House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 7/2/2000

Koaratos, the 2nd day of Eorgaen, in the year 5100

[House Phoenix, Library]
The library of the House is a largish room, with the walls completely hidden by bookcases. A wide selection of reading material can be seen from a cursory glance at the shelves. Treatises on science and history stand next to ancient volumes on forest lore and magic. One rather extensive section seems devoted to arms and armor and the many subjects dealing with the arts of war. Locked glass-fronted cabinets hold rare tomes and fragile scrolls and even the odd clay tablet. You also see a spiral staircase, a carved red sandstone pedestal with an ancient volume on it, a trash barrel and a plain wooden table with a gold-trimmed modwir plaque on it.
Also in the room: (Lady Evialla who is scribing), Lord Geijon, Paristen, Desrin, Herry, Aurach, Zarilynx, Haephestus, Berillia, Zhain, Hyssopp, Lady Chryslyx, Germinal, Idatem, Lord Gorde, Lord Waldo2, Apprentice Tayela, Natac, Lady Storiana, Journeyman Rubein, Lord Kahlmulandr, Gyp, Lord Rothran, Lady Heathyranne, Lord Cynric, Griac, Cianan, Lord Dyrkyn, Lord Aieden, Cryheart, Lord Jaialias.
Obvious exits: north

Geijon nods to Waldo2.

Geijon says, "evenin boss."

Jaialias recites:

"Ah vould like ta velcome ya all ta da monthly meetin o' da greatest 'ouse in da lands. Ah vould kindly ask dat afore ve begin ya try ta keep noise down as much as ya can. Ah vould like ta begin vit a few announcements"

"Ta begin vit, ah vant ta remind everravon 'bou sumthin dat 'as become a great event. Lady 'eathyranne run an event called Tease an Ales everra first Feastday o' each month at 5 elven. Me friend Lord Celtic enchanted us vit a few stories dis last von, an meself, Greyslayer an Cynric 'ave all been speakahs in da past. If'n ya can make it, ah'd advise ya ta. Ya dun vant ta miss it.

Two veeks from dis eve Phoenix vil be 'ostin da return o' Jaialias' 'istory races, da last event vas a great success an ah 'ope ya can all attend.

Lady Heathyranne vil now enlighten us 'bout da state o' da 'ouse funds"

Heathyranne recites:

"House donations known of this month are as follows:
Germinal: 10,000 to general, 20,000 to the endowment;
Nureau: 3840 to general;
Protectors of the Citadel: 43,256 to the general funds;
House Hunts: Heathyranne's: 25,552, Marinzol: 13,000, Herry: 17,880.

Excellent job, keep up the good work. I am not hearing from all house leaders, however. Please remember to send an escroll to me with the total deposited.

Totals: General Funds: 32244089, Endowment: 40330165, Loans: 0, Monthly Expenses: 69500, Monthly Cash Flow: 1947008, Members: 1885.

Keep up the good work! Please let Geijon, myself or any officer know of donations ye make so we can properly credit it. And if ye lead a house hunt, please send a runner to my house..the address is just off Lumnis Lane..I promise"

Geijon says, "Chang'd that. We're at 30 million general, 42.3 million endowment wit 2.06 million a month interest due to endowment."

Jaialias recites:

"2 months in a row vit all da officah's 'ere, got ta be a record. Lord Germinal vil adress us on da state o' da 'ouse 'unts as vel as da Protectors"

Germinal says, "Thank ye, m'lord. First, I'd like to say...that the House Hunts are going very well. And, of course, the income they provide is evidence of their success."

Germinal says, "One thing I'd like to mention, Backup hunt leaders provide an insurance that the hunt will be lead, even in the event of the absence of the scheduled hunt leader. The backup hunt leader works with the primary hunt leader, communicating via runner where necessary, to ensure that the hunt is covered. The backup hunt leader can also, of course, go along on every hunt with the primary leader, to provide support and assistance. If you'd like to participate in the hunt schedule as a backup hunt leader, please contact me after the meeting."

