House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 9/7/1999

Imaerasta, Day 7, in the Year 5099

[House Phoenix, Library]
The library of the House is a largish room, with the walls completely hidden by bookcases. A wide selection of reading material can be seen from a cursory glance at the shelves. Treatises on science and history stand next to ancient volumes on forest lore and magic. One rather extensive section seems devoted to arms and armor and the many subjects dealing with the arts of war. Locked glass-fronted cabinets hold rare tomes and fragile scrolls and even the odd clay tablet. You also see a spiral staircase, a carved red sandstone pedestal with an ancient volume on it, a trash barrel and a plain wooden table with a gold-trimmed modwir plaque on it.
Also in the room: (Lady Evialla who is scribing), Lord Geijon, Vapeer, Journeyman Arnov, Lord Waldo2, Cryheart, Annastasa, Lady Aislynn, Adyr, Journeyman Theoderick, Lord Daemenspawn, Lady Hyssopp, Lord Italo, Lord Thunderlion, Lord Rosevelt, Adyr, Azeries, Kahlmulandr, Lord Baloo, Wayan, Hollylynn, Vapeer, Lady Ladimel, Parfyon, Lady Prydwehn and Jarel, all of whom are seated.
Obvious exits: north.

Hyssopp says,"Thankye all for being here"

Hyssopp says, "This has been and eventful month. I will summarize what the house has been up too since May. Then Geijon I am sure has information to share. Then Evialla will be our guest speaker…If there is time.."

Hyssopp says, "I would like you all to state what are some of the things you would like to see Phoenix do in the next six months"

Hyssopp says, "For those who dont know me, I am Hyssopp, Secretary. Lord Geijon is the treasurer, and Lord Waldo2 needs nae introduction..unless ye have been living on one of our three moons, or are new..Waldo2 is our chair."

Hyssopp says, "This has been a wonderful and active year for Phoenix"

Hyssopp says, "This past May Phoenix sponsered the Inter House Gladiatorial Games. This is a proud tradition of the Landing since 5091. Phoenix won the championship in 5097. This year we saw Brigatta win the trophy..but will be victorious again! Brigatta gets to host the games next..sooo..that makes it easier for us."

Hyssopp says,” Everyone gave a grand showing and I am proud of all in the house who represented us.

Hyssopp says, We sponsered a nice trophy presentation to all the champions and threw a nice party for Brigatta in July."

Hyssopp says, Also this spring members of the Phoenix militia served well in the fight against the Bregandians, as well as many of our members in the house.

Hyssopp says, “Afterwards young ones approached me to join Phoenix. They stated that Phoenix gave a wonderful showing against the Bregandians..and they wanted to join such a noble group of people. And that is a true fact. So..aye give yerself a big applause for that."

Hyssopp smiles proudly at the wonderful faces in the room.

(Thunderlion claps beaming, his claws clacking together.)

You, Rosevelt, Arnov, Hyssopp, Thunderlion, Kahlmulandr, Prydwehn and Cryheart applaud.

Hyssopp says,"The last thing I will mention is the Summer Festival. The Festival honored Lord Phoen, Lady Zelia and Lady Lumnis. We had a wonderful turn out. Evialla and Geijon did a fantastic job with the door prizes and trivia contest. A big applause for them." Hyssopp, Rosevelt, Thunderlion, Kahlmulandr, Cryheart, Adyr, Prydwehn, Theoderick, Italo, Arnov and Azeries all applaud.

Azeries smiles and bangs his fist on his shield fer a loud clap

You grin and exclaim, "thank ye! We have no more toys!"

Hyssopp tickles you and says, "Those were glorious prizes."

Kahlmulandr chuckles.

Italo removes a comical periwinkle toy dragon from in his traveller's cloak and gives it a warm hug.

Kahlmulandr grins as Thunderlion nods.

Hyssopp says,"The best part for me was the fireworks. All Elanthia saw them"

You hear Geijon recite:


Azeries chuckles as Thunderlion giggles and Italo points at Geijon, ruining his hiding place.

Jarel exclaims, "eek!", as he falls over.

Cryheart grins as Kahlmulandr chuckles.

Hyssopp shudders and you scream!

Geijon looks around for a moment before sighing disappointedly.

(Jarel cowers behind Prydwehn.)

Geijon recites:"Beware of th' great albino killer bunny..he's loose in our basement"

Hyssopp says,"The whole landing saw a huge Phoenix rise up to the sky in lights."

Hyssopp raises her fist defiantly as she throws her head back and howls!

