House of the Rising Phoenix - The Arkati Volumes

The Arkati Forum

The Arkati forum was held on April 28, 1998, conducted by GM Varevice.

[Global Assembly Room]
The room is so full you can see nothing around you! The only thing that you can make out is the stage with a podium on it. A lone light shines down upon the podium.
Obvious exits: out.

In a shadow you notice a pair of large bat wings curled tightly about something. Slowly the wings unfold to reveal Varevice. She stretches, extending her wings to their widest span before settling them about her shoulders, hooking the spurs together like a brooch.

Varevice smiles.
Varevice yawns, showing a set of sharp white fangs.
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "Hello all...please forgive me if I miss returning hugs, kisses, and other things. I'm going cross-eyed."
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "I'm going to shut the room up now so we can try to think."
Varevice winks.

Varevice calls the assembly to order. After a moment the crowd quiets down.

Varevice says, "Okay. First of all, thank you all for coming."
Varevice says, "I've never run a forum before, so if it's a bit rough, bear with me."
Varevice grins.

Varevice says, "Let me throw one more announcement into the winds, then I'll get us going."
Varevice says, "Okay, let's get this roe on the shoad."
Varevice says, "I don't really have an agenda tonight, since I figured you'd rather be able to ask as many questions as possible than listen to me give a sermon."
Varevice winks.
Varevice says, "I'm going to be opening it up for 25 questions at a time, and depending on how it goes, will likely open it a few times."
Varevice smiles.
Varevice says, "So think up your we go."

Varevice takes the lid off the question box. Use ASK to submit a question.

Varevice says, "Okay, looks like it's closed already."
Varevice says, "Now, let's see if this bat can figure out how to get the questions asked."
Varevice grins.

Varevice says, "Matubaa says, 'Well, I'm curious. Marlu's description is rather vauge, it's obvious he's a demon though. The question is, is he an Ur-demon, and why does he side with the arkata?'"
Varevice says, "Marlu...well, let's take a look at him."
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "For those of you not familiar with the name, I'll give a brief description...."
Varevice says, "Marlu is of the pantheon of Lornon (dark). Associated with Demonic Summoning, Destruction, and Power. Looks kinda like a tentacled Vruul."
Varevice says, "His dinner parties are really boring."
Varevice closes the question box.
Varevice says, "Forgot to do that."
Varevice blushes a nice shade of off-pink.
Varevice says, "Marlu is a nasty fellow that I believe we'll start learning a lot more about as demonic summoning is implemented...."
Varevice says, "And hush, it will too be."
Varevice winks.
Varevice says, "As his description says, rumor has it he's an Ur-Daemon, like rumor says that Koar is the last of the Drakes."
Varevice says, "And while I'm not going to give a definate answer, since this is something you're really going to want to see for yourselves...."
Varevice says, "I WILL say that I wouldn't put it past him to be an Ur-Daemon, or at least one powerful demon himself."
Varevice smiles.
Varevice says, "And yes, I will give definate answers tonight."
Varevice winks.

Varevice says, "Kaghi says, 'Why don't the Gods interact with us? We hear of them, but only see them occasionaly. If they're the Gods of these lands, why don't they come around some to observe, talk, watch, etc., but not necissarily to fight or kill.'"
Varevice asks, "Who says the gods don't interact with you?"
Varevice says, "What's that nice to strangers, for thereby many have entertained angels unawares."
Varevice says, "The fact is that the gods are indeed about, but not always where you can see them. If you could always see them, it wouldn't be nearly so special or spectacular when you DID."
Varevice says, "But they are there...watching, walking with you, and sometimes, interfering."
Varevice says, "So I wouldn't expect to see them more often, but do watch for them."
Varevice winks.

Varevice says, "Vaeyre says, 'I like the idea of the Arkati having finite power, even if it's incredible finite power. Like Sheru having around a 3000 CS, I hear. Exact numbers don't matter. Does that mean a 3000 CS is Sheru's permanent CS? Do the Arkati have set finite power, or power as the situation requires?'"
Varevice says, "The gods are nothing if not predictable."
Varevice winks.
Varevice says, "Err...unpredictable."
Varevice babbles something unintelligible.
Varevice says, "So if Sheru showed up as more powerful, or less powerful...well, that wouldn't surprise me."
Varevice says, "The gods are hardly going to show you all their tricks, I'd say."

