Defrauding the System

Town Clerk discovers Falsified Records
Dateline: Day 14 of Lumnea, 5102: Wehnimer's Landing

The town clerk of Wehnimer's Landing has discovered a series of falsified documents registered in his office. They appear to have official seals and signatures on them, but are now, upon further inspection, forgeries. The records, which include real estate deeds, silver notes, property claims, and certificates of death, seem to be registered to a number of non-existent people, some dead, some unknown. The clerk is working hard to identify a pattern that will lead to the culprit.

"This appears to be an ongoing effort by person or persons in the Landing to defraud the town of property and wealth," said the clerk. "We will not rest until the culprits are uncovered and brought to justice!" The clerk will be working long hours until the mystery is solved.

Some townsfolk, however, are less optimistic about the chances of catching the criminals. "You can bet yer last silver that iffin these notes was found, they was meant ta be found," said town locksmith Larton. "Whoever did this, ain't about ta be caught. If ya found five forgeries, dere's bound ta be fifty. Plus, whoever did this, might just slide a silver in da right way, and the whole mess be cleaned up. Know what I mean?" The locksmith would not elaborate on his final comment. The Mayor was unavailable for an interview regarding high level corruption in his office or in the Moot Hall.