House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 8/5/2000

Phoentos, Day 5, in the year 5100

[House Phoenix, Library]
The library of the House is a largish room, with the walls completely hidden by bookcases. A wide selection of reading material can be seen from a cursory glance at the shelves. Treatises on science and history stand next to ancient volumes on forest lore and magic. One rather extensive section seems devoted to arms and armor and the many subjects dealing with the arts of war. Locked glass-fronted cabinets hold rare tomes and fragile scrolls and even the odd clay tablet. You also see a spiral staircase, a carved red sandstone pedestal with an ancient volume on it, a trash barrel and a plain wooden table with a gold-trimmed modwir plaque on it.
Also in the room: (Lady Evialla who is scribing), Goeffro, Eudren, Herry, Cryheart, Lord Cynric, Lady Heathyranne, Lord Jaialias, Tarryl, Lord Caranorn, Arimantis, Lord Geijon, Kalasyl, Hercules, Ariahn, Haephestus, Seijin, Brandain, Lauraellen, Lady Elidan, Natac, Lord Germinal, Dartwing, Lord Waldo2, Journeyman Clatisis.
Obvious exits: north

Jaialias recites:

"Ah am goin ta change da ordah o' dis meeting a li, since ve 'ave a verra important vote ta partake in. Ah vould like ta begin vit Lord Germinal"

Jaialias points at Germinal.

Germinal bows to Jaialias.

Jaialias says, "floor is yers friend"

Jaialias leans on his broadsword.

Germinal says, "Thank ye Jaialias. First, I'd like to congratulate the Protectors on their successful reformation. We've been training for two months, and our strength is now up to around twenty-four. We are, however, still trying to expand our number. If anyone wishes to join us on our weekend excursions, we have openings for all training levels and professions. During out missions, we practice working together against difficult foes, and complementing one anothers unique talents and abilities. If anyone wishes to join us in protecting our House and our Home here in the landing, please see me after the meeting. Kriztian is in overall command, or you may contact me after the meetin"

Germinal says, "Second, the hunts. Well, overall, the hunts are working well. With just a couple exceptions. We still need folks to serve as backup hunt leaders. There've been several instances where the hunt leaders have had to cancel at the last minute, and there's a bunch of folks without a leader here. So, if you'd like to serve as a backup hunt leader, all hunts are available, up to and including Banshees. Again, please contact me after this meeting if you're interested in helping with the hunts"

Jaialias says, "tank ya Germinal"

Jaialias recites:

"Lady 'eathyranne vil now update us 'bout 'er Tease an Ales"

Heathyranne recites:

"House Phoenix Tease and Ales are the first Saturday of everra month. In case ye do nae realize that...that means this saturday! So show up at the telescope at 5 p.m. elven time. Food and drink will be supplied..and tis nae always tea...tis a pun! And this month's guest speaker will be Lord Manny from Twilight Hall. Next month, we're preparing a nice educational seminar with lots of drink, all on the Unlife. So come join us! tis a time for lore, and history, and socializing, and building house ties. one last thing, if ye hae any suggestions for speakers, stories, tales, lore, history, etc, please send a scroll to me. I live at when nae living in the House..tis right of Lumnis Lane by the Temple"

Jaialias recites:

"'eathyranne vil now update us on da stae o' da 'ouse funds"

Heathyranne recites: Hunt deposits:
Elidan: 24,500; Germinal:11,790; Heathyranne:44,249; Herry:28,613 & 3102; And....Marinzol: 108,804.
Protectors of the Citadel deposited 47,528.

House totals
: General Funds : 31080054;
Endowment : 44550000;
Loans Owed : 0;
Monthly Expenses : 69500;
Monthly Cash Flow : 2158000;
Members: 1905.

Jaialias recites:

"Ah 'ave proposed a list o' new membahship requirements dat vil be voted on dis eve. Dey ver set forth on both da missives and da tree, an ah vil reiterate dem fer all o' ya 'ere. Vhen ah request, those who 'ave nae already voted vil be asked ta vhispah ta me der vote on da proposal as a whole"

Geijon says, "Treasury Update, tested if 50 million was the max endowment. Endowment : 50000025"

Germinal's jaw drops.

Geijon grins.

Elidan exclaims, "wow!"

Seijin's jaw drops.