Hyssopp says,"So..I would now give the floor to Evialla"

Thunderlion applauds

You smile as you curtsy and wave.

You recite:

Good evening, and I am proud to see so many of you here with us for this evenings meeting. For those here who have not yet heard of the Spirit of Phoenix Crew, allow me to introduce ourselves and to tell ye a bit about us. We are the Spirit of Phoenix Crew: Zion, Cryheart, Germinal, Dionket, Mirarte, Peraxies, Prydwehn, Jarel, Zion, Thunderlion, Wayan, and myself, Evialla."

Now a bit about our intentions, goals and what we hope to accomplish. The Spirit of Phoenix Crew is an assemblage of House Phoenix members who have expressed a strong interest in and willingness to committ themselves to involvement in this new endeavor on behalf of our House."

This crew consists of House members who have been known to be active and involved in the House, were able and willing to contribute their time and ideas, and first and foremost, who love this House and have the desire to do whatever is necessary to see that it remains and becomes even more so the finest House in the lands.

At the heart of this is the core principle that our membership should not sit back and let all fall upon the shoulders of the officers alone to take care of everything, expecting them to do it all for us, but that we should to the best of our combined abilities pitch in and lend a hand in an even more active way.

It is in all of our best interests to expand and fortify the very foundations of our House to assure its continued glory. This foundation consists of and includes not only our core leadership group (our officers), but also each and every one of our members. Thus, the Spirit of Phoenix crew was assembled to aid that cause of not only promoting and encouraging involvement but also to actively offer our aid by shouldering some of the burden of doing so."

Therefore, it is the hope and goal of the Spirit of Phoenix Crew that we will all take hold of this opportunity to bring the fiery spirit of Phoenix into the forefront to shine brightly and forever.

Thank you for listening, and Expect Great Things!"

You curtsy then sit down and say, "and I could say some more if you want", as you pant and grin, clasping a hand over your mouth.

Cryheart tickles you and mutters longwinded.

Thunderlion tickles you and applauds.

Prydwehn applauds and hugs you.

Aislynn grins and applauds.

Annastasa glances at Cryheart.

Annastasa mutters efficient.

Cryheart, Rosevelt, Kahlmulandr, Hyssopp and Adyr applaud.

Theoderick asks, "Could ye be a bit more specific?"

You smile and say, "yes, I could but I believe Geijon might have some things to speak of and I will not take up all ye time right now."

Kahlmulandr nods to you.

Annastasa says, "very well spoken Evialla many should take note in your preparation. Thanks so much for your time and dedication."

You say, "thank ye" as you smile at Annastasa.

Geijon says,"Ah only haf one official announcement""Sylvine Quartermaine shall for now on be referred to as..Tuby Lovebunny."

Geijon grins.

Prydwehn smiles at Geijon while Kahlmulandr chuckles and Aislynn laughs!

(Evialla thinks someone is overly infatuated with Tuby Lovebunny.)

Parfyon snickers.

Ladimel nods to Geijon and says, "so noted"

Thunderlion giggles while Azeries cackles!

Geijon recites:

"That is all"

Geijon grins and sits down.

Adyr and Cryheart laugh while Rosevelt throws his head back and howls!

Italo coughs, while Thunderlion cackles!

Waldo2 stares at Geijon.

Geijon says, "Spread th' word an' all dat"

Geijon grins and exclaims, "Oh!"

Waldo2 says, "quick call a cleric if Lord Sylvine shows up"

Hayvenhurst asks, "is dat da killer bunny in da basement?"

Geijon nods to Hayvenhurst and says, "maybe.."

Cryheart nods to Waldo2.

Waldo2 says,"I have one brief announcement too I will be awol much of the second half of next month wiht simucon and a out of lands location transition, so the initiations will have to be handled by our other officers, during that time, that is all for me too"

(Geijon puts on his mule apron)

Geijon grins and exclaims, "Ahm ready fer it, boss!"

(Evialla puts on her nag Geijon apron)

Thunderlion just tickled you.

Jarel shows Geijon his white toy mule.

(Geijon gives Evialla a none for you pin)

You gasp.

Geijon smiles.

Annastasa raises her hand and asks, "if need be maybe promote Geijon temporary chair and a co chair to help in times that maybe Geijon may not be availble?"

Waldo2 says, "yes we will be doing that annastasa like we did when i was gone geijon and gaq switched places for that time. We might switch geijon and me this time"

Annastasa says, "great question answered. Thank you"

Geijon says, "Aye..often ah just stand in for Gaq as co-chair while boss away"

You say, "Ooo"

You ask, "can I switch him?"