Germinal says, "Also, if your primary dwelling is in a town other than Wehnimer's, or if you hunt in a non-Landing area primarily, there are still many slots available for Hunt guides. Again, if you're interested, please contact me after this meeting, or via runner"

Germinal says, "As many of you already know, the House Phoenix defense organization, the Protectors of the Citadel, has recently been reactivated. The Protectors work in conjunction with the Wehnimer's Landing Guard to ensure that in times of crisis an organized group of citizens is available to defend our House and Home. There is no minimum level of training required, and all professions are of course welcome. We are rebuilding, and are in need of recruits to fill out our four units. One thing I'd like to point out, is that we've trained four times now, from the Minotaur Maze, to the Foggy Valley."

Germinal says, "Again, I'm getting a lot of whispers...if you could contact me all at once, after the meeting, for both that I can ensure that I hear you"

Jaialias says, "vel spoken as usual"

Jaialias says, "Rubein, da floor be yers"

Jaialias nods to Rubein.

(Rubein glances around nervously.)

Rubein says, "Me older brother, Ryndith, was recently studying the house bylaws with me as he had an interest in joining. An it seems that we came across a certain bylaw that neither of us agreed with. Upon discussion with several people, I discovered that many were not aware that such a bylaw even existed. From the message tree scroll labeled "House Phoenix Bylaws" Members shall not aid Servants of the Unlife in gaining favor or deeds From Lorminstra and the Lords of Liabo."

Heathyranne nods.

Aurach says, "works fer mes"

Desrin says, "no help for the col"

Aurach shrugs.

Haephestus says, "Part O what ye swore when ye jined."

Rothran says, "makes sense"

Jaialias nods to Haephestus.

Waldo2 says, "Do you desire to join the house of the Rising Phoenix"

Waldo2 says, "joining us in our quest against the unlife"

Waldo2 says, "and forsaking membership in any organization that supports the unlife"

Waldo2 says, "promising not to skin for them or give them tributes to advance in said organization"

Waldo2 asks, "and promising not to well of life them when they are trading life for power?"

Waldo2 says, "also promising that you have not been a member of another house in the last 30 days"

Waldo2 says, "answer when ready..."

Geijon chuckles.

Zhain says, "aye"

Cianan says, "aye"

Jaialias says, "vhat Waldo2 said"

Desrin says, "aye"

Paristen says, "aye"

Dyrkyn says, "Aye"

Rubein says, "Aye, that is established in a different bylaw, however, the previous one."

Cynric says, "Hmm...I like mine better."

Cynric recites: Do you desire to join the house of the Rising Phoenix..
Joining us in our quest against the unlife
Forsaking membership in any organization that supports the unlife...
Promising not to skin for them or give them tributes to advance in said organization
And promising not to well of life them when they are trading life for power?"

Cynric winks at Waldo2.

Jaialias says, "ah like mine da best"

Jaialias nods to Cynric.

Jaialias recites:

"'elp dem bath'ousers an Cynric binds ya vhile ah get me svord ready"

Rubein says, "The one I mention suggests that we may nae help them get deeds from Lorminstra nor may we use our Voln symbols to bless their weapons."

Hyssopp says, "Your alls speech nae say nutting about deeds though."

Desrin says, "read that in a tome someplace"

Heathyranne says, "aye, but that bylaw is a continuance of it....tributes is the amulets and can also be seen as the gems for deeds, etc"

Geijon says, "It doesn't say that. Tis your interpretation."

Rubein says, ""1. Members shall not aid Servants of the Unlife in gaining favor or deeds From Lorminstra and the Lords of Liabo." That is a direct quote."

Heathyranne nods to Rubein.

Desrin says, "but can we work against them "

Desrin winks and flashes a sly grin.

Geijon says, "favor is acknowledgement, deeds are trophies of worth."

Aurach asks, "so whats yer trouble wif dat?"

Herry says, "so theoretically, you couldn't go hunting with them"

Geijon says, "That doesn't mean voln favor or death deeds."

Hyssopp says, "Yea it does."

You ask, "Then why did you never allow me to have or to use any of the gems, items, or coins we got when hunting so that I could get deeds with them, even when I was down to having only one deed left, and refused to ever let me use any items we found to get deeds?"

You peer quizically at Geijon.