Varevice says, "Olthanor says, 'i would like to know the whole story of how gods ended up creating magic and started these lands'"
Varevice says, "Hmm."
Varevice says, "And that was direct, Vaeyre."
Varevice winks.
Varevice says, "Well, that one could take a while."
Varevice says, "Let me see if I can summarize for you...."
Varevice says, "Well, the Arkati, or gods as you know them, didn't really create the world."
Varevice says, "If you've read up on your history, looks to me like the drakes...or some other mysterious force...did."
Varevice says, "Which probably means magic existed before that."
Varevice says, "As to where magic came from...I'll leave that one to be defined at a later date, too. Suffice it to say, it was NOT the Arkati that created it."

Varevice says, "Tavarion says, 'Outside of the Landing, what kind of religious structures are set up to worship the Arkati? And will we ever see temple hierarchies, priesthoods, religious orders or the like in the Landing, other than Voln's lay-order?'"
Varevice says, "As new towns are opened, new areas explored, and new things found, you'll find that not all people worship the same way."
Varevice says, "Some people don't even worship the Arkati as you know them."
Varevice says, "Some people worship the same gods by different in Yuriqen, I believe."
Varevice says, "And most definately, Ta'Faendryl will be a worship system all of its own."
Varevice says, "As these new systems are developed, sure, I'd say it would be likely that you'd find other orders, Temples, etc...but I can't say for sure, not because I won't, but because the future hasn't happened yet."
Varevice says, "Personally, I'd love to see some."
Varevice smiles.
Varevice says, "Which means I'll probably create one or two when I have half a moment."
Varevice winks.

Varevice says, "Trekks says, 'Are there gonna be more shrines to the gods opened, and is an updated god list gonna be put on the web site'"
Varevice says, "Oh heck yeah."
Varevice chuckles.
Varevice says, "Koar's Shrine was just discovered last night...."
Varevice says, "And you can bet that more are coming."
Varevice says, "I plan on doing at least one, to Gosaena, at some point."
Varevice smiles.

Varevice says, "Trubloods says, 'So... Onar... anything new we need to know about em?'"
Varevice asks, "He's really not a nice fellow, and has horrible tastes in clothes?"
Varevice winks.
Varevice says, "Onar's a killer. It's what he does, what he loves, and what he's good at."
Varevice says, "Yes, Dark gods are my specialty."
Varevice says, "You might have guessed."
Varevice winks.
Varevice says, "As for what you need to know about him...well, I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley."
Varevice smiles.

Varevice says, "Oddysseus says, 'Are we going to see something about Fash'Lo'Nae... He's quite facinating, but awfully underdeveloped in terms of storyline'"
Varevice says, "Ah, Fashie."
Varevice says, "If Fash'lo'nae doesn't get further developed at some point, I'll eat my boots."
Varevice says, "Fash'lo'nae is a popular person, and while I haven't heard of any current plans to develop him, one thing I want to do is put out more information, shrines, more stories, more history, etc. of all the dark gods."
Varevice says, "So if someone else doesn't do it, I will."
Varevice says, "But I agree...they're ALL underdeveloped, really, and I want to fix that."
Varevice says, "I have a ton of stuff on my plate right now though, so if it doesn't happen tomorrow, don't be surprised."
Varevice winks.

Varevice says, "Therrek says, 'Hiya Varvice.. Congrats on the pregnancy! My question be, will there be any more Dark God invasions, or Light God invasions? Also will we ever get a shrine to the Drakes or to Lumnis?'"
Varevice blushes a nice shade of off-pink.
Varevice says, "Thank you, for your congrats."
Varevice smiles.
Varevice says, "Yes, folks, I AM pregnant in real life, three months' worth."
Varevice says, "First baby."
Varevice says, "With that out of the way...."
Varevice says, "As sure as the sun won't come up tomorrow...."
Varevice winks.
Varevice says, "There will be more invasions."
Varevice says, "And yes, the gods will always be involved, on occasion."
Varevice says, "As for the shrines, well, one to the Drake (Koar) was discovered yesterday."
Varevice smiles.
Varevice says, "It's a really lovely place, and is way up to the north. It's a hazardous trip, but worth it, I think."
Varevice says, "And I think Talairi has shrines plotted to most of the light gods."
Varevice says, "For those wondering why I brought up real life...well, shoot me. I'm pregnant and it's my first baby, so yeah, I'm gonna say something about it."
Varevice winks.

