Division of Power

CoL Moves! (8/15/2002)
Beatings, assassinations and strongarm tactics abound! No, it's not SimuCon. All of these were indicators of change for the feared Council of Light. The organization's Wehnimer's Landing chapter, recently becoming a bit too high profile for superiors, has been dissolved, dissected and relocated. Officials within the organization say that anyone who has a problem with this need only step up and say so...

Additional details include a dispute about all of the attention in Wehnimer's Landing over the last several months. It was believed a split between several of the leaders within the Council resulted in a split of sorts that the former Taskmaster within Wehnimer's Landing headed South and the Grand Poohbah went east.

Odd Occurences (9/7/2002)
A strange howling was heard around South Haven early this morning; however, local citizens could not find the source of the noise. Shortly thereafter, black-robed figures were seen walking along Lornon Avenue.

Authorities investigated the complaints against the noise and strangers, but their search came to an end just after it started with no further information.

The New Council Headquarters in Solhaven

Nothing odd about it.

Located in the South Haven area of Eastbridge End lies a Manor. It has a curious gargoyle to gain entrance inside. The more interesting discovery is found in it's Wine Cellar.

[Kraken Manor, Courtyard]
Standing in the center of the walled courtyard is a masterfully crafted water fountain created in the image of a sea kraken. Wrapped in the kraken's tentacles is a flawless crown-of-Charl shell, from which the water cascades into the base of the fountain. Well-kept flowerbeds containing an assortment of exotic flowers have been bordered with a collection of ruby-lined nassa shells, along with yellow, pink, and blue coquina shells. An opal-flecked walkway leads up to a set of double doors. You also see a round board and a stone wall.
Obvious exits: none

Down in it's wine cellar an oddly curious office door.

[Wine Cellar, Office]
An intricately carved oak desk, which is trimmed in coraesine metal, dominates this room. The wood trim of a high-backed leather chair has been inlaid with an assortment of crushed pink and blue coquina shells, and is twisted sideways to the desk. The wall opposite the desk has a mural of a map depicting the geography of the early Turamzzyr Empire. Hanging from metal supports in the walls is an assemblage of various weapons of war. You also see the Imperious Grand Poohbah.
Obvious exits: out

The former Wehnimer's Landing Taskmaster himself with a self-promotion to the Imperious Grand Poohbah.

Ta'Vaalor Catacombs

He lost perhaps the most and he ran, he ran far away. The former Grand Poohbah can be found in the catacombs of an Elven Nation city, if you know where to look.

The Council Today

"The Council of Light? Uncle CoL? Many whisperings are heard about this society, if in fact it is even a society at all. Accounts continuously arise from people who've encountered everything from overheard code words to tales of strange encounters with its members. It's said to be a secret society, and little is known about this possible non-existent entity. Incautious adventurers who ask too many questions are said to be "taken care of" permanently. While obviously nonsense, it still should be stated that the reports of such events often arise.

Lately, in fact, rumors have abounded about strongarm tactics and open displays of aggression. Of course, these are all rumors. In fact, I shouldn't be spreading them. It's all ficticious. Of course there's no CoL. Forget what I just said. I was joking about the whole thing. Heh heh, erm...heh."

-- Lord Grindoll Hevucita