Rubein says, "It is entirely different from the bylaw directly preceding it, which reads "D. Members shall not aid Servants of the Unlife in the procurement of items for their Masters. Items include skins and assorted gifts required by their dark masters." that bylaw I agree with"

Aurach says, "only elp I think wes gives im, istogit der souls back, or pass on"

Cianan says, "weel iffen ya doon hunt wit em ya woont be able ta show em the error of thair wais and turn tha spark of light to a flame"

Hyssopp says, "Well wait..Geijon may be right..this house is older than Voln."

Kismia asks, "What exactly is your contention?"

Haephestus says, "Folks, ye could read it that ye kinna talk ta em, boot ye readin inta it, da deed na tha O life, the deed methink like Geijon said, a deed O position oor Honor wi'in dere society."

Jaialias says, "ah agree vit Geijon on dis von"

Haephestus shudders.

Hyssopp says, "I am confused"

Geijon says, "1 is the subject. A-D are clarification."

Heathyranne says, "I believe what Geijon is saying and how I interpret this, is right"

Desrin says, "I think it means you cant make blood money from them cause they be on the wrong side and would go against our beliefs and be two faced"

Jaialias nods to Geijon.

Heathyranne says, "that you can help them get in life deeds"

Haephestus says, "Aye, haow ah allas heard it when da readers read it ta me."

Rubein says, "It seems to suggest that you cannot help them get deeds."

Haephestus nods to Geijon.

Heathyranne says, "but we can not help them gain favour in the eyes of the Lords of Liabo since they directly oppose what they stand for. tis a different definition of deeds Rubein"

Aurach says, "I got something to say, if I may..lets ask the ones wrote it and see what they says it says"

Haephestus says, "Ye use da wroong interpretation O da werd, moore dan one meanin ta it"

Rubein says, "If it is a different definition of deeds, then it should be amended tae be more clear."

Idatem says, "If it causes so much confusion, then the definition there should be clarified."

Hyssopp says, "I agree with Rubein"

Elidan asks, "is there any way to clarify the meaning,changing the wording perhaps?"

Natac asks, " mlord waldo2 wana clear dis up?"

Geijon says, "Clarified it in 97. That's what he's reading it from."

Rothran asks, "Why would ya even wanna give one of them the time of day, much less help em get any kind of deeds?"

You frown at Rothran.

You say, "That's very unkind and uncharitable."

Haephestus asks, "Mayhap replace da werd deed wi da werd Feat?"

Jaialias nods to Geijon.

Dyrkyn says, "I agree as well. It is a bit ambiguous."

Idatem says, "Or trophy."

Geijon chuckles.

Rubein says, "What I'm reading from was posted on the 18th of Fashanos, this year."

Geijon asks, "We're debating syntax?"

Heathyranne nods to Rubein.

Jaialias nods to Geijon.

Jaialias chuckles.

Heathyranne says, "and tis from a clarification in 97"

Waldo2 says, "the house of phoenix predated voln by many years"

Heathyranne nods to Rubein.

Paristen nods to Desrin.

Heathyranne nods to Waldo2.

Geijon says, "If ye check all th' boards the godlings reposted all our info on the 18th. Fer every House."

Jaialias says, "ve 'ave long known vhat dis 'ouse stands fer an vhat ve strive fer, ah dun tink tis become a game o' semantics"

Elidan says, "well we dont want someone misunderstanding, and not joining with us as a result"

Rubein says, "Twas posted by ye, Geijon."

Heathyranne says, "aye, Rubein"

Waldo2 says, "the words were written specifically related to the council"

Chryslyx says, "you know I have a sister that's not voln and many friends as well I'm not going to stop talking to them"

Geijon says, "After I sent it to the Board monitor, uh huh."

Kahlmulandr nods.

Idatem says, "That particular line has caused some resentment."

Heathyranne says, "nae one said ye had to Chrysylyx"

Chryslyx says, "you all are twisting this"

Geijon says, "It clarifies that someplace also, Chryslyx."

You ask, "The Bylaws should still be crystal clear in meaning tho..which is seems they are not?"

Rothran says, "I seen my sister hanging out in front the bathhouse"

Chryslyx says, "it says just don't help them with there skins and such"

Hyssopp nods to you.

