House of the Rising Phoenix - Profiles

Evia Armathia
An excerpt from a Fanciful Katera Kalagain~

In the Lands of Elanthia, a special untouched place exists beyond the minds eye. The lands stretch out in the deepest forest green, spreading thickly like arms reaching out to enclose the lands in its embrace. The soft violet sky hovers closely to the lands.

The world shudders once and brings forth a spirit child. A child born to grow and live in the lands of Elanthia. Sheltered in darkness, the spirit child grows steadily, taking no notice of the voices surrounding the glade that it grows in. Soft voices of the Greater Gods, evil spirits and other magical creatures of Elanthia whisper intently.

The Greater Goddess, Lumnis stepped forth from the shadows in her humanoid form. She shimmered brightly in the growing darkness, her light grey robe swirling softly around her. The gentle breeze danced around her in glee.

She gazed solemnly at the violet backdrop of sky. She was captured by the beauty of the evening. She glanced around once, and noticed the spirit child growing steadily in the darkness. Again, she was entranced, watching as the magic of Elanthia pulled the child into the figure of a humanoid.

"I have never seen you here." The Greater Goddess Lorminstra moved from the shadows and appeared next to Lumnis. "What brings you to the Birthing Glade?"

Lumnis was quiet for a moment. She gazed at the violet sky. "Tis not often the sky turns violet like this. Especially in the evening." Lumnis sighs and glances back to the spirit child, rapidly growing. She raises her eyebrow and glances to Lorminstra. "What do you think of this child?" Lumnis gestured to the spirit and smiled.

Lorminstra grinned and moved around the spirit, examining the figure from all angles. "I have witnessed all the births of Elanthia. This one is like all the others." Lorminstra gazed at the spirit, then back at the open glade.

"No." Lumnis said quietly. "This child will be different. The sky has foreseen it." Lumnis gestured at the violet sky and grinned at Lorminstra.

"Hmm...possibly. But this child is a new soul. It is hard to say if the soul will be strong enough for the Elanthian way of life. Many are born. Many travel through the lands a short time, many disappear, and many never return." Lorminstra glanced down at the child and shrugged. "Why do you, who rarely comes to the birthing glade think that his child will be any different?"

Lumnis blinked, her eyes taking on a distant stare as she turned her gaze heavenward again. "I see the child growing strong, I see the powers build, and magic bind. This child will last, it's soul will help create several spirit children for Elanthia. This child has the potential to be legendary. Don't you think, Ronan?" Lumnis stared at Lorminstra, grinning as she reminded everyone that her powers were greater.

Ronan yawned and stepped from the shadows. His dark eyes glanced across the glade scanning everything. "What do I think about what?" he asked. Lumnis raised her eyebrow and grinned.

"Oh come now, Ronan, you've been standing there listening for quite some time."

Ronan chuckled and shook his head. "Hath I not learned by now, I shall probably never learn." He grinned at Lumnis.

"Yes, Ronan. You come to glade often. What do you think of Elanthian's newest child?" Lorminstra waved a glance at the now larger form of the child spirit. Soon now, it would be born into the lands.

Ronan smiled and set back on his heels. He studied the child thoughtfully. "I can see already, that this child will be a woman of great beauty, a part of the Giant race. She will be graceful, yet strong in spirit. I would have to agree with Lumnis." He bowed swiftly to Lumnis and grinned again. "This child has the potential to be a Legend in our lands, for I see a great warrior in her heart."

Lorminstra raised her eyebrows and chuckled. "Perhaps you are right. We shall soon see."

The three looked back at the child and smiled. For very soon, it would be emerging in the lands. Already she had grown to full size. Her fair skin glistened with the violet sky. Her shoulder length red hair streaming wildly behind her. Her hazel eyes still closed by the deep sleep she was still entranced in.

"Well...Lumnis. Since you have taken an interest in this child, perhaps you should name her. I have none in mind at the moment." Lorminstra waved at the child and shrugged.

Lumnis smiled and watched as the child continued to grow, faster and stronger. Elanthian magic binding her to the land itself. Just as child opened her eyes, barely aware of her surroundings, a mist settled around her fading her into the town of Wehnimer's Landing. Lumnis grinned and watched as the child, now a full grown woman, took her first breath of life.

Lumnis smiled and glanced heavenward to the violet evening sky.