Germinal says, "that's...a couple silvers"

Seijin blinks.

Lauraellen says, "good heavens"

Jaialias beams happily at Geijon!

Cynric says, "Hmmm, appears they have upped the limit."

Geijon says, "Ah doubt th' clerk has a limit. It "might" be 60 million which is 3 million cash flow."

Jaialias recites: Ta sum it up, new membahs vil 'ave ta go through an interview process dat is as follows. Any propective membah vil 'ave ta be interview'd by 2 officahs and a third 'ouse membah who be a membah o' da interview committee. Da days ve initiate vil be lesson'd ta 2 times a month. On da days ver initiations used ta be ve vil be available fer prospective new membahs ta educate dem on da 'ouse an ta interview those dat vant to. Da current training limit is ta be raised from 5 trainings ta 10, and da initiation fee is ta be doubled. Ta me dis insures dat all prospective membahs vil 'ave da opportunity ta speak vit 2 officahs and a third membah at seperate times. Familiarizin demselves vit vhat it means ta be a membah o' dis 'ouse, and ta assure dey understand vhat it means"

Jaialias asks, "aye Haep?"

Jaialias smiles at Haephestus.

Jaialias says, "and ah got yer vote already"

Jaialias grins at Haephestus.

Haephestus says, "When ye doon Ah hae one point ah wiish ta bring oop, tis all"

Jaialias recites:

"Lots o' Elanthians view 'ouses as nothin more den a locker, and ah tink raisin da age limit vil discourage membahs like dat. An interviewin dem assures dat membahs an officahs alike 'ave a chance ta mold new membahs inta people dat vil make dis 'ouse proud. Ah 'ave received 53 votes on dis mattah so far, and all 'ere are velcome'd ta vote aftah ve field a few questions"

Jaialias asks, "haep?"

Jaialias smiles at Haephestus.

Caranorn raises his hand.

Lauraellen raises her hand.

Jaialias pokes Haephestus in the ribs.

Haephestus says, "OK, bear wi me weather. I would like ta formally disagree wi boot one part O yer proposal. Ah agree wi all boot da age limit"

Jaialias asks, "does dis change yer vote?"

Haephestus says, "Ah dinna feel dat age hae aught ta do wi yer contribution ta dese lands, ooor yer dedication ta dis house, rather ah feel..."

Jaialias says, "cause ah tink ah vas perty clear 'bout dis bein voted on in full. ahh, but ah do"

Haephestus says, "Nae, jes wish ta state dis ta all"

Jaialias says, "an tis yer right ta. Most people vantin a lockah in me opinion vould be joinin sumthin else as opposed ta vaitin da extra few trainings"

Heathyranne says, "I think waiting the extra trains shows that extra dedication"

Dartwing says, "as do i Jaialias about the age thing"

Heathyranne says, "there are always exceptions. In people, I mean"

Haephestus says, "Dat ye kin use da increase times to observe, and den decide if it jes a locker bein looked fer. Dat all. Thankee fer yer patience"

Haephestus shrugs.

Jaialias says, "Caranorn"

Hercules raises his hand.

Caranorn says, "first, tis me first meet avin been officially beheaded last saturday. so dun knows ta house that well yet. then I also got a problem wit ta age idea, thought I will vote in favor o ta changes. I would jus recommend mayhap havin sume special activities fer folk unda 10. so em can get ta know ta house betta n how things work"

Geijon says, "Kristing might deny that request as to age, that falls under her decision ah believe."

Jaialias says, "she vil nae deny it"

Jaialias nods to Caranorn.

Heathyranne says, "we will continue to educate them and the like, Caranorn, of course"

Jaialias says, "tis sumthin ve are plannin in da future"

Caranorn nods.

Heathyranne nods to Jaialias.

Caranorn says, "tis all"

Elidan says, "the house hunts are big draws for youger peoples"

Jaialias says, "Lauraellen, da floor tis yers"

Lauraellen asks, "Just a question as to whether there are going to be exceptions in place for those that were members before being reborn? Or will former members also need to wait the 10 trainings?"

Jaialias looks over at Lauraellen and shakes his head.

Jaialias says, "nae at all"

Lauraellen nods to Jaialias.

Lauraellen says, "thank you"

Jaialias says, "dis only effect future membahs"

Waldo2 says, "I think the age requirements for some houses are much higher already, doubt it will be turned down"

Germinal raises his hand.

