The End Result: Hopelessness

Dateline 12/16/2003: SOMETHING CHANGED, WE THINK
A bewildered half-elf was recently seen emerging from the local empath, reportedly repeating, "How can this be? It never did this before! Why is it doing this now?"

A few moments later, so the story goes, a pair of black-hooded men arrived and beat the wretched half-elf unconscious. One of the men reportedly responded to a terrified onlooker with, "Go about your business. Even if something changed, which may or may not exist." Neither the half-elf nor the onlooker have been seen since.

An anonymous voice from the shadows was reported to respond to the overly inquisitive. "Know that our rumoured powers are rumoured to have had a change. Should such a final power exist in the rapid descent into our fold, which I categorically deny all existence of, as there is no proof or solid fact to back such... Where was I? Oh, right. This final power, which at one time could have done this, now does that. Next person I hear talking about it, well, I have an opening for a new torture monkey." The voice has not been heard again.

In short, Sign of Hopelessness was changed in such a manner that it can only be used while dead. Doing so will cause its invoker to decay, regardless of preservation status. Additionally, one who invokes the power will no longer drop what is in their hands.