Varevice says, "Frorin says, 'is there any chance in the future to grant audience to devote '"
Varevice asks, "Frorin, I don't think you finished that one?"
Varevice nods to Frorin, who stands up to address the assembly.
Varevice says, "Go ahead and finish it."
Frorin says, "you closed the qustion box affor i could ask new"
Varevice says, "Sorry about that."
Varevice grins.
Frorin says, " is there any chance that rollplaying fedelity to a certain god might be rewarded in such ways as granting a subject audience with his or her god or some other sort of recognition, also is there any chance that folks can petition to build temples to the gods much like houses are built now? "
Having finished addressing the assembly Frorin sits back down.
Varevice says, "Thanks."
Varevice says, "Okay, let me see."
Varevice says, "Well, sometimes it happens already. Unfortunately, it's really, really difficult to keep track of everyone who's roleplaying being devoted very, very well."
Varevice says, "And understandably, everyone wants to be involved in their own personal event where they are the star. Heaven knows, I sure did."
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "That makes keeping everyone happy really tough."
Varevice says, "So while I would personally love to see devotion rewarded in that manner, I really don't know how feasible it is."
Varevice says, "As for petitioning for shrines to be built...well, Leya's shrine happened in a similar fashion, so I suppose the answer is yes."
Varevice says, "The best way to go about it...."
Varevice says, "Is to get yourself a group of devotees together, Commune, roleplay, etc. and have the leader write to Feedback, asking that the letter be directed to myself or Talairi."
Varevice says, "We'll take a look at it, and your group, etc. and if we like what we see, we may even see about building something."
Varevice smiles.
Varevice says, "For once, a fairly straight answer."
Varevice winks.

Varevice says, "Ranthur says, 'will we ever see shrines for the lesser known gods,such as Tonis?'"
Varevice says, "Leya's a lesser god, so very likely, yes."
Varevice says, "All depends on the interest, and on if a GM gets an idea for it."

Varevice says, "Drantag says, 'Has thought been given to the creation of more gods and goddesses? And possibly, will the worship of a certain god or goddess give one special powers or benefits?'"
Varevice says, "I pretty well answered the second part, I think."
Varevice says, "And yes, the creation of more gods and goddesses has indeed been pondered."
Varevice says, "I, personally, would like to see a few more, mostly for specialized new areas."
Varevice says, "I'd hardly expect everyone everywhere to worship the Arkati."
Varevice says, "Look for it more in new areas and new cities."
Varevice smiles.
Varevice says, "So, your answer is, yes."

Varevice says, "Shourn says, 'Varevice Will we see more involvement of the Arkati in the lands in the future?'"
Varevice says, "Well, yesterday, Lorminstra made a personal appearance."
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "V'Tull killed I think everyone on Teras once...."
Varevice says, "So yes, the gods and goddesses will make personal appearances from time to time."
Varevice says, "More or less depends on what the GMs are up to. Even we get writer's block."
Varevice grins.

Varevice says, "Flaer says, 'if andelas will be a more prominate god int eh future'"
Varevice says, "I am personally quite fond of Andelas."
Varevice says, "And yes, I've been pondering something for him."
Varevice says, "No, I'm not going to say what, most particularly because I don't know quite what I'm up to yet."
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "But yes, he's another one I really want to flesh out."

Varevice says, "Katara says, 'will the gods play a more active role in our daily lives in the future?'" Varevice says, "I think I've pretty well beaten that one into the ground."

Varevice says, "Aurec says, 'The statue at the GY gate is of Empress Gosaena. How does she fit into things, since she is listed as a minor deity?'"
Varevice says, "Oh Aurec, if you only knew."
Varevice chuckles.
Varevice says, "I have a very large flesh-out of Gosaena planned...and I think you're going to love her story."
Varevice smiles.
Varevice says, "So I'm not going to say much more, since I want you to see it for yourself."
Varevice grins.

Varevice says, "Rhank says, 'Vare is there gonna be a new group to honor a god?'"
Varevice says, "I'm not exactly sure what you mean."
Varevice nods to Rhank, who stands up to address the assembly.
Varevice says, "Go ahead and explain."
Varevice smiles.
Rhank says, "Thankee my question was any more groups like Voln but you answered i would like to know why healers nae get favor for healin undead victoms"
Having finished addressing the assembly Rhank sits back down.
Varevice says, "Thanks."
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "Well, first of all, that would be bloody hard to keep track of, if they were injured by an undead or not."
Varevice says, "That would take up a ton of system resources (yeah, I know, more OOC), and slow us down further."
Varevice says, "Secondly, I think Voln and Lorminstra expect that you realize that you're going to get hurt, and accept it as a consequence."
Varevice says, "So, since you're not really releasing undead by healing, you don't get any're just helping your brothers and sisters."

Varevice says, "Hact says, 'what the odds of gettin a box found are'"
Varevice says, "Only Lumnis knows for sure, and she isn't talking."
Varevice winks.