Jaialias nods to Waldo2.

Jaialias asks, "is dat all m'lady?"

Jaialias smiles at Lauraellen.

Waldo2 says, "Er wait if they put in the limit in the clerk, it will apply to all"

Lauraellen says, "aye, it is up to the house to determine age requirements. it's just a minimum of 5"

Jaialias nods to Lauraellen.

Lauraellen says, "aye Jaialias. thank ye"

Waldo2 says, "it would be very difficult for us to always determine soemone's age"

Jaialias says, "Hercules"

Hercules says, "My question was answered M'Lord...might as well add I agree with upping the requirements. There should certainly be more people at this meeting."

Heathyranne says, "holding vultite"

Haephestus says, "NAe waldo"

Germinal raises his hand.

Haephestus says, "Jes hand em Vultite fer da Ceremony"

Jaialias says, "Eudren"

Geijon says, "Clerk doesn't change his 5th level requirement, but we can enforce an age limit, yet it can be tricked on us."

Jaialias asks, "ya vanted ta ask a question?"

Geijon says, "Arcane is 25th, Aspis about 12th, Helden 10th."

Eudren says, "I'm pretty against the age forms us as more and more elitist.."

Waldo2 nods to Eudren.

Jaialias says, "ah dun see dat, but twas a concern o' mine. Ah tink it jes shows ve vant more dedicated membahs who be sure dey vant ta join dis 'ouse"

Jaialias asks, "Germinal?"

Elidan says, "Geijon just pointed out that there be other Houses that be even higher"

Eudren raises his hand.

Arimantis nods.

Heathyranne raises her hand.

Lauraellen says, "it depends on your definition of elitist. If by elitist you mean seeking the best, then yes... and it's a good thing"

Eudren sighs.

Jaialias says, "Eudren, ya can continue afore Germinal"

Eudren says, "While I understand the need to raise the bar, I don't want to see this house turn into an elitist faction. I have no problems with being selective, but..."

Jaialias says, "Eudren, tis designed jes ta assure dat people who be serious 'bout dis great 'ouse join, and nae anyvon who decides dey like da location"

Lauraellen asks, "define elitist faction? and hwat would you like to see the house turn into?"

You raise your hand.

Eudren says, "Let's say you have your heart set on being in House Phoenix. Saying you have to double your trains isn't going to encourage roleplaying. It encourages power-hunting."

Germinal says, "...quick remark..."

You say, "hm, interesting point"

Caranorn shakes his head.

Natac raises his hand.

Lauraellen says, "true. but most people do until title anyway Eudren."

Eudren shrugs.

Eudren says, "I've said my piece..."

Ariahn says, "Except those of us who never title"

Jaialias asks, "Germinal?"

Arimantis says, "I don think that ten trains is unreasonable, heck some youngins reach five trains the first week of thier time here. Gives all a bit of time to think about thier choice."

Germinal says, "I'd like to put forth the idea that we continue to sponsor younger hunts, for under ten training folks It'd be a good way to interact with and recruit candidates for membership. Just something I'd like considered..."

Jaialias nods to Germinal.

Elidan nods to Germinal.

Lauraellen says, "good point Germinal."

Heathyranne says, "oh definitely, Germinal"

Caranorn nods to Germinal.

Jaialias says, "tis verra much vhat ve are considerin"

Natac raises his hand.

Jaialias says, "Ariahn"

Elidan says, "we get ta know em better yoo"

Jaialias points at Ariahn.

Jaialias smiles.

Ariahn says, "I was just wondering what the interviews would consist of m'Lord. Ah, how they would be carried out."

Jaialias says, "da interviews vil be designed ta educate perspective membahs, and ta familiarize dem vit vhat it means ta be a membah o' dis great 'ouse"

Heathyranne asks, "Granddad, would ye like me to go over the mini-ones I hae been doing now? to give an idea of what we'll do?"

Jaialias says, "Natac"

Jaialias smiles at Natac.

Ariahn asks, "So it is more of a means of teaching and learning rather than an interview?"

(Brandain makes his excuses quietly and slips out the back.)

Natac asks, "mayhap we have a trial period,afore grantin membership, instead of an age cap?"

