
3:00 pm Trivia Contest - Poolside
6:00 pm Drag Races
9:00 pm Summer Splash Ball
9:00 pm - Dance contest judged by the officers
First prize for each event will be 1 million, 500K for second and 250K for third!