(Evialla looks for a long switch)

Geijon says, "erm"

Waldo2 chuckles as Cryheart grins.

Geijon says, "ah not wanna switch wit Waldo even temporary"

Hyssopp says,"Aye..we have done this routine before Annastasa. But thankye for yer imput. Now I would like to invite comment from the floor..raise yer hand and I will call you in order Hyssopp says, “How did you like the activities we did this year? What more would you like to see. Hyssopp asks, "Please raise yer hands and I will call on you. I do appreciate you all being here at the meeting most sincerely"

You say, "they were amazing and wonderful activities"

Jarel says, "more table dances"

(Geijon is retired)

You bite Geijon!

You raise your hand.

Kahlmulandr begins chuckling at Geijon.

Annastasa giggles and raises her hand.

Hyssopp nods to you.

Jarel says, "more communication"

Geijon asks, "How so Jarel?"

Geijon says, "We tend tae keep House Newsletters minimal"

You say, "I would like to suggest more events of a smaller, scale be included amongst our larger ones, perhaps not for the general public but smaller ones for our Members and guests"

Geijon nods to you and says, "Not'd"

Geijon asks, "Anna?"

Thunderlion and Hyssopp nod to you.

Annastasa says, "I would like to see better member screening. "I have a few ideas if you would like to hear. Seems very automatic to join "

Geijon nods to Annastasa and says, "Sylvine an' ah haf been workin on proposals fer months..nearly a year now"

Annastasa nods.

(Evialla adjusts her Nag them apron a bit tighter)

Annastasa says, "maybe a mentor program of sorts"

You beam at Annastasa.

Geijon says, "We tried that, but it got shot down. Sylvine call'd it..meat packagin..ah think"

Annastasa says, "have some house members who come to the lands a lot to walk and talk with prospective members, watch them for a while too and ask around for a few references"

Geijon nods to Annastasa.

Geijon says, "Ah've been workin on th' Elanthian Advisors promotion tho"

Annastasa says, "that works too, semantics. I would encourage no news is good news idea also"

Geijon says, "Sylvine an' ah had a point system idea. It would hinge on multiple choice completions of items such as biographies, tales, attendin meetings, etc. It might be too complex tho, An' some membahs haf express'd dislike o' an elitist system, Statin they wish tae remain an opin House"

Annastasa says, "that's my point, that's what I meant by no news is good news"

Azeries says, "can't get too poor non-tinking warriors get locked out", whistling tunelessly to himself.

Hollylynn says, "hear, hear, I agree"

Hyssopp asks, "May I make a suggestion?"

Geijon nods to Hyssopp.

Hyssopp says, "I have seen some mentors systems implemented by other houses. Willow Hall has a system the impresses me most. You first have to come to a house meeting. They have special people other than officers who are judges. One judge gets your name down"

Annastasa giggles and says, "a little plagerism isn't bad..Eek don't like that term"

Geijon says, "Ah think we'd all be interest'd in folks postin ideas on th' boards about how we would accept members via requirements, small House Quests an' classes. We've tried in th' past tae start them, but nae had th' man powah"

Annastasa says, "yes extremely so"

Hayvenhurst raises his hand.

Hyssopp says, "What I am saying is keep it simple. The prospective member has to go through 2 interviews. We could modify it a bit. But you should not let the process drag on more than four weeks."

Daemenspawn says, "I like Hyssopp's idea. You could set it up as a series of say, 5 quests, each requiring proof of completion be brought to a house meeting"

Hayvenhurst raises his hand.

Jarel says, "whoever brings me da mostest bribe gets in, sounds fair to me"

Geijon nods to Hayvenhurst.

Thunderlion says, "Quests"

Ladimel raises her hand.

Annastasa says, "I was thinking just informal time spent with a house member, maybe a mandetory two hours in a week. And they wouldn't have to be one on one"

Hyssopp nods to Annastasa.

You say, "good thinkin Annastasa"

Waldo2 says, "i agree with hyssopp, one of the hardest things i have seen is that most of the proposals are very time intensive, and doing them would require much coordination with the officers to say who is ready, and to get folks signed up to go thru the approval process,

Geijon nods to Waldo2.

Geijon says, "Quests would be more of House mini-events. Which is why Sylvine and I have been hesitant. We would need a good half dozen reviewers"

Hyssopp says, "Having house mentors other than officers is a good idea Annastasa."

