House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 9/5/2006

Lumnea, Day 5, in the Year 5106

The House meeting for this month started at 9:55 pm in attendance were myself Adyr,Cryheart, Durpin, Guarrin, Mourdeyan, Evialla, Jazmeena, Jeditn, Geijon, Murgin, Lord Springwell, Great Lord Moswell, Baruk, Shirkon, and Rosamor.

shirkon opened off with the treasure report which stands at,Foist offs, we gots 156803980 silvahs in da General Fund an 100000000 silvahs in da Endowment Fund.

On da 12 gonna needs a coupla folks ta heps wids our event fer da CHE Spirit games.Fer ya what na membahs we hostin a drunken crawl abouts town, Folks drinks till em canna stands an den crawls ta check points afore headin backs ta da house.

Mirandabliss has informed us dat she steppin down as Secretary,i will be filling her spot as the house Secretary,Positions for the co-secretary spot are now open so please get your nomination's in if you wish to full this spot so far evialia and rosamor have been nomited,

Also the spot of co-Treasurah as opened up and so far nominated are Mourdeyan.

Nominations fer both positions will remain open until da next monthly meetin.which At dat time shirkon will set ups da vote wids all da candidates on its.

we also need folks to help with the house party on the 22nd still,let us know if you can help,lat but not least was the house raffle for a a supple leather weapon harness glittering with diamond dust,with a a polished vultite rapier with a diamond-set platinum hilt in it,which was won by Barquentine

meeting ended at 10:50 pm.

Your new Secretary of the house of the Rising Phoenix
~grand lord Adyr Dreae~