Rubein says, "my point is, if it has already been amended, then the post on the message tree shall be updated to that effect. If it has not been amended, then it should be so that it is clear."

Jaialias says, "long as ya nae 'elpin dem advance der causes 'r 'elpin dem go aginst da Eissa an da otha Lord o' Liabo, ya be fine"

Geijon says, "The Council obviously views us as a threat and enemy. We don't resent them, but its a two-sided street."

Cynric says, "Doesn't make the bylaw this years bylaw, every house needs a charter and bylaw to exist, its near the original bylaw since the house was founded."

Paristen says, "Desrin suggests that why don't we just get it over with and have our war in the streets? I know many of us have friends and family that maybe in that dreaful place. Why not just take action."

Hyssopp blinks.

You frown at Paristen.

Heathyranne says, "twas tried, Paristen"

Chryslyx says, "your being silly"

Heathyranne says, "and tis nae the way"

Waldo2 says, "there has never been a requirement that you are in voln to be a house member, nor has there ever been a house rule against associating with COL members, the prohibitions are against helping them advance in the Council"

Zhain says, "Many times they've spoken of a war"

Jaialias nods to Waldo2.

Zhain blinks.

Heathyranne nods to Waldo2.

Geijon says, "That's them, not us"

Chryslyx nods.

Paristen says, "you know that good wins over evil"

Hyssopp asks, "How is assisting with deeds helping advance the COL member?"

Zhain says, "Always"

Kismia says, "That's always been clear enough to me."

Kismia shrugs.

Paristen says, "if they could just be elminated..."

Idatem snorts.

You say, "true, but still it should read clearly"

Desrin says, "perhaps in times it should be to see where the powers of the gods lay"

Haephestus says, "Gads folks, when Ah married her Berillia was a member O tother orgainization, ye all gettin a tech oota hand."

Geijon says, "Thats an endless debate, Hyssopp."

Idatem says, "Now that's going too far."

Heathyranne nods to Haephestus.

Jaialias nods to Haephestus.

Chryslyx nods.

Hyssopp nods to Geijon.

Desrin says, "not open war of course"

Idatem says, "There was a crusade against the bathhouse before."

Hyssopp says, "Okay..then we leave it as is"

Elidan says, "i was a master there til I converted"

Zhain blinks.

Chryslyx nods.

Herry says, "if we kill them, there is no chance to save their souls"

Idatem says, "It nae succeeded, and ended up with a lot of messes tae clean up."

(Hyssopp hates endless debates with a purple rolton passion.)

Waldo2 says, "I belive that wording was "DEEDS" to satisfy their masters was the point not necessarily deeds for life"

Idatem says, "Let's nae try that foolishness again."

Rubein nods to Herry.

Natac says, " as was i"

Heathyranne nods to Waldo2.

Kahlmulandr applauds Elidan.

Cianan nods to Haephestus.

Jaialias nods to Waldo2.

Chryslyx says, "hot headed war is no answer"

Zarilynx says, "umm .. I know this is not my house,"

Rubein says, "Nae, Waldo2, that is discussed in the prior bylaw."

Heathyranne says, "tis an easily clarified bylaw"

You ask, "is it too terribly difficult to amend the wording?"

Kismia says, "It's been a long time since such was waged."

Chryslyx says, "we all get along but nay help in their advancement"

Cianan says, "and doon ferget Haephestus when tha hoose was formed thair was no Order of Vult/voln"

Cianan nods to Haephestus.

Paristen says, "this is just like one of those discussions that never end, like it was already stated"

Geijon asks, "What's an acceptable word?"

Kismia says, "I fear at this point we'd lose that battle."

Geijon gibbers incoherently.

Jaialias says, "tis deeds dat 'elp da cause o' da unlife, nae deeds o' da goddess Lorminstra"

Haephestus nods to Cianan.

Heathyranne says, "there's nae need to reword it"

You say, "No, if its unclear, confusing, misunderstood, and misinterpreted then there IS need to reword it."

Paristen says, "some things just can't have an answer"

Paristen says, "one person wants one solution and the other a different"

Desrin says, "it says we are for the dead souls not the living i know i be twisting words however we should take stands not to help them further there goals on this at least we must agree"

Paristen says, "we divide if we keep babbling"

Rubein says, "If there is any leeway for misinterpretation, then it needs rewording"

Paristen says, "united we stand, divided we fall"

Heathyranne says, "there is ALWAYS leeway for misinterpretation"

Kismia nods to Heathyranne.