Annastasa says, "yes anything too structured is a bit hard to implement, we all know that"

Ladimel raises her hand.

Azeries says, "ya also have to remember..some people cannae make meetings and so forth due to not able to be in lands at that time"

Hayvenhurst says, "i like the idea of doing something with the house afore joining...but many have schedule restrictions which may not permit them to do part of some Requirement for Joining. There should be alternates so no deserving folk be unable to join on a technicality"

Geijon nods to Hayvenhurst.

Hollylynn says, "this all sound rather "police-ish" to me"

Hyssopp says, "The problem we are getting folks who do not know our history..wich is our essense and do not join for the purpose of being pure of heart..but to get a locker"

Hyssopp nods to Ladimel and says, "Ladimel you have the floor"

Ladimel says, "Wayan has experience assigning quests, there was a time the young folks in our clan - who wanted to court, were assigned quests. The quests were all three parted. The first was to post intentions. The second involved seeking out a beast of some appropriate type, and the third part was to do something for someone younger in the name of their betrothal"

Ladimel says, "for example, he assigned a young empath and cleric to make a sack of herbs for younger empaths, and to leave them on the bench in town square in the name of the bethrothal, and the folks completing them posted the scrolls to him to show completion"

Hyssopp says, "The quest had to relate to our house history"

Geijon says, "We would have optional things, aye"

Waldo2 says, "yep but if it is not structured you have folks waiting around a lot for someone to get them in, it some weeks has been hard enough to get two officers here for initiations and this is a small group"

Annastasa says, "yes my suggestion is having that person meet with any mentor for the time determined before house membership."

Geijon says, "We donnae want tae restrict any prospective membahs..We just donnae want "Locker Zombies. We want to have a community, where people care and understand what Our House is. So we as Officers have labored to build the base of data, which I think we have a good foundation of"

Annastasa nods to Geijon and says, "not assigned so there is more flexibility, and just general character and association screening"

Geijon nods to Annastasa.

Annastasa says, "that is good in a way then"

Rosevelt asks, "has the number of people join the house droped since fourwinds members got free lockers?"

Geijon says, "Yes. Ah havnae notic'd decline, Rosevelt"

Geijon says, "We gain members in fluxes. Sometimes 6, sometimes 3, 4, 7, 9, 1. Its random"

You ask, "it sounds like we're all pretty much in agreement to do some improving along these lines, and can we move foreward with the idea that we agreement we wish to improve joining standards? And if so can we do an informal vote amongst those present to procede?"

Prydwehn grins and says, "yep"

Annastasa raises her hand.

Hyssopp says, "Geijon and Sylvine are in charge of the proposal. You all should put yer ideas into them"

Hollylynn says, "the people I refer to the House I have already looked over and spoken with usually at great lengths"

Hyssopp nods to Hollylynn and says, "They know my sentiment is to keep it simple but still be a good screening."

Geijon says, "ah'd really like tae find Geoff an' speak wit'm about some o' his notes from years past"

Waldo2 says, "we will need the folks selected that will help, and the whole thing coordinated before we can put it into effect"

Hyssopp says, "We should really look into Willow Halls methods..I am very impressed with them"

You say, "and ye have a whole Crew of Spirited helpers at hand", as you whistle tunelessly to yourself, remembering days past.

Ladimel raises an eyebrow in Hyssopp's direction and asks, "what are they doing?"

Jarel says, "judges and interviews"

Thunderlion says, "Perhaps if the initiation cerimony itself is a tad more... exciting, mystical and scares the for lack of a better word) prospects into understanding that they have to want to be a living part of something special then that might be close enough."

Waldo2 says, "well thunderlion, compared to many initiations ours is an oddessy.. i spend often 2 hours on it and the house tour, though lately the smaller numbers take that to 1.5 hours"

Hayvenhurst raises his hand.

Geijon nods to Hayvenhurst.

Hayvenhurst says, "remember, we are Phoenix, not willow. We can take methods we like and add or remove other methods..."

Geijon nods to Hayvenhurst.

Hyssopp says, ", We would modify Hayvenhurst. They first make you read their missive, their oath. And when you are interviewed...they test you with questions"

Geijon says, "Our screening method so far resembles Helden's, but with a point system rather then meeting attendance. Ah'll work on it more. Its posted on th' boards in its early versions"

You ask, "would it be appropriate to schedule Special Meetings for this proposal for all who wish to contribute further ideas and suggestions, then hammer out the details a bit more?"