Varevice says, "Proxdel says, 'is there a God hierarchy'"
Varevice says, "Certainly there is."
Varevice smiles.
Varevice says, "Koar, as you know, is the King of the Gods."
Varevice says, "So he's at the head of it."
Varevice says, "They sort of filter down from there...if you haven't seen the gods document in the file libraries, I'd check it out. It gives a lot of that information."
Varevice says, "The hierarchy is pretty loose, though...there's a defined leader, a few that are very prominant at the top, and then they all sort of hang out below them."

Varevice says, "Siclo says, 'how will the gods effect the future of Elanthia?'"
Varevice says, "Wow, that's a tough one to give a direct answer to."
Varevice says, "The gods will always direct the future, but it'd always difficult to tell how until they do it."
Varevice says, "What that means is that they sort of influence it as the GMs are inspired."
Varevice grins.

Varevice says, "Jascious says, 'Now that the rift has been supposedly sealed, are the gods again able to go about their duties or are theys till occupied?'"
Varevice says, "Well, the Rift wasn't sealed, because not all the Chosen survived to close it."
Varevice says, "You can even hunt in it."
Varevice says, "But the gods don't seem to be hindered as they were, no."

Varevice says, "Zarclove says, 'how do we find out about the all the gods and their stories'"
Varevice says, "Well, Zarclove, there's a file in the file libraries that gives a brief description of each."
Varevice says, "I believe a Web area is being planned with information, and I know for a fact that I'm planning on doing much more information on the gods."
Varevice says, "And check out player Websites, like Laranna's Lair, for the basic information. And don't forget your local bard and cleric...they've always got good stories."
Varevice smiles.

Varevice says, "Twwig says, 'how long is this assembly, and does it make a difference what god ye follow, such as Lumnis?'"
Varevice says, "This assembly is as long as it takes."
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "No, following a certain god won't make me shut up faster...oh, sorry, that's not what you wanted to know."
Varevice says, "As I've already said, there's no real tangible benefit for it."
Varevice says, "Except the roleplay value, which is more valuable than most things."
Varevice smiles.
Varevice says, "Wow...I've finished off the questions."
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "Okay. I'm going to let you all talk for a can tell me if you'd like me to open it up again, or if I should pack it up and head back to my castle."
Varevice winks.

Varevice opens the floor back up for general discussion.

Varevice says, "Okay, everyone stretch a moment, keep your ideas in mind, babble your heads off, and then I'll hush you again as soon as I've gotten to stretch a little."
Varevice grins.

Varevice says, "Okay, I've gotten up and stretched, time to hush everyone."
Varevice grins.

Varevice calls the assembly to order. After a moment the crowd quiets down.

Varevice uncrosses yer eyes.
Varevice says, "Okay. I'm gonna open the box again."

Varevice takes the lid off the question box. Use ASK to submit a question.

Varevice says, "Yow. That was fast."
Varevice closes the question box.
Varevice says, "Let's get rolling...."

Varevice says, "Tulwin says, 'I have yet to see a servant of the arkati such as an immortal demi-god under their power and service...isn't it only reasonable that the arkati would have immortal beings of great power doing their chores on our mortal plane? (Actual human controlled NPC's which would would further the RPG value of Elanthia greatly)'"
Varevice says, "Perfectly reasonable, yes."
Varevice says, "And actually, you do see them, although you don't realize it."
Varevice says, "When you do a Commune, it isn't necessarily the god that answers."
Varevice says, "Gods are fairly busy folks, and their servants get to answer a lot of their mail, so to speak."
Varevice says, "And actually, a High Priest of Sheru showed up in Hearthstone the other day...."
Varevice says, "So, I would say that you'll likely see more of demi-godlike underlings in the future."
Varevice smiles.

Varevice says, "Josser says, 'Can you explain about how the commune spell is used, and when is a suitable time to employ it? Will gods aid with tips or tools in quests? Are special rituals necessary or is the spell all you need?'"
Varevice says, "Okay."
Varevice says, "A Commune is a general request for a God to answer, usually."
Varevice says, "If you're smart, you have a symbol of your god or goddess handy, so they can tell who you want to talk to."
Varevice says, "When should you use it? When you're in dire need is one good time."
Varevice says, "Communing to ask 'Where does this door lead' or 'What does this item do' often ends quite...messily."
Varevice says, "Don't Commune to ask silly stuff like that, or ask a God to kill someone for you, etc."
Varevice says, "Roleplay events are good times to do it."
Varevice says, "And often, like me, they won't give you a straight answer."
Varevice winks.
Varevice says, "Gods help those who help themselves, mostly."
Varevice says, "So use it sparingly."
Varevice says, "Also, never count on the fact that you've reached the party you were looking for."
Varevice says, "Mischevious spirits love to answer Communes and send you on wild-goose chases."
Varevice says, "But yes, sometimes, you'll get the right person and they'll give you some help."
Varevice says, "Best way to do it is to get your friendly neighborhood cleric to cast a commune for you."
Varevice says, "If they aren't titled, they can't cast it."

