Mayor Murdered, Bathhouse Burned!, Calm!?

The town Mayors body was found in Cholgar's Bathhouse tonight. His head was located piked to the North Gate of the city. As word spread anger rose in the city. It had been building for weeks through extortion, robbery, and various connected murders. It then boiled over.

With torches lit and raised voices the mob gathered and headed northward to the infamous Cholgar's Bathhouse. It didn't take long or remain a mystery how the fire started and the Bathhouse went up in a blazing red signal to it's masters. The fire lasted hours, but the Bathhouse would become a husk for years.

Calmer voices tried to bring the city to order, but it wasn't easy.

Dateline: Day 1 of Phoenatos, 5102: Wehnimer's Landing

Since its founding, Wehnimer's Landing has seen its fair share of ordeal, from invaders from beyond the veil, to foreign assaults, to being burned to the ground, twice! Through every trying period the town has endured, though the situations themselves have been varied, the results have been consistent: Wehnimer's Landing perseveres.

The town finds itself in the grip of a series of mysterious murders including the editor of this journal, a respected bank teller, the renowned grocer and even the mayor himself. As a result, many townspeople question not only the safety of themselves and their loved ones, but of the stability of the local government.

Those in the municipal offices at Moot Hall wish to remind everyone that not only is there indeed still a town government, but it is working for you to ensure the town is safe for those who find comfort within its walls. The recently assigned guards and constabulary are working tirelessly to solve the mysteries surrounding these murders. The acting interim mayor is doing his very best to ensure that a new mayor is elected quickly and without complication. The town council remains steadfast in seeing that daily operation goes largely uninterrupted.

The largest part of any town, of course, is its citizens, and as such, it is your duty to also see the town through this recent trial. Report suspicious activity to local officials. Take those little extra steps to ensure the safety of you and your family. Above all else, do not lose faith in the town that has survived much worse and has come out the better for it.

Songowl K. Avionis-Regentil, Interim Mayor of Wehnimer's Landing

The guards and the city council then began the process of electing a new Mayor for the town. Many (in)famous and assorted types would run.

HSN Unrelease: Something (8/9/2002)

While many may be celebrating a number of releases, it has come to our attention something has been unreleased.

This place, which may or may not exist, has been (or has not been) around since more or less the beginning of time. It has (or maybe has not) changed over time, and the powers that be (or not be) have deemed it time for a change.

While someone has been going around (or not) and causing much havoc (which as of yet is unproven) and while the Mayor has been slain (this is a solid fact), petitions are being taken by the Town Guards (this is more or less a solid fact) and an election will be scheduled at some time in the more or less distant future.

Those same powers that be (or be not) thank you for your consideration during this period of turmoil (angst, challenge, fun, craziness, choose your own adjective). We look forward (or behind) to providing you (us) with challenges (or was that fun), peril (more fun), angst (more fun again, but for us) in the very near (far) future.

~ The management (we think)

P.S. - This is not over (we think).