Waldo2 smiles at you.

Hollylynn says, "I like the idea of a quiz to test House library knowledge"

Thunderlion says, "I'm not knocking it geijon, at all.. just trying to simplify, simplify so that we might combine all into an easier process"

Geijon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Daemenspawn says, "Perhaps one of the things to incorportate in the screening is becoming familiar with the house by-laws"

Waldo2 says, "I do too all 100 a year i do but adding more to the time will not make it easier to do"

Geijon says, "If ah cin find mah notes ah cin throw some of it out"

You hear the voice of Hayvenhurst say, "point of order. The Bylaws need to be updated to be correct"

Daemenspawn asks, "Are the house by-laws available somewhere now?"

Geijon says, “Th’ bylaws be on th’ House site.

Thunderlion says, "Maybe then they should be once a month and a bit more elaborate, Waldo2"

Wayan says, "I think the added time would be pre-initiation. I don't see pre-screening adding to initiation times"

Hollylynn says, "I think the first question for anyone before anything, should be: Why do they wish to join this particular House. The initiation ceremony itself is fine I think. Just a pre-initiation quiz sounds logical"

Waldo2 says, "of course we do have a great resource in our website, perhaps we can use it to to help communicate things new members should know, tied in with our mentor idea of course. I would agree with you thunderlion except that folks have such a hard time hitting any given time we give them 8 or 9 chances a month to get initiated, and some still miss most of them"

Daemenspawn says, "You can't accomodate everyone "

Geijon says, "Honestly we've discussed bi-monthly inductions, Sir Waldo, so its less time draining on us"

Wayan says, "we could try weekly instead of twice a week"

Geijon says, "Yes..our induction ritual will remain unchanged. Those who get inducted is what we're lookin at. We have one of the most formal and long actual induction processes. Our requirements are very minimal. Which is what we need to change"

Annastasa says, "I like biweekly since some don't have weekends or weeknights. Alternate I mean, or if weekly swap days"

Geijon says, "We would do Wednesdays on the 1st and 3rd week, saturdays on the 2nd and 4th for example. So we would do 4 inductions a month, rather then 8"

Annastasa winks and says, "he get's it. Much less work

You say, "sounds perfect that way"

Waldo2 says, "annastasia has a good point there the time zones make it harder, of course figuring that schedule out will cause us to miss a few due to confusion on the officers parts. I thought it was 1st wednesday in months containing r and...."

Geijon chuckles. Annastasa says, "place schedule on web page, no guessing then" Geijon says, "Ahh...we also thought about increasing membership fees" Annastasa says, "I don't like that Geijon the silvers if it is indicative of what I find are down a lot and I mean a Lot" Hollylynn says, "if member fees woulda been any higher I woulda never joined any House pretty much, and I didn't join this one til I was 17"

Thunderlion says, "I joined because they were low, one of thr reasons" Geijon asks, "So efflux in the economy is up and the influx is down, Anna?" Annastasa says, "I noticed that talking to new friends that silvers are very hard to come by, especially legitimate new people" Geijon says, "The Phoenix Endowment over the past 3 years has gone from perhaps the lowest to the second wealthiest. We roll in 1.6 million in interest monthly, 3 years ago it was 232K"

Geijon says, "Actually..21 months ago" Annastasa says, "if they buy normal equipment and save for initiation at five trainings they can't make it" You say, "she meant for 'em to raise a higher fee for joinin" Hyssopp says, "No. I dont want sponsers. I want screening not sponsers. No Sponsers. That is too much like Brigatta..and I hate that about them" Geijon says, "Age or level really has little bearing on maturity in todays Elanthia"

Annastasa says, "I couldn't agree more Geijon. I would go so far to say that most of the real old citizens seem to be reverting in maturity" Waldo2 says, "cant wait to see what our room additions will be costing when some day we get them in the queue to be worked on "

Wayan asks, "you mean the additions scheduled for last year?"

Waldo2 says, "yep but sadly the turn over and confusion of the house GMs has added to the slowness" Hyssopp asks, "Did everyone hear what I said?!"

Hyssopp says, "NO sponsers" Geijon says, "We've had our renovations submitted since Oct of 97", Hyssopp. We havnt had any additions since the Temple done in 96. Oh which reminds me" Hyssopp says, "I know Geijon" Geijon recites:"I'm proposing a House Strike by us and some of the others if House Renovation Guidelines are not made and followed""The decrephencies among the Houses is huge and Bigger and Better seems to be the norm. Obsidian Tower was built with 65 rooms. We have existed for 8 years and stand at 28" Wayan asks, "what sort of strike?"