Varevice says, "Amoret says, 'Oleani is the goddess of springtime and love, but considering that the Vereri are ex-priestesses of Oleani, she obviously has at least one enemy...what is the whole story behind her and that emnity?'"
Varevice says, "Ahh...Amoret, I think I love you. My favorite topic."
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "The vereri are mine."
Varevice says, "They're part of a much, much larger story, which will unfold more at a later date, but I'll give you a brief overview."
Varevice says, "I don't know if you've been to the Temple of Love, out by storm giants, but if you haven't, that's where they're originally from."
Varevice says, "A long time ago, the priestesses of Oleani that worshipped there were performing one of their annual rituals. They'd heard awful tales from the folk living in the area, about a darkness in the castle that can be seen from the temple."
Varevice says, "They'd heard of darkness...of people never returning...and worse."
Varevice says, "On the evening of their ritual, a wave of darkness washed over the Temple."
Varevice says, "The darkness brought with it things that destroyed it. Shredded what was inside, and twisted all the priestesses within to what you see today."
Varevice says, "But, the priestesses did do one thing...they stopped the darkness there."
Varevice says, "It got no further than their temple, because of their faith."
Varevice says, "The darkness still exists."
Varevice smiles.
Varevice says, "And it still waits in that castle."
Varevice says, "To be honest, it wasn't really an enemy of Oleani herself."
Varevice says, "It was an enemy to light."
Varevice says, "And...he's still waiting."
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "So, to answer the Gods part of the question, it wasn't Oleani's enemy that did it."
Varevice says, "Although I'm sure she must have one."
Varevice says, "The dark gods hate goody-goodies."
Varevice winks.
Varevice says, "But, you'll learn more as I expand that area. I DO plan on doing that castle, although there will be many areas to explore before it."
Varevice says, "The story will unfold slowly, and you'll hopefully have the shivers."
Varevice winks.
Varevice says, "Sorry folks, got carried away there. That area just happens to be my specialty."
Varevice smiles.

Varevice says, "Twwig says, 'when will the new societies open, and do clerics have power over summoned creatures/demons?'"
Varevice says, "When is always a bad question to ask a GameMaster."
Varevice says, "Invariably, we say, 'soon', and as you know, 'soon' often means 'next millenium'."
Varevice winks.
Varevice says, "But new societies are being planned."
Varevice says, "As for if clerics will have power over demons...okay, I'm not gonna say a word about that, because that will probably be part of a puzzle you have to figure out for yourself."
Varevice smiles.

Varevice says, "Zodier says, 'Varevice So whats happened to Fash'lo'nae? Will he be a more prominate God in the future also? Didnt get this symbol made for nothing. ;) And also..Will there be anymore socitys like Voln to honor yer God? Cause i sure have a few good idea's for a Ronan socity...Also know a few other clerics that would love new socitys too...hope this aint off the topic.'"
Varevice says, "Okay, I've already answered the Fash'lo'nae part."
Varevice says, "As for societies to honor gods, I can give you a definate maybe."
Varevice chuckles.
Varevice says, "It wouldn't surprise me to see it happen, but I haven't heard any plans, so it's impossible for me to give you a definate answer."
Varevice says, "If you've got ideas, send 'em to Feedback. Despite the form letter you'll get back, the letter DOES get forwarded to the person who could actually use the idea."
Varevice says, "Sorry that answer is so lame, but it's the best I can do."
Varevice flails her arms about.

Varevice says, "Roctan says, 'Varevice my question involves the powers seemingly controlled by the gods, Marlu for instance ... without the power of the summoned Demons the mortal realm would have been overthrown long ago ... will the gods grant us the lost powers again?'"
Varevice says, "You bet your toenails."
Varevice smiles.
Varevice says, "We"
Varevice says, "Err...."
Varevice says, "We're always giving back 'lost powers' and if we find that we can't, we try to give something to replace them."
Varevice says, "But given what the Faendryl won the war with, and that Ta'Faendryl is in planning, you can bet demons will be seen again."
Varevice grins.

Varevice says, "Tatsume says, 'can I suggest away to implement the Tracking Ranger spell?'"
Varevice says, "Sure you can. To Feedback."
Varevice smiles.

