House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes 9/10/2003

Imaerasta, Day 10, in the year 5103

Meeting opened at 9 pm Elven, those in attendance were, Guarrin, Xastor, Saishan, Araika, Shikel, Matti, Marekhi, Murgin, Kriztian, Lady Yviara, Eahlstan, Amberain, Shirkon

Murgin mentioned upcomming election for co-secretary position. Voting on the co-secretary position to start at the conclusion of the meeting. The nominees are Matti and Errethe.

Eahlstan gave treasury report:

General Funds : 126847400
Endowment : 85000000
Loans Owed : 0
Monthly Expenses : 69500
Monthly Cash Flow : 4180500
Members : 1974
Initiation Fee : 4000

Discussion was held about new events with the mention of a ball or party.
Both candidtates for co-secretary were asked to address the membership.

Meeting was closed with our monthly membership raffle.
Marekhi won some black spiked vultite platemail.

Mirandabliss VanCur, House Phoenix secretary.