Nevrek for Mayor!


As many of you know (and by "many" I mean everyone with some semblence of consciousness) there is a Mayoral Race going on in Wehnimer's Landing. Its previous Mayor died under ... peculiar circumstances. This leaves an opening in the local government, an opening not readily filled by other authorities in the city's management. Considering the past problems with keeping a Mayor alive, the city turned to local adventurers to fill the role, being more skilled in staying alive and accustomed to danger.

That's where Nevrek first comes in. This was an opportunity to seize. For years, Nevrek has frequented Wehnimer's Landing. It's a hub of activity and trade, and, being on the edge of the continent and relatively "new" in comparison to Elven territory, the place was ripe with opportunity. The Landing, however, has had a long history of problems, problems Nevrek noticed time and again, which always kept the Landing from shining. As childish as some of the nicknames out-of-towners give to the Landing, the fact remains that the place is not looked at as 'the place to be.'

Being intimately familiar with every inch of the Landing (excluding the Houses) and with its typical citizenry, Nevrek sees a chance to make a difference and make the Landing "Viable." As the Landing is, currently, it will not survive. Trolls to the south, Krolvin sailing the Bay and coasts, Orcs everywhere ... without some real action, the Landing will be taken over and all of its potential washed away in fire and blood. This can be avoided, Nevrek sees this, and this is his opportunity to solidify the future of the Landing. He envisions a Landing, millenia from now (though, perhaps, not the same name, as towns tend to change names periodically), where the city is a "place to be" and is important, not just for trade, but for intellectuals, craftsmen, artisans, artists, and other world-shakers, even if just visiting. He sees an inspired locale, with streets and glowing glaes lamplights, where the museum makes sense due to the Landing having found true Culture beyond dusty streets and people barely making headway in the world. He knows he alone cannot do this, but that he, if he can get his foot in the door!, can provide the foundation.

We'll begin with a recent missive to the Elanthian Journal, which was published in Issue Nine.

A Letter from Nevrek, Mayoral Candidate

Dateline: Day 10 of Eoantos, 5102: Wehnimer's Landing

Citizens of Wehnimer's Landing,

As a candidate for Mayor, I am asked (and appropriately so) about my
plans for the town of Wehnimer's Landing if I am elected. I am often
all too happy to answer, since an educated man with a vote is a man
with power in hand, but sometimes, despite my willingness to answer
such questions, my campaigning schedule and attempts at maintaining
personal business affairs make stopping and chatting on my ideas
painfully short, or even impossible. With this in mind, I write to
this, the Elanthian Journal, in order to better outline my goals for
the Landing, should I be elected to office, to a greater number of
people. The following is a fairly brief outline, in which a few key
goals in my plan for Wehnimer's Landing are described in modest

Economic Revitalization:

Goal A Subsection 14: Develop waterfront of port on Darkstone Bay. On
the east side of town, over the bridge, several local businesses are
at risk of falling into the bay due to erosion of the shore.
Development would introduce non-corrosive glaes pilings and
sand-covered gravel beds to reinforce the shoreline.

Goal A Subsection 15: Support for Shipbuilding. Otis the Shipwright,
the capable, charismatic, and hard-working foreman and shipwright for
most of the shipbuilding in Wehnimer's Landing (approximately 89.4%),
is in need of more skilled workers familiar with shipbuilding and
lacks the tools necessary to bring the Landing's shipbuilding into the
fifty-first century. Support would involve passage for more skilled
workers to immigrate to the Landing, train domestic workers, and
purchase the necessary tools for the trade.

Social Revitalization:

Goal C Subsection 2: Shanty Town clean-up. We've all walked through
Shanty Town, and most of us walk through it as briskly as possible to
avoid the bad elements there, or even to avoid being associated with
its poverty. The clean-up effort would involve making Shanty Town a
more hospitable place, repairing housing, and hiring an additional
guard to maintain rounds in its neighborhoods.