Varevice says, "Sylvarana says, ''Will there be an adjunct shrine to Voln in Icemule at any time, just one so that we could check our progress?'"
Varevice says, "Well, that's kind of up to the GMs in charge of Icemule."
Varevice says, "Again, I don't have the faintest idea if they will."
Varevice says, "Sorry about that...wish I had a better answer to give you."

Varevice says, "Merlock says, 'How do the gods (GMs and actual elanthian gods alike) feel about mortals (us) who have names like "Vult" "Cholen" "Ivas", etc.. Sorry if this was asked already, I just got here.'"
Varevice says, "Well, the GMs don't allow it, so the Gods wouldn't know what to feel, since they don't see it."
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "If we see someone named after a god, we ask them to please choose another name."
Varevice says, "As for Vult, well, he's not really a god anymore, so he's okay as a name."
Varevice says, "If you DO see someone meandering about named after a god...."
Varevice says, "Please use the REPORT command to let us know, so we can tell them to find something better."
Varevice says, "So, to answer the GMs part, we can't stand it."
Varevice says, "As for the gods themselves...well, mostly, they can't see it, since we tell them to remove it. But if they had to deal with it, I don't know if they'd mind too much. Some might take offense."
Varevice says, "It would really depend on the god's personality."
Varevice says, "Moving on...."
Varevice says, "Oops, hang on a moment, folks, I'm getting a clarification on the last question."
Varevice smiles.
Varevice says, "Ahh, okay. Merlock wants to know when that started. Well, several months ago."
Varevice says, "After much debate, we decided it was really best to keep people named after the gods out of the game."
Varevice says, "Started when we were still on AOL, really got solidified towards the end and when we were on the Web."
Varevice smiles.
Varevice says, "People got too easily fooled by players claiming to be gods, so we decided just to nip it in the bud."
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "/esend merlock Current gods, and yes, REPORT. :)"
Varevice babbles something unintelligible.
Varevice says, "Well, there's your answer, bud."
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "That's one for the tired fingers."
Varevice says, "Moving on...."

Varevice says, "Proxdel says, 'I often 'ear of evil Gods bein behind the invasions of these lands. My question is, how are the "good" Gods involved in invasions? Do they/could they send minions down to 'elp?'"
Varevice says, "Yeah, the good gods could send in help. Sometimes, they do."
Varevice says, "Usually, they just let the mortals take care of it themselves...they're pretty good at it."
Varevice says, "And sometimes, even the good gods invade."
Varevice says, "When they find evildoers that need smooshing, or whatnot."
Varevice says, "So, they could be involved any way the wanted to be."

Varevice says, "Trubloods says, 'The Ilvari? What's up with them?'"
Varevice says, "A good question I don't have the faintest idea of the answer to."
Varevice chuckles.
Varevice says, "I don't recall that they've been scrapped, as a race, and I think Mhorigan said something about it at the History forum, but since they aren't gods, I don't know."
Varevice says, "At least, last I heard, they were a race of elves."
Varevice winks.
Varevice says, "So, check a log of that Forum for more information on them."
Varevice smiles.

Varevice says, "Astharot says, 'where exactly did the Arkati come from? The history texts only say they were the servants of the Drakes, but it never delves into the actual nature of the Arkati. Were they spawned by the Drakes by some magical means? How did they come into being in the first place?'"
Varevice says, "There's a lot of speculation on that one. Some say they were servants fashioned of the essence by the Drakes to serve a purpose, then were dissipated as they were no longer needed...."
Varevice says, "And that constant summoning of the same type of spirit over and over created the gods by rote, as it were."
Varevice says, "Some say the Drakes just created them, needing servants."
Varevice says, "But the history states that they were a race of their own, one that simply served the Arkati."
Varevice says, "So I'd say they were created by whoever created the drakes."
Varevice says, "And that's not something I really want to expand on right now...I think I want to leave it for an event. But it's a darned good idea. Thanks."
Varevice grins.

Varevice says, "Serridwen says, 'Any additional information you can tell us about Sheru, besides what can be found on basic sites?'"
Varevice says, "Sheru, huh."
Varevice says, "Well, there's actually some great information on Sheru to be found in Darkstone."
Varevice says, "Sheru delights in insanity, and delights even further in driving someone insane."
Varevice says, "He and Luukos are often allied, because Luukos' undead are more than likely to unseat people."
Varevice says, "And, unlike the document in the File Libraries, it's not a hyena's's a jackal."
Varevice says, "Sheru wants to scare you. He wants you to not be able to sleep at night, because you'll have nightmares. And he wants to slowly torture your psyche until you have lost your mind."
Varevice says, "I'm going to let you talk a minute, Serr, so you can ask anything you didn't get to in your brief question."
Varevice nods to Serridwen, who stands up to address the assembly.
Serridwen asks, "So his symbol is actually a jackal?"
Varevice nods.
Varevice says, "Yes, not a hyena."
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "Sure."
Having finished addressing the assembly Serridwen sits back down.