Jaialias says, "a combination o' dem, dey vil be spaced out so da final von shows us vhat dey learned"

Ariahn says, "Ah. Thank you"

Jaialias says, "Natac, dat is nae sumthin ve are considerin at dis time, but if ya vant ta discuss dis vit me furtha, ah am open fer any suggestions"

Jaialias says, "Evia dear"

Jaialias smiles at you.

Maeger asks, "I wouldnt bes an interview, folks aint got nuff time read bout der house, maybes dey in the wrong place?"

You ask, "my turn?"

Jaialias nods to you.

Natac says, " or have a sponsor, as opposed to jus walkin up ta join"

Maeger says, "should be one"

You say, "The Age requirement seems most contested, and my comment for the record is, The age requirement difference isn't huge, but I would tend to agree more with Caranorn's idea, of allowing 5th thru 10th with special conditions, much like an apprentice period. That's all"

Dartwing raises his hand.

Haephestus says, "Aye, odderwise ye make da good wait, observe em, da good will shine tru"

Jaialias says, "aye, Evialla, dey vil be involved if'n dey vant, vit 'unts and vhat not, tis my views ta educate those interested durin dat time"

Haephestus nods to you.

Jaialias says, "ve 'ad a membah dis eve. came ta me vhen 'e vas von nae knowin a ting 'bout dis 'ouse. vorked vit me, Cynric, 'eathyranne for sometime. finally joined todah. but ve met vit 'im 'alf a dozen times afore 'e vas 5 trainings, at great length"

Sultrye says, "Perhaps instead of or in conjunction with the age...the person might be required to attend a few meetings with a member before being accepted..."

Hercules says, "Aye, like the apprentices for Arcane..."

Jaialias says, "dats vhat ah vould like ta see fer all interested undah 10 trainings"

Maeger raises his hand.

Jaialias points at Dartwing.

Haephestus raises his hand.

Jaialias says, "Dartwing"

Eudren raises his hand.

Jaialias asks, "Dartwing, ya vished ta speak?"

Jaialias smiles at Dartwing.

Dartwing says, "i would like to change me vote it took me 10 trains to decide although i got the house confused with volin i made a good choice. so yes tis a good idea"

Jaialias says, "Eudren, yer up agin"

Eudren says, "I like the idea of an apprenticeship or trial period. I'm still against the age limit. I heard someone mention that the difference bewteen five and ten trains isn't much. It may not be much to Lords, Ladies and Legends, but it's alot for a younger person. I've been around for well over a year and I'm nowhere near titling. I think a possibility of an apprenticeship not based on time, but on worthiness would work. Not saying, 'Apprentice for a month', but have someone watching them and decide when they're ready."

Germinal raises his hand.

Heathyranne smiles at Eudren.

Jaialias says, "closin da floor aftah da next 3 'ands dat go up"

Jaialias says, "haep, yer up"

Jaialias points at Haephestus.

Jaialias smiles.

Haephestus says, "Ah say dis den sit an await da vote. Ah na different nearin 70 dan ah was at 10, dan ah was at 5. Ah say observe da younguns, doan eliminate em."

Jaialias says, "Haep, those undah 10 vil be verra much involved, and da lad dat joined dis eve is a perfect example"

Jaialias says, "maeger"

Jaialias smiles at Maeger.

Lauraellen raises her hand.

Maeger says, "aint no reason dey cant attend events an such till dey ten, but der aint no reason we cant have somethin ta keep folks from lookin fer an easy locker space"

Jaialias says, "Maeger is a good example 'imself. 'e showed interest in da 'ouse vhen 'e vas von. 'e vas nae shunn'd and told ta come back in 5 'ears"

Haephestus asks, "And when ye applied?"

Maeger says, "I applied a month or so back when I was 7"

Haephestus asks, "Sa why ye here?"

Jaialias says, "but ya show'd interest vhen ya ver von 'r two"

Haephestus says, "By dese rules ye still be waitin"

Maeger squints at Haephestus.

Waldo2 nods to Heathyranne.

Heathyranne says, "and he wouldnae mind waiting, is his point, I believe"

Haephestus says, "Dat me point"

Maeger says, "das fine. den I wait"

Heathyranne says, "he wouldhae waited til he was 20 trains"

Geijon says, "Earlier versions of th' proposal had apprenticeship."

