City on Alert!

Mayor Makes Statement
Dateline: Day 26 of Koaratos, 5102: Wehnimer's Landing

The Mayor's Office of Wehnimer's Landing, reacting to an increase in citizen complaints issued the following statement.

"It has come to our attention that many citizens have been being persecuted by certain special interest groups, looking to collect silvers for "protection" and then arranging to have said citizens burgled or other such crimes of their property or person. These actions will be no longer tolerated. I have authorized the Constable to hire a force of town guards. These guards are responsible for enforcing the law."

Anzell, the local armorer praised the changes. "Its about time. The amount they have been asking for protection is ludicrous. I will not pay!"

Kilron, a resident shop owner, agreed and donated a small sum of silver for the upkeep of the guards.

City Takes Action
Dateline: Day 26 of Koaratos, 5102: Wehnimer's Landing

As their first official act in response to a recent statement made by the Mayor, the town guards began patrols of the Wehnimer's Landing streets. Residents are encouraged to report suspicious activity.

There are also reports that the Mayor of Wehnimer's Landing has retained a local barrister to audit all town accounts. The Register and the Debt Collector have agreed to fully cooperate and have a full accounting no later than the 31st of Koaratos. The Constable's records were also requested, but he has been unavailable for comment.

Wehnimer's Landing is slowly being rebuilt after the disastrous attack of the Dark Alliance many months ago. Thanks in no small part to its citizens, who have diligently harvested wood from the surrounding forests and braved many an angry kobold for doing so. The Mayor would like to extend his thanks for such gestures of goodwill, and has decided to throw an impromptu celebration on behalf of these adventurers who went above-and-beyond in this effort. Merchants and others have been invited to the town, and the Mayor himself said that since most of the shops have been repaired, that the way is now paved to start cleaning up the town itself.