Varevice says, "Siclo says, 'will other gods, besides Voln/Lorminstra i.e. Voln Monestary, have societies?'"
Varevice says, "Again, a definate maybe."

Varevice says, "Ghakin says, 'Are you planning any appearances of Gods in public? Such as, Sheru once made himself known in the treehouse in TSC, and I believe Onar has stalked people before... Oh, and also, will commune be safer to cast now that the Vvreal are defeated?'"
Varevice says, "If I was planning them, I wouldn't tell you about it."
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "Then you wouldn't be surprised."
Varevice says, "But I know they'll put in future appearances."
Varevice says, "And Commune is seldom absolutely safe to cast, but it should be better now."
Varevice grins.

Varevice says, "Titaniia says, 'Speaking of mothers and children...will we be hearing from the elusive Meyno and Khaarne anytime soon?'"
Varevice asks, "You never know?"
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "Again, it wouldn't surprise me, but I won't say for certain, because I don't want to spoil any surprises."

Varevice says, "Ranthur says, 'Is there anything that you could tell us of Tonis or his mother that we do not already know? Also were can I get one of those nifty shields he rides around on ?'"
Varevice says, "No, you can't have a shield."
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "I'm not sure what I can tell you about him, though. Other than rogues seem to be fond of him."
Varevice says, "He's one that it wouldn't surprise me to see fleshed out."
Varevice says, "As for Oleani...."
Varevice asks, "Why does everyone like the Goddess of Love, anyhow?"
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "Well, I've given a bit of Oleani trivia wasn't really an enemy of hers that destroyed her Temple."
Varevice says, "Oleani doesn't have any natural enemies, that I'm aware of, except maybe Ivas."
Varevice says, "I don't think Oleani is necessarily fond of Ivas, who twists lovers about to serve the dark."

Varevice says, "Lemarius says, 'Is there any new info you can give on Sheru tonight'"
Varevice says, "Okay, Sheru again."
Varevice chuckles.
Varevice says, "No, I'm not giving any more."
Varevice grins.

Varevice says, "Xaelen says, 'what god should rangers pray to? is it phoen, or another god? i always figured becuase of the ranger spell phoen's strength, it would be phoen all rangers pray to, but is there another god i should direct prayers for guidance to? and is there a shrine for this god somewhere in the world?'"
Varevice says, "Well, that would depend on yer ranger."
Varevice chuckles.
Varevice says, "Phoen is a good one. Imaera's a good one. The ever-popular Oleani isn't bad. Even Lorminstra, as goddess of winter, wouldn't be bad."
Varevice says, "Charl, if you're partial to oceans."
Varevice says, "But if you're a dark ranger...."
Varevice says, "Andelas...or maybe Fash'lo'nae."
Varevice smiles.

Varevice says, "Aschren says, 'Ronan is known as the most active of the gods of light against the minions of darkness. While Sheru and Lukkos send many minions, thier foe Ronan is mostly unheard and unseen. Many follow the lord of dreams diligently yet know little of his will or ways. Could you explain his methods and perhaps expand on Ronan's lore for us? (and thanks for that post on Ta'Faendryl)'"
Varevice says, "Ronan takes affronts against night, darkness, and sleep very seriously."
Varevice says, "As for his methods...well, some are quite direct."
Varevice says, "Driving Sheru and his minions out of the dream realm, trying to keep Luukos from perverting the night and darkness...."
Varevice says, "He would prefer that we didn't associate dark with evil."
Varevice says, "I mean, the dark can be quite peaceful and healing."
Varevice says, "And Sheru and Luukos pervert that."
Varevice says, "So he drives them out. He gives good dreams to dreamers, to counteract them."
Varevice says, "He's a good god, and perversely, dresses all in black. I think that says quite a bit."
Varevice says, "As for his lore...well, I'd love to see another shrine dedicated to him, or at least, more information, and I think you'll see more in the future."
Varevice smiles.

Varevice says, "Jaris says, 'Is adding a flag for the god of choice, if any, been pursued? It could be used for rather unique experiences during various events...Also, would there be any work planned on a shrine for Zelia, or atleast abit of fleshing out? RP opportunities there.. ;D'"
Varevice says, "You know, that's really not a bad idea."
Varevice chuckles.
Varevice says, "And one will probably be at least pondered now, but I don't know if it will ever be implemented."
Varevice says, "I'll have to kick it around some."
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "And yes, someone's plotting something for Zelia."
Varevice winks.

