House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 7/7/2009

Tilamaires, the 7th day of Koaratos, in the year 5109

Meeting was called to order by Co-Leader Cosannie Hawggweiler

Treasure report was given by Tebon Hawggweiler

45 influence points
153,076,719 in general funds
100,000,000 in tha endowment
no loans owed
2026 members

Cosannie stated we are registered with Frontier Days for the House Sweetheart Ball.

Sweetheart Ball:
Niiman, the 20th day of Phoenatos, in the year 5109 (Thursday, 20th of August, 2009) 9pm to 11pm Elven (21:00-23:00 eastern)

Phoenix will have a tent outside the warrior guild.
Gifts will be given to those, just for coming.

The best dressed, most original, and perfectly matched couple on the dance floor will compete for up to a million silvers.

Finalizing will take place next week at the event planning meeting. Come on out and have some fun!

Cosannie had Tebon to update us on the events of Solhaven and in his own words:

Tebon says, "Aye, titans fallin on me as they die, crushing me....wurms eating me...but I cut my way outta that."

Tebon says, "Horrors are horrible...ascendents...nae seen eny in a bit...oracles still hard ta take down."

Tebon says, "Nuthin from tha Provost."

Tebon says, "In a nut shell."

No other items came up and meeting was adjourned by Cosannie In attendance were:
Co-leader Cosannie Hawggweiler
Secretary Denissa Haggweiler
Treasure Tebon Hawggweiler

Respectfully submitted by:
Denissa Hawgweiler - house secretary