Kismia says, "Aye."

You say, "Bah. His point is valid and you're all tearing him to pieces for expressing his sincere concern."

Jaialias says, "ah dun tink dis gonna divide us"

Heathyranne says, "we'd be writing new bylaws everra day"

Rubein says, "Reasonable leeway for misinterpretation"

Haephestus says, "Rubin, ye kin misinterpret da werd sex an ye try hard enough"

Geijon says, "Laws are never fully set in stone. Even in law each person can manipulate and interpret a law as they see fit."

Kismia says, "That's the limitation and beauty of language."

Idatem says, "The prior bylaw does seem to take care of helping then advance already."

Heathyranne says, "this one continues it though"

Kamul says, "if ya make bylaws too stringent, there is then no flexibility, thus stagnation"

Hyssopp smiles and thinks that is what makes Phoenix great..good debate and intelligent members.

Desrin says, "the spirit and the letter of the law is the focus"

Idatem asks, "Why do we need this bylaw, if it's already taken care of?"

Paristen says, "flexibility is the key, one person wants it, the other doesn't"

Geijon says, "I'd rather we enact the original charter, but since our inception of 10 years we've involved into the current Bylaws."

Geijon shrugs.

Heathyranne asks, "and since we hae established it doesnae mean deeds to continue life, then what's the problem?"

Paristen says, "why not just vote"

Geijon says, "evolved even"

Jaialias says, "dis bylaw tis nae jes fer der council"

Hyssopp rubs Geijon gently.

Cryheart just nudged Geijon.

Heathyranne nods to Jaialias.

Rubein says, "The problem, Heathyranne, is that it can be interpreted to mean deeds to continue life, and should be clarified as such."

Paristen says, "decide group effort"

Jaialias says, "tis fer 'elpin dem in any dead dat aides da unlife"

Idatem asks, "Because how are we tae get the word tae everyone in the lands that the wording is wrong?"

Heathyranne asks, "why?"

Heathyranne says, "all it takes is someone coming to ask"

Heathyranne nods to Rubein.

You say, " should not have to come and ASK about an issue as important as this one is, which would mandate that it should be written with a clearer meaning, due to this obvious and apparently not infrequent misinterpretation. I was for a fact refused, denied and disallowed from using any items or coins we ever pulled in, together, for use for my own deeds. Why?"

Kismia asks, "How would you help them get temple deeds anyway?"

Geijon says, "Bylaws have been in place since our founding, we've amended them likely twice in 20 years, Idatem."

Haephestus says, "Several ooficers hae given ye the cerrect interpretaation"

Haephestus says, "An it bothers them jinin, dey ta kin request it clarified"

Zhain says, "Simple Don't give them gems and such for deeds"

You scowl at Zhain.

Geijon says, "Wording isn't wrong, your interpretation is flawed."

Heathyranne says, "that is nae it Zhain"

Paristen says, "there is the voln task for giving your deed to a young person"

Desrin says, "there is no wrong in helping those of lesser years who know not of the evils the col is however in helping older ones"

Jaialias looks over at Zhain and shakes his head.

Heathyranne says, "nae those kinds of deeds"

You say, "But if it states DEEDS, where in that Bylaw does it specify the exact meaning of what DEEDS are meant by it, when everyone knows that we commonly use the word DEEDS almost entirely and exclusively to mean LIFE DEEDS?"

Rubein asks, "What other Deeds from Lorminstra do you think it refers to?"

Heathyranne says, "the ones Waldo2, Geijon and Jaialias hae been saying all along"

Natac sighs.

Waldo2 shrugs.

You say, "Fine, isn't that nifty. They're saying it here. If they're saying it here, then WRITE it there in the same way, as it should be."

Griac mutters under his breath.

Zhain fidgets.

Heathyranne smiles.

Natac exclaims, " it's simple if ya think bout it!"

Cryheart says, "maybe put in paraphrase to clarify"

Kismia asks, "It says "deeds from Lorminstra"?"