Heathyranne says, "that was his dedication"

Eudren says, "Participating in the House events isn't that special. I know many of the Skin-hunters joined our house hunts. Being a member is something special."

Haephestus says, "Was observation made ye known wasna fer a locker"

Hercules says, "If someone truly wanted to join the house...they would wait infinitely. That's my belief."

Haephestus says, "Na yer age. An ah mean na insult by dat. Fergi me an ye took one"

Maeger says, "if ya ad the wit afore I woulda waited,"

Jaialias says, "actually, der vas no earliah versions o' dis proposal, ah disregard'd all prior attempts vhen ah sought ta come up vit dis von"

Jaialias says, "'eathyranne, da fllor be yers, den Lauraellen"

Jaialias says, "next 'and raised be da last question 'r comment"

Haephestus says, "Ah ken dat Jaialias, jes showin wi dese rules e'en yer protoge wouldna qualify"

Heathyranne says, "I just wanted to address the age issues a moment...first, we are not saying that someone at 5 trains might nae be qualified. we are saying that by raising the training, we are ensuring one more safeguard in inducting people who are dedicated to joining. I waited til I was 40 trains to join this house. I knew since I was much younger that I was ready for this house. but I waited and read up on it...til I found Manny and made him let me go. nae one is going to leave the lil ones out of the equation"

Jaialias says, "aye Haep, and 'e nae vould mind"

Maeger asks, "pro ge wha?"

Ariahn says, "I wouldn't be old enough under the new requirements, but I agree with them"

Maeger squints at Haephestus.

Ariahn says, "I would wait another couple of years"

Caranorn says, "jus 36, n joined last week"

Jaialias says, "Lauraellen, final comment be yers"

Heathyranne says, "we are just raising the official bar to help ensure house dedication"

Haephestus says, "An fer dem as askin, Ah jinned past me 50th train, and aye, dis me ferst house"

Lauraellen says, "i just wanted to say that perhaps after the requirements are instated, if the age difference is creating a severe problem, that an addendum could be considered. i think the proposal is sound"

Jaialias recites:

"If'n ya nae 'ave voted, an ve 'ave now 60 votes in, please vhipser yer votes ta me"

Haephestus says, "Me vote stay da same, as do me opinion"

Lauraellen says, "aye, my vote does not change. even if i wouldn't be a member yet"

(Sultrye wonders of that alone will help...didication comes with getting to know people here...spending time with members learning...seems that raising the limit just puts off what may happen anyhow)

Hercules says, "Most people who want a locker want it quick. They'd join Paupers."

Cryheart says, "or Silvergate"

Caranorn says, "er Silvergate, me own ole house"

Ariahn says, "There can be activities for younger ones to participate in"

Lauraellen says, "that's true Sultrye. But, I think that it adds a better chance of getting people that at least understand the ideals of this House"

Cryheart says, "my old House as well"

Jaialias recites:

"All votes in?"

Cryheart raises his hand.

Cryheart asks, "did I vote?"

Cryheart scratches his head.

Cryheart mutters ale.

Haephestus asks, "Ye whisper ta da vote taker?"

Haephestus glances at Cryheart.

Haephestus points at Jaialias.

Cryheart says, "can't remember if I voted beforehand"

Jaialias says, "ya did"

Cryheart chuckles.

Cryheart says, "ahh..thought so. too many Illoke hitting me on da head"

Sultrye says, "well if they can't get are they to learn...seems attnding meetings and having a sponser would accomplish more than just an age difference"

Jaialias recites:

"Vit 67 votes in tis safe ta say dat dis proposal 'as been approved. 62 in favah, 6 aginst"

You say, "thats 68"

Jaialias recites:

"62 in favah, 6 aginst. somevon jes votes"

Haephestus says, "68 O o'er 1900"

Haephestus sighs.

Jaialias says, "aftah a recited dat"

Jaialias smiles.

Haephestus says, "Dat alone discouragin"

Ariahn says, "But we need to post activities, and members that they can contact if interested"

Jaialias says, "Haep, der be mebbe 300 'r so membahs"

Caranorn says, "well Haephestus in a way that xplains why tis needed"

Lauraellen says, "i think that most children are eager to learn given an opportunity to do so."

Hercules says, "We should have a "get to meet the members" night...where they can actually talk with all of us."

Waldo2 yells, "recount!!!

