House of the Rising Phoenix - The CoL Files

Storytelling Night 1999 - The Council of Light

Storytelling Nights at River's Rest, May 1st, '99. Lord Geijon speaking of the Council of Light...A special thanks to Lady Brynnah of the Elanthian Weekly for saving this because I did not have it. Also I was incredibly sick this night, I think I had the flu or sleep deprivation and Evialla told me years later I tried to make her do this instead of me!

Arwen says, "without further ado, I present to you Lord Geijon."

Geijon smiles.

Geijon says, "good eve folks"

Geijon says, "MM..what ahm hear tae speak tae ye on is perhaps one o', if not thee, most contest'd subject in th' lands,,"

Geijon asks, "so..ah'll begin by askin those assembled..jus what is th' council o' light?"

Geijon says, "raise ye hands please"

Tocciata blinks at Geijon.

(Tilarium decides not to answer that one)

Rayyne says, "No idea."

Witcheaven shifts her eyes to Geijon.

Tocciata raises her hand.

Geijon nods to Tinuron.

Geijon asks, "aye tinurton?"

Tinuron says, "Tis an organization, who by promises of serving light, bring you to darkness"

Geijon gazes heavenward.

(Grogg searches the shadows in case a dark assassin be near)

Tinuron says, "They drop subtle signs of you racing toward damnation"

Geijon says, "Wisely chosen words an' vera close"

Colbrand mutters something about assassins..

(Morandas softy whispers, "I do not believe in assasins, I do not believe in assasins".)

Geijon chuckles.

Drugal pokes Morandas in the ribs.

Arwen glances at Geijon.

Lithyia raises an eyebrow.

(Pyranth moves behind Geijo and faces away from him)

Tinuron says, "Then ye get the whole shockin truth once ye graduate"

Geijon smiles.

Geijon chuckles.

Tinuron says, "But perhaps I've said too much"

Drugal raises his hand.

Tinuron shudders.

Sneekin nods to Tinuron.

Rayyne shifts her eyes to Tinuron.

Geijon says, " whar near what ah shall"

A pained expression crosses Jameszz's face.

Prata glances at Tinuron.

Rayyne just touched a void blade.

(Drugal has that "Ooh pick me!" look on his face.)

Geijon says, "th' Council has exist'd in many forms, but our tale begins before it evah came about"

Drugal asks, "Might I say that those who are damned can be saved if they wish it?"

Geijon chuckles.

Geijon says, "yer uneasyness is warrented"

Oxelween turns towards Drugal and renders a sharp hand salute.

(Morandas softy whispers, "I do not believe in assasins, I do not believe in assasins".)

Geijon says, "Let us take a step back..tae say..many eons"

Geijon asks, "many haf heard o' th' Ur-Daemon's, aye?"

Geijon says, "with them came a powah.."

Geijon says, "that may haf already exist'd, but was unknown"

Geijon says, "that powah was th' Unlife"

Geijon shifts his weight.

Geijon says, "People haf cal'd it chaos.."

Drugal mutters something about Despana.

Geijon says, "it is not that which is without powah, but tis sentient an' all consumin"

Geijon says, "This is all highly contest'd of course"

Geijon chuckles.

Geijon says, "but th' Ur-Daemons wrote much Chaos across Elanith"

Geijon says, "they had an ally in dark trolls an' othah minions"

Geijon says, "it took th' combin'd might o' th' Drakes n' Arkati tae defeat them"

Geijon says, "We kno th' outcome an' what was to become o' our world"

Geijon says, "but th' powah that was us'd would return tae haunt us many years later"

Geijon says, "Her name would universally be known as..Despama"

Geijon gibbers incoherently.

Geijon says, "Despana even"

Geijon laughs!

Geijon says, "Despana was an' unknown entity an' remains so, but she was driven by powah an' destruction"

Geijon says, "If Evil had a mothah she would be it or atleast one dear and true tae it's callin"

Geijon says, "tis believ'd that she came from th' jungles said tae lie beyond th' Southron Wastes. "

Geijon says, "which is what Rhoska-Tor is teday"

Geijon says, "She searched the land for the old places of the Ur-Daemons, her quest succeeded when she found th' Book of Tormtor. "

Geijon says, "this would be her weapin"

Geijon says, "Th' book was lost during the events which followed, so none can now be sure of its contents. It was said to be written in the language of the Daemons."

Geijon says, "Using this ancient work, Despana created th' first o' th' Undead using the power of the Unlife and the Ur-Daemons. "

Geijon says, "many folks are confus'd as tae which is th' Unlife an' th' Undead"

Geijon says, "Th' Unlife is a powah which creat'd that which is th' Undead"

Geijon says, "They are nae th' same, but are connect'd"

Geijon says, "With this Elanith began tae be corrupt'd an' th' curse of Undeath began tae spread"

Geijon says, "This feeds th' Unlife"

Geijon says, "Despana was defeat'd an' perhaps vanquish'd, but her magic's an' othahs wrote by many on those fateful days an' times continue tae plaque us"

Geijon says, "Th' Dark Elves know too well"

Geijon says, "As does every'un from those mistakes "

Geijon says, "but as in all things..history repeats itself"

Geijon says, "much latah cults, in an attempt tae gain Despana's powahs would often deal with th' Unlife"

Geijon says, "an' were usually lead tae believe they would be given great ability"

Geijon says, "this was often truem but it came at a price.."