Annastasa says, "I would honor it"

Thunderlion coughs and exclaims, "Moon the gods!"

Hollylynn asks, "what would this strike entail?" Geijon says, "We would lock our entry if possible and stop all inductions as well as have all our members petition to the GMs" Geijon grins as he nods to Annastasa and says, "I sent some rather scathing scrolls" Annastasa says, "I would even stop showing up at all if you would like"

Thunderlion says, "then moon them"

Hayvenhurst asks, "could that result in disolution of da house? somtin dat PoohBear would relish?"

Annastasa sighs and says, "but I think they wouldn't care seriously"

Thunderlion asks, "they are so lazy and greedy now you expect that anything might make a dent?" Geijon says, "This is of course many months from now. Brigatta and Helden would agree to the strike also I think as well as the others perhaps, Anna. The 8 or so elder Houses all striking and having all their members petition may get some response" Waldo2 says, "I think perhaps talking with the appropriate folks at simucon might help some as well perhaps we need to get the other house officers together who are attending"

Annastasa says, "ooo good idea Waldo"

Geijon says, "We've been promised renovations again, after the completion of the 98" approved Houses and our renovations at the end of 99 thus the first 2 months of 2000 is their target date for us. My anger would be that they only grant say..3 rooms to us"

Waldo2 says, "though about simucon we change the folks doing house GM jobs every time"

Geijon nods to Waldo2.

Geijon says, "4 of the House Officers will be at Simucon. My question is..what is adequate after 3 years of waiting? 4 rooms, 8 rooms, 12 rooms? Jodalin has promised me that she will set guidelines"

Annastasa says, "50, use the new standard"

Wayan says, "everything we ask for"

Annastasa exclaims, "just kidding whatever is done in good style I feel is best. I saw quality not quantity and I would get lost!"

Geijon says, "I think we requested additions to the Temple wing, a more recreational courtyard, a basement and some room changes mainly to fix typos"

Thunderlion says, "Dig a tunnel to Voln... that would be neat."

Waldo2 says, "hmm ok who leaked the plans"

Geijon chuckles and says, "I requested it, Thunder"

Thunderlion giggles and asks, "Really?"

Geijon nods to Thunderlion and says, "aye. It may be a bit unfeasable tho"

Thunderlion says, "great minds.. ah think alike."

Geijon says, "It was Gaq's idea"

You say, "those were very modest requests too"

Geijon asks, "Also is everyone aware of the Collection of Fine Art and Architect Contests?"

Thunderlion asks, "Is there anyway that we could become more like an order than just a house? Maybe robes( that went over armor.. and a bunch of other things fun... more of a unity, ceremony thingie?"

Geijon says, "The GMs dont like granting specialty items"

Ladimel says, "that is a very good idea, Thunderlion"

Thunderlion says, "Or much of anything without paying for it now."

Geijon says, "I think over the last few years we have shown Elanthia we arent religious, but people will always remain ignorant"

Thunderlion says, "not so much on the religious thing.. but more... mystical, bonded through ceremony.. a cause."

Hyssopp says,"Okay..let me surmize"

Hyssopp says,"Geijon and Sylvine will come up with a workable plan.."

Hyssopp says "Say a 4 week screening process with mentors. The alternating house intitiation times is an excellent idea. So Geijon get a mentor screening process together that is simple and will be approved. Waldo2 when can we try the new initiation schedule?"

Geijon says,"The requirements proposal would still need to pass the 2/3 House Majority vote. The vote would be via mail

Geijon says, "I'll plan on completion of a proposal after simucon"

Geijon nods and says, "I get your idea, Thunder. More of a Community atmosphere. We've been working on it"

Hyssopp recites:

"I suggest the Evialla's group be the core of our mentors for the beginning..just an idea"

Annastasa nods to Hyssopp and says, "make it big though. Much bigger. Bigger is better"

You say, "we are willing"

Hyssopp recites:

"And I suggest that we have a bunch to chew on now so let us chew on it until the next meeting""The next meeting will be the first Wednesday of October at 10pm est"

Geijon says, "Sylvine and I had some committee/foundation ideas and such to help run things also"

Hyssopp recites:

"Meeting is adjourned."

Geijon recites:

Also a reminder about the Collection of Fine Arts and the Architect Contest. I'm taking submissions still"

Annastasa smiles and says, "I think I know why it went well, we are all getting tired and resolved about some things in the lands"