Rubein says, "Yes, Kismia"

Kismia raises an eyebrow.

Jaialias recites:

"Da possibility o' revordin dat bylaw vil be reviewed at a latah time"

You mutter something about yeah-right.

Kahlmulandr says, "that is its goal i think"

Heathyranne nods to Jaialias.

Kismia says, "Hmm."

Haephestus says, "Dere are deeds O Lorminstra, and da Pantheon O Voln dey ta moost accomplish, usuallly in da form O a question."

Rubein frowns.

Hyssopp nods to Jaialias.

Paristen says, "I agree with Jaialias"

Hyssopp applauds.

Germinal nods to Aurach.

Heathyranne nods to Haephestus.

Germinal nods to Kahlmulandr.

Paristen says, "let's talk this some other time"

You say, "I know that in my younger days, I was most definitely not aided in obtaining or replenishing Deeds as in Life deeds for Lorminstra, by my own fiance who is this Houses Treasurer. So."

You shrug.

Hyssopp says, "Aye will be looked in to"

Geijon says, "Maintaining the integrity of free will and life of individuals takes precedence over certain instances of your arguement. At no time does it directly state you are not allowed to raise, assist in life deeds or allow a person to die or rot."

Hyssopp says, "yer not being dismissed really"

Jaialias recites:

"Geijon, ya needed da floor. Ve vil keep da otha discussion open fer anotha time"

You grumble.

Desrin says, "people should have the right to choose they need it and in helping others we may help ourselves or we may help ourselves into defeat"

You say, "we nevah finish nothin"

You mumble something under your breath.

Natac gazes heavenward.

Hyssopp says, "Please allow Geijon to speak."

Kahlmulandr grins at you.

Geijon recites:

"Just 2 announcements. Sir Tebon from House Onoir will be holding a discussion concerning the histories and likeness of the father House, Phoenix and its members branching out to form Onoir."

"The other one is that the Order of the Silver Gryphons have invited us to their holding on Sunday, July 9th. Expect a banner."

"Onoir's event will likely be on the 15th."

Geijon says, "That's all"

Jaialias recites:

"Me brotha Cynric now needs da floor"

Cynric screams!

Cynric says, "Oops"

Cynric says, "Heh."

Cynric clears his throat.

Cynric says, "There we go."

Cynric says, "I am looking to open the events committee again and am looking for volunteers to help out in the planning and creation of different events.."

You laugh out loud!

Kamul rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Chryslyx smiles.

(Kahlmulandr removes a cigarette from his breastpocket and lights it with a match.)

Heathyranne smiles at Cynric.

Haephestus leans on you.

Natac cocks his head at Cynric.

Cynric raises an eyebrow in your direction.

Jaialias says, "continue please der Cynric"

Hyssopp says, "I think Kahlmulander would be a good events committee chair."

Hyssopp points at Kahlmulandr.

Zhain blinks.

Heathyranne just tickled Hyssopp.

Kahlmulandr grunts. How charming.

Cianan says, "A ken tha was the leidy Evialla's waay of askin ya ta join tha uncle"

Cianan nods to Cynric.

Cynric says, "I was told we have one, but I've not heard a thing about it so I'm making another one."

Desrin makes a sour face.

Heathyranne says, "we were told it was disbanded"

Heathyranne nods to Cynric.

Hyssopp says, "Mirate kind of disappeared"

Geijon says, "Yes, they all quit aftah disparaging remarks from anothah membah ah believe. "

Cynric says, "I already have a couple volunteers and would like about 3 or 4 more.."

Elidan raises her hand.

Hyssopp sighs.

Cynric says, "Thats unfortunate, but we will continue to move on."

Cianan says, "sign me up"

Natac raises his hand.

Kahlmulandr sighs.

Heathyranne beams happily at Cianan!

Geijon says, "Probably easiah if we found out which membah it was an' had them apologize."

Elidan says, "and I"

Natac says, " me too"

Geijon smiles at Cynric.

Heathyranne says, "mayhap those with problems should find us and talk then"

Heathyranne says, "twas more than likely that they just misunderstood"

Heathyranne nods to Geijon.

You begin chuckling at Heathyranne.