Subterranean Infestation:

Goal A Subsection 6: Appraise bounty on Giant Rats. This goal would
make the prospect of controlling the Giant Rat population more
attractive by raising the bounty on rat pelts two to three coins,
making the average quality pelt worth roughly twenty silvers.

Goal B Subsection 3: Investigate Giant Ant infestation. This goal
would provide a bounty for Ant Larvae for purposes of study by local
alchemists and herbalists to formulate a means of redirecting the
ants' territory via the use of scents, poisons, attractants, and
deterrents. (Subsection 4 recommends an increase on Giant Ant pincers
to keep the population from overgrowth.)

Local Business:

Goal B Subsection 32: Instate new Alchemist. A new building would be
erected on the lot of the former Alchemist. Funding for the
development would be repaid by the new alchemist over a five year

Goal C, Subsection 1: East Side expansion. The East Side expansion
goal would involve developing a string of alleys and paths into a
functioning street, then erecting new structures or bringing
neighboring existing structures up to current construction codes.
(Subsections 2 through 12 involve soliciting entrepreneurial ventures
to the new street to increase interest in the East Side and, hence,
boost the economy. Some businesses mentioned: a chandler, glass
workers and glass-blowing, leather workers, etc.)

This list goes on, as the Goal lettering and subsections should
indicate. But much of the list deals in the (mundane) business of
Mayor more so than it does to vital improvements or steps toward
Wehnimer's Landing's future, like those outlined above regarding the
economy and people. Rest assured, though, that the list is

I now solicit you, Elanthian Journal Reader, not for your vote (though
it would be nice), but for you to offer the thought and consideration
rightfully due to this election, an event of the utmost gravity. This
is for the future of Wehnimer's Landing.

Lord Nevrek Araknathalin Faendryl, Candidate for the Office of Mayor
of Wehnimer's Landing


I will hope that sets the stage, as it were, for more elaboration.

First and foremost, Nevrek's goals (or, as others would like to [inadequately] define it, his 'political platform') are to stabilize the economy, raise living conditions to provide a better workforce, who will in turn be more productive and create more business. Then, Local Businesses recieve aid to enhance their longevity, to become institutions in their own right rather than just shops in a far off town. Nevrek, being primarily a philosopher, wishes to open the door to other intellectuals, to bring renown to Wehnimer's Landing - a place of notability is a place of fame, and a place of fame is a place to see - and start the path for the Landing to develop culturally. He is not looking to Elvenize Wehnimer's Landing, just to bring more civilization to it, pave the streets where needed, give old buildings some paint, develop housing, and generally move the city above being a dusty frontier town. He wants the Landing to be a place people can be proud of. That one step, though big, would set the pace for many more steps after it. He can only hope that others want to take that step, too, and he'll be elected.

Nevrek has no real prejudices against any races. Everyone starts as they appear to him, it is then up to the individual to determine whether he is a person of value or just a giantman, just a half-elf, just an elf, and so on. This is much like a stray dog is just a dog until he does something to make you want to take him in, give him a name, make him a part of a bigger picture. This sounds harsh, surely, and all the more so with the analogy, but the end product is people are just people until they make themselves persons. Respect to the respectable, trust to the trustworthy.

Life philosophies and religious devotions similarly do not bother Nevrek, or give him an unjust disdain. He may disagree, and may even disagree openly, but the only time he would hold such a thing against someone is when that someone brings issue to him. Then, if elected, his being Mayor would be immaterial to the issue. It would be a dispute among persons. If I have failed to illustrate my point, more bluntly ... if elected, Mayoral authority would not be a tool to settle personal affairs. Nevrek can fully separate business, pleasure, and personal affairs.

