Editor Found Dead

Beloved Editor Found Dead!
DATELINE: 15th of Lumnea, 5102: Wehnimer's Landing

In the earliest hours of the morning, the Landing's constabulary was roused. They discovered Rharosch Dashovath's corpse, lying in the street, surrounded by broken glass. According to sources, the glass is from a second story window in a local inn, where the Journal's editor had been staying.

Preliminary investigation has the constable calling the death a suicide, although he has yet to completely rule out foul play. Inside sources do, however, reveal that the former Journal editor suffered a severe beating before his death. Experts in such matters were brought in to assist the investigation, including several local sages and an elven diviner from a southern settlement, but their findings were scarce. Wounds found on the body suggest that the victim had been badly beaten before his two-story fall, perhaps with a club, mace, or other blunt weapon.

Officials are baffled by this turn of events, saying that Dashovath, although abrasive, was well liked among the local merchants and craftsmen. When asked for comment, local blacksmith, Iron Jack, said, "Well, at least he paid his bills on time."

Some official sources speculate that, if the editor's death was indeed a suicide, it was likely inspired by Dashovath's burgeoning debts, which have recently been exacerbated by his foray into the publishing business.

Journal insiders cite a recent rivalry with another publisher as the motive behind, what they say is, Dashovath's alleged murder. The editorial staff of the rival Elanthian Times has made several public, and rather inflammatory, statements regarding the late editor. As of press time, the Times staff could not be reached for comment.

At least one eyewitness has come forward, supporting claims that this may indeed be a murder case. While wishing to remain anonymous, he has stated that he saw a "tall man, dressed all in black, wearing a deeply hooded cloak" flee the scene, only moments after Dashovath's body struck the cobblestones. He continues to say that the events he witnessed attracted his attention because, "they were disturbing the sky."

The local constable has assured that he and his staff will, "... follow every lead to its ultimate conclusion with all due diligence."

Dateline: Day 30 of Koaratos, 5102: Wehnimer's Landing

The Elanthian Times editorial and publishing staff issued a press release yesterday concerning the recent death of former Elanthian Journal editor Rharosch Dashovath. They called it a "tragic and senseless suicide" and revealed that they had been in negotiations with Mr. Dashovath to assist him with his debts.

Some sources have speculated that the Times was attempting to buy out his paper, despite Dashovath's resistance to the takeover. The Elanthian Times, when contacted, called this nonsense and stated that their intent was to help keep the young Journal afloat despite Dashovath's financial problems. "The Journal caters to an entirely different market than our publishing. We're in no way competitors and we believe that the increased literacy among Journal readers may actually boost our own sales," said one Times staff member who requested anonymity.

The Times press release also exhorted the local constable to "quickly get to the bottom of this incident" and offered a 100,000 silver reward for information concerning the death. They also called upon the newly hired guard force to heavily patrol the docks district, home to gambling halls, sailor's inns, various other forms of recreation and some say an organized crime ring.

We approached one of the guards on the streets of Wehnimer's Landing and asked her whether the editor's death may be linked to the criminal groups that led to the guards' hiring. "I heard it had something to do with those editors at the Times. They were getting upset at the success and wide circulation of the Journal and were losing paying subscribers. Though I've heard a few other rumors about thugs and such. Hard to say with everyone talking and no one saying anything," we were told.