Cynric says, "That would take too long, if people don't wish to help out then I shall find others that will."

Cynric smiles.

Heathyranne smiles.

Geijon says, "nae really."

Haephestus asks, "Yer way oor da highway?"

Haephestus grumbles.

You nod to Haephestus.

Jaialias asks, "vhats a 'ighvay?"

Cynric says, "So, I ask that you contact Jaialias as he will be semi in charge of the committee."

Cynric says, "Lets just say that I'm getting tired of talk and no action, if people wish to help then do so, if not the step aside to let others that want too."

You chuckle.

Heathyranne nods to Cynric.

Hyssopp says, "Kamul will chair the committee if ye like Cynric."

Heathyranne says, "aye, once we were told twas disbanded, twas time for it to move on"

Cynric nods to Heathyranne.

Jaialias recites:

"An announcement, Kismia 'as vonce agin agreed ta enchant sometime 10 times fer everravon who attends da next meetin"

Jaialias ducks his head.

You say, "sure"

You smile at Kahlmulandr.

Cynric says, "If anyone is interested in volunteering, then meet with Jaialias and I after the meeting."

Jaialias recites: "Ah tink ve needed a lil tension breakah der"

Jaialias nods.

Heathyranne recites:

"As granddad mentioned, House Phoenix Teas and Ales is held everra first Feastday of the month at 5 elven. I'm going to start holding them in various and sundry locations in the house, so get your house geography down! Food and drink and guest speakers provided. Kilts optional but preferred by most..And send me a scroll with suggestions on speakers, topics, etc. Going to try to get a good pyromaniac friend of the family for next month. So please try to join us!"

Jaialias recites:

"Von final note, Aftah da fittah speaks."

Jaialias points at Haephestus.

Haephestus stands up.

Haephestus bows.

Jaialias says, "almost ferget 'im"

Haephestus says, "G me a wee moment M'Lairs, Ladies an sundried folk."

Aurach nods to Cianan.

Jaialias asks, "'ow can ya ferget a dwarf vit a tickah accent den meself?"

Haephestus says, "Hae a wee announcement ah make tanight ta kill rumors afore dey fly. Tis news dat hae soom bearin oon da house, boot more O general interest."

Hyssopp recites:

"I would like to say a few words."

Germinal blinks at Haephestus.

You point at Haephestus.

Kismia groans at Hyssopp.

Herry frowns.

Aieden blinks.

Kismia exclaims, "Don't let her talk!"

Barquentine blinks.

Germinal says, "uhm..."

Jaialias asks, "guard disbanded?"

Elidan asks, "why?"

Hyssopp recites:

"It is a very good feeling to see all of your come to this meeting."

Haephestus says, "Da reason was simple, although recruits were many, lets say attendance were less dan sterlin"

Hyssopp says, "My apolgoies Haephestus."

Jaialias says, "Hyssopp, da floor be yers"

Haephestus says, "Noon needed Hyssopp"

Cianan asks, "soond likelie tha oor hoose sall shouder protection ae tha toun nou?"

Cianan peers quizzically at Haephestus.

Germinal frowns.

Germinal fidgets.

Hyssopp recites:

"I have been in this house awhile ..seen it's ups and downs, seen its politics..squabbles ..what have you, but I will tell you now..there has never been better officers since the days of Wiswraith, then the ones that serve you now. I guess what..we do like one another..and we will serve you from our hearts..bad or good. Okay..that is all I have to say"

Jaialias recites:

"An da fact dat ve lock horns at times, only goes ta show dat ve all care verra deeply 'bout dis 'ouse. Since Kismia be castin spells, ah tink ah can call dis meetin ta an end. House Phoenix 'as da greatest membahs in da lands, da greatest officahs in da lands, an is da greatest 'ouse in des lands. Ah vil see ya next month, and if'n ya need anythin addressed at da next meetin find me 'r Hyssopp. An ve are 'ere ta serve ya, all o' us, so nae be shy if'n ya need anythin 'r need ta speak 'bout anythin. Anyvon interestin in joinin da events committee, please join Cynric an me at a table"

Germinal says, "And any Guard members with an interest in the Protectors, I'd like to have a quick word with ye, if I may"