Varevice says, "Maztec says, 'Will we eventually be able to more actively worship the Gods? Anotherwords, in such a way as forming cults around specific God/ess/s and the likes? They do appear to be hinted at within some scrolls about the Gods, or are they already here and I have just missed them completely so far? My Special interest is in Cults/Groups organized and directed towards Luukos, Onar, and Andelas, so do you have any possible information on those also? Thanks. Oh, and I'm not considering Voln type societies.'"
Varevice says, "That's a mouthful."
Varevice chuckles.
Varevice says, "Well, as I mentioned earlier, forming little cults and whatnot has been done, and has actually gotten a shrine."
Varevice says, "Form one, enjoy the roleplay, and if you feel that it's going somewhere, write a letter to me or Talairi via Feedback about it."
Varevice asks, "We'll take a look at it, and if we like what we see, who knows?"
Varevice says, "As for killing other players to have cults...I don't suggest doing that."
Varevice winks.
Varevice says, "There will never be anything having to do with killing other players sanctioned."
Varevice says, "Figured I'd better clear that up."
Varevice winks.
Varevice says, "Moving on...."

Varevice says, "Hemdell says, 'Varevice are there any plans for people lost to brought up to a demi-god status?'"
Varevice says, "Okay, I don't understand that, so I'll let you explain...."
Varevice nods to Hemdell, who stands up to address the assembly.
Hemdell says, "thanks, what i meant was are there plans for bringing people who have down great deeds into the ranks of demi god"
Varevice says, "Currently, there are no plans for that, no."
Varevice says, "I'm not sure how smart that would be, either...we'd have people sacrificing themselves all over the place so that could happen."
Varevice says, "And wouldn't that get old."
Varevice chuckles.
Having finished addressing the assembly Hemdell sits back down.

Varevice says, "Kaleri says, 'What of Jaston? Are there plans in the works for him?'"
Varevice says, "This seems like a good spot to say this."
Varevice says, "We've really got plans to flesh out ALL the gods, light and dark. We know there isn't nearly enough about them."
Varevice smiles.
Varevice exclaims, "And if you have ideas on what a god should be like, a story about the gods, etc...we want to hear them!"
Varevice says, "Send them to me for dark gods, Talairi for light gods, care of Feedback. Feedback will forward the letters to us, and if we like the ideas, it wouldn't surprise me to see them used."
Varevice says, "Think a god is a good candidate for fleshing out? Let us know."
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "Jaston's a good candidate for it, though."
Varevice smiles.

Varevice says, "Antrall says, 'hmm as a follow-up to a previous question a while-back about out-side religous practices which god IS refered to as Yuriqen? Also how should we refer to GMs and still roleplay? Gods , Demi-Gods an' da like are all things I've heard,'"
Varevice says, "Yuriqen is a city, not a god."
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "GMs...well, it's difficult to stay in character about that, especially on a referral."
Varevice says, "Some GMs try to, like me on occasion...others don't even try."
Varevice says, "Now, I'm always referred to as the Vampire, or the Bat."
Varevice chuckles.
Varevice says, "But really, I'd call us the Gods Major, Gods Minor...something with the right letters, that gets the point across."
Varevice says, "A lot of people refer to us as 'those brain-dead idiots in power'."
Varevice winks.
Varevice says, "Or The Powers That Be."
Varevice grins.
Varevice says, "Wow, I just had a ton of people look at me."
Varevice chuckles.

Varevice says, "Okay, that's the end of the questions."
Varevice says, "And to be perfectly blunt, I can't sit in this chair any longer."
Varevice whines.
Varevice says, "I know, it's a lame cop-out, but it's true."
Varevice chuckles.
Varevice says, "I'm going to disperse the forum. Thank you all for coming. I hope you've enjoyed yourselves, learned something, and aren't too mad at me for having to be vague."
Varevice grins.
Varevice exclaims, "Thanks, and goodnight!"
Varevice smiles.
Varevice waves.

Varevice opens the floor back up for general discussion.

Varevice chuckles.
Varevice says, "Good night, all. I've got to get up and walk around."
Varevice grins.
Varevice waves.
Varevice's cloak unfolds from her shoulders, stretching into two large batlike black wings. With a chilling, fanged smile she furls them about herself, completely obscuring her form. The black of the wings melds with a shadow until you realize that Varevice is no longer there.