Germinal says, "Actually, been said tha' th'1900 number be inaccurate"

Jaialias says, "da clerk nae knows 'ow ta count"

Haephestus says, "Niver said wasna needed"

Germinal says, "But yer point's taken"

Haephestus says, "Agreed wi all boot one point"

Maeger says, "das right age limit ten discourages thems dat arnt inclined to put forth dat effort"

Jaialias says, "62 ta 7 ah tink be our final vote"

Geijon says, "We should have had at least 150 responses."

Hercules says, "Wait this isn't fair...the people who are here only for the locker aren't here to vote."

Elidan says, "thats sad, condiser in there be like 1900 members"

Haephestus says, "Boot least wanted dat point discussed, which it was a ah thankee"

Germinal says, "Nae Elidan, th'clerk dinnae keep track properly..."

Arimantis says, "I finally made a meetin.."

Cynric says, "People have had at least a month to vote and discuss it."

Eudren says, "Or aren't on tonight. I nearly missed the meeting."

Haephestus says, "Aye Ctnric"

Germinal says, "There be more like three or four hun'red"

Cynric says, "If you don'e vote, you can't complain."

Waldo2 says, "well we had 1900 at one time, that does not represent the active house members exactly"

You say, "see, the clerk is never told about dead members, and counts 'em the same"

Haephestus says, "But dem as mostlike truly need ta think O it here, na on da tree"

Heathyranne says, "clerk's so old he should be dead"

Lauraellen says, "eudren, there has been a month to vote... you could have mailed in your vote"

Sultrye says, "well and even those who are not here just for alocker...but have other worlds that keep them busy....may also wish to vote...and not being dedicated has a LOT more things to deal with than age"

Griac says, "if someone tells me what the vote is on i will cast mine"

Heathyranne says, "so he must be sentimental"

Cynric says, "It was sent in a missive as well."

Cryheart says, "I imagine the clerk be long in probably can't see or hear"

Heathyranne says, "Sultrye, they hae hae a month to vote, darlin'"

Haephestus says, "Same point applies"

Jaialias says, "Sultrye"

Lauraellen says, "sultrye.... they've had their chance to vote."

Eudren says, "I didn't recieve a mailing about the rules of the vote, only that it was changed."

Heathyranne says, "just in case they couldnae make it to this. It was poste on the tree, and it was sent on the missives"

Jaialias says, "age vas a small part o' dis proposal"

Hercules says, "Wasn't this matter brought up on the scroll that was sent out as well?"

Jaialias says, "der ver 8 points, dat vas von"

Heathyranne nods to Hercules.

Cynric says, "If you don't recieve any missives I would suggest signing up for it on the house site."

Haephestus says, "Aye, and agin, ah agree wi all but dat one small part"

Hercules says, "Really no excuse for not knowing about it..."

Jaialias nods to Haephestus.

Sultrye smiles softly Just my opinion...i have not been able to be overly dedicated...and it has not one thing to do with the age i joined

Herry says, "the vote was a landslide anyway, a few missed votes would't have made a difference"

Haephestus says, "Jest felt that them as truly cared was here dis eve. Sa here was da proper forum"

Cynric says, "Or speak to the site masters would be good too."

Haephestus says, "Na scrolls oor posts"

Haephestus says, "Tis why broot it her"

Waldo2 says, "a chairman and another officer can expell you"

Cynric says, "We can remove any member that wishes too, you just have to ask."

Lauraellen says, "Eudren, if ye wish to leave a House, the officers are currently present for

Sultrye smiles softly ...It is time I am called back to the other world...but I really wish you would each look me it is not just age that keeps one from being dedicated...wonderful eve to you all...good night

Heathyranne peers quizzically at Sultrye.

Lauraellen says, "we have looked closely sultrye"

Jaialias recites:

Since dis meeting be runnin a lil late. Sum quick announcements. Anyvon vishin ta 'ave anythin address'd at a meeting, please lemme know and ah vil make shoore yer given ample time. Ah vish ta see everravon at da tease an ales dis veek. Tanks ta da 'elp o' 'eathyranne, Cynric an Kamul, me Elanthian History Races ver a success. Anyvon vishin ta become a membah o' da interview committee, please contact me. Ah vould like ta tank everravon fer der patience an cooperation, and ve vil see ya next month"