Nevrek would also offer no illusions to how he plans to govern the city, if elected. He is not going to tell you pretty things about making a cabinet of people to advise, or disperse authority. The Landing wants a Mayor, a single authority, and, if elected, that is what Nevrek will give them. Selecting a cabinet of people just gives those people a title, in the end. Nevrek will cut the nonsense out of this situation, and plainly state that he will be utterly Open to suggestions and comments, from anyone. If the ideas are utilized, he who suggested the idea would receive due credit. This is almost a religious issue with Nevrek, giving credit where credit is due. He will gladly mention the originator of an idea he did not come up with himself, without hesitation. There will be no Cabinet if Nevrek is elected Mayor, as every citizen will essentially be able to fill those duties. There is no representation necessary as everyone can represent him or herself perfectly fine. Nevrek is interested in efficient government, not committees, representatives, and other assorted middle-men who turn the government into a rusting machine. The Office of Mayor would be management and progression, laying foundation for the future.

Here are some other ideas that are being tossed around. Keep in mind, none of the candidates know what is expected of them if elected, so these are locked in a perpetual Planning/Suggestion phase. It is, still, important to have a substantial list of ideas for the Town (such as those mentioned in the Elanthian Journal).

Onto the list..


Gates and Walls - A long time ago, I did the numbers on how much it would cost to reinforce the gates around the Landing with Mein. These numbers, admittedly, did not factor in Labor, since no references could be found to make the estimate, but they were low enough that costs to enhance or replace the current gates and walls of the Landing with Mein would be entirely feasible.

Watch Towers - Considering the number of hostile populations surrounding Wehnimer's Landing, it is advisable to erect a few watch towers at several strategic locations, each capable of signalling to other towers and the Landing itself when war parties head toward town. A few locales, for example: Lower Dragonsclaw by the path to Upper Trollfang, the Coastal Cliffs just north of the cemetery, off the Mine Road east of the Kobold Mines.

Hiring Deputies and Watchmen - Pretty self-explanatory. Right now, the constable patrols the streets mostly alone, with Quinn's help. The Landing is far too large for just these two to make a regular presence, and rarely are watchmen occupying the Gate Towers or the East Tower.

The Bay:

Fishing - Very few fishermen reap the benefits of the Bay. It seems a few fishing vessels could be tempted into the Bay, which would bring more money to the Landing area. Perhaps there would be room on the vessels for others to do some light fishing.

The Krolvin - Considering the Krolvin are even more deadly at sea than they are at land, it seems that it would be a good idea to develop a repulsion system should they come to attack. A few rangers I have spoken with like the idea of training sea thraks to attach red crystals to enemy ships' hulls. Seems feasible.


This issue is pretty simple. It keeps coming up, and for no apparent reason, so I will clear up a few things. The Landing is financially stable. It is not financially ideal, no, but it is stable, and even modestly profitable. There is no need to tax adventurers, there never has been, and this will not change. Bank Note Surcharges are often cited. It should be noted, then, that Bank Note Surcharges are not Tax related and have nothing to do with what the Office of Mayor handles. Bank Note Surcharges are charged because of the paperwork involved in following a note and keeping records of its use, its exchanging, and so on. Rest easy - there is no need to tax you, and this will not change if Nevrek is elected (unless something highly unusual happens, like the docks are lost in a freak storm and every ship is destroyed). These are just a few more ideas to whet the appetites of inquisitive voters.

In conclusion:

Nevrek is not rich, Nevrek is not terribly popular, but he's capable, and he can perform the Office of Mayor admirably if the chance is entrusted to him to do so. When the words "A Vote for Nevrek is a Vote for a Better Landing!" are exclaimed, they're not just a string of words making a hokey sentence, they're simple and genuine. Do you want a better Wehnimer's Landing? Do you want the Landing to be put on the path to being a premier city on the continent? Do you want the Landing to be a place to be proud of? Do you want neat things to happen (if they can happen)?

If you anwered 'Yes' to any of the above, then remember Nevrek: THE Choice for Mayor.

If you like Nevrek, vote for him. If you don't like Nevrek, consider voting for him anyway. Considering the life expectancy of a Wehnimer's Landing Mayor, he could get killed.

Nevrek isn't about fame, horn-tooting, recognition, power. He wants to be Mayor to be Mayor. He doesn't want to fill the Mayoral Office, he wants to fulfill the Mayoral Office.

A Vote for Nevrek is a Vote for a Better Landing!