House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 9/10/2002

Imaerasta, Day 10, in the year 5102

Eahlstan and Lauraellen were announced for their first meeting as officers. Congratulations to both!

Lauraellen reported on the upcoming Gladiatorial Games.

"The trials for Phoenix are the 21st day of Imaerasta. We still need people who wish to compete in the trials and in the Games themselves. We are good on moderators at the moment, I believe, although if someone wishes to be a moderator, they can let me know.

Anyone who is interested, please send a runner to (the)address of Make sure to state it's about the glad games. The combat categories this year are non-magical, which is your standard stripped down fight. There is also unlimited, which is pretty much anything goes, with a few restrictions on certain spells and skills and thing.

In addition, (we) need anyone highly skilled in brawling to let me know... in case of a tie between houses, the winner will be determined by a champion fighting in a bare knuckles brawl... last person standing wins for their house.

You are allowed to fight up to one category level above your training skills, so if you're wanting to compete above your current skill level, please let me know that as well."

Rules will be sent to those on this list soon.

Eahlstan reported on our finances. We seem to be doing well enough- for the details, swing by the next meeting!

On the subject of the Protectors, from Eahlstan:
"The Protectors are getting off the ground now, and the numbers are growing steadily. However, we could always use more. We made a good showing at the past few invasions, but I think with more members we could have even more of an impact. Just this past Restday, Major Hargo, myself, and several others conducted our weekly training, and worked on developing new tactics. We had warriors in the front ranks, using warcries to subdue our enemies, then had rogues hidden, waiting to ambush as soon as the enemy was subdued.

If anyone is interested in upholding the Honor of the House, and in protecting Elanthia from all evil forces, please contact Colonel Guarrin.

Every Restday we have training, time is different each week. (Times are sent to active Protectors each week). You can send a runner to Guarrin at if you wish to join."

I closed the meeting with a challenge to all members to consider what you want the House to be, and to bring that idea with them to the next meeting.

That challenge goes out to all in Phoenix. Come to the next meeting with your purpose for being a part of Phoenix in your heart. Our enemy has not been still, and we need to show our own resolve.

Be strong in our Purpose!