"Her name shall be Evia Aramathia."

By ~Katera Kalagain~

Dame Evia Aramathia
Member of the Order of the Silver Gryphon
Giantkin Warrior
Voln Master
Warrior Guild Master at Arms
Proud member of the House of the Rising Phoenix
and humble scribe.

Evia has walked the lands for many years, enjoying the company of old, and new friends

The longest inhabitant of the Lands between the sisters, is the strong, boisterous, very stubborn warrior, Lady Evia Aramathia. In her present form, she looks a bit like this, although truthfuly, she is normally covered with scars and wounds:

Circa 5103:
You see Lady Evia Aramathia the Giantman Warrior.
She appears to be in her 60's, has shoulder length, wavy, red hair, hazel eyes, and fair skin.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a veniom-hilted black rolaren warsword with a deathstone expertly set into the pommel in her right hand and a battle-worn gladiator's tower shield emblazoned with a roaring drake in her left hand.
She is wearing a Warrior Guildmaster pin, a golden phoenix pin, an imflass threaded war harness, some studded eonake gauntlets, some mithril alloy leg guards, some segmented mithril alloy arm-guards, a glaes mesh coif, a white satin sack, a deep blue velvet sack, a delicate chain link belt, a deep blue velvet skirt, some soft puma fur boots, some puma hide gloves, a golden Leya medallion, a golden Lumnis ring, a richly damasked linen cloak lined with royal blue silk, some form-fitting bear-hide leather armor banded with veniom strips, a midnight blue veniom-threaded backpack, and a gold ring.

Evia shows you a Warrior Guildmaster pin, which she is wearing. The pin is finely crafted of golvern, and has one diamond placed on it. Engraved neatly on the surface is "Guildmaster Evia Aramathia, Master of Warrior Tricks."

Evia is a Master of Voln, thanks to the unfailing encouragement of her precious Lord Geijon Khyree (of whom she is unendingly proud), and a proud member of the House of the Rising Phoenix. She currently has achieved 39 very hard fought trainings. She is also an active member of the Warrior's Guild located on North Ring Road where the skills of bashing, tackling, disarming, warrior tricks, war cries, and beserking are learned. Evia is a charter member of the guild, the 48th warrior to receive an invitation delivered to her by a little elven courier long ago. At present she is training in Berserk, thus can often be found screaming with rage.

Today, in 5117:
You see Dame Evia Aramathia the Knight-Errant.
She appears to be a Giantman of the T'Kirem Clan.
She is very tall. She appears to be mature. She has copper-lashed sparkling hazel green eyes and smooth tanned skin. She has long, softly wavy deep auburn hair shimmering with sun-streaked fiery highlights. She has an angular face, a straight nose and a web of shadowy black veins coiling along her neck and high cheekbones. She has glossy white-tipped lacquer brushed onto her squared fingernails.
She has a shooting star tattoo on her ear, a sleeping kitten tattoo on her finger, and a golden angel tattoo on her thigh.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a steel-linked ora morning star in her right hand and a black enameled tower shield with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle in her left hand.
She is wearing a swept-winged vaalin nightingale, a delicate linked vultite aemikvai cradling a fire opal, a light grey acorn amulet, an elegant fur-trimmed cloak clasped with a gold filigree cloak-clasp, a golden phoenix pin, a deep blue flax flower tucked behind one ear, a crumbling stone tower pin, a platinum-bound suede badge, a grey-striped dark leather epaulet, a black enameled bracer with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle, a small bone periapt, a stylized golden griffin pin, an imflass threaded war harness slung over her shoulder, a dark ruby-buttoned pack with a majestic golden phoenix outlined in crimson embroidery, a long black wool surcoat emblazoned with a white shield over a leather crafter's apron, a silver-hued brushed suede tunic, a suit of polished black steel plate with a padded ivory leather arming coat underneath, some scratched spiked mithril arm greaves, a solid vultite armband inlaid with an onyx bear, a pair of thick steel-studded leather gloves, a crimson brushed suede belt, a pale suede-covered case, a perfect maoral-handled mithril forging-hammer, a pair of front-laced black suede pants, some polished spiked imflass leg greaves, some jet black silver-buckled boots, and a pair of golden spurs.

Today she stands much taller, and has achieved 100 very hard fought trainings.