House of the Rising Phoenix - Profiles

Truekillr Strickulis - Member Emeritus - 2000

The history of Truekillr Strickulis is one filled with many little stories. I grew up in Turamzyrr just before the Empress took power. I was a happy lad doing little work and more play as my parents owned a very successful weaponsmith. We were relatively wealthy as my father was the soul person who could forge the metal Golvern and add his own skill in harnessing the liquid Lyshalvaon. After the Empress took power she forced my father into working the metals for her armies. When he conveniently forgot how to forge Golvern he was taken away. My mother was distraught of course. She would hear stories in the night, whispers really, of how they tried to force the knowledge from my fathers head using any means necessary. Eventually we got wind that they had physically split his head open and tried to divine the answer from the way the brain unraveled. They failed. In that I am proud. If only I could make it back there I know I could find the stash of weapons with untold power and strength.....

My mother died shortly after in the common depression set syndrome set in. It was a common occurrence for women to die of grief after their husbands were taken away. I must say though that the humans were treated exponentially better than the other races. The Empress has little love for the Elves especially, and the horrors they undergo to this day give me nightmares. I set out after my mother died to usurp the crown or die in an attempt to kill the Empress. There were many that followed me even though I was not yet out of my teens. Our faction was somehow infiltrated, my opinion is that it had to do with Luukos and his divination’s. Most of the members were ratted out. I escaped along with a few other sympathizers hoping to build strength and provisions. I ended up in the Landing after our ship was destroyed my wandering Krol’s. To this day I swear that the sea elves helped me safely to shore when I was sure I would drown. I know not where the rest of my shipmates are though.

When I arrived in the Landing I had no direction and only a wish to strengthen myself. I followed the first path that offered me power, and chose the profession best suited to assassination, rogue. Having been drawn to the bathhouse I entered and found promises of great power there! I was happy and strong and found a great friend in a wee youngun named Gaq. It was through him that I saw the errors of my ways and that I was actually perpetuating the situation in the Empire by following the foul Luukos. I tried to kill myself and end my misery. Gaq stopped me with words, though he knew not at the time. I finally confronted my fears and spoke with the Goddess Lorminstra. She allowed me a chance to start anew without payment of any kind to her. I could not believe it, but I figured I could kill myself at anytime. I of course accepted wholeheartedly, and found myself worshipping her kindness. I followed her ways and learned much about her and became a faithful cleric to her. Though I never lost site of my goal.

Even in being a cleric I strength my battle prowess through Onar’s teachings, though not outright. I do not feel he is evil or good, just that he is a tool. Lorminstra grants me all the faith I need in the lands, Kai the strength, Voln the devotion and aim, and Onar his services. Any who know me, know that I can kill with a single swing of my blade and this skill I hone for the time I am able to smite the Empress.

Since I have been training I have seen many things. I have had to fight in wraith invasions, defended the town from the Krol, Luukos, and more recently the Vvrael. I have seen many things and remember more. I still do not lose my faith or goal in my life. My kind nature comes from my need to feel helpful and kind and not turn to the Empress. Some may say this is unfulfilling, but it has kept my unbelievable anger and need for revenge inside me. I have a very extensive knowledge of the lands and its lore. From the eldest in the lands to the new young ones I try to be strong in character and mind, Though my mind seems to be slipping lately into these odd occurances when I remember nothing afterward. Some have called it a disease that effects the mind. Others have called it a curse of Marlu. Even so I try not to think of it and only hope I do not do anything to harm myself or others when I have these bouts, that seem to be coming more frequently.

I am one that draws strength from my friends and compatriots. I will stay happy and fulfilled if I do not reach my goal only with the strength and support of my friends. Many people have asked why I do not marry. I don’t feel I can stay strong in devotion toward my goal in the arms of such compassion that a wife would hold. Perhaps it is fear of this or fear of having other responsibilities. I know not. My ultimate goal is to not give pain to anyone unnecessarily and having a wife may do that for I do not plan on surviving my battle with the Empress. Well I find it difficult enough talking about myself so I will end here. Thank you for listening folks. If you’d like to chat with me feel free to ask. I love good conversation.