Geijon says, "Th' Unlife feeds on souls..that was th' final price many pay'd"

Geijon says, "usually through ignorant followahs or those who thought they could control it"

Geijon says, "Often this was in folly"

Geijon says, "an' they did pay that price"

Geijon says, "One such man an' his brothah by th' name o' Bandur an' Kestrel Etrevion would manifest these ideals"

Geijon says, "intae which would become widely cal'd, Th' Council o' Light"

Geijon asks, "Questions as tae this point?"

(Morandas softy whispers, "I do not believe in assasins, I do not believe in assasins".)

Geijon nods to Oxelween.

Geijon says, "aye Oxelween"

Oxelween asks, "who is de poobah? was he at one point a soulful being? or has he always been a tool of Unlife?"

Prata glances at Oxelween.

Kerl gulps.

Furnath's face turns slightly pale.

(Rayyne moves to a shadowed spot in the back of the room.)

Arwen's face turns slightly pale.

Kaiya shifts her weight.

Pazus cowers.

Lyvonia fidgets.

Shatazar coughs.

Witcheaven says, "We're going to need demon rum.."

Oxelween says, "wha? i aint afraid of him"

Aluisa rubs a glass amulet.

Aluisa suddenly disappears.

Geijon says, "ah wonnae lead ye tae belief ah kno that truthfully"

Geijon says, "He could be among th' leadahs o' th' council, a pawn, a minion or somethin else"

Geijon says, "prolly a closely guard'd secret"

Geijon chuckles.

Geijon asks, "next?"

Oxelween raises his hand.

Arwen smiles and signals everyone to please sit quietly.

Geijon chuckles.

Geijon nods to Oxelween.

Oxelween asks, "council implies more than one leader....where are these members?"

Geijon says, "perhaps hidden"

Geijon says, "ahh..Knowledge is th' greatest weapin aginst it"

Geijon says, "those wit free will tae choose will still haf there choice, but they shall kno th' price"

Geijon shifts his weight.

Arwen says, "Welcome M'Lord Norandar, please join us."

Arwen says, "Lord Geijon is telling us some history."

Norandar says, "I thank you Lady Arwen. Tis good to be among kindly folk after so long."

Norandar smiles.

Geijon says, "a good eve, Norandar"

Arwen says, "You look weary from your travels. Sit with us and enjoy the tale."

Norandar says, "I thank ye Lady Arwen. I shall enjoy it immensely, I am sure."

Geijon says, "th' Council's influence is great an' remains sae teday.."

Geijon says, "ah cinnae begin tae describe its own plots an' how othahs haf us'd its naive membahs at times"

Geijon says, "one such latah case was that o' th' Griffin Wars an' Shar usin th' Undead, Trollkin undah its sway an' othah twist'd creations"

Geijon says, "Kerl has spoken an' told that tale well, but much is oft unknown"

Geijon says, "course we cin always speculate"

Geijon chuckles.

Geijon says, "thus th' Unlife still exists as do many things unspoken of"

Geijon says, "th' VVrael could be many things, th' undead still plaque us, deamons perhaps are on th' horizon so ah leave ye this eve wit this.."

Geijon says, "that which isn't always known an' seen...yet still may exist an; be at work"

Geijon bows.

Geijon smiles.

[Much applause]

Oxelween says, "but Geijon, you didn't tell us how we can combat the Coulcil"

Geijon says, "spread th' truth "

Witcheaven says, "Interesting how someone of the light assumes to know much about the supposed dark.."

Geijon says, "that is how tis combat'd"

Aluisa says, "You work tales of fiction like a great bard, Geijon"

Oxelween says, "what about the assasins? some fear their smite"

Geijon chuckles.

Tilarium asks, "want someone that knows about the dark ta talk?"

Morandas says, "One should be wary speaking of things that go bump in the night."

Witcheaven says, "The only dark is in ones own mind."

Arwen says, "Aye, tis up to each of us to decide what is truth and what is fiction."

Geijon says, "fiction ah think not..much of that which is unknown is both light n' darkness"

Furnath says, "Aye, twas a wonderfully fictional tale"

Oxelween says, "i dont wanna be spreading the truth and get assasinated"

Kerl says, "if you don' believe in the dark, then you are in it"

Geijon says, "Perhaps Norandar cin share a few tales if any'un nae has mere questions"

Norandar says, "Geijon, I hesitate to step in when your discussion is of such portent."

Geijon says, "tis best tae follow a path o' neutral"

Geijon says, "in th' Council's instance if ye knowingly make that choice..ah hold no ill will"

Geijon says, "its those lur'd unwillingly an' lead astray without full knowledge that is th' great evil"

Geijon says, "ah shall return at anothah time tae discuss n' debate this furthah if tis wish'd"

[Later, at the bar upstairs..]

Norandar says, "Tis good to be out of the dust of the road, indeed."

Norandar takes a drink from his hot-buttered rum.

Prata asks, "You've traveled recently?"

Norandar says, "I have been much south of this fair hamlet."

Prata says, "South of River's Rest? I'd like to hear about it."

Norandar says, "A dessert."

Morandas asks, "Dessert?"

Morandas says, "what kinda dessert"

Norandar chuckles.

Norandar says, "Well.. a very dry one, I fear. Nothing you'd want to digest."

Norandar chuckles.

Prata says, "I wasn't aware there was a desert south of us, Norandar. I'm aware there's one north of us"

Norandar says, "Forgive my dialect.. I fear tis a bit different than you are used to hearing."

Norandar says, "Let's see.. now I think of it, I do believe you pronounce it.. 'desert'."

[Thank you again Brynnah, wherever you are, I had to use the way back machine heavily to get this.]