The New Director

[These events were concurrent in both Platinum and Prime with some variance.]

In the early parts of 5099 the rumors around Wehnimer's Landing were spreading that the lights at Cholgar's Bathhouse were being replaced by a new Poohbah. Only bits and pieces escaped the murderous enforcement of those deemed Oathbreakers, among other inferiority. People were expelled from the Council of Light, outright killed, or in some cases, worse. It has taken us this many years to compile as accurate of records as possible. They are presented herein.

The Bathhouse' new Master had quite the agenda.

A warning was soon announced at a meeting of the Council.

Day: day of the Huntress
Hour: the hour of Ronan
Month: 8th day of Jastatos
Year: 5099 of the Modern Era

Jelsara states, "The Council has begun to turn its attention to the Landing before extending its hands into new realms.

Jelsara states, "We were surprised to hear of the lack of discipline within the Council, and horrified to see it first hand. The oath of membership is a serious matter and we are not pleased with such lax promises.

Jelsara speaks softly, "We cannot hope to attain the light when our membership is darkened by those unwilling to abide by their oaths. Only through steadfast commitment, do we hope to avoid the stain of darkness."

Jelsara states, "Due to the lack of commitment by our brethren, we are returning a firm hand, where a hands off approach had been left."

Tiranee waves a hand in front of Pandaemonium's face and says, "It's time to hold your tongue, Pandaemonium, before it becomes the death of you."

Jelsara states, "The Council will be enforcing the Oath, whether the membership puts the proper stock in it or not."

Jelsara states quietly, "This is only the first step in a ongoing process for the Council's return attention to the Landing."

Jelsara speaks softly, but her voice carries to the far reaches of the room. "Heed thy Oaths, brothers and sisters."

Jelsara walks slowly from the room.

Jelsara just went west.

Tiranee glides west.

Zarina glides west.

Braylock glides west.

Tinnermann vanishes in a puff of smoke!

Then the culling began!